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Create Registration Form - Create related products block prestashop create related questions on posts, from wp questions plugin - Create Rendering for injection/cnc mold Create Rendering for injection/cnc mold - Create Replica of RebelMouse Create replica on Chrome/Safari/IE of a Firefox plugin - Create report on opening company and banking account create report section of our site. - Create reports from Excel Spreadsheet create reports from exported spread sheets - Create requirements, design for audio recording app. Create Research Paper On Human Resource Managment - Create Responsive background imag Twenty Twelve Create Responsive banner for mobile (portrait and landscape) - Create responsive ecommerce theme similar to Create responsive ecommerce theme similar to - Create responsive HTML from wireframe - 3 pages Create Responsive HTML Hotel Website - Create responsive MailChimp mailer Create responsive MailChimp mailing template - Create responsive template for eBay listing Create responsive template for existing Joomla template - Create Responsive Website (Platform)+ Mobile App (Ios/Android) Create Responsive Website + IOS and Android Mobile Apps - Create responsive/mobile version of existing website create Resposiveness + Google Maps functionality - Create RESTful webservice and PhoneGap app for my web application. Create restful webservice with security for sqlserver in vs2010 - Create Retina Logo for Wordpress Create retina version of existing app design - Create Rewards Program Using Facebook, Wordpress, SRPoint Create rewards system for website - Create Rockumentary & DVD with Menus for Rock/Metal Band create roku and website api - Create Round Avatar Images Create Round Mask from Rectangle image - Create RSS Feed / Add SSL Certificate to website (we have already purchased SSL Cert just need it added to our code) / create rss feed an connection to post to craiglist - Create RSS Feeds Create RSS Feeds - Create rtsp link for live streaming Create Rubicast presentation - Create Sage Peachtree 2011 Account Create sale leads on website and sell the makeup - CREATE SALES LITERATURE FOR OUR DOMAIN SELLING BUSINESS Create Sales Notification Script For Clickbank INS - Create Sales Website for Debt Ebook Create sales website with Paypal - Create Same Website Create same website - Create sample PDF in Java Create sample PDF in Laravel. Sample design will be given in chat - Create Scan in NinjaTrader Market Analyzer for Support and Resistance indicator Create Scaper for multiple sites - Create Scrapebox Video Create scraper and email/text software - Create screen shots from swf and flv files create screen to display thumbnail graphics for contest. - Create Script & Fix XML Error ( Know thesis for wordpress ) Create Script - Address Labels - Create script for downloading videos from YouTube (or implement from Github) Create script for duplicating lists based on master list - Create script from 8 hours medical video. Create script from Excel Spreadsheet calculation page - Create script to add array result from api to database Create script to add array result from api to database -- 2 - CREATE SCRIPT TO GENERATE INVOICES FROM EXCEL FILES CREATE SCRIPT TO GENERATE INVOICES FROM EXCEL FILES - create script to scrape data Create Script to Scrape Data From A Table and Extract Data From PDF documents - Create script/process to import data to SQL DB using Fixed Positions Create script/s to update Distribution Lists and Users from CSV file - Create Seamless Textures for 3d rendering Create Seamless textures from image - Create Search Engine for Articles Create Search Engine for Articles - Create search Stored Procedures on a SQL Server database Create search that get price from woocommerce product - Create section on site for new Products Create Secure Area of Existing Website with Login - Create security wrapper for exe files create securty systmen and strategy to my wordpres - Create send SMS Website Create sensor cloud platform - Create SEO Friendly Website from Existing Opencart Site create seo frindly link with mod rewrite - Create SEO-friendly responsive data-driven website. Create SEO-TOOL script - Create series of ScreenCast Training Video - System 2 - repost Create series of ScreenCast Training Video - System 2 - repost 2 - Create set of HTML5 google banners Create set of icons for GPS App - Create several animation videos Create several ATOM packages (Coffeescript) - create several top-ten-pages on subcategories Create several variations of a Drupal theme - Create Share with friends section of Android App Create shareable content - Create Shared Platform for events - -- 2 Create SharedPreferences String Array favorites list in existing Android MediaPlayer app - Create Shell Script Create shell script and pos to mysql table. Firewall appliamce - Create Shoe Box, Dust Bag & swing tag design for baby & little girls fashion brand Create Shoe Designs for various Themes - Create Shopify Private App - Import Product Integration API Keys Create Shopify Product Page that allows for bundling of product options (including selectable swatches & text input field) - Create Shopping Cart for web host provider Create Shopping Cart from Beginning to End functionalities and Test - Create short animated / video for trade show booth display Create Short Animated Infographic Explainer Video from storyboard for new global conservation charity - Create short how Create short HQ video for my Website - Create Short Slideshow Video Create short soundtrack - "Sound of winning" - Create short Video with looping pictures and background sounds in less than 4 hours Create short video with stop motion effect - Create Shortened URLS Manually Create shortlist - Create Sign up form with Sql Create Sign up form with wordpress - Create Silo Site Using Wordpress Plugin Create Silver Coin Calculator - Create Similar Games Website Create similar image - Create Similar Site Create similar site - Create similar webpage to example Create Similar Webpages - Valuation - Create Similar Website Using Wordpress Create similar website using Wordpress & Avada template - Create simple .js calendar. create simple .net app + Data extract web scraping - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Cover Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Cover - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers-1 Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers-Simon Speaks Series - Create Simple 1D Images/Ebook Covers(repost)(repost) Create Simple 1D Images?eBook Covers - Create Simple 5 page functional website with dreamweaver only
Create simple 5 page website - Create simple and clean Drupal theme from my design + 2 features - open to bidding Create Simple and Clean Wordpress Site for Health products company - Create simple animation for a presentation. Create simple Animation for children in 2D - Create simple application to read SMS and store values in a list (More Details inside) Create simple application using Microsoft Excel - Create simple basic mobile app for my website create simple basic sentences - Create simple C code script with pointers - FAST Create simple C# form application with acess database - Create simple contact / locations iOS App Create simple contact form for my mobile site. template ready - Create simple demo that calls one x86 asm function Create Simple Design (Copy Elements of 2 Other sites) - Create Simple Excel Macro (Create Immediate) - repost 3 Create simple excel macro requiring less than 4 hours of work - Create simple floor plans from detailed Engineering drawings -- 2 Create simple floorplans in .JPEG format from a PDF file of architectural drawings - Create Simple Google Gadget Create simple Google Gadget - Create simple HTML from PDF (finished it today EST) Create simple html generator - no need graphic - Create simple image editor web app for website Create simple image slider in WordPress - Create simple iPhone app (MySQL database connect) Create Simple Iphone App - PSD Files Provided - Create Simple Landing Page Create simple Landing Page - Create simple lowcost XML convertor Create Simple Loyalty Points Script Using Java - Create simple module for joomla Create Simple Module for Zurmo CRM - Create Simple Online Game Companion site. Create Simple online or desktop application - Create Simple PHP Curl Project ! Create Simple PHP Form - (HTML ALREADY DONE) - Create simple Price chart using stock charting library Create Simple Priceaction EA - Create simple responsive database website Create simple responsive email template and import it to Aweber - Create simple script that allows to subscribe to several lists using Aweber API create simple script to copy magento orders - Create simple smarty template with bootstrap Create simple SNMP TRAP MIB for a Proof of Concept - Create simple text substitution windows programme. Create simple thumbnail listing - Create simple video from images in BULK software Create simple video in Sony Vegas - CREATE SIMPLE WEB WITH VIDEO INTRODUCTION Create simple web-crawler and email sender - Create simple website - responsive, 3 pages, flat design Create simple website and business banner - Create Simple website with embedded adsense Create simple Website with HTML & CSS - create simple wordpress site Create simple wordpress site - Create Simple, Clean Ebay Listing Template for Jewelry and Watches Create Simple, Easy Dating App - Create single 512px x 512px product graphic for SEO Education 101 Video Series Create Single ASP page to manage data in tables (ASP.NET) - Create single page responsive bootstrap based on provided page. -- 2 Create single page website - CREATE SITE Create Site - Create site for a security cloud service Create Site for advertising on mobile sites (similar to - Create site like ebates Create Site like with same functionality - Create site Plan & plot house on site plan Create Site Populated by SinglePlatform API - Create Site With Many Forms Create site with template CMS - Create SiteMap/Wireframe with Adobe Muse Create Sitemaps for website - Create SketchUp Model of New Home create ski travel website design - Create slider from psd (weekly) Create slider functionality from existing slider template - Create slideshow for history lecture with Impress (open office) Create slideshow for Little League website - Create small affiliate website(repost 2) Create small affiliate website(repost 3) - Create small C# classes implementing basic RAPI operations Create Small C# Classes to Extract Zip/Unzip Operation within Csharp existing code - Create Small Gif Animation For Website Create small graph from API code - Create small php + MySql programm Create small php script - Create small web application Create small web scrape application using VB.NET/MS SQL - Create smart contracts for bitcoin and ethereum Create smart keylogger function/method in C# - Create smooth scroll WordPress menu create Sms and recharge website from scratch - Create Snapchat Mass Friend Adder Create Snapchat Timer video - Create Social Button Create social cover photos and profile pictures. - Create Social Media BUSINESS (NOT PERSONAL) Accounts/Profiles for me Create Social Media Business Website - Create Social Media presence Create Social Media Presence and Blogging for POS System Company - Create Social Network Accounts Create Social Network Accounts - Create Social Networking website like FB Create social Options for Question And Answer Website - Create soft sale videos for websites Create soft skills Video - Create Software Application for LED Display Control System Create Software Application Prototype - create software for Restaurant Menu Create software for solving linear equations - Create Software Requirements Specification (SRS) based on a current auction website Create Software Requirements Specification (SRS) based on an existing auction website - Create software to scan multiple choice/student response questions into database create software to scrape scientific publications off the web - Create sold out badge woocommerce create solid color vector - Create solution to display instagram images on website Create solution to find social profiles associated with email - Create Some Ad Banner For My Company Create some addon function for our online store under under OpenCart - create some banners for a website Create some banners for my website - Create some characters for a browser game, avatar + sprite 2d Create some charts in tableau public and qlikview - Create some digital Product Images Create Some Doodle/Sketch Animation for a Sales Video - Create some forms, Wp-admin and Single.php Wordpress - For links, already have the code, the missing some lines Create Some Free Accounts - Create some html ads (html generator provided) Create some HTML and CSS - Create some images for childrens Create some images for CMS website - Create some logos and pictures for a blog about Thailand Create some logos for website - Create some pages on existing website. -- 2 Create Some Paper Designs - Create some professional light leak and flare files in full HD Create Some Promotion Videos - create some shell script backup scripts for linux Create some simple CAD models based on my sketches - Create Some splashscreens & images Create some stat table for site - Create some Wallpapers with our logo