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Create rss feed for around $10 - create rss feeds Create RSS Feeds (383357) - Create Rubicast presentation - Repost Create Ruby and Rail API - Create sale leads on website and sell the makeup Create Sale Order Relay Script With API - Create Sales Notification Script For Clickbank INS Create Sales On My Loan Blog - Create sales website with Paypal Create sales&service website - Create same website Create same website - Create sample PDF in Java Create sample php automatic update script function - create schedule and create invoices extra button Create Schedule Appointment Form to work in DNN website - Create scraper for 2 sites and import data to csv Create Scraper for Craigslist - Create screencast demonstrating Create screencast for facebook app approval - Create Script / App to pull data from spreadsheet & Txt file Create Script / Botfor automatic subscribes on - Create script for extracting pricing information from website's. Create script for extracting pricing information from website's. - create script generator create script generator -- 2 - Create script to assign jira tickets from a user in a PagerDuty Calendar - Repost Create Script to auto fill form - Create script to image Azure Resource Model servers then restore on schedule Create script to import daliy products, quantity, attributes etc from one cart system (not magento) to Magento - Create script to securely submit info to CRM Create script to send every fifth user to different home page - Create Scripts for Step by Step Instructional Videos Create scripts for use with Ngrams API - Create search area for my site. -- 2 Create search area for my site. -- 3 - Create Search Engine Page useing Entireweb API and look create search engine submission site - Create Search/Results page immediately Create Searchable Database - Create Secure Membership Access Create Secure Membership Access/adapt Joomla (repost) - Create Selection Quizzes Create Selection screen and content pack installer in Flash - Create SEO and Metatags for my site. Create SEO Articles - Create SEO Plan to get number 1 google ranking for our 18 keyword pairs targeted in Brazil create seo plugin - Create Separate Blender Objects for a blend application Create Separate Body Parts of a Cartoon Character (Circus Dog) in Photoshop - Create Server Code to Watermark MP3s and Then Identify Mark Create server for Website change detection alerts. Responsive Web UI(Angularjs), Admin portal (bootstrap), RESTful API, Update Daemon - create set top box to tv create set up - Create Several Custom Wordpress Templates Create several duplicate web sites - Create several web pages and add content Create several website pages based on a spec and an existing site - Create shareable content Create shareable content - Create SharePoint /WSS site 3-4-08 Create sharepoint 2013 Master Page and home page from PSD file - Create Shipment Label report in Visual Studio 2010 Create Shipment Method For Virtuemart (Small Project) - Create Shop From a List Module - Copy another website module ( PrestaShop) create shop online - Create shopify store from old site copy and create new site and store create shopify store using shopify template specialist in shopify required only - Create Shopping Community For Users Create Shopping comparison interface for shopsite. - Create short animation for "How-to" videos Create Short Animation Instruction Video - Create short mailing list of 200 businesses Create short movie from existing records - Create short version of existing video Create short Video - Create Short Videos From Home(repost) Create Short Videos Using Window Movie Maker Or any Other Software - Create side cetegory list in bigcommerce classic theme Create side-by-side images and other images to print - Create signature with Adobe Illustrator CS5 Create Signed Installer and CD Autorun - Create similar a one page small website Create Similar App - Create Similar Joomla Template Create Similar Landing Page Layout - Create similar site template Create similar Site to - Create Similar Website (WebHosting Responsive) Create similar website 2 - Create similar Wordpress template Create similar worpress website - Create Simple 1D EBook Cover Create Simple 1D eBook cover - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers ADJ Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers AER - Create simple 1D images /ebook covers(repost) Create simple 1D images /ebook covers(repost)(repost) - Create simple 2D animation videos for school Create simple 2d explainer video - Create simple 6-8 second looping animation with hashtag for holiday party Create simple 8 page website - Create simple android app and submit to playstore Create simple Android app from this code example - Create simple Animations Create simple Animations - Create simple Asterisk PBX call overview Create simple attractive business web site - MS Expression Web 4 - Create Simple BlackBerry App to Login and Display Data List From Webservice Create Simple Blackberry Application - Create simple cartoon flash animation Create simple casual videogame using Unity - Create simple crossplatform game using cocos2d Create Simple Cs cart module - Create simple download all open orders from Amazon Need in 1 day Create Simple Drawing Tool (JQUERY+HTML5 Preferred) - Create simple facebook app code create simple facebook app using ruby, python, or php - Create simple form and sav entries to database. Output as xml/txt on web page. Create Simple Form in Wordpress - Create Simple Graphics and Content for Site Create simple graphics for my sales letter site and to print - Create simple html lists from csv files Create Simple HTML Page With PHP From To Enter Email Address - Create Simple Images / eBook Covers Create simple Infographic - Create simple iPhone app to store a 3d track generated by accelerometer (etc) measurements Create simple iPhone App with SWIFT - Create simple landing page in PHP Create simple landing page in PHP(repost) - Create simple map Create simple Map app for Android and iOS - Create simple MST - repost Create simple MT4 strategy - Create Simple OS X installer Create Simple OSX Application to search google and display results - Create simple PHP pages Create simple PHP pages -- 2 - Create Simple Program Script & Affiliate Script Create simple program that plays a browser based game. - Create Simple Retrieval Website create simple review based videos - Create Simple Sentences
Create Simple Sentences - Create simple Spreadshirt-Page Create simple Sprites - Create Simple Twitter Background Image Create simple typo3 or joomla template from psd - Create simple WAP site Create simple web (indonesian only) - Create Simple Website Create Simple Website - Create simple website html with 5 - 6 page Create simple website in Chinese, for China. - Create simple Windows Phone 8 app for news site Create simple Windows Phone 8 app for news site - repost - Create Simple Wordpress Theme (from another site) create simple wordpress theme -- 2 - Create Simplified Very Small Map to show location of office Create Simplified Web Based Payroll Program - Create Single HTML Splash page Create single image of Window Types - Create Single Sign-on from our website to IBM Cognos & Tableau using C# Create single SVG city map - Create Site - real estate ads Create site about six pack abs - Create site from .PSD (DANG) Create site from .PSD [DANG] - create site local deals Create Site Login to Dashboard - Create Site Similar to Look & Functionality Create Site similar to freelancer - Create Sitecore XSL to render left nav Create Sitefinity Template from Photoshop Design - Create six book cover designs create six graphic slides for a homepage image slider - Create Skype dedicated PC Create Skype Gateway - Create Slides Editor Create Slides Editor - Create Sliding Side Bar for iOS App Create Slipstream Windows Disc - Create small API for my web app and use the API in a predeveloped Widget to communicate with the web app Create small Application and update component - Create small database with Reporting functionality create small db with an entry and edit form - Create Small iPhone App Create small JAVA statistics application - Create small script Create small SEARCH engine trough PLIST file - create small windows program Create small windows store “translation” app - Create smartphone design mockups Create smartphone game - Create smtp server Windows Create smtp server Windows2 - Create Social Bookark accounts(repost) Create Social Bookmark Accounts - Create Social Media Accounts Create Social Media Accounts - Create social media links to our site. Create Social Media Login module on - Create Social media section for website Create Social Media Server - Create Social Network Sites and Mininets Create social network web site - Create Social Sites (sign up for new account) Create Social Wall (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) for wordpress website - Create Software Create Software - Create Software for Betfair Create Software for Bulk Amazon Image Downloader - Create software manual Create Software on Data Analytics - Create Software that will enter data from a text file into the PDF document properties fields Create Software that will enter data from a text file into the PDF document properties fields 2 - Create software using RSS feeds Create software using Twitter API - Create Solidworks Model from Scanned Drawing Create Solidworks model of Square Stand for IPad - Create some 2d sprite sheets for game character Create some 3D - Create some Animations create some API (in java and php), and website integration website - Create some basic template pages for my school project create some beautiful images of models - Create some comic book style illustrations for a brochure Create some comic pictures - Create some explosion drawings with text for every part, Create some eye-catching images for my eBay store - Create Some Good Backlinks create some good quality graphics for the online store. - Create some images Create some images - Create some jingles with already made voice Create some Joomla Template - Create some new page URL's and Upload some pages (already coded) to a server Create some new pages on my wordpress site - Create Some Picture Create some Pixel-Art sprites and tiles - Create some responsive webpages using HTML, CSS, JS and Bootstrap 3 Create some responsive webpages using HTML, CSS, JS and Bootstrap 3 - create some software create some software - Create some videos Create some Videos - Create something similar or Script For cash gaming Site like worldwinner - repost Create something similar to - Create Sound F/X for Kids Games Create Sound F/X for Kids Games - repost - Create SPANISH CC (Caption text) for a CATALAN YouTube video Create spanish directories in Magic Submitter - Create specification document for mobile app development Create specifications for project: system cleaner - Create split screen in Final cut&pro Create split screen in Final cut&pro -- 2 - Create Spreadsheet and transfer information from a Word .doc to Excel Create spreadsheet based on real estate directory - Create spreadsheet of company information from websites Create Spreadsheet of Contact Info from Scanned Document - URGENT IMMEDIATE RESPONSE REQUESTED - Create Sprite Sheet for my simpla game Create Spriter animation sample of cocos2d-x - create SQL queries Create SQL queries that are date based - create squarespace website as like my psd - home page created in today night Create Squarespace website that is a copy of my website - create ssl csr decoder Create SSL for our website - create standalone scrolling RSS feeder gadget Create standalone single html page - for logo downloads - Create Static Home page and update image links in our wordpress 4.6 website create static home page for a WP website - Create Stationary For Soundbase -- 2 create stationery templates - Create Sticker for Pacakging Create sticker set for a bike from attached pictures - Create stop motion recipes videos from storyboards Create Storage Box Diecut and design - Create Storyboard Video with Animated Graphics Create storyboard views and connect outlets. - create structured .csv file from webpage of 700 professional listings Create structured data for Magento website - Create stylized floor plan from the technical drawing Create sub admins with specific permissions - Create subdomain for my site for 301 redirect - open to bidding create subdomain for WHM /VPS - Create subscription section on my site Create Subscription Site - Create Summer banner Create sun simulation - Create Super Wireframe Email Template from HTML