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create product videos - Create Products on Oscommerce Store, upload products Create Products on Oscommerce Store, upload products - repost - Create professional but basic logo Create professional church logo from preliminary design - Create PROFESSIONAL joomla template Create professional Joomla Template - Create professional Powerpoint presentation from PDF file Create Professional Powerpoint Presentation Template - create professional web 2.0 theme for elgg 1.5 Create professional web application design - Create profile pictures / avatars for social media platform Create Profile Pictures, Banners and Cover Photos for our Facebook Fan Page - Create Profiles for TubeMogul Create profiles in a dating site - Create Program Create program - Create program to extract data character information from videogame Create program to extract data character information from videogame. EXCEL CSV - Create Programming Tutorials and Challenges Create Programs - Create project plan Create project plan -- 2 - Create Promo Video Create Promo Video and Image - Create Promotional video Create promotional video - create proper SEO tagging and apply to 25 pages Create proper Swap Auctions link - create prototype - open to bidding Create prototype clothes with fabric and buttons png - Create Proxy with PHP with multi_curl support to Blast the same requests to a Server @ Same time. Create PS Droplet or Script - Create PSD based on wireframes Create PSD based on wireframes - Create PSD files for a sales website Create PSD Files for Android - Create PSD from graphic Create PSD from high quality PDF of business cards - Create PSD Template for Stationary Create PSD template for thermal Printer of Apple Store Bill - Create PSD website templates pt3(repost) Create PSD with HTML / WEB 2.0 UI for new website - Create publicity for a novel unique Painting technique Create PubMed export plugin for OJS (open journal systems) - Create pyramid type Create Python API for accessing AWS - Create Python software to recognize coordinates of movement. Create Python UI to read measured values ​​from a measuring device and send them to excel - Create quality content for youtube Create quality content from scratch and do on-site off-site SEO for brand new site. - Create query that pulls record and drops record from database. Create Question - Create Quests for our RPG Create Queue Call Back Module - Create quiz app for iOS and Android (1974302) Create quiz app for iOS and Android - Repost - Create Radar shape by CSS3 only ! Create Radio application stream Iphone + Android - create rating engine with database to store the rating create rating engine with database to store the rating - Create real Android, Iphone simulator Create real estate - Create realistic 3D images of a home Create Realistic 3D Stage Design - Create realistic test data Create realistic texture 3D room background - create recording software stream radio mp3 Create Records in Zoho Invoice from Zoho Creator - Create referral bonus and map emails to users on pre-purchased Wordpress template. Create referral contest matching our page in indiegogo - create registration page and mod another with new db Create registration page and two seperate forms, build into database and integrate with plugin - Create Religious Quotes for the Home Decor 75 Create remaining pages of dental website - Create rentals website and cms Create rentals website cms - Create Report Compiling Software create report console to see totals by numbers and graphs - Create reporting portal for Woocommerce / wordpress Create reporting questions - create reports in Oracle Application Express Create Reports in Php using MySQL Database - Create resorts booking web Create resource booking list - Create responsive bootstrap UI and implement to web application build on symfony 1 framework create responsive cms page - Create Responsive Flat Design for our existing Web Site Create Responsive Flat Design for our Web Site - create responsive html pages Create responsive html pages - Create responsive module for construction company Create responsive navigation for Magento site - create responsive theme for wordpress Create Responsive Theme Wordpress to be submitted to ThemeForest Market - Create responsive website from photoshop/illustrator design Create responsive website from PSD - create rest api end points in nodjs and deploy it on aws Create REST API for Magento website - Create result tables on basis of RS Form Pro submissions Create result tables on basis of RS Form Pro submissions - repost - Create Reuseable Landing Page create revenue generating link pages for real estate site SEO/ Google Adwords - Create Ribbon Tool for our Macro Buttons Create Rich banner - Create Rollover Effect in CKEditor Create rollovers - Create rounded bevel in WPF Create Rounded Box for Web News - Create rss feed for a Wordpress blog working with Mailchimp Create rss feed for around $10 - create rss feeds Create RSS Feeds (383357) - Create Rubicast presentation - Repost Create Ruby and Rail API - Create Sale Order Relay Script With API Create Sale Video For Me - Create sales letters and ads for my herbal business in Australia CREATE SALES LITERATURE FOR OUR DOMAIN SELLING BUSINESS - Create sales video with rolling text to match speech in audio file Create Sales Website for Debt Ebook - Create Same Website Create Same Website - Create sample PDF for Java Create sample PDF for Java - Create scale Autocad file from PDF drawing Create scalper for nadex - Create SCORM package Create scrape high quality comment blogs software - Create screen name list Create screen prints for Baby and children clothing. - Create Script Create script - Create script for banners Create script for banners -- 2 - create script for Stripe: assign a subscription to a customer who made a one-time purchase Create Script for Visual Web Ripper - create script that extract text from captcha image of the link i sent you automatically Create script that fetches a reddit thread and extractes top posts - Create Script to edit html and css on Sharetribe platform Create script to export products from e-commerce site database - Create Script to Pull Data From WalkScore API create script to pull title and link from external RSS feed - Create script use API Create Script using PHP-MySQL - Create Scrubbing VB Application Create ScubaFiend logo - Create Search By Location For Classipress
Create Search Directory for Wordpress Project 1 - create search frame using bootstrap and implement it on website CREATE SEARCH FUNCTION FOR LIKES - Create Seating Plans for Events Create second character/hero from existing CAD file - create secure website Create Secure Website for Selling Web Templates - Create SelfSigned Certificates CREATE SELL AND BUY SONG - Create SEO driven content for e-commerce site Create SEO driven content for e-commerce site - Create SEO strategy document Create SEO targeted blog. - Create seperate database for member options Create Seperate Hyperlinks on each banner image / usemap? - Create service logo for new service Create Service on Django or RoR. - create Setup file for mouse tracking tool Create setup for application for users without administrator rights - Create several modules for CMS create several MS Excel email lists from lists now in MS Word 2004 files - create shadows and lights on a logo Create shape - Create shareable content Create shareable content - Create Sharepoint Site with auto user login links Create Sharepoint Template 2013 - create shipping label personalite create shipping labels - create shopify app Create Shopify App -- 2 - Create Shopify Theme Based off a current Site Create shopify theme exactly like a web site we will refer to (Please Read Before bid) - Create Shopping Website for Selling Parts Products - open to bidding Create shoppingcart + loginbox form an example - Create short Animation movie for kids character called \"Souly\" with option for Animation series Create Short Animation Video - Create short movie from existing records Create Short Movies - Create short Video Create short video - Create Short Videos From Home Create Short Videos From Home(repost) - Create SHTML PAGES Create Sibelius Scores from MIDI - Create signature for Malware PE file Create signature options for my name - Create Similar 100% Feature and Functional Flight Web create similar 2 page website to this - Create similar iPhone app for app ideas (2) create similar iphone app with some extra features - Create similar Site Create similar site of fire restoration - Create similar website Create similar website - create similar website: & Hungry House Just Eat foodpand - open to bidding create similar website: - open to bidding - Create simple 15 sec promo Video from storyboard (slides) Create Simple 1D Book Cover - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers AER Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers AM - Create Simple 1D Images eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images eBook Covers SP - Create Simple 2D Flash animation - repost Create Simple 2D Flash animation - repost 2 - Create Simple A Codeigniter Install Database Wizard Module HMVC Create Simple Access App -- URL Ping - Create simple Android app that posts an image to Facebook or Twitter Create simple Android app that posts an image to Facebook or Twitter - Create simple animations for airplane in unity 3d Create simple Apache mod_rewrite for rewriting URLs to a new structure - Create simple application with login to SQL server Create simple asp/aspx email script using CDO based off a PHP version - Create simple black/white sketch cartoon design for t-shirt Create Simple BlackBerry App to Login and Display Data List From Webservice - Create simple captions in fancybox Create simple cartoon flash animation - Create simple crossplatform game using cocos2d Create Simple Cs cart module - Create simple download all open orders from Amazon Need in 1 day Create Simple Drawing Tool (JQUERY+HTML5 Preferred) - Create simple facebook app code create simple facebook app using ruby, python, or php - Create simple form on Wordpress Create simple form with ID verification via API - Create Simple GUI Create Simple GUI -- 2 - Create Simple HTML Page With PHP From To Enter Email Address - Repost - open to bidding Create simple html pages and PHP Scripts from Template - Create Simple Informational Animated Videos Create simple informational website for Android app - copywriting text, image and theme selection - Create Simple iPhone Game Create Simple iPhone iOS app and upload it in iTunes - Create Simple Layout in CSS, picture to guide you Create Simple Learning Management Software - create simple manual for iPad case Create simple map - Create Simple Moving GIFs in Photoshop (for stickers in video app) - open to bidding Create simple moving star-field in background using CSS or jQuery (Wordpress site) - Create simple online store using Wordpress Create simple online vector design tool in paper.js or similar - Create Simple Php page to upload PDF files create simple php page. - Create simple product demonstration video with voice create simple product designs and checkout code - create simple responsive website - 1 page - convert psd to html5 and css3 and javascript create simple responsive website - 1 page - convert psd to html5 and css3 and javascript -- 2 - Create Simple Scripts w/ GUI for Linux and Windows Create Simple Seal/Stamp Like logo for certification course - Create simple software program for product ordering Create Simple Software Program or Macro or Ubot - Create simple tool to allow users to review webpages create simple tools for internet marketers - Create Simple Video Playlist iPhone application Create Simple Video Presentation - Create simple webform create simple webpage - Create Simple Website CMS Create Simple Website Easy 10 rating - Create Simple Website, User Forms and Email Templates Create Simple website. 5 pages only, Add Images - Create simple WordPress site + SEO Create Simple WordPress site - Phase 1 - Create Simple, Modern, Minimalistic Styled Blog Template Create Simple, Styled Squeeze Page - Create single avatar from photos Create single bootstrap webpage using datatables - Create single photo article and fix mysql php problem Create single photo displaying article and fix php problem - Create Site Create Site - Create Site for advertising on mobile sites (similar to Create site for Australia Wide Creative - Create Site like with same functionality Create site like hellcase with working bots - Create site Plan & plot house on site plan Create Site Populated by SinglePlatform API - Create Site With Many Forms Create site with template CMS - Create SiteMap/Wireframe with Adobe Muse Create Sitemaps for website - create sito web semplice con username e con categorie simile a tumblr