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Create hundreds of unique WordPress Templates - Create Hype Audio With Dj Effects for Video - 40 Secs (See example) Create hype up graphics for basketball game board, including video board, middle board, ring and table display - Create Icon Animation with HTML5 Create icon at illustrator. - Create Icons Create Icons - Create icons from our logo Create Icons from PDF - create ie functionality as plugin Create IE Toolbar - create illustration for poster Create illustration for the site - create illustrations for a game Create illustrations for a movie project - Create illustrator drawings of boxes create illustrator file from bitmap logo - Create Image and video album in C++ Create image (two opossums) for weddind rings - create image for menu and for sign (For Umesh) Create image for new website - Create Image Magick Script (or similar) Create image map - Create Image Thumbnails of Media Files Create image to our review site portal. - Create images and add to Joomla Site Create images and animations - Create Images for Insight of the Day Create Images for Insight of the Day Job 003 - Create Images of 52 Simple Playing Cards CREATE IMAGES OF A VAN CAMPER - Create Import in Woocommerce (Wordpress) Create Import in Woocommerce (Wordpress) -- 2 - Create Inbox Checker Script Create Incense stick Print and Packaging Designs - create index.html page with passwords and site tracking Create index.php that loads another website and replaces select text - Create info app for iPhone and iPad and Back-end website Create info app for iPhone and iPad. - Create infographic graphs and vector maps create infographic map + integration with website - Create information PDFs from Website pages using illustrator Create Information Products to be sold to business owners - Create Input Sytem Create input/output function on Shopify - Create Instagram Location create instagram panel on vpn - Create Install package for VB + dependencies Create Install Package with InstallShield - Create installer for windows and Linux Create installer for windows form application - Create instructional video for cooking recipes Create Instructional Video for Linear Drain - Create integrated blog Create Integrated BLOGS / Forums - Create Interactive Excel spreadsheet for Wordpress create interactive excel-based chart in Wordpress with hyperlinks - Create Interactive Map for a wordpress site Create interactive map for existing website - create interactive program with documentation file Create interactive scroll video for website - create interface of aMember and a 3rd party .asp (no source avialabable) Create Interface to Sql Database to change prices on Website - Create internet information that will appear on first page o Create internet mall - Create intro for website Create intro for YouTube content - create introduction videos Create introduction/promotion video for my website- - create invoice algorithm Create Invoice and Shipping Template into PSD - Create ionic App UI like example Create Ionic Application (front end only) similar to AirBNB - Create iOS and Android App Native for Coupon Referral for Tourists -- 2 Create iOS and Android App Similar to 'Yeti - Campus Stories' - Create ios app for photo editing Create IOS APP from existing ANDROID APP - create ios certificates for our phonegap app easy 10 bucks Create iOS custom keyboard - Create iOS News Application Create iOS Newsstand Magazine - Create IP Tunnel for use with PowerMTA Create IP Tunnel for use with PowerMTA - create iphone & android application to mimic a PC Software to control LED Display Create iPhone & iPad app from PSD Design - Create IPhone and android app for website. Create iPhone and Android app soft of like Flappy Bird on Steroids - Create iPhone App Create iPhone app - Create iPhone App for target 9 - 6 view states - API integration Create IPHONE app from a SHOPIFY website - Create Iphone app, Design and graphics already Create iPhone app, that is accesign wikipedia - Create iPhone Game Create iphone game - Create iPhone unauthorized service Database Netherlands Create iPhone version og my Android app - Create Ipod Game Create iPone Apps - Create IT-Management Setup Script Create Italian Lesson -- Translate and speak a few words - Create JAVA Animation Create Java API - Create java Input form which outputs HTML equivalent Create Java J2SE General Purpose API for printing - Create java socket gateway for use with ColdFusion gateway Create Java Software that Logs into Android App and Automates Tasks - create javascript code for me create javascript code for me1 - Create Javascript Image Slider with links Create JavaScript in Acrobat - Create javascript. - repost create javascript/css widget for embed on website - Create job sheet using MS Access aswell as an invoicing system - repost create Job site - Create Joomla 1.5 template from photoshop psd / pdf file Create Joomla 1.5 template from psd - Create Joomla ajax call create joomla article pages from design - Create Joomla dropdown menu for Joomla install Create Joomla dropdown menu for Joomla install - create joomla module Create Joomla module as add on to - Create Joomla site Create Joomla site - Create Joomla Template Create Joomla Template - Create Joomla template for HTML website create joomla template for my design with suckerfish menus - Create Joomla templates from PSD Create joomla templates out of psd file - Create Joomla website with JW Player Create Joomla Website with Yootheme Template (Air) - Create jQuery AJAX load page based on selected language create jquery animated proggras bar - Create JS dynamic buttons Create JS file - Create K2 Template (LTR and RTL). Create Karaoke And Score Vocals - Create KID and read OCR files Create Kid's Toy Design/Prototype Files! - Create KMZ file/links (google earth) for a few coordinates Create Knowledge Base in Zen Desk - Create Label for product Create Label for product with our logo (supplied) - Create Landing / Squeeze Page (quality is a must) html(repost) Create landing 3 pages - Create Landing Page Create landing page - Create landing page for existing website
Create landing page for existing website -- 2 - Create Landing Page Template in Wordpress Newave Theme Create Landing Page Templates - Create landing pages 150 - 200 sets every month Create Landing Pages and do some design updates in Wordpress - Create landingspage - repost Create landingspage. - Create Lasso Tool in similar to photoshop(repost) Create Lasso Tool Similar like Photoshop in - Create Layout and Design Cover for Cookbook Create Layout and Graphics for Android Messaging Application - Create lead generation landing page Create Lead Generation sites (Landing Pages) for Real Estate Leads - Create Leads, Send emails, write Press Releases Create leads/ Make sales to small business - Create lessons how to draw Create Lessons/Lecture Materials for an Online School - Create Library for Online Poker Assistance Software Create library for vs1053 for ccs and provide a example, using PIC18F4520 - Create Like on my Facebook page Create like oxl and quickr app in iOS and Android phones - Create linedraw for window with logo, person and tool. Create lingual dictionary(Desktop Application) - create link wheel for website Create linkbait content - Create links and earn cash create links and pages for products - Create Linux script to protect shell and launch programs Create Linux scripts for creating Custom runtime environment - Create list of 20 popular blog posts, articles about internet marketing tips. Create list of 20k UK bands email addresses - Create list of English word synonym pairs (e.g. big - huge) - Repost Create List of Every Craigslist Location in USA and Canada. - Create list of targeted prospects Create list of targeted prospects(repost) - Create Listings Website Create Lists - create Live stream app based by my idea for both IOS and Android. Create Live Streaming TV m3U8 file compression, From Indonesia TV Channel - Create Local Access DID Create Local Business Directories - Create log file in existing app Create log files for external microswitch - Create Login Area Create Login Area -- 2 - Create login webservice for mobile app Create login with Linkedin Button for Wordpress site - Create LOGO Create LOGO - Create Logo Create Logo - Create Logo Create Logo - Create logo Create logo - create logo create logo - create logo create logo - Create Logo & 5 other logos/icons Create logo & company name - create logo -- 2 create logo -- 3 - CREATE LOGO AND BUSINESS CARD Create Logo and Business Card - Create Logo and Integrate Template Create logo and intro for video blog - Create Logo and Social Buttons - Graphic Design Create Logo and Social Media Graphics - Create LOGO ASAP Create Logo ASAP - Create logo for 'group slow dating' alternative to speed dating Create Logo for a Band - create logo for busness Create Logo For Car Hauling Website - Create logo for Fantasy football team - repost create logo for fashion - Create logo for my company Create Logo for my new website - Create logo for online newspaper - repost Create Logo for Online Personality - Create Logo For Site Create logo for site - Create logo for web sites or pages.... Create Logo for Webdesigner - Create logo for youth basketball camp Create Logo for Youth Christian Ministry - Create logo in different sizes Create Logo in DXF and DWG for CNC cutting table - Create Logo Project For Raziaumer13 Create Logo Quickly - Create logo, album cover and book cover Create Logo, and Redo Header with Optin inside of Header - Create logo/forum graphics Create Logo/Template - Create Long term Premanent Backlinks Create look and feel (HTML + CSS) - Create LP on new server Create LSR files for iTunes - Create Mac OS X clone of Windows program Create Mac Screensaver with a single image, in the next 18h - Create macro in excel to create a *.xml file for Endicia / Dazzle Postage printing routine Create Macro in Visio - Create macros for Outlook to save attached PDF's, emails as PDF's and PDF's from a link in an email from specific senders to dropbox. Create macros/bots for one or more games - Create Magento Auto Parts Module Create magento block to display categories and subcategories in dropdown - Create Magento extension Create Magento Extension - Additional Customer Attributes & Configurable Swatch Auto Suggest Based on Rules - Create Magento Product Listings (NOT WEBSITE) Products only Create Magento Product Pages - Create Magento Template to match one used in Create Magento Template, from Existing Web Site - Create Magento themes and construct sites Create Magento Tier Price in Configurable - Create Mail Merge to mimic worksheet checklist Create Mail Merge with Grouping a Key Field from Excel (VBA) - Create Mailchimp RSS template code. Create MailChimp Subscribe Templates - Create Mailing List from Create Mailing List from - repost - Create Mallinternet Mobile Apps Create Mallinternet Mobile Apps - Create Management Accounts Create Management Consulting Firm Logo and templates - create map Create Map - For pwvectorarts - Create Mario bros. flash game (addition) Create Mark Incomplete Button for LearnDash - Create marketing emails/newsletters in ConstantContact Create marketing images for ecommerce website - Create Marketing Plan for New York and Connecticut USA Create marketing plan for small online company - Create marketplace for fresh products similar to instacart Create marketplace for fresh products similar to - Create Master Contacts List in Google Contacts from Multiple Spreadsheet Lists CREATE MASTER DETAIL SCREEN IN FRAMEWORK YII2 - Create mathematical predictions from a large database by machine learning Create Mathematics content for grades 4 to 6 - create md2 file Create MD5 hash key generator Pascal/C - Create me a 3 page word press website. About an Iphone 6 giveaway. Create me a 3d product design of a concept product - Create me a blog generating $20 + with Google Adsense Daily. Create me a blog generating $25+ with Google Adsense Daily - Create me a compare website similar like create me a computer website - Create me a exact copy of exisiting WP site