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C - C Translating a transcript and subtitles to 8 min min video from English to Hebrew C true dll tutorial (just the steps ... no big background writeup needed) - c # project C # project - c ++ C ++ - C ++ Programmer for Nokia's Carbide C ++ Programming - C - NPAPI simple plugin adjustments C - NPAPI simple plugin required for Chrome Extension - C / C++ Thermo & Fluid Dynamics Process C / C++ Utility Library for Kerberos / LDAP queries / authentication - C and Java Project c and linux - C assignment C assignment - C Basic Text File Storeage C Billing Report - C calculation (only +) of big numbers (positive or negative) C Client/Server with encryption - C code for link List Implimentation C code for m86HC12 - C Code to be completed in 24 hours (Hourly project) c code to be modified for reading 2 files and outputting to another - C coding and Linux basic C coding for arduino project - C developer for video transcoding C Developer Needed - Do you like bicycles and solving problems? - C expert developer needed C Expert Needed - C General Questions / Answers C Go Fish Card Game - C Image Processing C implementation and threads - C L poster needed C L poster needed - c language c language - C language MC68HC12 Microcontroller C language passcode program - C lib for word counting C libary needed to boost server fps for gameserver - C microcontroller firmware C Microcontroller or DSP decoder project. - C or C++ code C or C++ code to create a secure TCP connection - C Panel and VPS - open to bidding C parallel processing program - c prgrmming with documentation C printf function wrapper - C program C program - C Program - Assistance C Program - C Program - C Program Assignment C Program Assignment - c program for mac simple fast e(repost) c program for mac simple fast easy - c program in unix c program in unix - c program questions c program quiz - C Program to emulate Unix Shell C program to enter an ASCII printable character and then print out its decimal (base 10), hexadecimal (base 16), octal (base 8), and binary (base 2) representation. - C program(repost) C program(spellchecker) - c programing c programing - C PRogrammer C Programmer - C programmer and linux professional C programmer Expert - C Programmer or C# Programmer Needed - Experience in Digital Photo Frames - Android O/S C Programmer Professional - C programmers c programmers needed - C Programming C Programming - C Programming C Programming - C programming C programming - C programming C programming - c programming c programming - C Programming C programming - C programming using linux c programming ! - C Programming - Card Deck C programming - Cmap - c programming - repost C programming - Repost - open to bidding - C programming and good HTML C programming and Heart game - C Programming Assignment C Programming Assignment - C programming assistance C Programming Assistance Needed - c programming data structer - open to bidding C Programming eLearning Course Content Writing - C Programming for GiMP C programming for Linux Kernel - C programming homework C Programming Homework #2 - c programming lab test C Programming Language - C programming on Mplab (Microcontroller Linear borad) -- 2 C programming on Mplab (Microcontroller) - c programming project c programming project - C programming project 4 c programming project 4 - C Programming Project7 C Programming Project8 - C Programming Simulation Program C Programming Socket Mobile IP Urgent - C Programming Task Help C PROGRAMMING TASK HELP -15 - C Programming UNIX LINUX C programming Urgent required - C programming work - Urgent c programming work - urgent - C programming-Compute the area of a lawn in sq yards, feet and inches C programming. - c programs C Programs - C Project 18. c project again - C project to java applet (not a simple project) C project using command line arguments on Linux - C R M (Customer Relationship Managment) C raigslist Ad Posting - Post 3 times per day for 1 week - C sharp and Website update C sharp and Website update -- 2 - C Sharp Labs and Final Project C Sharp Labs and Final Project - Repost - c sharp source code parser tool C Sharp To Delphi (small code) - C socket example C Socket excercise - C Surface Cleaner C system coding projects - C to PHP conversion project C to PHP Parser / Translator bypass all C Binaries - c work! c work!! - C#
C# - C# Interfaces C# job/modules Application - C# & SAML 2.0 Single Sign On IDP Assistance C# & sql school assignment - C# + SQL developer needed c# + SQL help small easy - C# - .Net - OpenStreetMap Project(repost)(repost) C# - .NET Software Developer - C# - Convert Decompiled Code to fully functional program C# - CSV import to MSSQL database - C# - modification of existing code C# - Modify MiniProxyServer - C# - Unity Developer c# - update communications module - C# -Acces 32 bit dll function from 64 bit process C# . Net Expert wanted - C# .NET Application C# .Net application - c# .net desktop base application C# .Net Desktop Sales Application - C# .NET Expert needed to update my video software C# .NET Expert needed to update my video/photo capture software - C# .NET MVC 4 MySql Entity Framework - Get errors to display again on existing application (Quick project) C# .NET MVC 4 MySql Entity Framework - Implement Areas into existing MVC application - C# .Net to ArcGIS (ArcMap 9.1)(repost) C# .Net to ArcMap 9.1(ArcObjects) - C# .net windows app using MS SQL and .net 2008 4 C# .net windows app using MS SQL and .net 2008 5 - C# / .NET Image and javascript generator C# / .Net MVC - Need Full Stack Developer/Senior - Full App Site - C# / JS work with game being developed in unity 3d c# / ms access form application - C# 2 WinApp Merge c# 2 windows applications - C# 2.0 Windows Form Help C# 2.0, ASP.NET, MS SQL Web based application - C# : Check if a domain user is a member of group direct or indirect (nested groups)(repost) (1724882) C# : Connect / disconnect to a network printer with option - C# Accounting Software Source Code C# Accounting Software Source Code - C# Algorithm: Adjacency Matrix C# Algorithm: ListWeaver - C# and C small GUI app C# and C small GUI app(repost) - C# and Java Programmers for Automated Tool Development -- 4 C# and JavaScript - C# and c# and VB.NET Developer needed urgently - C# API Integration Wizard C# API Interface - C# app for stock trading, working with NinjaTrader C# app for test - C# app with SQL C# app with three advanced features. - C# application (new request) C# Application (pretty simple) - C# application for operating a android phone. C# application for resizing of images - C# Application that handles web clicks C# application that needs to work with a C++ library - C# application with MSSQL C# Application with MT4 EA - C# ASP.NET C# ASP.NET - C# ASP.NET DevExtreme Emailing Application C# Ebay auction database - C# ASP.NET MVC developer (Viet) C# ASP.NET MVC developer (Anh Khoa) - C# ASP.NET programmer with SQL experience C# ASP.Net Project - Miscellaneous Projects - C# ASP.Net Website Work C# ASP.NET Windows Authentication applet - c# assignment C# assignment - C# Attachment Decryption Mechanics (For klakatos) c# attribute/class for property refactoring - C# based Client-server game C# Based Desktop App to monitor & generate realtime table report from csv files - c# bitmap creation speed improved C# Bitmap Data Extraction Batch - C# button with transparent PNG C# C Sharp Guru Needed - Customise an open source Software according to our needs - C# CD Burning with Nero SDK C# CD/DVD class to burn files - C# class for solving joint angles of a robot arm. C# Class for String Comparison and Merging - c# class to extract data from PDF c# class to extract data from PDF file - C# class, OCR to Recaptcha C# Class. 3D coordinate transformation. - C# code and wxWidget C++ compile C# code and wxWidget C++ game development - C# code for Unity 3d game - open to bidding C# Code Help - C# Code To Convert HTTP to SOCKS C# code to create PDF from MS Access Reports - C# Code to read SMS Modem C# code to retrive data from Database then show the resualt in HTML -- 2 - C# coder required for simple program C# Coder Required with Webbrowser Automation Exp - C# coding to automate trading strategies - repost C# coding VS Expert - C# component show servers, workstations etc. C# component show servers, workstations etc. (repost) - C# console application C# console application - C# container interaction with flash C# Continuous Stream XML Feed Handler - C# cross platform RESTful web service to maintain employee database. C# cross section properties calculator - c# Custom Threaded Events -- 2 C# Custom tree view control - C# Data stuctures problem and Unit Testing C# Data Validation - Very Simple Check if Input is certain digits long etc - C# debug job (URGENT!) C# Debugging of WMP SDK problem - C# DESKTOP APPLICATION - %75 COMPLETED, NEED FINISHING C# Desktop Application – VPN client - C# Developer C# Developer - C# Developer (one year contract, 8 hours per day) C# developer (websrapping & database expertise) - C# Developer needed at Low Rate C# Developer needed for small projects - c# developer now C# developer on .NET 4.5 - C# developer with javascript / ajax experience C# developer with knowledge of ETL and Data warehousing concepts - C# DEVELOPERS TO JOIN SAMPLE TRAINING - Urgent! C# Developers Wanted, to work on Augmented Reality Platform - C# Device Driver Windows Mobile(repost) C# Devloper - C# dll to read and write sql server. c# DLL to render bitmaps via GPU - C# drive info C# Driver for mtp devices - c# email sending tool C# Email to Database Parsing Windows Service - c# exe icon changer command line or dll C# exe including .net package - C# expert needed C# expert needed - C# Expert with Test Automation with Coded UI, Skills Needed ASAP C# Expert with Test Automation with Coded UI, Skills Needed ASAP -- 2 - C# FAQ -system (third time a charm?) C# FAQ system - redux - C# Find and Replace Method in Microsoft Word C# Fingerprint reading -- 2 - C# Flash Video Web Downloader