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A singer website, creative preferably WordPress ( By Taylor ) - A single flash\html bio page A single flat of piece of material (such as image on paper) that can turn into a 3D image instantly. - A single job who can pay me daily some money. A single landing page - A single page that posts data to Parse in Javascript A Single Page View Implementation of iOS - A single placeholder webpage created A single player game - A single webpage with a few button linked to other webpage. a single webpage with flash - a site clone A Site Cloning - A site from Drupal to Wordpress A site functions updates - a site like groupon A site like etc where vendors can bid on automobile repair jobs - A site like shopstyle A Site Like This - A site manager for a construction site A site map created with images - A site similar to Kickstarters and IndieGoGo A site similar to Kiva - repost - A site so my buyer can login and order online a site that allows users to ask experts, professionals and even celebrities any questions. - A site to upload files to a server and download them. A site transferred from Joomla to Wordpress - with a twist! - A Skateboard company i'm starting and i need a deck graphic designer. a skateboard painted with various illustrations to denote a life of a vet skateboarder - A sketch of my daughter a sketch of people in A2 paper (no need to colour) - a skilled animator who can animate for m,y minecraft vids on youtube A Skilled computer person - A skilled programmer required A skilled transcriber needed - A sleek fast miniature pen based printer bot hardware A sleek logo for my new coaching business - green light coaching - a slogan for the mineral talc A slogan for website - A small (approx. 5 template) Wordpress site A small .NET program to modify a specific SWF resource in a SWF player file. - A small adaptation to an already existing javascript A small add on for my mlm website - A small Android application parse json and show them in listview a small android apps for IT training Center - A small application for window 8 apps skill A small application for windows mobile - A small assignment using Microsoft Project Software. A small automatic grading program - a small business grant for non-profit organization/retail/sales/service company need a grant of about $500,000 for expansions inventory stocking salary paid positions for employees a small business manager - A small C++ project A small C++ project - A small change on a web site (joomla) A small change on a wordpress site - a small css advice A small CSS bug fix - Shouldn't take long! - A small DNS control panel A small document to be translated from English to Spanish - A small engineering company website required -- 2 a small engineering project - A small excel job A small excel job - A small fix in Asterisk needed a Small fix in Joomla website - A small galaxy brawl game - base for an online game A small gallery - A small gym management system - Report - open to bidding A small gym management system - Repost - a small internal business web application A small iOS app for iPhone - a small java programme A Small JAVA Project - a small job seo optimirung the website and purification of a small job seo optimirung the website and purification of - A small logo A small logo design work use Illustrator - A Small Modification of A 2D Design A small modification required to an html signature - A small page seeking 1500 more targeted LIKES a small paragraph/article - A small PHP funation a small php job - A small PHP/MySQL application matching offers and requests(repost)(repost) (1008892) A small PHP/MySQL application matching offers and requests(repost)(repost)(repost) - A small program for the iPhone & ipad A small program so solve a problem and deliver a solution - A small project A small project - A small project for you - open to bidding A small project from class - A small project using javascript and RoR A small project using opengl, c++ - A small recruitment agency system A small Report - A small rewrite project A small routing algo implementation (C++) - A Small Service Business Website of 12-15 pages a small shell program working on linux by C "student lab Assignment" - A small simulator - base for a game A small site .......3 pages of html pages - open to bidding, Word press with sliding screen/frame. With some pictures.....Word Press .... - A small software utility to make audio output to Mono sound a small speech between 3 to 4 minutes - A small team of Unity 3D developers to build a mini-game for Virtual Reality. a small team to sell website subscriptions - A small tool to replace characters under Windows a small tool to update database - A small video animation. A small video doing for a kickstarter project - a small web sight for my new bussiness A Small Web Site - a small website about study tips A small website design - A small website, Portfolio for a company A small WiFi Communication work - A small Yahoo Finance data mining / scraping program A small Yii2 project - a smart phone app A SMART PHONE APP FOR CHAT AND CALLING (SKYPE ON SMART PHONE) - a snicker of magic a sniffer - A social App with geolocation function A social application needs to be developed in android, ios and web in node.js and mongoDB - A social like groups. - repost A social market place to build - A Social Media Site LOGO A Social Media Website - A Social Network - re A Social Network - repost - A Social Network Website A Social Network Website - a social networking photo app platform IOS a social networking photo app platform IOS - A social networking site needed developed from scratch... A social networking site that share video/photonetworking and news aggregator - A Social Networking website for Designers a social networking website in it true sense - A social webite A Social Websie - a software a software - A software designer/programmer a Software developement for a parts program(motorcycle parts) - A software engineer is needed for a growth hacking project. -- 3 A software engineer is needed for a growth hacking project. -- 3 - A Software like Ammyy Admin
A Software like Ammyy Admin or Teamviewer - A software program for organisation (by category) of a database of song lyrics A Software Program to Print Books - A software that registers students and is used to check class attendance in Universities A software that take information in a email body adn transfert the information to a form. - A software to post job on peopleperhour A software to record multiple TV channel at the same time - A solar powered Latern a.k.a. a Solar Lamp build a solar wristband - A solution for tracking a digital marketing campaign that goes into our CRM, WizeHive a solution for ranking better on - A Song for my Wife must be Native English FEMALE Singer (1 Singer) and must have guitar & Drums Togater Music -- 2 A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) Boardgame Application - A SOUND ENGINEER A sound engineer - A Spanish Speaking PHP/MySQL Developer (Full-Time Job - 160 hours/month) A Spanish translator - A special marketplace A special marketplace - repost - A special project for sandy A special project for SK - A specific program to automate a specific project for aelanadula - a speech for my best friends wedding a speech for my best friends wedding - a splash screen for my mobile App A SplashScreen for a videogame - A Sports Fantasy Website Created a sports fest website - A sporty website for new sports product / game A sporty, fun logo - A SQL Programmer A SQL Programmer - a stamped letter a stamped metal design - A Star Search A start up company tie-up - A State Cetified Engineer to evaluate the floor and foundation of our house A State of Fiction in the US Report - A static library using OpenCV A static map with 25 points, that when mouse rolls over, small amount of text appears - A statistic project! A Statistical Analysis - a statistician a statistician professional - A Steganography Application a stencil made from a photograph - A stock management person, Marketing skills A stock management person, Marketing skills - A story about a superhero a story about fashion, design, sport & kitchen - A story/serial writer A storyboard artist required - A striking but reassuriing identity needed for a health startup A striking Logo for my Tea product - A strong sex novel A strong Social Engine/PHP developer - A Student Database A student entrepreneurship platform - A studio table A studio table - open to bidding - A study on conservation of Reclaimed waste water a study on digital sublimation - A styled html email A stylesheet to transform OOXML to XML - A subscription management process.The subscription API should be written in PHP and exposed through a single HTTP POST method. A subscription website - a summary for some articles between 150 to 200 words A summary of a book - A super short story about a mythological monster I created A super simple and quick edit of an audio clip - a supply agreement A supply chain management dissertation proposal - A survey output coded and converted from .csv to .sav format A survey output coded and converted from .csv to .sav format, then processed through Marketsight into a table format - a sweatshirt A sweet and Treats logo - A Symmetric Key Encryption Technique by Genetic Algorithm A Symmetric Key Encryption Technique Using Genetic Algorithm - A system for online licensing of contents A system for refunding purposes - A system to scan all newly Registered Domains A system to scan all newly registered domains - a T-Shirt Clone Website A t-shirt customization module - A T-Shirt Designer for Stand Out Apparel A T-Shirt Designer Website Clone required - A table script A table script - repost - A talented css and joomla guru with future prospects in mind. A talented designer needed - A Tamil karate Movie 2.30-3 hours A task for rvmi - a taxi booking script a taxi booking script - repost - A teacher who helps me in improving English dilect a team abble to handle all the work i can provide - A team of freelancers from bangalore to provide website services to my company clients A Team of Link Builders Needed! - A team that can manufactur clothing and create designs for my clothing line A team to help me create a console game - A Tech Support Website Developement, Designing & Branding. A tech website - A technical report - open to bidding a technical report about wireless networks energy performance - a Technical Writting A technically simple website, like kickstarter or indiegogo - A telemarketer that is willing to work on a commission + Bonus setup. A telemarketer to do either half or one day a week - A template for graphic based application a template for house inspections with the ability to add photos - A template to use for slideshare presentations A template web application that allows users to submit links - A term paper for media studies ! A term paper on Universal Turing Machine - A TEST TO FIND SOMEONE RELIABLE FOR ADSENSE PROJECTS A tester for my website required! - A Text Trailer Project A text transcribed to audiobook - A theme crafted with my insights A theme for 2nd hand car website - A thing of seconds: Add 6 LINKs to a simple JS slideshow - repost A ThinkorSwim Algorithm - A Ticket Selling website a ticketbot programme(s) for ticket selling companies - A timesheet / project logging application A Tinder bot - a tip for you A tip needed for using HTML input type=file in Firefox for Android - A to Z Technologies A to Z Vegetables For Health - A tool to change shape of 2d object's image and measure them A tool to compare 2 Excel files - A TOP 100 GROWING U.S. COMPANY SEEKING Commission BASED salesperson/ affilate marketer wanted fo my service a top 100 iphone game of the week need to be developed - A Torque PRO like app A torrent tracker redesign - A Tour of Your Mind - Training Handout A3 A tour package website. - A TRACKING DEVICE A trade site like google trader and mp3 sell - A train simulation software A trainable, data-collection program - A training manual professionally and beautifully formatted a training tracker - A Transfer logo design