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A resume template done in CorelDraw X6 or Microsoft Publisher 2010 - A revamped website, rebranding - open to bidding a revamping of 75 page children's book - A REVIEW ON GAS - PHASE TROPOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY OF ORGANIC COMPOUNDS A Review on Research Methodologies in Software Engineering Management - a revision/review service basing on feedback provided - business plan A revolution - A ringgroup in Elastix wont answer properly A ringgroup in Elastix wont answer properly - open to bidding - a robot which can explore a maze A robot/spyder - A romantic fiction or an eroticaHelp me write something A romantic themed illustration similar to those you did for me - A routine that will set the FontStrikeThrough Property of individual ListItems in a listview when checked off. A routine that will set the FontStrikeThrough Property of individual ListItems in a listview when checked off.(repost) - A russelogo A russian speaking financial journalist - A Sales & Inventories Analysis & Prediction Prototype for Restaurant A sales and marketing personnel - A Sales Person A sales person - A sales/landing page within an existing website a salesgirl - A saleswoman A samll 1 page dental site - A sample Excel VBA - open to bidding A Sample Flyer - A sample python project A sample report on resort performance - A Saudi Real Estate Portal A save the date card for my wedding which has a caricature of me and the bride. - A Scheme Tutorial a scholarly paper on Nursing - A school website A school website - A scipt or soft that generates likes on Facebook A scoring system for counting how many times a ball hits a target - A screenplay writer, sci-fi action a screensaver for displaying art in OS X - A script for a bio pic A script for a certain functionality in Blender 3D. - A script for viewing opponent cards in an online poker game -- -- a script in either php or perl with mysql that's a clone of with all thier features - a script or bot for wordpress auto multiple domains post sender a script or bot for wordpress auto multiple domains post sender - repost - a script that puts in username and password to a site A script that reads info from one program and uses it to interact with another - a script to generate KML/GPX of points at regular intervals in a Google maps route a script to generate quiz with certification - A script to search through a Word Document and find data in a Table in the document a script to search through facebook groups - A script/program for a script/website to restore all" Google drive" files modified on a certain date. - A search centre platform added onto my WP theme - please read full instructions! a search database for emails with tiny community - a search page A search page so users can find their representative based on state or country - A second langauage added to my Squarespace site a second office365 public sharepoint site for file sharing - A secure website for classified advertisements a secured self destructing scheme in cloud computing - A selection of webscraping tools A self applying screen stabilizer - a selling page for a new product, that will also re direct after payment to a second possible product. A sellingbook - A sentence creating program that creates random sentences that are grammatically and semantically correct(repost)(repost)(repost) A SEO Expert - A seperate HP for mobile devices a sepia jpeg I bought from Shutterstock put into color - A series of articles on a list of diets A Series of Articles on the Importance of Data Driven Decision Making In Schools - A series of graphics for an email shot A series of greetings cards for xmas for our clients - A series of posters for uni events (movie nights and etc) A series of Prezi presenations - a Server and a Client to communicate with each receiving and sending data a server and web site coded and written. - a service like live person a service marketplace for internal proj - A set of 5-10 different Backgrounds for 2d Animation A set of 8 animated gifs from illlustrations provided for a website - A set of graphical drawings of wedding dresses A set of graphics for my small game - A set of seven archetypal figures for my book. Simple sketches. -- 2 A set of shopping cart buttons very similar to those on Amazon - A Sexy Chemist Pin-up Girl A sexy female cartoon with face similar to picture I can provide - a ship hull model from solidworks or preferably Maxsurf software. A shipping Tracking System - A shopify app and api connection A Shopify assistant - A shopping cart for a restaurant A shopping cart for my website - A Shopping Hall Pic. A Shopping Hall Pic. - open to bidding - A Short & Easy C Project A Short & Easy C Project -- 2 - A short 300-500 word article written about online poker - open to bidding a short 30min C language lab need it within 3hours - A short animated 3D movie coded in WebGL A Short Animated Business Video 40sec - 1.20 sec Explaining our services - A short animation or series of sketches A short animation video - a short book A short book that I will be distributing for free - A short document of 19 slightly larger than tweet-sized paragraphs. I'd like this translated into Lithuanian, Swedish, Estonian and Arabian. A short document of 19 slightly larger than tweet-sized paras. - A short essay. A short evaluation of a webpage in a marketing perceptive - A short flash banner about 20 seconds 360*250 px A short Flash intro - A short intro for videos (YouTube) A Short Intro Video - A short promotion video of performance rehearsals to send to programmers and venues A short promotional DVD, high end pamphlets, - A short Story A short story - A short story where the main conflict occurs because of a cross-cultural misunderstanding. - repost A short story with no nouns - A short Url with referral system and coins for clicks member ranking system A short video - a short webisode animated (total of approximately 10 minutes); has 8 characters and can provide story boards if needed - open to bidding A short webseries - A shorthand typist - 20/07/2016 08:44 EDT - 20/07/2016 08:48 EDT A shot glass CAD Design - A Significant Logo a signup page for a course - A similar site Needed A similar site of or . - A similar website to and A SIMILAR WEBSITE WANTED - A Simple Android Application ( Display of Static content ) A simple Augmented Reality Application - A simple 1 page web A simple 1 page website - A simple 2D intro that last for about 100 seconds. - open to bidding A simple 2D matlab game - a simple 4 page /layout android app a simple 4 page drupal garden site - A Simple Accounting Program A simple adjust on Wordpress theme - A simple alarm clock with maybe a bit complex features A simple algorithm for pointcloud data processing - A simple and unique design that no one has seen before.
A simple and user-friendly website that allows users to post and search within the website. - a simple android app develop A simple Android App Engine Project - A simple Android apps A simple android based game development - A simple Android wear app A simple Android Widget - A simple app for IOS/Android A simple app for iphone - A simple application A simple application - A simple Arduino program A simple ASP page(repost) - a simple auto start app that stays on screen A simple auto-vote program - a simple black and white logo converted to .dts for embroidery A simple black and white panda logo touch up - A simple build and updating of Squarespace site A simple bulk seo competition checker - A Simple but Good iPhone APP Needed A simple but good looking logo for my new company - A Simple C# Code A simple C# code - A simple C++ shop A Simple C/C++ Program - A simple Chamber of Commerce website A simple Chamber of Commerce website - repost - a simple clojure sollution A Simple clone Website - A simple company Logo - open to bidding A simple company Logo - open to bidding - A Simple Cre Loaded 6.2 Customization A simple cricket game to promote my hobby - A simple customization of a signup page, and I already have most of it done A simple dance. - A simple database creation a simple database example in vc++ - A simple design for shed sign - open to bidding A simple design for shed sign -- 2 - A simple DLL A Simple Doctor Search Native Ios and Android App - A Simple E-shop A SIMPLE EA - A simple elegant logo for photography business A Simple Email Optin/Landing Page Created - a simple Excel to PPT Macro A Simple Excel VBA Script - A simple Facebook integrated rate photo website project A simple facebook puzzle game - A simple Firefox-plugin - repost A simple fitness gyms' service subscription website. - A simple Flash job A simple flash of some images and texts - A simple form app to be built A simple form app to be built - repost - A simple game check link A simple game design in C++ - A simple gaming project A Simple Genetic Algorithm - A Simple GUI Java Assignment a simple GUI java interface program - a simple html form a simple html form - A simple image site... A Simple improvement for an existing project - A Simple iOS Countdown Timer App User Interface Design A SIMPLE IOS GAME - A simple iphone app similar to GasBuddy A Simple iPhone Application - A simple java Database a simple JAVA Desktop Application - A Simple Java Project A simple java scientific calculator GUI with code and design -- 2 - A simple job for php coders A simple job for the right freelancer - A simple lab report -- 2 A Simple Landing Page - a simple live wallpaper A simple loading animated gif.. - A simple logo A simple logo - A simple logo animation . A Simple Logo Design - A simple logo, one file transparent background, one file white background A simple looking but smart e-commerce website - A Simple Maths game (javascript) A Simple Matlab Excersize - A simple method for estimating the fractal dimension from digital images: The compression dimension A simple method in Java - A simple modify to an existing app a simple module for a codeigniter project - A simple myspace video A simple native Android location tracking app - A simple one page website, HTML coding done. jst uploading to server and making the site run.!! A simple one page website, HTML coding done. jst uploading to server and making the site run.!! - repost - A Simple Ordering Website a simple p2p project with java - A simple personal website a simple personal website - a simple php job to convert a line to some other format A simple PHP mail form - A Simple PHP Site A Simple PHP Site development - A simple picture changed with two characters replaced A simple piece of code - A simple Procmail recipe A simple product drawing - A simple program for image matching ( Character matching ) A simple program for MacOS - A simple project A simple project - A Simple Project on Dashing Framework A simple project on Electrical Circuits - A Simple Python Script for Replacing Text A simple python socket networking program - A Simple Readymade HTML to Wordpress A simple real estate website - A simple RESTful skeleton php site A simple rewriting of 500 words ..for Native Speaker only - A simple script needed!! A simple script that runs on linux web host -40 USD - A simple Second Life debate room A simple seed tutors software (chinese) - repost - A simple site for sharing lecture notes in core PHP A simple site for submitting tweets - A simple Socket Class in C++ A simple sockets application using C and Java - a simple static website A simple static wordpress website is required for a hospital - A Simple Task - Android Studio A Simple Task for Android developer - Remove action bar - New Freelancers Welcome to apply - a simple text app to send messages A Simple Text based mobile game application to be developed on IOS + Android with a complete admin controlled backend and fully designed control panel - A Simple Train Simulator using Java A simple translation from English to German - A simple typing job! A simple UI - A simple VB application for a Training Company A simple VB Project - A simple video game -- 2 A simple Video Motion Editor uses PS3 as controller - A simple warehousing system a simple way to capture current users' screen - A simple Web application