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A recruitment two sided marketplace similar to model - A reflection on leadership -- 2 a reflective commentary of 1000 words, about how is to work with a group(ex:advantages of a group work) - a regular bookkeeper A Regular Expression to Filter Domains from a List - A reliable CAD drafter for a growing business A reliable craigslist multiple ad software and advice needed - a reminder app A reminder of activity Mobile App ( iOS & Android ) - A replica of freelancer+ Quikr (Both combined) required A replica of new name to be myce - a report about energy need to be rewriting A report about image processing - A report from a structural engineer on a retaining wall A report generated from a downloaded csv. - A report of that includes law point of view - open to bidding A report on "Comparative Study of Database Approaches " - A Report on Geographic Business Intelligence a report on globalisation on company ZARA - a report on structural change to our back veranda for council approval A report on supply chain management consisting of 1500 words - a reporting on financial A REPORTING WEBSITE - a research about organisations and behaviour in business. A Research Analyst - a research oriented project 1- repost 3 a research oriented project 1- reposted - A research paper - open to bidding A research paper - repost - A research paper that compares a story to a mental illness - open to bidding A Research paper written about Romania - A research proposal of 1200 words to complete by 7th May a research questions - A Resident log system A Residentia; Builder Brochure - A responsive e-commerce website for a food delivery business A responsive form widget with drag and drop video upload - A responsive web app for my charitable start-up A Responsive web page with Dynamic Carousels - A responsive website with four screens and menu at top A Responsive Wordpress Home Page Theme - A restaurant review website similar to A restaurant web site - A resume template done in CorelDraw X6 or Microsoft Publisher 2010 A resume template done in CorelDraw X6 or Microsoft Publisher 2010 - A revamped website, rebranding A revamped website, rebranding - open to bidding - A review of related literature regarding my thesis topic A review of the marketing strategy of an organisation and its effectiveness (Based on study of 1 Organisation) - A review/optimization of my Android game app - open to bidding A review/rating site for restaurants, shop, travel tours,.... needed - Nice layout and easy to use/upgrade (2) - A rewriting of promotional text needed (60 000 characters) A Ride Share app - a robot A robot for finding surebets and bet in auto - A robust speed sensor less vector control of multilevel inverter fed A ROBUST TALENT HUNT ON SOCIAL NETWORK SITE - A rose icon - a private project for Angela A Rotating Content Joomla Component / Module - A RPG based Game for mobile platform -- 2 A RPG Flash Game - Ric Wolf- Agility of Intellect - A Russian translator A Russian-English Article in Chemistry - A sales deck for a feature film project A sales deck for a feature film project -- 2 - a sales person A sales person to sell our service offering to prospective clients - A Salesletter Writer A salesman - A samll 1 page dental site A samll android app - A Sample Flyer a sample for polo 0001-A - A sample python project A sample report on resort performance - A Saucy and Naughty Website A Saudi Real Estate Portal - A Schematic and PCB Design layout for an automotive test light A Scheme program that operates on list - A school Rate site, Classifieds,Social Network, search. A school Rate site, Classifieds,Social Network, search. - repost - A scientific papaer A scientific project - A Screen Scraper A Screen scraper to extract email from outlook web access (OWA) - A screenwriting partner a scrip install in my server - a script for downloading from one site and upload it to another one A Script for downloading webpage - a script like group on A script like inboxdollars - A script that clicks through a load of hyperlinks and downloads file generated A script that clicks through a load of hyperlinks and downloads file generated - A script to check prices of the items at using PHP curl A script to creat accounts at external site form - A script to retrieve app names from app store. A script to scrape articles and post to a website - A SCRIPT WRITTEN TO AUTOMATICALLY PULL DATA FROM EXCEL AND SEARCH IN A WEBSITE A script you have - a search and quote website A search and replace application - a search engine powred by google API A search facility for - a searchbox for affiliate sites a searchbox for affiliate sites - open to bidding - A section of a Business Model only A section on my forum need style - a segondseo month again A selection / compilation of Quiz Questions in FINNISH - A like Website A sell person - A seminar paper 20 pages A senior & experienced CNC Programmer - 3 axis & 5 axis - a seo friendly website with 7 keywords, A seo optimized elearning website which allows the students to watch the contents seemless on all devices in secured way - A series of 2-minute whiteboard animation video A series of 2-minute whiteboard animation video - repost - A series of bottle labels done a series of camtasia training videos - A series of illustrations for a children's book for family distribution A series of illustrations to accompany/illustrate text on a website - A series of small illustrations for website A series of SMTP Servers that ACTUALLY WORK - A server Banner A server client system through browser - a service providers lookout app A service site. - A set of architectural construction documentation for a new 4 level apartment building A Set of Articles- 1 - A set of java classes written to communicate with X10 home automation devices using serial port commands. A set of kid attractive icons for mobile app - A set of software development/patch bug fixe projects. A set of sub routines to perform various actions with a Word Press blog - a sexy girls porn video - open to bidding A sexy model Designing for magazine - a shipping website A shirt and Tank top designed - A Shopify developer A shopify developer - A Shopping Cart For Restaurant A shopping cart like flipcart - A Shopping Hall Picture A Shopping Hall Picture - open to bidding - A Short & Easy C Project -- 2 A short (1-1.30min) motion graphic detailing the home building process - A short 300-500 word article written about online poker - open to bidding a short 30min C language lab need it within 3hours - A short animated 3D movie coded in WebGL
A Short Animated Business Video 40sec - 1.20 sec Explaining our services - A short animation on a history topic A short animation or series of sketches - a short blog on the bowflew powerpro to upload via wordpress to my site A short blog post for a wedding I document in Hawaii - a short detective story. a short document needs professional editing and proofreading - A short essay, approximate price: 40$-50$ A short essay, approximate price: 40$-50$ - repost - A short Flash animation A short Flash animation(repost) - A short informational piece that we can use to attract traditional food brokers to sell gluten-free base blends to traditional food processors and manufacturers. A short informative Newsletter - A short PHP script or some functions a short pilot for a television gameshow not more than 5minutes in animation - A Short Research Project Specific to the United Kingdom - open to bidding A Short Research Project Specific to the United Kingdom - open to bidding - ongoing work - A short story book reviewer / rewriter needed A short story fictional book with my poetry. This will be a short page book maybe 20 to100 pages - A short translation - English To French A short translation - English To French - A short video presentation A short video that motivatges others to help. - A short, 500 word essay on a given reading. A short, 500 word essay on a given reading. - A side ways walking animation -- 2 A Sieve-Spoon - a silhouette picture i designed but i need it redone symetrically a silt and mercury filter system for a small one man gold dredging system - A similar site to Ebay a similar site to - a similar wedding site A similar wordpress site or create a similar one using wp! - A simple C++ project a simple game in javascript - a simple 1x3 cycler a simple 1x3 cycler - repost - a simple 3 model of our product A Simple 3 Page Product Launch Website + Logo Design - A simple 4 Page Wordpress website A simple 5 page HTML website - A simple admin dash board A simple admin dash board - open to bidding - A simple alternative to cloud based Cash registry for Ipad/Android a simple anagram engine - A simple and unique design that no one has seen before. A simple and user-friendly website that allows users to post and search within the website. - a simple android app develop A simple Android App Engine Project - A simple Android apps A simple android based game development - a simple android shootting practice game, A simple Android wear app - A simple app for IOS/Android A simple app for iphone - A simple application A simple application - A simple Arduino program A simple ASP page(repost) - A simple audio pitch and rate control interface A simple audio recording engine for android - A simple BigData exercise A simple Birthday App - A simple bot to generate simple html pages A simple BOX price calculator app - a simple but cool blackjack flash game A simple but cute proposal animation - A simple C programing project A simple C programing project - A Simple C++ program that utilizes a good design process A Simple C++ program that utilizes a good design process - A simple calendar with authentication A simple camera Mobile App - a simple checklist program A simple checklist style application for iPhone and android systems - A simple CMS site A simple coat hanger design - A simple Content Management System using the Django Web Framework. A simple controller design and implementation based on Reinforcement Learning - A simple CRUD app that makes RESTful calls A simple Cryptography Engine - A simple Data editing project A simple data entrY - A simple database with customer details and 3-4 order forms A simple database with GUI - A simple design using our product label, and a name/phone number a simple design work for a ios app - A Simple Draw A simple drawing - A Simple EA (MQL4) A Simple EA (MQL4) - open to bidding - A simple email processor, r2 A simple email processor, v2 - A simple expert advisor a simple ExpertAdvisor - A simple facebook puzzle game A simple facebook viral application - A simple fix A simple fix for backbone/node.js/mongodb single page app - A simple Flash Project a simple flash shootout game - quick draw - A Simple form filling and data entry A simple form integration to Saleforce - A simple game design in C++ A simple game developement for student asignment work - A Simple Gamein Android - school project A Simple Gaming App For Android - A simple Grid System for a Flash game project A Simple GUI Java Assignment - A Simple HTML 5 Chess Website a simple html form - A Simple Image Search Engine A simple image site... - A Simple iOS Card Game A Simple iOS Countdown Timer App User Interface Design - A simple iphone app for a newsportal A simple Iphone App for Teachers! - A simple JAVA Based Android App a simple java console project - A Simple Java Project A Simple Java Project - a simple job -verify the validity of emails on facebook get their age and gender A simple job for all , complet offers - A simple JSP forum A simple Kinect-based game for Windows - A simple List View Task A simple listing Web application - A simple logo A simple logo - A simple logo - repost A simple logo - repost 2 - A simple logo for my new board game and title banner a simple logo for my website - A simple Magento Template (to work with 1.7+) A simple magento troubleshooting - a simple memory game - open to bidding a simple menu driven program - A simple mobile salesman application A simple model checker in Java - A simple MT4 Expert Advisor needed a simple multiplayer Flashgame - A simple one page html mobile site - you will be re doing our existing mobile player a simple one page referral coding project - a simple opencart plugin a simple opencv/C stub to work with Blackmagic shuttle (Declink sdk) - A simple PDF file to create - EASY JOB need in 2 hrs A Simple Peice of Artwork for the renevation of my channel - A simple photo editing app that can add the pictures of a celebrity