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A sample android code for admob can running - A sample health related article. a sample interface as an prototype - a sample using Linux c/c++ to send smtp with ssl/tls to A sample webservice - A Scala microservice that capture name and email from a form and stores them into a MongoDB A scalable database for persistent, binary byte trees with shaded nodes - a school and personal grant A school and student management portal. - A school website a sci fi story 50,000 words project - A scikit-learn script that performs non-negative PCA decomposition A scipt or soft that generates likes on Facebook - A screenplay writer A screenplay writer, sci-fi action - A script err A script for a bio pic - a script for twitter rsvp A script for viewing opponent cards in an online poker game -- -- - a script or a dts package to FTP a text file on daily basis to a remote unix server. a script or bot for wordpress auto multiple domains post sender - a script that posts a message to the wall of a group on facebook a script that puts in username and password to a site - A script to fix a script to generate KML/GPX of points at regular intervals in a Google maps route - A script to scrape web profile A script to search a word in many html files - A Script(code) from Mozilla Console to invite all friends to like a facebook page A script/function - A search assistant A Search Box - A search function needed a search function of a database - A seasoned Englich langauge editor/writer with the ability to translate social and economic statistical data into clear, logical prose. A seasoned professional grant writer - A secure Paypal payment in PHP A Secure peer to peer conference call program - A Selection of Animated Banners(repost) A selection of articles on UK personal finance products - a sellable product design for my prototype A seller - A Senior Photo that incorporates art and my hobbies/life. a Senior structural engineer for employment in hyderabad - A seo tool ( Programmer ) A SEO website content Writer - A series of 600 words blogs, no photos required, in english - Start with ONE blog to test A series of A3 pdf drawings drafted as .dwg drawings with marked-up amends - A series of cartoonish iconic art pictures A series of cartoons tracking the life of "Data Guy" - A series of labels with neon primary colours A Series of Law Lectures for International Business Practices - A series of unique sketches to accompany short stories A series of video shooting in macadamia plantations of Brooklet,Lismore and Alstonville,NSW - A Server For Chat Network / Social Network! A Server Game RCON - a service providers lookout app A service site. - A set of applications A set of architectural construction documentation for a new 4 level apartment building - A set of java classes written to communicate with X10 home automation devices using serial port commands. A set of kid attractive icons for mobile app - A set of sub routines to perform various actions with a Word Press blog A set of technical drawings to be created - a sexy girls porn video - open to bidding a sexy professional club poster - A shirt and Tank top designed A shirt brand name - clothee - A shopify developer a shopify developer - A shopping cart like flipcart A shopping cart need - A Shopping Hall Picture - open to bidding A Shopping Hall/Mall Image. - A short (10-20 page) biography A short (3-4ming corporate video) - A short 3D animation A short 3D Animation movie (Please read description) - A Short Animated Business Video 40sec - 1.20 sec Explaining our services A short animated movie for an app - A short animation video A short animation video - A short book that I will be distributing for free A short C++ assinment - A short document of 19 slightly larger than tweet-sized paras. A short Document to be Translated in 3 languages - A short evaluation of a webpage in a marketing perceptive A short exercise on Racket Language - A short flash banner about 20 seconds 360*250 px A short Flash intro - A short intro for videos (YouTube) A Short Intro Video - A short project to fix some small issues with ecommerce site and adjustments A short promotion video of performance rehearsals to send to programmers and venues - a short script A short script in English (approx. 250-300 words) - A Short Story of an OFW from rags to riches - open to bidding A short story titled 'Sunlight', i'm looking for someone to publish the article - A short translation - English To Swedish A short translation of 2 lines from Arabic to English - A short video to promote our fashion app A short video to use for a Kickstarter campaign - A short, fun animated video clip no longer than 1 minute, regarding a project we are performing. A short-film part of the "School Of Freelancing" project! - A sign language interpreter A sign making business logo - A similar of A similar Pinterest site based on Wordpress + Potential App - A similar Website for Casino A Similar website like in the description - a simpel landingpage in php A simpel wordsearch - A simple (text chat and forum) Website A simple , neat professional website - A simple 20 page report on golf putting A simple 20 page report on lucid dreaming - A Simple 30 page Fictional Book A Simple 30 page report on Tips on how to build confidence in a child - A simple \"Think positive app for iPhone\" A simple A5-sized advertisement - a simple affiliate tracking software. A simple after affect video - A Simple and Short Description Project A simple and short guide for moms... - A simple android app a simple android app - A simple android app re-skining & Packaging A simple Android app that allows you to toggle nodes on a map - A simple android game app A Simple Android Game Project - A simple animated map a simple animation in flash - A simple app made for a hair salon A simple App Project - A simple application for experince developer A simple application for IOS and android - A simple ASP.NET, MS-SQL and AJAX web application project A simple assignment - a simple background /desktop A Simple Background Player - A Simple BlackBerry SPIN WHEEL GAME - repost A simple blog - A Simple Business Mobile App with Corona SDK A Simple Business Mobile App with Corona SDK - a simple but urgent project: iTunes data import A simple but very addictive iPhone game. - A simple c++ application A simple C++ Code - A simple calculation tool with PHP A Simple Calculator - A Simple Channel for Roku ( same easy look as our Android & iPhone apps )
A Simple Chat Program in Java - A simple clothing brand logo. a simple cloud based career guidance system - A simple company Logo - open to bidding A SIMPLE COMPILER IMPLEMENTED IN JAVA - A simple cricket game to promote my hobby A Simple CRM Software - A simple dance. A Simple Dashboard Web Page - JQuery, JavaScript - a simple database example in vc++ A simple database for data entry - A simple design for shed sign -- 2 a simple design of two C++ classes - A Simple Doctor Search Native Ios and Android App A Simple Draw - A SIMPLE EA A Simple EA (MQL4) - A simple elegant logo for photography business A Simple Email Optin/Landing Page Created - a simple Excel to PPT Macro A Simple Excel VBA Script - A simple Facebook integrated rate photo website project A simple facebook puzzle game - A simple Firefox-plugin - repost A simple fitness gyms' service subscription website. - a simple flash image gallery A simple Flash job - A simple Form application with custom fields... A simple form app to be built - A simple game -- 2 a Simple Game App - a simple game, easy to gain $500 A Simple Gamein Android - school project - a simple graphic design a simple graphic for a t-shirt - a simple htaccess php task A Simple HTML 5 Chess Website - A Simple Image Editing .Net App A simple Image needs to be Created either in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator - a simple iOS app that user can annotate pdfs A simple IOS calendar with authentication - A simple iPhone app built -- 2 A simple iphone app for a newsportal - A simple java Application A simple java application to measure an object's cpu and memory usage - a simple java program implements distributed system concept a simple java program to parse a html file - A simple javascript to read the URL -- 2 A simple jigsaw game function for iphone/ipad and android - A Simple Jquery Project A Simple JSON API Script - A Simple List of text a simple list table with anchor text and pop up window - A simple logo A simple logo - a simple logo (picture only) for my organic website, jar of flowers A simple logo - repost - A simple logo for my app A simple logo for my consulting business - A simple magento project A simple Magento Template (to work with 1.7+) - a simple membership website a simple meme saas - A simple mobile app that can help teachers grade and record attendance of students a simple mobile application need to be developer in android and IOS - a simple MQL expert script a simple mql4 EA - a simple node.js website A simple Nokia application - A simple online platform A Simple Online Store - A simple page need to be coded in PHP A simple page with AJAX Database - A simple photo editing app that can add the pictures of a celebrity A simple Photo Manager - A simple php mysql jquerry script A simple PHP page redesign of a single page with a form. - A simple PHP System A SIMPLE PHP SYSTEM WITH 4 MENUS - A simple plugin for different browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari -- 2 a simple PNG file via PHOTOSHOP - A Simple professional looking website A Simple professional website - A simple program in c to handle client data base, its just for my own learnig purpose. A simple program in C++(MFC) is needed - A simple project - convert a http get page to a http post A simple project but need done fast - A simple project on Electrical Circuits -- 2 A Simple project using "Haskell programming" - A simple python socket networking program - open to bidding A simple qtpropertybrowser example - A simple real estate website A simple real time clicks calculation peace of code. No design needed. - a simple rider website A simple ringtone app for our new video song - A simple script that runs on linux web host -40 USD A simple script that runs on linux web host -40 USD - repost - A simple Second Life debate room A simple seed tutors software (chinese) - repost - A simple site for sharing lecture notes in core PHP A simple site for submitting tweets - A simple sock 5 client A simple Socket Class in C++ - A Simple State Machine including Test bench A Simple State Machine including Test bench and memory block - A simple task a simple task - a simple test application for android A simple test HTML page generation - A simple tool that uses the Twitter API to rate users based on content they share. a simple trading platform connect to MT4 and LMAX - A Simple Twitter Script A simple twitter-oriented web site - A simple user interface for Calibrating Analog I/O Readings to Fuel Level in openGTS - repost 2 A simple utility app - A simple video cleanup A simple video downloader - a simple VOIP SOFTWARE to Develop -- 2 a simple VOIP SOFTWARE to Develop -- 2 - A simple web application - repost A simple web application for a small shipping company - A simple web form a simple web form that will pass a number to a command line - A Simple Web Site Design A Simple Web Site Design(repost) - A Simple Website A Simple Website - A simple website A simple website - a simple website (3-4 pages) in jsp or java bean A simple Website - open to bidding - A simple website do integrate with my IoT project A simple website Duplicate - a simple website like a simple website like memebase - A simple website with Instagram API and online payment integration A simple website with payment function - a simple windows app a simple windows application - A simple Wordpress job A simple wordpress plugin - A simple wordpress website needed with awesome design A simple Wordpress website with some javascript programming - A Simple y86 Assembly Project A Simple yet eye catching flash mob type dance sequence for a wedding in delhi - A Simplest PhoneGap application Using APACHI Cordova and Ionic -- 2 a simplified Zen Cart - A Simpls Android send SMS App.