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A power point presentation comparing two company reverse logistic solution - A Powerpoint expert to work with on an ongoing basis. a powerpoint on a dental office - A powerpoint presentation of 10 to 12 slides for a 1 hour interview presentation. A powerpoint presentation of my work - a pproposal A PPT done on Gaza Project - A Pre Listing Package A pre listing package that needs help - A presentation a presentation - A Presentation On Cloud Computing A Presentation on Toilet Etiquette - A Press Release in English A Press Release in English - open to bidding - A pretty simple project for a simple website. A Pretty Simple Website with jQuery - A price list of our company services A price List to go in our Hair Salon Window - A printing websight A priori-based link mining to detect data linkage between value data and student data - A Private Project A private project - A private project for KZM A private project for KZM #3 - A private project for tomal2514 A private project for VC The Guru - A prject for Tufa123 a pro - a problem to be solved regarding i2c with raspberry pi 2 A problem with my site Slide Show Pro+PHP - A Product Announcement A product app in open source - A product designer A product Designer and Prototype Maker - A product prototype manufactured, involves electronics. A product prototype manufactured, involves electronics. - open to bidding - A professional 60 sec animation video A professional academic management report, only 4000 words. - a professional business proposal a professional business website - A professional English > Chinese freelance translator, very interested in your project A professional English, Arabic translator. - A professional investment presentation - open to bidding A professional iphone game developer needed: - A professional logo for my company II A professional logo for my company II - A professional NEWS Website on Wordpress with SEO & Google Adsense a professional newsletter - a professional programmer has expierence with API FACEBOOK A professional proofreader for my 15 Chapters Self-help book - A professional translation from English to German A professional translation from English to Hungarian - A professional website design A professional website design - open to bidding - A Professional Wordpress Themes Required A Professional WordPress Web Hosting Template & HostBill Integration - A Proffesional Business Plan and Profile a proffesional needed to create a responsive wordpress template - A profile page designed with display picture and background picture for facebook, twitter and instagram. An artwork to be altered and changed for printing of stickers. A Profile Page For MFC & Co-Branded Website - a program booklet designed A program built to work with a api - a program for grouping students a program for more youtube views ? - A program like A program like the Skin It program - A Program that can capture online information and send notification to user A Program That Can Check Email Links, And Copy Certain Part of The Email, Fully Customizable! And Very User Friendly! - a program that evaluate a postfix expression(assume it's valid)such as 62+5*84/- A program that gives me the list of websites with certain characteristics - a program that simulates two branch prediction schemes A program that throttles inbound/outbound connection - A program that will help me with web design(more simple then before the repost)(repost)(repost) A program that will help me with web design(more simple then before the repost)(repost)(repost)(repost) - A Program to be design to enter data that fills in to microsoft excel A program to block subpages of an URL - A Program to Extract Save Images and Data Information about product into excel + Automate in Zencart A Program to Extract Save Images and Data Information about product into excel + export the excel into a format which is for amazon product text file feed format - A program to Password protect a folder in Windows XP and 2000 A program to Password protect a folder in Windows XP and 2000(repost) - A program to send out emails and relist auctions A program to send out messages and order things via twitter. - a program written A program written - basic calculator - a programme in C++ A Programme that scrapes websites for price - a programmer and a designer A Programmer And Graphics Designer - A programmer proficient in c++ A programmer required for a quick fix - a programmer to write a program for heath data A programmer who can assist in making an app - a Programming project . A programming work needed - A Project 10000words - open to bidding A project about deadlocks - A project fir timid only A project for alenius only - A project for AleksanderJ88 A PROJECT FOR ALL FREELANCERS WHO ARE INTERESTED - A project for BdpFranchise ONLY a project for beepig - A project for Danv A project for dartex - A Project for Dragon ONLY! A project for dreamsweb only - A project for Foreigntree to resize pages for 'Moonshine Speaks' A project for FTranslation only - A project for idealkhulna A project for idealkhulna only - A Project for Jewelry Photoshop A project for John - A project for lexpertduweb a project for LiaqatAlikhan786 - A project for mayalogic A project for mdrahmotali77 - A project for Nanoras A project for nehasb only - A Project For Pinky Only A project for Piyush - a project for Reading a MS-DOS floppy A Project for real estate class - A project for shellywagar - 11 A project for shellywagar - 2 - a project for sparkingboy2010 A project for staszewski only - A project for tomydeveloper only A project for TonuBerty only - a project for welldonework A project for whitebutterfly18 - a project for you A project for you - FEMALES Only - A project in Analytics A project in c++ - A Project involving Threads. A PROJECT JUST FOR ATTARI BROS - a project of data entery a project of data input - A project on IONIC framwork - open to bidding A PROJECT ON JSON - A project only to US residents - easy cash A project only to US residents - fast cash - A project required in MATLAB A project requiring a skilled person - a project to be done a project to be done - open to bidding - a project using minitab
A project using Tensorflow and Convolutional neural networks - A prolific composer looking for a good Hindi songwriter to write in romantic sufi rap and rock stylings A Prolog database and queries that deal with relationship between peoples - A promoter to help us to get gigs for a new hip hop act A promoter to promote my events. - a promotional video A Promotional Video for a Wedding Planning Product - A property Company A Property Management Software for WIndow - A Proposal for Company Project(jst 10-12pages on os ) a proposal for mailmesalah - A proposal written a proposall - A Prototype for a Mobile Phone based Image Processing App a prototype for a small educational revision site for dyslexic users - A prototype software A prototype web site to take to investors and venture capitalist. - a psd design A psd design coded into an HTML email - A psychologist with experience in developing psychometric tools; expertise in tourism and travel is desirable but not essential A psychologist with experience in developing psychometric tools; expertise in tourism and travel is desirable but not essential -- 2 - a publisher to publish ny book A Publishing House is looking for a sales executive - A Pysc Site A Python (ArcPy) script to copy values from one table to another. - a python program A python program on Exponential Smoothing and Linear Regression Model - a python script to be made for some automated web task a python script to parse html based on highlighted text color - A qualified photographer A qualified web designer needed. - A quality Project for claudiamitroi33 A quality report writer with experience in development of KA01 & KA02 - A Query Software for Net 2 Paxton Software a Query to get info from 3 tables (calculate Account Receivable) - a question about the internet A question about the sum of binomial random variables - A quick $20 A quick $20 -- Install a CGI proxy - a quick and professional voicemail prompt A Quick And Simple Code ? Software For Arduino Boards - a quick cgi thing A quick check on documents that have proofread before by a writer - A QUICK FIX A Quick Fix - A quick illustration of a basketball player juxtaposed over a basketball arena A Quick JavaScript Task - A quick logo design A quick logo needed for a freelancer portfolio - $6 work - A quick recording of a video A quick report in Computer Crime and Digital Forensics - a quick template edit required a quick test - A quick XML Project A quick, easy, and secure way for users to verify their domain name - A quiz system in Django/Angular/PostgreSQL A Quiz Theme Logo Design - A quote on a website A quote on an essay - A raiser of money for a driverless trucks solution provider (per commission (5% of the investment)) a raisin in the son - A range of smallish modifications to my site. A Range Of UK Articles Needed (14) - A rating mobile app A rating Website - a ReactJS developer A read later app - A Real Estate Company website with Content Management System A Real Estate Company website with Content Management System -- 2 - A real life novel about the way it was going up in the 40's and the great adventures (very funny) that my friend Mickey and I had back then. I need a writer that can put to words the way it was. I believe this could be a best seller and possible a movie. A real magneto expert - A real, current HR professional remote interview. A Real-time Collaborative Text Editor - A realistic writer A reality television show writer/producer who can write my treatment for producers - A really simple Access 2007 database needed A really simple app for my website - A RECENT APPROACH TOWARDS TRANSDERMAL DRUG DELIVERY BY VARIOUS TECHNIQUES a recepyionist in patna - A recording genius, need an artist who known listener's mind A recording of an original song as a 50'th birthday present - A redesign of the site and coordinated and arranged A Redirect Script That Hides Referrers - a registration form for college test with payment gateway A registration form/site with admin. - A relatively simple VBA script to cycle through financial data using several rules to isolate specific events. - open to bidding a relatively simple web app - A relocation form for a Wordpress Homepage A remainder module for zend framework2 - A replasement to sugery a replay to a post - a report A Report in 5 hours - a report and analysis of sport ( football, basketball) etc... a report base on Z transform and MATLAB simulation - a report needed urgent A report needs to be corrected and edited!! (SPSS) - a report on Business Information Management a report on Business Information Management web2.0 - A report on organisations and their behaviours a report on power generation through coal in pakistan - A report to retrofit an existing building A report writer in Johannesburg. - A request from an inquisitive new developer A request of logo design for previous project - A Research Company requires the services of a competent graduate-level researcher to conduct a case study research on a specified company. A Research Essay - a research oriented project2 - repost 2 a research paer and a ppt slides of 14-16 with voice notes related to technology with 100% plagarism - A research paper in British Literature for educational purposes A research paper in French - A Research Project Specific to Denmark A research project specific to Germany - a researcher in inductive learning. A researcher in Shari'a [Hanbali jurisprudence, Sunni Islam] required - A Resourceful, Quality & Native-Speaking English Ghost Writer A Resourceful, Quality & Native-Speaking English Writer (Weight Loss Niche) - A responsive Landing Page design and development A responsive landing page quickly - A responsive website (simple content management system) A responsive website and logo design - A restaurant app to order online A Restaurant Delivery Android/IPhone app. - A RESTFUL API controller for angular app A RESTful API in Python for an invetory db - A retail company dealing with gift items needs to be in the first 3 google searches in 2 months. A retail ecommerce website that provides search capability and management portal - A review app like Zomato A review being written - A Review Website A Review Website - A Rewriitng project for ZAWriter Only! A rewrite of the letter posted. Need a more attractive, 'sales' orientated style. Keeping in mind it will be sent out to corporate buyers - a rivet metal background to use must be high resolution jpg or pdf A Road Less Traveled: The Abundance Mentality - A robust educational web application A Robust Online Store - A Rose for Emily A rose icon - a private project for Angela - A RPG based Game for mobile platform A RPG based Game for mobile platform -- 2 - A Russian-English Article in Chemistry a rutine to get the MAC address and public ip address from gateway router - A sales friendly telemarketer to set B to B appointments. A sales funnel similar to - A sales person. A sales piece to email market - a salesman