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A private project for Alisha1, DO NOT BID IF NOT ALISHA1 - A private project for Nicobus so do NOT bit unless you are Nicobus A private project for Nirmal121 - A private tutor website A Private VPN - A problem - the search on Magento does not find sku's A problem about connection to database - A procurement workflow in a chart A Producer - a product description page A Product Design and Manufacuring Design needed for manufacturing purposes - a product photographer A product Prototype - A professional 3D logo for my company V A professional 60 sec animation video - a professional business website regarding printing and packaging services A Professional Company Logo - a professional ESL teacher to analyse grammar mistakes-long-term job a professional ESL teacher to analyse grammar mistakes-long-term job -- 2 - A professional jQuery coder to re-build a simple function A professional letter - A professional logo for my company VI A professional logo for my Online Course membership website - A professional photographer A professional photographer - A professional site membership system a professional social network for architects - A Professional Voiceover - Young American Male A professional web design & development company proposal - A professional website of an it company. A professional website to act as a portfolio for my creations and accomplishments - A professional writer is here A professional writer is needed to write a Research Paper - A proffreading of a english written university synthesis of max. 15 pages A Proficient Portuguese Translator (Eng-Portuguese) Needed - A progam needs testing a progamme for a machine i have build , IT IS MORE OF A SOCIAL NETWORK like facebook - a program doing one simple task in a short amount of time A program for an average computer user to read SQL - a program in C++ -- 2 A program in matlab (GUI) - A program that automatically add-to-cart Nike products A program that automatically imports information, manipulates, then publishes to FTP - A program that Connects to a web page for live hit stats A program that Connects to a web page for live hit stats. - A Program that Makes Pages Based on Keywords on List A program that pulls YouTube channels and exports them to a csv - A program that will express numbers in english A program that will express numbers in english - open to bidding - a program to access ebay pages - open to bidding A program to aid and speed up quoting - A program to do some automatic tasks, like a bot a program to do the reserve in apple store - A program to manipulate Image files. A Program to memorize the Qur'an Insha Allah (God Willing). - A program to send out emails and relist auctions A program to send out messages and order things via twitter. - a program written based off 1 simple Excel spreadsheet a program, software! - A programme which acts as a career finder A PROGRAMMER - A programmer can do front end (web design) and backend (programming) of website a programmer designing bazaar bid website which have active auctions like tophatter website - A programmer that can rival Mark Zuckerberg - open to bidding a programmer to build an online store - A programmer who is experienced in Processing language A programmer who is familiar with ViciDial - a progrmmer A Project - a Project and writing report A Project Anyone Can Do! - A project for 1,5 month development a project for 10 x 800 word articles - A project for andrewco only A project for Android Guru a - A project for Canhelp only A project for carloskramer only - A project for designBox16 A project for designBox16 only - A Project for Eswar A project for evenstar55 only - A project for guitar548 A project for guru004 only - A project for Jain A project for JanHart1 :) - a project for Kudakitsune a project for kun01 - A project for Marshall only! A project for MaryJaneSS - A project for my friend A project for Nadine00's only - A Project For Pinky Only A project for Piyush - A Project for real estate class A Project for real estate class. - A project for shellywagar - 11 A project for shellywagar - 2 - a project for sparkingboy2010 A project for staszewski only - A project for tomydeveloper only A project for TonuBerty only - A project for whitebutterfly18 A project for witty2011 only - A project for you - open to bidding A project for you - open to bidding - A Project In Chennai, India A Project in CodeIgniter - A project little bit same as teamviewer A Project Logo - a project on advance security hardware design A project on Agarose gel electrophoresis - A project on mutli threading in c programming - open to bidding a project on netlogo - a project proposal for a grant A project proposal for an organisation helping children with basic needs - A project than can detect Human behavior before crime A project that can automatically login amazon account and place orders - a project to have money A PROJECT TO LOOK FOR IN FUTURE - a project write up A project written in or to send sms through Whatsapp application - A promo video for a company I'm starting A promo video for holidays in Catalonia - a promotional film about my project (2/ 3mn) A promotional film for islam - a proofreader for a poetry book about to be published A proofreader for a thesis - A Proposal and PM Plan for Version of 2 of Web App a proposal essay - A proposal to provide manpower to oil companies A proposal to redesign a website - A prototype app A prototype app similar to QUORA app - A prototype performing speech comparison using Java A prototype software - a psd design A psd design coded into an HTML email - A psychology research paper - repost A Psychology training for Senior Management - A Pump System and Water Pipeline Smln A Purchase order on Excel - A Python developer is needed to complete a django project. -- 3 A Python developer is needed. - A Python Programming Test
A python proxy finder - A QR Code Scanner for iPhone 5++ A qualified book keeper that has a full understanding of Pastel - A Quality Article Writer $1.5 For 500 words A quality box to package a dress - A Quality Writer needed at $1.25/ 500 Words A Quality Writer needed at $1/ 500 Words - A question about network security A question about spark core using CURL - A Queue Class A queue management system for restaurant - A quick and easy java test, maximum one hour, need today support on skype a quick and fast writer - a quick c # developer a quick cgi thing - A QUICK FIX A Quick Fix - A Quick JavaScript Task A Quick Job - A quick Magento Fix A quick mailchimp integration with php application - A quick revision of the research paper A quick server fix - A quick twitter-oriented web site A quick update - A quirky Thanksgiving themed digital invite! A quit smoking e-book of my story of how I stopped in 2008 - A Quotation System that Flows Nicely For an Event Catering And Catering Equipment Hire Microbiz A quote - A quote translated to Greek A quote translated to greek. - A random Generator A randomized algorythm between 1 and 8 users. - A rap Site needs SEO.SO I want you to Start Today!!!!!(READ DETAILS) A rap about the book The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao - A Re-Design + Transfer from FTP to WordPress Responsive & AMAZING ShowCase Site A re-engineerd Spreadsheet from an existing one - A ready to use online dating site needed (source code) A ready UK companies database - A Real Estate Webiste for Indian Market A Real Estate website - A Real Time Chat Application for Wordpress/Buddypress . A real time IM app (iOS) with calendar and GPS integrated - A realestate website Theme customization A realiable researcher regarding prescribed drug "champix". - A really good php developer for a successful website A really good php developer for a successful website - repost - A realtime graphical analyzer a realtime live viewers for each profile page that updates in realtime - a record assignment A Record Changing On Domain And Email Setup - A recursive function in python A Red, White & Black Affair Networking Event - A refresh of our existing logo A Reggio Emilia Curriculum Approach (Early Childhood Studies) - A relational database with scripts A relationship book - A reliable Web Designer with solid knowledge of Bootstrap, Jquery, CSS A reliable Web Designer with solid knowledge of Bootstrap, Jquery, CSS -- 2 - A replasement to sugery a replay to a post - a report about 2 business uses the system a report about 2 business uses the system - open to bidding - a report base on Z transform and MATLAB simulation A report based on a companys financial statements - a report needs to be rewritten to remove plagiarism A report of 2000 words - A report on Consultation A report on environmental issues - A report on Shenzhen manufacturers, you have to be residing in Shenzhen a report on structural change to our back veranda for council approval - a reporter a reporting on financial - A Research Analyst A research and proposals to improve Job satisfaction level of IT employees in Hanoi - a research oriented project 1- reposted - repost a research oriented project2 - A Research Paper about the HISTORY OF SPAIN A research paper and powerpoint in nutrition field 1 - A research project in computer science - repost a research project in phonology and morphology - A research writer to describe items that were damaged in a flood. a research writing on a topic - a resource to help me develop an online scheduling software A Resourceful, Quality & Native-Speaking English Ghost Writer - A responsive Landing Page design and development A responsive landing page quickly - A responsive website but optimized for Web app. A responsive website but simple - a restaurant design a restaurant design - A restyling and setup for manufacturing A Results block for students in Moodle - a retuned logo A retype of letter of offer - A Review of Mad Men--Season 7 Finale A review of major sporting clubs marketing activities - A review/optimization of my Android game app - open to bidding A review/rating site for restaurants, shop, travel tours,.... needed - Nice layout and easy to use/upgrade (2) - A ride sharing app for Android and iOS a rig for my model - a robot keeps posting pages on my web page & i need assistance with preventing this to continue A ROBOT MEASURING ROOM SIZE - a Roku device consultor expert A role of Scrum master from Home - a roulette game web site with a social networking component A roulette website - A Run-time Stack and Quick Sorting a Linked List A Runescape Gambling Website - a Safety app. A sailing schedule for a web site that can be updated every fortnight with new vessel details. - A sales letter writer required ASAP a sales man - A sales reputable company offering job opportunities for trustworthy personnel, seeks to engage the services of dynamic and result oriented persons to a sales sheet in excel - a salesperson -- 2 A salesperson to approach florists and nursing homes with a new floral product. - A Sample Design of CSS controlled GUI Page A sample ebook for iPad/iPhone - A sample project to hire longterm native writers a sample project to write for ujuugwu - A Saucy and Naughty Website A Saudi Real Estate Portal - A Scheme Tutorial a scholarly paper on Nursing - A school website A school website - A scipt or soft that generates likes on Facebook A scoring system for counting how many times a ball hits a target - A screenplay writer, sci-fi action a screensaver for displaying art in OS X - A script for a certain functionality in Blender 3D. A script for a short business video - a script in either php or perl with mysql that's a clone of with all thier features A Script in Hindi / Urdu - A script or software to automate what I do on Facebook Pages. Image attached. A script required to hide content on vBulletin from non facebook fans - A Script that takes a users text input from a website and sends it via ssh A script that will log in to a website, enter data & submit - A script to help me semiauto bid at project periodically A script to help me semiauto bid at project periodically -- 2 - a script to test if many office documents will open, or are corrupt. A script to track the movements of an object in real time using the google maps. - A Script to Trade on the IG Index API