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Add two fields to service record print off in SQL database - Add two Magento extensions Add two Matrices of any size - add two plugins to my opencart installation Add two popups to chrome extension - Add Two Tabs For Incoming Feed - WordPress Site Add two tabs to an existing App - Add TXT Functionality to Add txt record to my DNS record - Add UI scroll for subcategories Add UI theme to public mxfactorial Github project - Add Unified Inbox to Rainloop webmail client -- 2 Add Unilimited Scroll to my Wordpress Website. - Add unlimited sub template to jsveiws sample Add up codes to all my items in magento - ADD UPDATES add updates and additional features to program in PHP - add upload feature to wordpress Add Upload Field into Contact Form - Add upload to component Add upload video feature - Add ups real time shipping calculator based on LB and zip Add UPS Shipping API Kit into Woo Commerce Wordpress - Add URL Scarper to existing plugin Add URL script or software - Add US Zipcodes to existing Wordpress Database add USA Facebook likes with USA IP - Add User Base File upload download functionality in an Existing Joomla site(repost) Add user Control to Dynamic HTML - Add user login option on existing website Add User Login Section and Update Design with .psd files I created - add user registration area to joomla Add User Registration Module In a Drupal Site - add username of person who goes on cam spot Add usernames to script - add UTF-8/unicode support to htmldoc add UTF-8/unicode support to htmldoc (818430) - Add validation to php forms Add validation to search box - Add Variation Plugin Add Variation price to a woocommerce product page - Add vector design files to PSD mock ups Add Vector Icons To Custom TTF - Add verification to a traffic surfing script Add verification to contact form to make sure that email address and phone number are filled out - Add Video Advertising module and take backlink off my PhpVibe site Add video and audio template to a Joomla site - add video chat and web cam to website Add video chat functionality into a website for arranging of online-lessons - Add Video Controls to my Flash Vids Add Video controls to player, remove title, add animation when open video - Add Video Functionality to WordPress Website Main Slider add video gallery bullets - Add video overlay to Wordpress site Add video page to php site - Add video sharing to twitpic clone Add video sites to script - Add Video Titles: Video 5 Add Video Titles: Video 6 - add video to Linkedin page - open to bidding Add video to my - Add Video to PHP/MYSQL Site Add Video to PHP/MYSQL Site Profiles - Add video to woocommerce gallery image Add Video to Wordpress Website - Add Video/Revise Titles Add video/still image sharing ability to website - Add videos from youtube Add videos page to website - Add View Tracking and Search by Agency, as discussed Add viewcontroller and scrolling to app - Add Virtual Money Card Payment Gateway Add Virtual Money Card to Website - Add visual design and some development to our site Add Visual style, Look & Feel to my Delphi Project - add voice messaging to php chat script Add voice narration to power point prefer Australian voice - Add Volatiloty/Noise Filter tomy EA Add Volume Control to Flash Movie and Play Again Button - Add VPN server to my linux server for 2 people Add VRM Lookup to wordpress admin to list cars for sale - Add watch extension to Existing iOS App ADD WATCHERS AND PAGE HITS TO eBay LISTINGS - Add Watermark on Videos using Ffmpeg Add watermark to 1,215 Videos Length 1-10 mins. - Add Watermarking (with PNG 24) Ability to Current Script add watermarking feature in directshow streaming application - Add WEB API to windows service and fix some issues in service Add WEB API to windows service and fix some issues in service - ongoing work - Add web portal functionality Add web reporting to PowerBuilder application - ADD WEBMASTER VERIFICATION FILE TO WORDPRESS SITE AND ADD ANALYTICS Add Webpage and Function - Add Website Content and Simple Customization Add Website content and/or build an admin portal - Add website pages per requirements Add website screen shot to video - Add Website Widget add website's url and description only as an answer to blogs and forums asking about this specific functionality (Twitter related) - Add Whatsapp share to wordpress site Add whatsapp, hangouts and viber to the app - Add WHMCS Price Slider on Cart.php Add WHMCS Price Slider on new Cart.php with design - Add widget support to mobile application. ( Widget Design And Function ) Add widget support to WordPress page - Add WIF (Windows Identity Foundation) to Dotnetnuke Add WIF (Windows Identity Foundation) to Dotnetnuke - Add Window Media Player to my Flash Site add window to joomla site - Add WMV link to Flash site add wmv video clip to website - Add Woocommerce Plugin to existing WP site (7-10 Products) add WooCommerce plugin to my woo-commerce store - add woocommerce to my wp website Add WooCommerce to WordPress Theme - add wordpress blog onto oscommerce front page Add WordPress Blog Posts to 3 Sitemaps (screenshot included) - Add WordPress Blog with Plugins Add wordpress CMS to existing html website - Add Wordpress menu and page with PayPal link Add WordPress Message Board - Add wordpress template to site, and make good Add Wordpress Theme Functionality - Add Wordpress/Woocommerce for online restaurant ordering Add words developer needd - Add WorkPress to website Add works cited + sources for a paper about Hamlet - Add Wow slider to my volusion website - repost 2 Add Wow slider to volusion website - Add WP header to a php script Add WP Theme, Configure It and add Content - Add WYSIWYG Editor template Add WYSIWYG editor the website. - Add XML / SOAP Decoding to Existing HTTP Decode Program Add XML code - Add xml Files webservices to Open Cart V add xml image field to swf file - Add XP and leaderboard to my pate Add XPS files moudel to excel file - Add Your Facebook Friends to The ShopO Group of India - open to bidding Add Your Facebook Friends to The ShopO Group of India - v3 - Add youtube iframe to basic html site add youtube movie to a web page outside my domain and using bookmarklet [jquery, css, javascript, json] - Add Youtube Views Add YPN stats to SiteStatisticsWeb - Add zip code collection box to html
Add zip code field to php file - Add Zoom functionality to Scrollview in Ipad App - repost Add zoom galerie on a wordpress website - add'l work on new website - ongoing work Add'l work on new website needed - Add-in for Excel 2010 to enter repeat values in a cell Add-in for InfoPath - ADD-IN FOR WINDOWS VISTA Add-in para outlook 2010/2013 - Add-on Components Add-On Coreldraw Excel Program - Add-on fields for ecommerce system add-on for adding canonical tags to pinnaclecart site - Add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint for Tracking Changes Funcionality Add-on for MS Word - Add-on Module for OSCommerce 2.3.1 Add-on module for PHP-nuke - ADD-ON Project Add-on project - Add-on to Google Keyword Tool Add-On to Group Buying Website - Smarty PHP - Add-ons 2 existing PHPCake project Add-ons for domain sales database - Add-ons to current work Add-ons to existing PHPCake project - Add/ edit a SQL Procedure Add/ edit appointment booking service on my website - Add/Delete records to a txt file Add/Delete subscribers for a newsletter on a existing website and automatically update our software program - Add/Edit Content on my Home Page and Add Short Form. Add/Edit Content to Existing Drupal Website - add/edit/delete venue Add/embed video intro into Flash AS2.0 webpage + redirect when server has hard traffic - Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel - Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel - Add/Modify the wordpress website Add/Move Joomla Module Right Now - Add/Setup Inline Checkout By Amazon Shopping Cart to Website add/subtract 2 numbers (up to 100 digits) - adda logo into a wordpress title adda a blog page and a newletter plugin - addd me on skype i need help fix program Addd some features to Wordpress - Added Data - Email added feature module on the product page for opencart 1.5 - Added fullscreen to my videos embedded on webview Added function in social sharing iPhone app - ADDED INFO NJ Added Inforamtion To Ebook - added to website coding Added visit me on facebook to my zen cart web site. - Adderall use amoungst college students Adderbee Productions Radio Station Concept - Addicting game Addicting Game for iPhone - Addiction Recovery Search and Find -- 2 Addiction Recovery Site - Addictive Mobile Game App ^^[iphone5c or Note 3 to be won]^^ Addictive Science Logo - addin form send to 2 forms addin google adsense code - Adding Push notifications to an MT4 Indicator Adding SQL application (?) to a working website - Adding & Multipling Matrices Adding & updating HTML pages based on a template - adding / editing products to worpdress / google keyword planner Adding / Populating Products into Volusion - Adding 1000 products to Shopify platform adding 1000 word to my writing - Adding 2 category pages to a Wordpress site. Adding 2 extensions to Magento - Adding 2000 products from verious source to magneto Adding 2000 recipes to cooking website (in spanish) - adding 3 small clickable boxes on homepage Adding 3000 Products To Interspire Shopping Cart - Adding 50, companies, 5 products for each comapny, 2 to 5 photos for each product Adding 50,000 users to a facebook app - Adding 60 products to Magento Go -- 3 Adding 60 products to Magento Go -- 4 - Adding a .FLV to Flash action script Adding A API to egsisting website - Adding a blog and Twitter feed to our website Adding a blog functionality to our web site - adding a c# file some lines Adding a calculated product price within Magento based on Gold and Platinum Prices - Adding a component in an existing site adding a component to social network application - adding a custom field in OsCommerce(repost) Adding a custom menu over a image by creating a side bar - Adding a discussion forum to the easysearchdirectory Adding a drop down menu to my site - Adding a feature to existing HTML website Adding a feature to existing iOS app - Adding A Flip Book and Download PDF to Wordpress Site Adding a folder to a new facebook application - Adding a function to exciting CLICK PLC program - repost Adding a function to my admin panel to upload a photo into my front page. Image is already there. - Adding a javascript code to the AJAX-based infinite scroll pagination? - open to bidding Adding a Javascript news function to a existing HTML Templat - Adding a log record to Joomla Component Jtracking Adding a login to my web site - Adding A New Custom Post Type in Wordpres Site. Adding a new email address and automated email change - Adding a new text field to Woocommerce. Adding a new update form to our existing webpage-3 - Adding a Payment Gateway into Office Auto Pilot Platform Adding a payment gateway to website - adding a popup to an Xcode project Adding a popup when an Item is selected on our Launch27 booking form - Adding a resource to Webservice in Prestashop Adding a Rule to Outlook Express - adding a shipping option to my website Adding a shopping cart - Adding a slider to my home page Adding a slogan to an existing logo - Adding a tagging system in my script Adding a team league table on wordpress page - Adding a user to Sharepoint Team Site using .net 1.1 Adding a username/password recovery option to our form - Adding account in adwords editor - won't accept my account Adding active and non active window distinction to tracking of viewings of flash applet - Adding additional features to current software Adding Additional Features To Estimating Takeoff Program - Adding additional pages to an existing wordpress website adding additional products - Adding AdMob and Chartboost in HTML5 Android App Adding AdMob and Chartboost in HTML5 Android App - Adding Adult Personal Profiles Adding Adult Personal Profiles (1006420) - Adding AJAX Image Rotator to site (MooTools) Adding Ajax Search Box To OSC Site - Adding an advertising banner to a css website Adding an affiliation system to my site - Adding an Events Page Adding an extra 5th row to the iphone keyboard - ADDING AN ONLINE VIDEO COURSE AND SHOP TO CURRENT WEBSITE. adding an option to allow free use of a listing software - Adding and editing Drupal Modules to webpage Adding and fixing php codes - Adding API to movie ticket site Adding API to my current website - adding apointment calender to woocomerce website word press
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