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Add Tag Cloud To VbulletinBoard - immediately! - Add Take Profit CloseAll Add talent profile functionality to - add taxonomies to wordpress posts Add taxonomy and enable in search - Add telephone numbers to Fleet directory Add Telerik Bar Chart & Gauge to this app - add template to oscommerce / creloaded Add template to osCommerce site - Add TestFlight SDK to our Build & Upload to TestFlight for Testing Add Testimonial and Before & Afters Pictures Integreation... Also a Tell-Friend Script and Some Small Other Things - Add Text and Graphics to Photos Add text and hyperlinks to views in iPad/iPhone app - add text and photos to flash website(repost) Add Text and Polish Video - Add text content to construction Website Add text content to Flash Intro(repost) - Add text on images - HTML/PHP/CSS Add text on logo - 5 minutes work - Add text to 40 PowerPoint pages Add text to 5 images - Add text to a video sales video(After Effects) - Repost Add text to a Wordpress Template 6 pages - Add text to flash coupon Add text to flash menu - Add text to imaged Add text to images - Add text to my logo Add text to my pictures! - Add text to soccer shirt Add Text to Some Images - add text to wordpress site add text version 2 - Add texts attributes to a Twenty Fifteen modified template and have the attributes available in the WYSIWYG editor Add texts on the paypal button in the mobile checkout website - Add textures to model Add textures to two 3D models and import into After Effects using Element 3D (with textures!) - Add the ability to import contour data in gCADPlus add the ability to pay via credit card on my website - Add the drop down boxes to my website Add the Dynamic Form Generator to My Custom Php Submission System - Add the function "search" to a website Add the function to re-size the image in my script after upload... - Add the new features & CMS and correct the website. Add the new features and correct the website - Add the same image to 1010 products add the same popup menu characteristic from my template to a new template - Add the Zoom function to a WP Image Editor plugin and some tricks around it Add theme and Content to a website - add thickness to bottle model and cut in half Add thin top pane to wordpress-site - Add this code to my wordpress site add this comments system - Add thousands of gift certificate codes to WooCommerce (WordPress) Add thousands of gift certificate codes to WooCommerce / WordPress - Add three new tables to existing website Add three people into a group photo - Add thumbnail tooltips to revolution slider plugin in wordpress Add thumbnails in a single image slider.. Please see picture - Add time function to joomla module Add time settings to a MQ4 expert advisor - Add Timesheet/Employee Project Component to Joomla Add timestamp to posts in content slider (SmoothSlider) Wordpress - Add Title Animation: Video 3 Add Title attribute for categories - Oscommerce - Add to a Android and iOS App add to a design - add to a Word Press Site the second language Add to a wordpress website - Add to and Debug some Code add to and/or recreate flash banners - Add to calendar function Add to calendar function -- 2 - Add to cart and Add to Wish list not working Add to Cart and Checkout Automation for Shopify written in C++ - Add to cart Bot for Add to Cart Bot for online stores - Add to Cart Button Underneath Products on Shop Page Add to cart button woocommerce - add to cart function add to cart getting a 404 magento - Add to cart robot Add to Cart service bot nikebot - add to click banner aff script add to collage - Add to existing contact form the functionality so it will send the collected data to our Email Add to existing EA - Add to exsisting Bespoken HTML as shown Add to exsisting Joomla site - Add to html template Add to HTML/Javascript Project - Add to magento product - Small Project Add to Magento site: Invite Friends from Address book - Add to my site Add to my site 20k facebook likes - Add to OpenBravo Pos a new Module Home delibery or Order to go?(repost) Add to our identity, Presentation Folders & T's - Add to Quote Module for prestashop ADD TO QUOTE THEME INTEGRATION IN MAGENTO - Add to The Hulk Sticker Add to the petition section of my site - Add to wish list, Add to Compare and Email to a Friend buttons in woocommerce site Add to WordPress plugin that does registration and creates a directory - Add Tool to Upload from Excel File - Add Tool to Generate PDF or Excel Invoice add toolbar to existing html5/javascripte page, test on iPad - add total weight and change box size if needed in magento. add total weight and change box size if needed in magento.. - Add Tracking Code to Websites Add tracking codes to magento - Add trading time settings to 2 EAs as it was done for a previous EA Add traffic and user registrations to site - Add translated text Add translation - Add Travel to company calendar Add travello theme to dropinn - Add turn by turn driving instruction in my existing Application Add turn by turn driving instruction in my existing Application - Add TWIP Translation English to Korean Add twitter accounts to company names - Add Twitter feed to Wordpress Site Add Twitter Follower - Add twitter followers to an spanish account Add Twitter Followers To My Account - Add two additional content pages with graph using data from SimPro api Add two adverts 2 our website - Add two different table in one common table based on conditions (Matlab). Add two divs to website and help align content - Add two fields in HTML of a Custom Post type in Wordpress add two fields to already 75% developed function using django reversion - Add Two Large Blog Posts To Wordpress Site From Word Doc And PDF Add two links to established website - Add two payment methods to my Magento website Add two PDF Flipbooks (I have flipbooks links and plug ins to WP, one password protected, the other not - Add two small features to the existing ruby on rails web application Add two social media icons to top of Shopify store - Add Two-Factor-Authentication to any web site you can Add txt and picture to backlinks - Add UI functionality to a single page of the mxfactorial Github project -- 2 Add UI JQUERY - Add Unified Inbox to Rainloop webmail client Add unified Inbox to Rainloop Webmail client - Add Universal Analytics and track sub domains on Drupal add unlimited sub template to jsveiws - add update products Add update to Connect2 HTML5 game. - Add Upload feature to wordpress add upload feature to wordpress - Add upload to component
Add upload video feature - Add UPS Shipping API Kit into Woo Commerce Wordpress Add UPS Shipping Calculator to custom perl shopping cart - add url submit site get links add url submit site(repost)(repost)(repost)(repost) - Add USB HCI communication to existing QT app Add USB HCI communication to existing QT app -- 2 - Add User data and Comment function to a custom post type plugin Add User Event Calendar - Add user login/authentication to existing MEAN Stack app Add User Management features to ASP.NET Portal - Add User Role limitation for plugin Add user role to CI script - Add Users AVantfax Hylafax Add users on multiple databases when someone registers on main site - Add validation field for a payment field Add Validation for html form - Add value to Wikipedia Add values on radio selection - add various functionalities to website Add various functions in existing C# project via Teamviewer. - Add vendor avatar to Product preview (multi vendor marketplace)w Add Vendor features - Add very simple pages to my website Add very simple user level login to existing WEBSITE and include basic database - Add Video Call Functions to a VoIP application Add Video Call Functions to VoIP Application - Add video clip to e-newsletter?? Add Video clip to slide show - fix image sequence scroll - Add Video Feeds to PHP site -- **Adult Gay Content Add video file to website - add video module onto magento cart Add video on home page - Add Video Provider To Jomsocial Add Video Provider to JomSocial - Add Video Tab To Drupal Product Listings Add video tab to Magento product page. (Image Included) - add video to html Add video to iTune - Add video to OpenCart homepage Slider Add video to our homepage - add video to website Add Video To website and u tube - Add video-banner to a website front-page Add video/audio to WMP - Add Videos & Photos Section to Classifieds Website Add videos 40 ebooks 70 to my website in 30 days - add vidoes to my people rating site Add VidStab to FFMpeg linux - add virtual character to my site Add virtual columns to SQL query - Add Visitor Registration to web site ADD VISTA COMPATIBILLITY TO SIMPLE BACKUP APP VB.NET + New Features - Add Voice commands for Android app Add voice mail feature for DID numbers in our asterisk server - Add voicemail in FreePBX Add Voiceover to a video script - Add VOYANT support for API Add VPN IPSec endpoint VM (Vyatta) to ESXi host - Add wallpapers to my wallpaper site - ongoing work Add watch companion app to existing checklist app-urgent - add watermark on video Add Watermark on Videos using Ffmpeg - Add watermark to video convert PHP vibe Add Watermarking (with PNG 24) Ability to Current Script - Add WEB API to windows service and fix some issues in service Add WEB API to windows service and fix some issues in service - ongoing work - Add web reporting to PowerBuilder application Add web RTC video chat to website - Add Webpage and Function Add webpage and MYSQL database - Add Website content and/or build an admin portal add website content, logo, pages, text and update as needed and make live - Add Website Screenshots to PSD Mockup Add Website Search Capability - Add websites to Excel spreadsheet list of companies Add websites to existing software and upgrade cron jon functions - Add wheels to shop Add WHISPER feature to VicidialServer - Add who's on line search at site add wholesale page to site - Add Widget To Phpbb3 site Add widget to tube site! - Add Wiki functions to Geo Places Add wiki page + reference - Add Wire Transfer Payment Option to Zen Card Add Wireless Accessories to E-Commerce Site - add woocommerce and paypal integration to wordpress site Add WooCommerce and PDF Product Vouchers to an existing Wordpress site with Payfast as payment gateway - Add WooCommerce section on site. Specs and designs provided. Add Woocommerce shopping cart to widget area with auto update quantity. - Add word press blog to adult site Add Word Press BLogs - Add Wordpress blog to existing Ecommerce website Add Wordpress Blog to existing site - Add WordPress Content to ZenCart site Add Wordpress Countdown clock for event time/day - Add Wordpress page using Sqoot add wordpress page/feature - Add wordpress to existing HTML based website Add Wordpress to html site for blog - Add words to pick list (multi-select) to accounts from several excel spreadsheets Add words to pick list (multi-select) to accounts from several excel spreadsheets -- 2 - Add Worldpay support to existing PHP website Add WOW factor to my website - Add wowza logo Add Wp Blog - add write and read functions Add writing to an existing eBook on music education - Add wysiwyg editor with liveview to page Add WYSIWYG in Products Opencart - Add Xml data of various sites into control panel settings (repost) Add Xml data of various sites into control panel settings (repost)(repost) - Add XML Sorting to existing javascript xml parser. add xml support for vtiger open source CRM - Add yellow freight lookup to virtumart cart(repost) Add Yelp like userprofile to my site - Add your twitter following to thunderclap campaign Add your Web site or Reusme - Add Youtube video popup / overlay to existing Silverstrip Application Add YouTube Video to Homepage of PHP CMS Website - Add Zen Cart Pro Template Jan 12 2013 21:47:26 Add Zencart Attributes - Add ZONES within same file. Add Zong mobile payments to site - Add ~400 products to VirtueMart Add ~600 products to database (for user: favi27) - add,delete,modify PHP script builder- online or standalone Add,Edit and Delete to a database using PHP - add-in for MS-EXCEL with VBA ADD-IN for Office 2007 and IE 7.0 for Windows VISTA using .NET - Add-on ASP Ecommerce Modules Add-on Block for Concrete5 CMS - Add-On Feature using Codeigniter in already built system - Ongoing Add-On features - add-on for IE and FF Add-on for Joomla - Add-on Internal Student Attendance Management System Add-on Magento extension - ADD-ON Project ADD-ON Project - Add-on To Existing Website - Monthly Instagram Package Add-on to Google Keyword Tool - Add-ons 2 existing PHPCake project Add-ons for domain sales database - Add-ons for my property site