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Add turn by turn driving instruction in my existing Application - Add TWIP Translation English to Korean Add twitter accounts to company names - Add Twitter Follower Add Twitter Follower - Add twitter followers, replies, favorites and retweets Add Twitter Login button to iOS app - Add two adverts 2 our website Add two amazon affiliate widgets to my site - Add two domains to apache and make them work add two drop down boxes to zencart form - Add two fields to existing application Add two fields to input texts - Add two Matrices of any size Add two menu's - drop down and vertically up. Separate header to own file. - Add two popups to chrome extension Add two products to existing PHP order form - Add two tabs to current site Add two text fields and six droplists to contacts screen/s within Outlook 2003 - Add U.S. State and Country Flag Counter to website Add UART console interface to existing SYS/BIOS project - Add UILabel To ScrollView Programmatically Add UISearchBar with filter functions to my app for iphone, - Add unique font to unbounce landing page Add unique identifer to file - Add up points in php script ( quiz website ) minor php fix Add up store sales at website - Add upload and download of files to our website (PHP) Add upload and secure Dowload to a script - Add upload function via 2.0 to existing website. Add upload functionality to cfx_file - add uploading input in the product pages add uploading input in the product pages - Add URL - Site Submission Add URL link to SWF files - Add urlĀ“s to excelspreadsheet for 16.500 companies add urls into website below - Add user and password login screen to my app Add user and password login screen to my app - repost - Add user log to my ios and android apps Add User Login and Paypal Integration to Ringtone APP - Add User referral with Binary MLM Feature In My Running Website add user Registration - Add username and password wall add username of person who goes on cam spot - add UTF-8/unicode support to htmldoc add UTF-8/unicode support to htmldoc (818430) - Add validation to php forms Add validation to search box - Add variation and shipping Add Variation Plugin - Add vector design files to PSD mock ups Add Vector Icons To Custom TTF - Add verification to contact form to make sure that email address and phone number are filled out Add verified button for users manually. - Add Video and Chat Functionality to Existing Peerjs Module Add video and flash thumbnail preview - Add Video Chat Quickblox Into App add video chat software plus - Add Video Effects to Artwork for website Add Video Effects to Artwork for website -- 2 - add video header to opencart that will also play on mobile devices Add video header to opencart that will also play on mobile devices like - Add Video Player to Drupal Add video player to Flash website - Add video streaming add video streaming capability to video player - Add video to a website Add video to and give our simple Web Site a "Face-lift" - Add video to my website Add video to my website (Blogspot) - Add Video to Skadate Website Add video to slider in magento store - Add Video w/voice over Add video, image, text or audio to documents - Add VideoPlayer fix to iPhone app(repost) Add VideoPlayer fix to iPhone app(repost)(repost) - Add Videos to Website Add Videos to Wordpress Pages - Add VIP Member area in wordpress Add VIP Pricing Module - Add Visitor Comment Function to Existing Website add visitor counter to my page - Add Voice call features in android app add voice chat to ajax chat using red 5 - add voice to the video Add Voice-over to Video - Add Voucher/Coupon Redemption website Feature Add VOYANT support for API - Add wallpapers to my wallpaper site Add wallpapers to my wallpaper site - ongoing work - add watermark on video Add Watermark on Videos using Ffmpeg - Add Watermarking (with PNG 24) Ability to Current Script add watermarking feature in directshow streaming application - Add Web Calendar to php Page Add web client integration with API on public Github project - add web services on SAP Add Web Site To Directorys & Search Engines For UK Florist - Add webpages -- 2 Add webpages to BigCommerce - Edit Menu - add website content, possible design update, add logo, pages, text and update as needed and make live - repost Add website cookies - add website template to hosting domain Add website terms of condition - Add websites to our directory Add websites to SEO Reports - Add white background for Product Images Add white background for Product Images - Add widget areas to an existing Wordpress site Add widget areas to existing wordpress theme - Add widgets and content to wordpress theme Add widgets from another design into my current one. - Add wildcard SSL to server Add WIM file to win7 boot menu - Add WISWYG PDF editor to my site add wizard form for yii app - Add woocommerce featured slider to website Add WooCommerce functionality - Add WooCommerce to existing WordPress theme Add Woocommerce to existing Wordpress Theme - Add WordPress action hook/custom fields Add wordpress and a wordpress template - Add wordpress blog to our site add wordpress blog to startlogic site - Add Wordpress headlines to another site add wordpress in skills - add wordpress shortcode in template php Add wordpress sidebars - Add Wordpress-'Post' to PHP pages Add Wordpress/jQuery Gallery Plugin to Existing Site - add working submit buton Add WorkPress to website - Add Wow slider to my volusion website - repost 2 Add Wow slider to volusion website - Add WP to my site Add Wp-ecommerce plugin - Add WYSIWYG editor into ASP website. Add WYSIWYG Editor template - Add XML / SOAP Decoding to Existing HTTP Decode Program Add XML code - Add XML integration to my website Add XML integration to my website - Add yahoo maps Hyperlink for Pop-Up Map
Add Yahoo or Google News RSS feed to an ASP page. - Add your links system Add your name or logo on this real helicopter taking off for $15 usd.. - Add Youtube to mp3 feature Add youtube video download option to windows phone app - add Zen cart & integrate into my website Add Zen Cart Multi Site Module 3 sites - Add Zombie effect to faces in video Add zona ,photo draging customize..and add zona in me website - Add ~10 unique articles to medical website Add ~400 products to VirtueMart - add, sub, multiplay two numbers each one is 512bit Add, update & delete JSON feed - add-in for MS Outlook add-in for MS-EXCEL with VBA - Add-On as discussed Form/PDF Project Add-on ASP Ecommerce Modules - Add-on feature to website Add-On Feature using Codeigniter in already built system - Ongoing - add-on for IE and FF Add-on for Joomla - Add-on Magento extension Add-on Module for OSCommerce 2.3.1 - Add-on project add-on Project - Add-On To Group Coupon Website Add-on to microsoft Word - comments toolbar, C# - Add-ons for domain sales database(repost) Add-ons for domain sales database(repost)(repost) - Add-ons to PTC script Add-ons to the web project - Add/change and quality check data in Magento e-commerce site for products Add/change css and javascript - Add/Delete/update mysql data php Add/Design a few things to a Wordpress site - Add/Edit forms and api for CRUD items in our admin panel add/edit images - button not working on products - Add/Fix bug in iPhone application add/fix functionalities on web page - Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel - Add/Job Poster needed Add/Message Friends for MySpace - Add/Remove Billing Codes to Nested Form w/Search on Client and Code ADD/REMOVE Captcha on post of links - Add/transfer data from website to new template Add/Tweak a couple areas of my wordpress site. Pics Included. - Addabathroom e-commerce site ADDAD animation film - addderall articles redirect script - Added Features Added Features - Added functionality for website and javsascript error solve Added functionality PHP site - added payment Added PHP Page with CMS and Reg - Addemup C Programming addemup program - addfly en foro smf Addicted Apparel Website - Addiction Ebook Writer Addiction Monitoring App - Addictive Flash Game (or shockwave) Addictive Game - addin for MS Outlook addin for MS Outlook(repost) - adding my outline Adding People to Facebook Group - Adding & Removing [Wordpress Pro's] Adding & Removing [Wordpress] - Adding / editing already written autoresponder messages in to aWeber adding / editing products to worpdress / google keyword planner - adding 1000 word to my writing Adding 10k real,genuine & active INDIAN fans to facebook page. - Adding 2 features to our IOS application Adding 2 fields (Delivery date & time) to order - Adding 2000 products from verious source to magneto adding 2000 products to ecommerce site need - Adding 3 regions and links to Script adding 3 small clickable boxes on homepage - Adding 50, companies, 5 products for each comapny, 2 to 5 photos for each product Adding 50,000 users to a facebook app - adding 600 pictures to a wikimedia website adding 66 products to prestashop. - Adding a application page to a wordpress template Adding a Autoplay Timer to a JQuery Content Slider - Adding a blog to a live website Adding a Blog to an HTML5 based website - Adding a CAPTCHA Code Adding a captcha security to a google form - Adding a context help to a guestbook script adding a conversion pixels to my magento store - Adding a Database into VB6 Adding a Datafeed to Google Product Search - adding a fdynamic lash photogallery Adding A Feature - Adding a few things to a WordPress based website adding a few things to my website - adding a forum to my site Adding a forum to our website - ADDING A GREY BORDER TO OUR IMAGES - repost 2 ADDING A HEADER TO A PHP WEBSITE - Adding a Link to Existing Website Adding a link to Magento navigation bar - Adding a menu to an ASP website adding a message box to mobile website - Adding a new payment gateway for CS Cart Adding a new payment gateway for CS Cart - Repost - adding a page to existing website Adding a page to my shopify website - Adding a picture link Adding a pinterest style feed - Adding a rectangle on DXF drawing Adding a rectangle on DXF drawing & delete all lines outside - Adding a section to a joomla based page. Adding a section to my website: php/ajax/mysql - adding a skin to a VB6 form Adding a slide show to an existing site. - Adding a style number to photos adding a sub menu on a wix site - Adding a user management for admin Adding a User Registration and Front-end video upload feature to a Wordpress Theme - Adding account in adwords editor - won't accept my account Adding active and non active window distinction to tracking of viewings of flash applet - Adding additional features to our website Adding Additional Field at Search (osclass) - Adding additional storage Adding Additional User section. - Adding Admob to .apk file Adding ads on a fbml facebook application - adding adverts to website (Adsense and Google DFP) Adding Adwords tracking code to contact page on website - Adding Alertpay Payment Gateway Adding alerts to Wolfe Waves indicator - Adding an avatar to my blog posts (Wordpress) Adding an E-Mail Field - Adding an image and active clocks to a Wordpress template Adding an image to prestashop product images - Adding and altering a php online internet game. Adding and altering a php online internet game.(repost) - Adding Android Market to Galaxy Tab & arabic language Adding animation to a Adobe Director proyect - Adding api to my website