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Add site to DMOZ - Add Sitemap/directory pages - Extract data from an api Add Sites ( Easy&Interesting Job) - add size to oscommerce sites Add Sizes $ Colors To Spreadsheet for Monstercommerce Shopping Cart - Add skip silence feature on app -- 2 Add Skrill & Payza to site - Add Slide menu to my site! Add slide out menu items to flash menu - add slider to a site Add slider to Apparel Website - Add Slideshow Feature Add Slideshow Feature to a Wordpress Website - Add slogan to logo Add slogan to logo - Add small feature to Camchat script . Add small feature to Existing magento extension - Add small functionality to Drupal Add Small Functionality to Java Script Form - Add Smarty Pages & fields to Mysql Db Add Smarty to my exisiting php website - Add SMS Module to Website Add sms plugin and a dropdown or search box to existing deals and coupon theme - Add SMTP Mail Functionality and Fix Responsive Issues Add smtp server in my vps, to send the php forms from my site to my email .. - Add Social Buttons to Volusion Website Add social buttons to website - Add Social Login and Signup Feature to Existing Application Add social login functionality to php site - Add social media buttons into heading and adjust size of heading Add Social Media buttons on my WP Website - Add Social Media icons to 2 Tumblr blogs and find new Tumblr followers Add social media icons to a specific area of my Wix website. Can only spend $10. - Add social media links to websites Add Social Media Login and Signup Process - add social network Add Social Network Engine to Wordpress Blog - Add Social Newsfeed to Website, add navigation bar to website and FAQ page Add Social plugins on front page + make template responsive. - Add Soft Descriptor field in credit card transactions Add soft faded edges to photo - Add some additional functionality to an existing website Add some additional modules - Add some banners to existing websites Add some basic code to a bootstrap website - Add some character to image Add some charts to a bootstrap based dashboard - Add some code to my website Add some code to Nike bot - Add some content of picture to picture using photoshop(realistic photo) Add some content to a existing prestashop page - Add some coupon codes as custom posts to wordpress add some creative design to a list of products - Add some Data Structure / Algorithms question to my website. Add Some Data To Tables Quick PHP Work - Add some element to a HTML Template Add some enhancement to existing .Net html 5 web site and provide maintenance support - Add some feature in my website add some feature in system - Add some features and correct some others to avaysys site Add some features and fix website - Add some features into existing RubyOnRails project Add some features on a exsisting app - Add some features to a mobile app Add some features to a ms access database - Add some features to an eCommerce in PHP Add some features to an existent website - 10/08/2016 17:54 EDT - Add some features to event calendar purchase prices Add some features to existing app. - Add Some features to my Ekattor script Add some features to my iPhone App - Add some features to my YouTube API videos site Add some features to my Zoho Creator project - Add some features to the Resumes section of a job board Add some features to the website Ruby On Rails - Add Some Fields to Wordpress Woocommerce Add Some Fields to Wordpress Woocommerce Checkout Cart - Add some function in Wordpress blog Add some function on my website - Add some functionalities to shopify online store Add some functionality in custom uploader - Add some functionality to appasoft/laravel-5-boilerplate Add some functionality to existing railsproject - Add some functions in a Html/Javascript Formular Add some functions in existing PHP script - Add some functions to wordpress Add some functions to wordpress plugin - add some icons in front end Add some icons of flags on a website for multi-language support - add some items to joomla shop Add some items to portfolio of my website and minor modifications - Add some libpcap information to nginx as nginx variables add some line of code to Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm - Add some modification to my website Add some modification to php convert file - Add some narration to my website commercial and J2K File Conversion Add some new details to a couple of characters - add some nice looking menus with icons and improve layout of site. Add some nice touches to website - add some pages to my website Add some pages to my website. - Add some php functions add some php to a pre-existant website to alter the paypal payment system - Add some products to Fancy Product Designer (WooCommerce) Add some products to Fancy Product Designer (WooCommerce) - Add some Shows to a website Add some side bars for ads in wordpress blog - add some static block and google checkout in Magento cms Add some static text to top main body in Chamilo LMS course section. - add some text in flash movie add some text in flash- must be flash 8 - Add some transitions to a Xamarin Forms App Add some treatment to PrestaShop signup process - Add some Wordpress content with Advanced Custom Fields Add some Wordpress pages and existent content to my site (EASY TASK) - add something special to an existing web design layout add something to a logo - Add sone functionality in an existing Online Exam system php script add song history - Add sorting ability for my opencart Add Sorting accoring to price to existing Expedia API Integration - Add Sound Effects to a video Add Sound Effects To Video - Add sound to video Add sound track background to mp3 voice files - Add Spanish language to OS Commerce Add spanish language version to my website, not necessary to speak Spanish - Add Special Shipping Costs to Magento Store Add specialchars and captcha to emailscript - Add spellcheck to a comment box Add spellcheck to comment box - add splashscreen java code Add splashscreen to android - add ssh key using putty Add SSH tunneling to a python script - Add ssl certificates and Ip address to websites -- 2 Add SSL certs to my website+other website touchups - Add SSL to our website Add ssl to the kloxo server - ADD Startapp Ads Add StartApp Ads to an Android app - Add Stationary Top Bar To Drupal Website add statistics to a site - Add stock status of a product to the productpage in oscommerce shop
Add stock to a Bigcommerce website - Add Store into backend laravel and Simple shopping cart android add store locator - Add streaming video to a creloaded site Add street map to current map - Add Stripe Payment Gateway to Custom Cart Add Stripe Payment Gateway To PHP Site - add studio lighting to a subject Add Studio Made Music Files to our Existing Website - Add Sub Menu Capability to existing menu Add sub menu color in joomla 1.5 + virtuemart with css - add subcriber email marketing script on registration page Add subdomain to website - Add subpages to menu on a Wordpress Site and make video responsive Add Subroutine to Upload a Picture and store it in database - Add subscription to android app created in titanium Add Subscription to Exiting HTML Site - Add subtitles or scrolling narration to video Add subtitles to 3 video presentations - Add subtitles to video Add Subtitles to Video Using Premiere - add support for AWSV4-Signatures to software written in c/c++ Add support for BitFlow R64 framegrabber board to MatLab Image Acquisition Toolbox - Add support to S/MIME to SMTP client (C++) Add Surcharge and Tax Feature - .Net Website - Add swipe gesture and connect data from dictionary Add swipe menu from free version into pro version - Add Tab InfoWindow to Google Map mashup Add tab layout and style it in an existing Android app - Add table maintenance web page. AngularJS/JSP/Struts/MSSqlServer Add table of contents / update item numbers in a 23 page Microsoft Word document - Add tabs to Flash file add tabs and convert the tab to javascript - Add Tag Cloud To VbulletinBoard - immediately! Add Tag Cloud To VbulletinBoard - immediately!(repost) - Add Tank Tops to Shopping Cart Add Taobao Search API to Wocommerce Site - Add taxonomy filters Add Taxonomy to press-this - Add Telerik Bar chart and Gauge to app add telesign (sms) verfication to a2billing signup - Add template to site and move site Add Template To Surf Script - Add Testimonial Feature add testimonial page to my website - Add Text and Image on osCommerce site. WARNING: This posting involves adult/pornographic material. If you are offended by such material then please STOP and DO NOT CONTINUE READING Add text and image to an Indesign CS 5.5 BOOK Template (already created) - Add Text and Polish Video Add Text and Polish Video - Add text document data base for e-mail Add Text Entry Field ability to FPDF - add text on top of a .jpg for a menu board Add text on two images - Add text to a few images Add text to a flash file - Add text to an Image(repost) Add text to an InDesign file - Add text to footer homepage. Add text to GIF image - Add text to images/Photos Add Text to JPEG Images - Add Text to PDF File Add text to photo - Add text to the Header of 3 Images Add text to tutorial videos - add text-field to three php pages and mysql Add Text-Link-Ads to Oscommerce Page - add texts to joomla website Add Texts to PSD files - Add Thank you page to WordPress Landing Page and submit form input to excel Add Thank you page to WordPress Landing Page and submit form input to excel csv. - Add the analytics part to a ready made application Wifi Access Point solution add the authenticate in mp3 - Add the extra character to this font add the feature in website and improved the ecommence web - add the google map stuff Add The Icon : after words - Add the other products to the site Add the Papyrus texture to the different corners (5) - add the sidebar to my website add the sidebar to my website -- 2 - Add theme and login into blog and message board Add Theme Plugin to my Script - 8/27/2010 - add things from my old site to my new site classified add things on about us page - Add this icon codes as requested ADD THIS implementation - Add Thread Support in Two Locations of Existing Application Add Thread Support to Existent Application - add three tabs to an existing web app Add three words to a picture. - Add thumbshots and Google Adwords add thumshots code to cplinks - Add time stamp to C++ application Add time zones option - add timezone support to reminder app Add timings to a transcription - add title page to show rel Add title to 15 sec video add. - Add to a label arabic text Add to a list of builders in NSW Australia with websites - add to already made website Add to Amazon Associates Project - Add To Basket Woo Commerce Option add to bokkmark link - Add to cart Add to cart - Add to Cart Bot for 6 sites [Google Chrome Extension] READ Details Add to Cart bot for a website - Add to cart button and photo scroll fixes add to cart button and quantity on collection page - Add to cart dialog box - open to bidding Add To Cart Feature - Add to cart not working Add to cart not working in Magento. - Add to cart then choose other product in magento Add To Cart using HttpWebRequest - Add to custom theater calendar Add to database and php/frame script work - ADD TO EXISTING PHP FORM SCHEDULE IN ORDER TO RUN PHP SCRIPTS IN SERVER Add to existing program - Add to Favourites feature, PHP, Cookie Add to favourites funtion on my magento site - Add to listbox Add to literature review - 1500 words - Construction topic - Perfect English Only - max 30 usd - Add to my iphone application add to my iphone/ipad app finger flair fix some bugs - add to my website a entry log which allows my clients the option to log in using an generated user ID allowing clients to record their training data. ie; runs, food and general ie; weight, body fat. The data stored will be analysed using graphs. Add to my website! - add to php script. Add to php web site - Add to Shortlist Script Add to sign up field integration with Aweber, Icontact etc - add to website add to website - Add toggle switch to Silverlight app add Tolerancing in Solidworks files - Add Topsite Code to my websites ! add torrent tracker to phpfox - Add tracking code Add Tracking Code - Google Analytic and General SEO - Add tracking/google analytics code to every website page php Add Tracks to iTunes from Java - Add traffic and user registrations to site