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Add New Features for the website - Add new features to a joomla module Add new features to a real estate website - Add new features to an Online Store (Django-Oscar) add new features to android app - Add new features to existing Android APP Add New features to existing AntiCheat for Gaming League - Add new features to existing website Add new features to existing wordpress template - Add new features to Musicbox version 2.3.4(repost)(repost) Add new features to Musicbox version 2.3.4(repost)(repost)(repost) - Add new features to Spanish Rental Site add new features to startftp - Add new features to Windows Phone 8 app (C#) Add new features to Yii framework web application - Add new field to Hot or Not script Add new field to Json export data - Add new filters to my MT4 EA Add new finishes to a product photo - Add new function add new function - Add new functionalities to an iOS app Add new functionalities to ASP Intranet system (using FrontPage Component) - Add new functionality to existing email marketing application Add New Functionality To Existing Features On a Wordpress Site - Add new functions and more security to my PTC site (bux 4)and more security Add New Functions And Update Android App - Add new Functions to my Wordpress Website Add new functions to our previous project - Add New future on php software Quickly Add New future on php software Urgent - Add new HTML pages to Existing Web Site(repost)(repost) Add new ids for the in-app ads ( Chartboost and RevMob ) to two apps - add new languange addon on a custom website Add new layout to existing template - Add new magento store and more add new matireal to my websites - ADD NEW MODULE TO EXISTING .NET Application (VB.Net) ADD NEW MODULE TO EXISTING ASP.NET Application - Add new options to an existing program Add new or improve features to job board site - Add new page to flash Add new page to joomla and re-active button. - Add New Pages on Drupal website Add new pages to an exisiting Joomla website - Add New Payment Gateway to Active Merchant Add new payment gateway to my web site - Add new Piezoelectric Material to COMSOL -- 2 Add New Player to proifle's - Add new products to ecommerce database Add New Products to ECommerce Website - add new recaptcha on php foam pages Add New Record in PHP to MySQL table with a button - Add new search page and visitor analytics page into my blog engine website Add new searching to the Joomla Website per the PSD and discussion and update css and article contents - Add new shortcode to plugin Add new single page - Add new Tab to website Add new table/fields in Easypopulate.php - Add new theme to Shopify add new theme to wordpress website - Add new User page : Convert PSD to HTML Add new user role and bidding feature to NOPCommerce - Add New Widget to Wordpress Site Add new window to existing code - on 9/27/2005 8:31:04 AM(repost) - add news filter for EA Add news filter to existing indicator - Add newsletter form to WP theme Add newsletter functionality to existing website - Add NFC support for existing Android App Add NFC to existing android app - Add node event when the user click in day or hour in a FullCalendar in a drupal site. Add Nodes to Cryptocurrency Wallets to enable syncronization - Add notification to android app Add Notifications (for Truong) - Add Obfuscation to my VPN app and some other fixes Add objects (plants) on a single picture - Add offline capability to phonegap app with SQL Lite and MySQL sync Add offline payment method to daily deals script - Add on a section of our current wordpress website Add on a Text Form in my Website, and to be saved. Review Submit form. Teamviewer Only - Add on Feature in Shopify Store Add on feature to web portal - add on for existing file transfer project Add on for existing project (templates.aspx page) - Add on hours Add on ilance script marketplace - Add on modules a website -- 2 Add on Modules for 2.2 OSCommerce - Add on shipping method Add on Shopping Cart - Add on to custom admin that was made add on to customer project - add on to logo you designed Add on to Magento Website - Add on two feature for Property Site Add on two feature for Property Site -- 2 - Add Onboard Github File to current app Add one additonal Tab at Magento checkout page - Add one feature on order import and solve a bug on a Magento Module Add one feature to already existed open source chat program on Google TV box - add one line to a php script "php mail functions' Add one list view, one item view and persist user choice in Titanium application - Add one page in magento Checkout process Add one page in My wordpress site - Add one product to woocomerce online store Add one required field to a php form - Add Online Chat Feature Add online chat function on the website - Add online quote request to our site Add online registration and payments to existing C# MVC application. - Add only Top Level Directories in FTP add ons and bug fixing on existing website - Add ons to PHP Site - RELISTED Add ons to wordpress site - add open source file to my html site Add open source filters to existing iOS app - Add Opt-In email to existing web site Add opt-in form to sales page - Add option to existing EA Add option to existing MT4 Expert Advisor - Add Options and fix tabs and url issue - open to bidding add options in admin panel for add code Google Analytics , marquee slider & flag counters - add options to shopping cart Add options to theme - Add order detail to Open Cart Project and Links on template add order details to email order confirmation email. - repost - Add osc contrib to oscmax add osc contribution - Add other social media to 'J2T Reward Social' moudle Add other social media to 'J2T Reward Social' moudle -- 2 - Add our Coupons to Coupon sites Add Our Drop Shipping product to Shopify - Add our link to 100 sites(repost) add our link to your website or blog - Add our product to Wikipedia Page and Write a Page about our Product in Wikipedia Add our PVMA Logo to business documents - Add over 300 products to Magento Add over 500 products into an online store. - Add Own Recipes (original) or get users to share recipes Add own scrollbar in the textarea of the website - add page curl html add page download video page to already completed website and fix any error - Add page to, make revisions to Add Page to c# .net Website - Add page to OC
Add page to Open Cart AP - Add page to zen cart Add Page Transitions to WordPress website - Add Pages & Graphs: PHP Add Pages & Graphs: PHP and SMARTY PHP - Add Pages and Links to web site Add pages and update content for existing Joomla based website - Add pages to a WHMCS module -- 2 Add pages to a wordpress - Add pages to existing website Add pages to existing website - Add Pages to Magento Site (CoVaLiDiTy Only) Add pages to my current website - Add pages to the website, develop social media marketing pages Add pages to Web site inc navigation change - Add pages to WP website Add Pages Website - Pay Today/Fast Job - Add pagination to file sharing database - repost Add Pagination to Isotope Javascript plugin - Add paint splat on image (tutorial included) Add paleo data to spreadsheet - Add parameter form URL to opt in form Add parameter in table adapter - Add particle candy system to Game in Basic Add particle candy system to Game in Basic(repost) - Add password protection to Python program Add password reset to simple content management system - Add Pay processors to my site Add Pay with Amazon and PayPal to PHP cart page - Add payment function to webshop Add payment gatesway to EDD - Add payment gateway and payments for existing website Add Payment Gateway and Restricted Sign Up - Add payment gateway to existing .net C# module. (repost) Add payment gateway to existing .net C# module. (repost)(repost) - Add Payment Integration into Android App. Add Payment Integration Option - Add payment pages to two websites Add Payment Portal and Form to joomla site - Add payment solutions and email options + other tweaks Add payment solutions and email options + other tweaks -- 2 - Add Paymentwall payment module to Abledating chameleonsocial script. Add Paymentwall payment module to Abledating chameleonsocial script. - Add PayPal Adaptive Payments to WPMUdev Appointments+ WordPress Plugin. Add PayPal Adaptive Payments to WPMUdev Appointments+ WordPress Plugin. -- 2 - Add Paypal as additional payment option to website. Add PayPal As Payment Method - ADD PAYPAL CARD PAYMENT PAGE TO A WEBSITE Add PayPal Cart to Flash Photo Gallery - Add PayPal Express Checkout button Add Paypal Express Checkout to ASP/SQL Ecommerce Site - Add PayPal IPN to Application(repost) Add PayPal IPN to Application(repost) (303033) - add paypal payment to simple website Add Paypal Payments Express (or similar) to Opencart e-store - Add PayPal Subscription To Joomla Site Add Paypal subscription to site - Add Paypal to OsCommerce. Add Paypal to our e-commerce - Add Paypal Website Payment Pro and Product Attributes - Option Type Feature v1.71 into Clean CRE Loaded 6.15 Add Paypal withdrawal function, multi-file upload and a simple search function for an existing website - Add PDF Export functionality to existing project Add PDF Feature - Add PDF's to a site. add pdf.js to yetishare script - Add people to a photograph add people to an existing phot - Add person to Wikipedia-org Add personal chatting feature to my existing Android app - add phone number module in desktop & mobile add phone number prestashop - Add phone numbers and emails Add phone numbers and emails - Add photo & video gallery to a website Add Photo Album Galleries to Wordpress Website - Add photo filter in existing iPhone/iPad app Add photo galery my news site - Add PHOTO SHARE AND FACEBOOK TIMELINE COVER TO SITE Add Photo sharing module to my personal website - Add photos and copy descriptions to magento products already loaded in store Add photos and text on site Wordpress - Add Photos to LightBox Add Photos to my E commerce Store - Add php and mysql script to html template Add php and mysql script to html template - Add PHP contact form to HTML page Add PHP content to HTML template (AMH) - Add php functions to existing script to perform database upd add PHP HTML template using template editor.. - Add PHP Secure Login to Page Add php session var to javascript - Add PHP/MySQL to Flash Site Add PHP/MySQL To Small Web Application - Add picklists to donation paypal php template add pics and music - add picture rotator to joomla site add picture slide display to website - Add pictures and change some titles in my website Add pictures and edit the layout of training manual - Add pictures to me existing OAuth Twitter implementation Add pictures to me existing OAuth Twitter implementation -- 2 - Add pie chart to the APS Pupil progress Add piece of code to Tumblr theme - Add pip padding to a couple of existing parameters. Add pixelate effect to existing iPhone app - Add playlist to Jplayer Add playlist to Jplayer - repost - add plugin Add plugin "User Creds kit" Unity Game and Configure - Add plugins and fix it some bugs. add plugins and funcionality into existing websites using wordpress - Add points to Wordpress Voyager theme Add points to Wordpress(Voyager theme) - Add pop up ad on website Add pop up ad on website -- 2 - Add pop-up form to button on web page Add pop-up form to website - Add popup to existing flash template Add popup to HTML site - Add Positing & Eran daily more ADD position to joomla site - Add post filter button to backend plugin post list overview (filter post on custom fields) add post for other site - Add postcode lookup using add poster - Add poster needed! Top pay for Hard Worker! add poster wanted - add posting add posting - add posting add posting - add posting data entry add posting data entry - add posting on different websites. add posting on face book - Add posting, sms sending Add Posting. New Massage Site. (Craigslist & Backpage copy) - add PPC adnetwork like adsense to my website Add prayer hands to my site - Add Prescription Glasses to Eyewear Frames Ecommerce Site Add Press Article - Add price comparison from products_opt1 field add price converter to existing wordpress website - add prices
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