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Add PayPal Express Checkout button - Add PayPal IPN to Application Add PayPal IPN to Application(repost) - Add Paypal Payment gateway in php Add Paypal payment link on website - Add PayPal shopping cart to existing site Add paypal shopping cart to (Already integrated with paypal IPN) - Add PayPal to existing ecommerce website and remove Barclays Add PayPal to IPB Forum Threads - Add PayPal to website Add Paypal to website - Add Payumoney gateway to my online store Add PayUMoney Payment Gateway on an NGO website on WordPress. - Add pdf invoice to WordPress booking site -- 2 Add pdf link and uploader to product page - Add People add people from canada, quebec to my group - Add per-logged in user notes to a table cell Add Percent Column for Drupal Views - add personalization optionto existing web template Add Personalize Button to my Products - Add Phone Number to Checkout on OsCommerce site Add Phone Number to CMS Header on Website - Add phone numbers and emails - repost Add phone numbers and emails - repost 2 - Add Photo Album Galleries to Wordpress Website Add Photo Album to Bog - Add photo filter in existing iPhone/iPad app Add photo galery my news site - Add Photo sharing module to my personal website Add photo slider to Dreamweaver website! - Add Photos and Text to Templates add photos and text to wordpress theme - Add photos to My SQL database Add photos to my website - Add PHP application and make functional Add PHP backend to existing website - Add PHP Feature to Website Add PHP Features - Add php includes to my site Add php login, photo upload utility and contact us code - Add PHP Social Networking Profile Buider to my Classifieds site Add php spell checker to WYSIWYG editor - Add PHPBB2 Mod and upgrade Add PHPBB3 Forum into Joomla - Add pics to website Add pics to Wordpress Media Library - Add Picture to products (front view and back view) Add picture to stock background - add pictures related to article title in joomla Add pictures to all my products - Add pictures to my website Add pictures to my website - Add PinIt Button to gallery images within Oshin Wordpress theme Add PinIt Button to gallery images within Oshin Wordpress theme - Add Plagiarism functionality in my custom php website Add Play + Pause button on image slider - Add Plex Channels to a database Add Plex Channels to a database (Plexopedia) - Add plugin code for wordpress website Add plugin in Wordpress at Flywheelsites - Add plugins to wordpress blog Add plugins to site - Add polish & remove distortion from 3 product images Add polish language to WebUI e3372 - add pop up to my wordpress site Add pop up to website - Add Popup (Pen UP) Keys to Custom Keyboard Add popup / notice to wordpress theme - open to bidding - Add popup to plugin Add Popup to wordpress site - Add possibility to add costs to payment method - ongoing work Add possibility to cancel backup tasks for existing android application - add post work add post work - Add Poster Needed Add poster needed - ADD POSTING Add Posting - add posting add posting - Add Posting + Referral Work Available add posting , data entry - Add posting job add posting job - Add Posting Site Add posting to recruiter contractors - Add posts in boxes under our slider and then featured videos like Add Posts on Wordpress Blogs (My Personal Blogs) - Add preloader Add Preloader on Submit Form - add preview picture to search results, multi-Select by using checkboxes instead of CTRL+ left click Add previous 12 month analysis for previous project - Add Price to Product Page in Woocommerce Add price update button - Add print & email functionality to ASP/Access DB Add Print and PDF buttons to Profiles in Community Builder in Joomla - Add print stylesheet to wordpress Website Add Print to Wifi Printer Feature for Android App - Add Private Messaging, Commenting and Social Sharing on an Android App add privileges module in administration - Add product and services pages, design and content Add Product Attribute Picture function in my product info page. - Add Product Descriptions and Images to Magento Backend Add product descriptions and tags to Shopify website. Make sure website is easily navigable. - add product image with fancybox - opencart extension revision Add product images and descriptions in to indesign catalogue template 25 pages - Add product into existing image Add Product Inventory - Add product on my shopping site - repost Add product on my shopping site - repost 2 - Add Product Rules with Price Adjustments to a BigCommerce Store Add Product Scheme to Website - Add product to eBay Add Product to eCommerce K2 Scuba Website(repost) - Add Product to my shop add product to my shopify store - add product to store Add product to Volusion - Add product with categories in Magento Add product with Virtuemart module in Joomla template - Add Products & Product Descriptions for my website Add Products & Edit Oscommerce Site - Add products and blog posts to home page of wordpress website $10 fixed budget Add products and brand to Amazon - Add products category on home page Add products category on home page -- 2 - add products from ebay to Website Add products from Excel and websites to Shopify - consistency and accuracy important - Add products im my store Add Products in a Woocommerce website - Add Products in My site Add Products in OpenCart - Add products in wordpress Add products in wordpress shop - Add products on a WordPress site, following a set of simple guidelines add products on alibaba - Add products page design to Drupal site and make responsive Add products pictures in instagram account - Add products to a magento store Add products to a magento store - Add products to a WooCommerce store Add products to a Zencart website - Add Products to Amazon and eBay Add products to Amazon Seller - Add products to an ecommerce website (3dcart) - Repost - repost Add products to an ekmpowershop online store - Add products to ebay store from web-site using template Add Products to Ebay through Volusion Admin Interface - Add products to excel - Repost
Add products to excel - Repost - open to bidding - Add Products to Interspire Shopping Cart -- Adult Sites Add products to into Magento 2 webshop - Add Products To Magento - repost Add products to Magento and add attributes - Add Products to Magento Store Add Products to Magento Store - Add products to magento website manually Add Products to Magento with Pictures - add products to my magento ecommerce and customization theme Add products to my Magento Ecommerce site. - Add Products to my site Add products to my site - Add products to my website Add products to my website - Add products to my Zen Store Add products to my Zencart Store - Add Products to Online Store Add Products to Online Store - Add Products to Online Store using Teamviewer add products to open cart 320 - Add products to opencart with descriptions Add products to order - Add products to oscommerce site Add products to Oscommerce store - Add products to our ecommerce website Add Products to our Internet Shop in Magento - Add Products To Prestashop Add products to prestashop - Add products to shopify store Add products to Shopify Store - repost - Add products to spreadsheet and save a product image Add Products to Squarespace Site - Add products to Volusion Storefront Add Products To Walmart Marketplace - Add products to website Add products to website - Add Products to WooCommerce Add Products to Woocommerce - Add products to woocommerce site. Add Products to WooCommerce Store - add products to ADD PRODUCTS TO X CART - Add Products WP Add products, categories and content to a website, one website to another. - Add profile photos to a dating site Add profile processing upload fields in wordpress - Add progress bar in aspx application Add Progress bar in aspx website - Add projects from a catalogue into a database with pictures Add projects from a catalogue into a database with pictures - ongoing work - Add properties to custom label Add properties to existing java project - Add provided slideshows inside Presentations Videos Add provided translations to website - Add ptoducts to website Add public domain name to my sharepoint site - Add push notification code (Andorid, Iphone) Urgent Add push notification code to existing MT4 indicator - add push notification to iPhone application Add Push Notification to iPhone Project - Add push notifications to app -- 2 Add Push Notifications to existing app. Android and Ios. Must do specifically whats listed below - Add qtip2 to Website Add QTPro to Crealoaded 6.3.2 PRO - Add quality social links for our official accounts and websites Add Qualpay Payment Gateway to SpreeCommerce Ruby On Rails - Add Question with Multiple (Searchable) Options to Registration Page of osDate v2.6 Add Question with Multiple (Searchable) Options to Registration Page of osDate v2.6(repost) - Add quickblox group video calling to my app with recording Add quickblox group video calling to my app with recording -- 2 - Add Radio Button to Data Capture Form - repost Add radio buttons and checklboxes to Drupal Form - Add random object in live video using unity3d Add random parameter for scroller order - For Dandy - add rar or zip function to myfile page in xfilesharing script ( 2.3 version) Add rate - Add ratings to custom Wordpress posts Add Ratings/Stars to Google search results - Add REAL I repeat REAL targetted twitter followers to my account add real life pool area to photos - Add realistic skin tone to jewelry shot on mannequin add realtime stock price to my web - Add RECAPTCHA to Global Team Club site Add Recaptcha to HTML page - Add Recipes on my website Add recipes to food website ( wordpress data entry ) - Add Recurring payment options for my Opencart Website. Add Recurring payment options for my Opencart Website. - Add Refernce on my website FTP account Add referral feature to wordpress website - Add register function on ios and android app Add register function on ios and android app - Add registration form to my membership page. Likely takes 5 mins Add registration form to Wordpress site - Add Related Link Inside Blog add related posts widget to wordpress website - Add replay button to flash FLV Add replay history module in gps tracking project - Add request feature on messenger using signalR Add Request Quote for Freight Contribution to osCommerce - Add responsibe page (winter sports) to an existing wordpress site [skyfall] Add responsive ad banner in HTML - Add responsive gallery to WP site add responsive html (ready) to site - Add responsiveness to my Micosoft Outlook 2016 signature add responsiveness to small existing webpage - responsive css media queries - ADD Restaurant online food ordering over fax. -- 2 Add restaurants into my website - Add Resume Uploader to JomSocial Add retail functions to a wholesale site. - Add Review Stars to website and rating database Add Review System and Social icons - Add Revolution Slider to my Homepage Add revolution slider to website - Add right column into a Joomla template Add Rightmove API to our property upload on website - Add Roslyn/C# toolchain to srclib -- 2 Add rotate image to VB6 code - Add round roundcube plugin to plesk server add rounded corners and shadow to table -- quick job - Add Rss Feed On My Website Add RSS feed option to my facebook auto post script - add rss feed to Add RSS Feed to Website - Add rss news feed to joomla site Add RSS news feed to local community website - Add Rubles to osCommerce Site Add rules to existing EA - Add Sales items to and existing Website built with Magento GO add sales report , invoice to my codeigniter web app - add save favorites to php website Add Save Function + Fix One Bug on CakePHP - Add Scheduling Functionality to Wordpress Plugin add scheduling system - add screens to android app - ASAP! Add screenshot capability to EA - add script and check security 2 add script and check security 3 - Add Script to completed website Add Script to Existing C# Program - Add Scripts add scripts and minor changes to website - Add scrollable content Add Scrollbar to Wordpress - Add Search & shopping cart to ASP site Add Search / Advance Search and Filtering Data in PHP CI and MVC FrameWork - Add search and favourite functionality to an existing android code