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add image resizing with dragging to lazpaint - Add image to my WP website. Add image to PDF file - Add Image to Wordpress site Add image to WordPress website - Add images and categorie to 3460 products in Prestashop Add images and Color Text on Wordpress site - Add images in android app - 50usd strict budget Add images in carrousel - Add Images to a site with MINOR HTML tweaks and install Lightbox -HDA Add images to a template - Add images to carousel slider on website homepage Add images to Computer product price list - Add Images To Photoshop File Add images to photoshop mockups - Add images to website and fix - Repost Add images to website and fix - Repost - open to bidding - Add importing image capabilities to Text box Add improvements to an existing website - add in ability to turn off or on column in admin area for events add in ads to my mobile game - Add in Banner Management & Field Types add in bitcoin payment option - Add in functionality to existing web form w/php & mysql Add in geolocation to my Shopify store - add in the CMS an "upload image" option to be displayed in the website Add in theme or make a plugin for Transfer - Add In-App purchase to a existing Android Webapp Add In-App purchase to a iPAD PDF Reader - Add In-App Purchasing Option in Mobile Game - Android Application Development Add in-app purchasing to my existing game and make it scalable to any iPhone screen size. - add includes file to website Add Index Follow Tag for Wordpress Page on Magento website - Add Indicator to existing EA Add Indicator to Existing Indicator Alert - Add Infinite Scroll to WordPress Theme Add Infinite Scroll to Wordpress theme - Add info to my website Add info to our forum - easy content creation - add information to a magento invoice add information to a mysql database without leaving the page - Add input images on a form Add input text option for Shopp plugin - Add Instagram Feed and Scroller add instagram feed to magento website - add integration of bitcoin payment process to my website - open to bidding Add Intellisense to AvalonEdit - Add interesting content to my new Massage Blog Add interesting content to my new Massage Blog - Repost - Add International Shipping to WooCommerce Shop Add internationalization to a laravel site - add intro music to audio add intro screens and facebook twitter login to ios app - Part 1 - Add Invite Friends to my Facebook app Add Invite Function To Already Existing App - Add iOS 6 and iPhone 5 support to existing app Q Add iOS and Android tablet touch functionality to an existing HTML5 web application - Add IP to dedicated server in OVH Add IP to dedicated server in OVH -- 2 - Add Iphone version of existing app Add iPhone-like scrolling to flash applet. - Add Isotope plugin on custom made Wordpress theme with NextGen Gallery Add Isotope plugin on custom made Wordpress theme with NextGen Gallery - repost - Add items into our webshop Template is available Add Items On Amazon - Add items to favourite add items to ios app - Add items to shopping cart driven website Add items to shopping cart website - Add Japanese to Site, Make design changes, and add new display page for bags. Add Japanese translations of place names to Excel file. - add javascript and css Add Javascript and CSS to page - add javascript functionality to webview apk add javascript help function - add javascript to joomla html5 slider Add Javascript to make pages work - Add Jewelry To Photos Add jfreechart graphs to data from csv, Json and xml - Add Jomsocial Groups Custom fields Add Jomsocial Groups Custom fields - repost - add joomla site login to chat Add Joomla template 2 joomla - Add JQuery and CSS to an existing SPRING MVC 3.x project. Add Jquery and submit button to website - Add jquery javascript to my weebly website Add Jquery Layout and Forms to a Zend Framework Website - Add Jquery slider and datatable support to page Add JQuery Slider control in PHP - Add JQuery UI to calendar (with $$$ bonus) Add Jquery validation to Wordpress Form - Add JS to LP to create browser popup Add JscrollPane API to my Android game - Add jwplayer to my website and replace to adobe flash player Add jwplayer to my website and replace to adobe flash player -- 2 - Add Keywords to Articles (onsite SEO) Add Keywords to Articles (onsite SEO) -- 2 - Add Kwicks Slider with video enabled to wordpress theme Add Label Chooser for Unprinted Items - add langauges to wp site, need to get it doen today add langguge version to website - Add language to existing site - WPML 5 pages add language to existing wordpress site - WPML ready - ADD LAPTOP SCREEN DATA TO A WORDPRESS WEBSITE Add Laravel "Authorization" to existing API routes and create login/register functions in AngularJS. - Add Launchrock widget to Wordpress page & style add law school to my directory - Add LDAP functions to existing class add ldap info to csv export - Add left navigation image/link Add left navigation links - Add license key system Add license management, WPM and Worldpay Payment processing - Add lightbox autopopup to homepage Add Lightbox Effect to 2 Pages - Add Lightbox to Wordpress Menu add lightbox2 to my website - Add likes in a FB page Add Likes in FB - add line-through on was price in dropdown Add lines of code for 600 html slides. - Add link to backround image in CSS in Wordpress Add link to banner and update from cms - Add link to SWF Add link to text in existing pdf (Python) - Add LinkedIn login to a Sencha Touch application Add LinkedIn pending invitations - Add Links Pages and Miscellaneous Site Changes Add links to 10 or so Youtube videos. - Add links to Mega Menu in BigCommerce Add links to Menu buttons of PHP web site - Add Links to sites Add Links to sites (small job) - Add list of posts with given label to a blogger hosted site Add list of posts with given label to a blogger hosted site(repost) - add listings for 120 night clubs into web directory add listings for 50 night clubs into web directory - Add listings to Opencart site Add listings to our ecommerce website - Add LIVE Espn Esport News to my wordpress website Add Live Exchnage API to eCommerce Site (Core PHP) - Add live video platform to a real estate site Add live video streaming capability to existing IOS and Android APP - Add loading bar to website
add loading gif to website - add location list as like category add location list as like category in my opencart - Add logging to CherryPy Python Applicaton Add logging to existing code - Add logic to scraping script -- 3 Add logic to student email - Add Login Form to Module position. Add Login from Facebook to my website - Add Login to Bot Add login to existing App using API - Add Login with Google to Unity3d game Add Login with Google to Unity3d game - Add logo and images to cms system. I have tpl file to add images add logo and labels to existing pictures - Add logo to 15 photos add logo to 5k pictures - add logo to iframe Add Logo to Image - add logo to pdf ~ Add Logo to Photo (with screenshots) - Add logo to videos Add Logo to Website - Add logos for Snapchat, Instagram, Vimeo and YouTube to our website font pack Add logos into video -- (Motion tracking effect) - Add LTR English to RTL Arabic Wordpress Site Add Lync Mediation server - Add magento extension for sizes and colors, and advise in the recomemnded extension - repost Add magento extension on root directory - Add magnifying glass effect on 3 screenshots Add mail chimp opt in form to site - Add Mailchimp Signup Field with Multiple States to our Website Add mailchimp signup form - Add manifest to resource file Add manipulation graphs to existing PERL project - Add map and Make Sub manu very quickly - Joomla 2.5 Add Map location and new contact details to our website - Add markers to google map using json data source. Add marketing attractive images to a blog - Add massive data Add massive data -- 2 - Add MD5 Check to my php code Add MD5 Hash and Google +1 to facebook ''like'' wp plugin - Add me 500 facebook friends Add me 500 facebook friends - Add Me Into Photographs | Substitite People In Photo add me on gmail - Add media page to web site add media queries to a website - Add members Avatar & some changes Add Members Page To Wordpress Site - Add Membership features to BuddyPress Site Add membership in WordPress site - add memes to my image Add memo to appt grid - add menu fuction "Add Text" in my photo editor app Add Menu Functionality - Add menu to Joomla site Add menu to outlook express and outlook - Add meta data to a blog Add Meta Data to search results - Add META titles and META descriptions fields to a website Add meta-data to Wordpress pages - Add metric units to CAD drawings Add metric units to CAD drawings (repost) - Add minor feature for existing web application Add minor features on existing mobile game... - Add missing icons Add missing image texts on a Website - Add mobile friendliness to existing non-responsive sites based on html/css/php Add mobile friendliness to existing non-responsive sites based on html/css/php -- 2 - Add mobile phone emulator to my site Add Mobile Phone products into Woocommerce - Add mobile/tablet image alighnment to shopify store -- 2 Add on a Couponic site - Add Modification to phpBB forum Add modifications on wordpress theme - Add module in my exciting website add module in oscommerce and make it work - add module to php website Add module to PHPnuke Site! - add modules to existing websites Add Modules to Home Page + Some minor Modifications to Home Page, then Convert Site to Responsive - Add moneybookers to the site Add moneybrookers/skrill to my site :) - Add More Blocks to a php Script Add More Camera Products to Our Website (Simple Data Entry) - add more control to the image uploader in the CMS Add more customer interaction and followers on INSTAGRAM! - Add more feature to my keylogger.. Add More Feature to my Site - Add More Features to Existing iPhone Social App Add more features to existing wordpress plugin - Add more flash effects to existing slideshow Add More Fuctions to an existing Web Site - Add more functions to an Angular directive Add more functions to an angular.js directive - Angular professional needed - Add more module to my portal Add More Name / Addresses into Xcel Spreadsheet - Add more products to our shopify store Add more products to site and change layout a little - Add More To My Quiz Add more to Redmine project management web app - Add motion graphics to video Add motion or action movement to my iweb/MAC portfolio - Add moving Images to the website & linking HMTL pages together to get a link Add Mower product line to Wordpress site for website - Add MQTT/HTTP client to STM32F4 Discovery using GPRS Add MQTT/HTTP client to STM32F4 Discovery using GPRS - Add multi file fields and status bar to upload form Add Multi language (Hindi) - Add multi user support to Codeigniter Application - repost Add multi vendor plugin to my Magento template - Add multilanguage option to my website with PHP Add MultiLanguage Support in my Yii Application - Add multiplayer (Online) function for ios Game (Dots & Boxes) - repost Add Multiplayer and 3D Touch Features to my IOS Game - add multiple countries to existing shopping cart Add multiple cross directory dynamic html pages to a single php and tpl page - Add Multiple Instances to Source Code Add Multiple invite function to site - add multiple shipping charges to magento multi store Add multiple small Angular.js components to existing project - Add music and update UI Add Music and Video Features - ADD MUSIC TO A VIDEO .AVI! Add music to an audio track. - Add Music to Video Add Music to Video - Add my app to the android Network add my apps to your live apps on app store - Add my credit card processor to my website Add my credit card processor to my website - add my header to my shopping cart Add My HTML Code/Page In My WordPress Homepage - add my Mother In Law's email address to offensive email lists Add my msn from web site script - Add my Rss Feed to Google Base(repost) Add my shoes to cart - Add my U.S. business to Google Business Add my UDID to Iphone App And Send me from Diawi Link - Add Myspace Codes To Site Add myspace email subs box - add myspace friends