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Add Google Analytics to iPhone and Android game - Add Google Analytics Tracking to App Add Google Analytics Tracking to App -- 2 - Add Google Captcha to custom WordPress registration Add google Captcha to PHP form - Add google custom search to wordpress site Add Google DFP Code to Website - Add Google Font to Wordpress theme and Center Text on page. -- 2 Add Google Fusion Tables - add google map to website Add google map with driving directions - Add Google News RSS Add Google News RSS - ASAP - add google plus link on home page Add Google reCaptcha to DigiShop Shopping Cart - Add Google Search Business to WordPress Template Add Google Search Business to WordPress Template(repost) - Add Google translate properly into our Magento online store. Add Google translate to ASP site - Add Google/Facebook Like Buttons to (Magento Site) Add GoogleCheckout to OpenCart - add gps map to existing map add gps positioning on a map in an existing app - Add graphic design / artistic elements to website(repost) Add graphic images to correct Location from PDF document to Autocad Drawing - NEED COMPLETION TODAY URGENT - Add graphics to a web-site, design a logo and make it look very good Add Graphics to Capabilities Statement - Add greenshot Add greenshot - open to bidding - Add Group level to this C# Silverlight WPF app Add Group Membership Portal to existing WordPress site that works on mobile too -- 2 - Add GUI to command-line program written in C Add GUI to Scientific App - Add HD Wallpapers to Website Add HDD and resize partitions in linux - Add header to php script Add header to Wordpress blog (PSD to JPG) - Add heatmap data from Add Hebrew font to my theme - Add High Score Tables to Flash Games with MySQL and PHP Add HIGHCHARTS chart in my web system - Add holidays calendar to my app Add Home Button on all pages of website - Add Hot Link to Databse Add hot product on homepage (should work with products_opt5) - Add hover effect to Images and resolve search issue Add Hover functionality to buttons in mfc appwizard project - Add html code in website in 5 mins Add html code to online store (3dcart) - add html link fields to website, categorize them , couple small fixes (wordpress) add html link to a flsh swf file - Add HTML template to script add html template to shopify cart - Add HTML5 Player to 1 Page Add HTML5 Player to Page...Urgent - Add human body (kids) to existing solid work 3D Model and Animate it Add Hungarian subtitles to 30 minutes of English video - Add hyperlinks to PDF using JAVA / iText Add hyperlinks to XML button AS3 - Add IAP and FB actions to app Add IAP and some tweaks to an existing iOS app - Add Icon to PhoneGap Project and Send APK Add Icon & Plug In | Wordpress - Add icon to site - spanish speakers Add Icon to Tray For NT Service When User Logs Into Windows - Add icons to vbulletin bulletin boards and whiten background Add icons to webpage - add iframe billing to exsisting magento project Add Iframe menu button, add banner code several pages, analy - Add Image and Teaser test in RSS Fee (DRUPAL 7) Add Image and Teaser text to incoming RSS FEED (DRUPAL 7) - Add image files to an iMessage sticker app template (replace old with new ones) add image funtionality - Add image Retail Box Cover content in online videogame store. Add Image rotator and rss feed content to a wp theme - add image to pixel script Add image to product page - Add image to WordPress website Add Image Upload (Local Machine) Plugin-Tinymce - Add images and categorie to 3460 products in Prestashop Add images and content - Wordpress - Add images in android app - 50usd strict budget Add images in carrousel - Add images to a modified version of flexslider in wordpress Add Images to a site with MINOR HTML tweaks and install Lightbox -HDA - Add images to blogs-4 Add Images to Blogs-5 - add images to online store about 1600 Add images to pages - Add images to website add images to website - Add imgly-sdk to Ionic project add import export button to unicenta - Add in a Custom Font to Joomla Add In A Drop Down To A Current Navigation - Add In App Purchases to existing game code Add in app purchases to my sound board app. - Add in for MS Word 365 Add in for outlook - add in products to magenta website Add in Report Filters - Add In-App Notification for my app Add In-App notification to an iPhone PhoneGap App - Add In-App Purchase to working iOS app Add In-App Purchase, Mysql to IOS APP - Needed Quickly - Add inactivity disable to Google Chrome and FireFox Extension. Add inapp and Facebook share in Android application - Add indicator (filter) to buy sell condition in Amibroker AFL Add indicator (filter) to buy sell condition in Amibroker AFL - Add Infinite Scroll to Ajax Loaded (Wordpress) Category Query Add Infinite Scroll to Ajax Loaded (Wordpress) Category Query -- 2 - add info for excel Add info from spreadsheet1 to spreadsheet2 - add information and updates to an existing wordpress website once or twice a month Add information for website - Add Information to Flyer add information to website - Add ins and minor changes to existing website - repost Add Inserts to Samples Template - Add Instagram logo and link / Make contact details dynamic to existing website ADD INSTAGRAM LOGO AND LINK TO WEBSITE - Add Interactive DIV layers on a Dynamic Flash website Add Interactive DIV layers to a Dynamic Flash website - Add interesting content to my new Massage Blog - Repost - open to bidding Add interface between website and Parse database via API - Add internet radio extension to Add internet radio extention to - add intro screens and facebook twitter login to ios app - Part 1 Add intro to podcast MP3 file - Add Invite Friends to my Facebook app Add Invite Function To Already Existing App - Add iOS and Android tablet touch functionality to an existing HTML5 web application add IOS integration, user interactivity - Add IP to dedicated server in OVH Add IP to dedicated server in OVH -- 2 - add Iphone In app purchase IAP to my dating APP. Add Iphone version of existing app - Add irc commands Add ISO Custom keyboard Suggestion Bar - Add item to shopping cart Add Items from eCommerce Site to another eCommerce Site - Add Items to eBay (No Interface), eBay API Add items to ecommerce site - Add items to OsCommerce from competitor's site Add items to Shopify site - Add J query function in existing applicaiton and fix some issue Add Jackpot function. Tablet Functionality and Chartboost integration. - Add java functions to wpdatatables in WordPress Add Java Language Detection web service. - Add Javascript delay to menu on hover - Joomla
Add Javascript donut graphs to website - Add JavaScript SWF Video to WebPage - Again Add javascript time/date clock to page for tag - Add Javascript validation Add javascript validation and a bit of javascript code to an existing html page. - Add job postings to wordpress site Add Job Search Results on WP Sidebars - Add Joomla extension to Joomla Add Joomla Extensions - Add jpg picture to phpbb forum and remove widget Add jpg signature to a pdf - Add jquery cropper to my php upload file form Add jQuery date picker to form - Add jquery paging on a list Add jQuery plugin to an Existing Joomla website - add jquery swip event to wordpress plugin Add jQuery to a BuddyPress Widget - Add JS and CSS effects to Drupal Site Add JS and PHP validations to AjaxCRUD - Add Jstore to a Joomla website Add judges directory to my site - Add Keyword & Notify Post Titles Add Keyword Density to Articles - add keywords to web articles for search engine optimization Add Keywords to WordPress Website - Add label to the empty bottle ASAP Add labels and data (from database) on the product page - Add language function to a website Add language functionality and CMS to current website - Add Language Translation widget to header add language translator to wordpress - Add larger logo to Wordpress site add last post from WP to my website - Add Layer of Markers from Fusion Tables to Google Mapping App Add layer on video - add leadbolt ads to html5 game with phonegap or Intel XDK Add Leadbolt ads to my html5 android app with phonegap or Intel XDK - add left sidebar in blogspot template. Add left sidebar to my woocommerce product page - Add licensing code to WordPress Plugin(repost) add licensing info into db for already completed project - Add Lightbox form to Joomla webpage Add Lightbox Gallery to Website - Add lighting and texture effects to a 3d model using python scripti Add lighting and texture effects to a 3d model using python scripting in blender - Add Likes in FB Add Likes in FB (1555651) - add line-through on was price in dropdown Add lines of code for 600 html slides. - Add link to a SWF Object Add link to backround image in CSS in Wordpress - Add Link to SIte Add link to Site; Adjust CMS. - add linkedin followers to my company page Add linkedin informaiton to spreadsheet - Add links into c++ web directory(easy job)(repost) Add Links on Site - Add links to java website (Job for begineer)(repost)(repost)(repost) Add links to java website (Job for begineer)(repost)(repost)(repost)(repost) - Add links to PDF ADD LINKS TO PROFILES - EASY JOB - add links, and minor changes, easy!! add links, changes to website - Add listing, search and display pages to website Add Listings - add listings to google maps without using a postcard verification - open to bidding Add listings to local listings on Google - Add live chat facility to my website Add Live Chat function - Add Live streaming and web conferencing in current site Add Live streaming and web conferencing in current site - add livestreaming to mobile app and connect app to website add livezilla website chat to cakephp - Add Local Notification Script to iOS/Android App Add Local Pickup Shipping Option - Add location to user post, search by location in Angularjs and Firebase app Add Locations page to Website - Add logic to a script -- 2 Add logic to a script -- 3 - Add Login and bug fix to ringtone app website Add login and item launch tracking to existing ASP.NET application - Add login management and multiple instances to a open source software Add login mysql to ionic app - Add Login to Wordpress Site (should be simple) Add login tool for and - Add Login/Backend to RIngtone Website Add login/logout functionality + get data into database - Add logo and menu to javascript sticky header Add logo and title (In Hindi) to the image given by me using photoshop - Add logo to a 3d object Add Logo to a cart - Add logo to image add logo to image to replace existing flag - Add Logo to Photo (with screenshots) Add Logo to Photo's - Add logo to website + some text. Add logo to wordpress header - Add Logos to a Joomla website Add logos to footer - Add Lyrics Database to Existing Wordpress Site Add Lyrics to Image - Add Magento form outside Magento (to external page). Add Magento Handling Charge To Specific Customer Group - Add mail chimp opt in form to site Add Mail exception handling feature - Add Mailchimp Signup Field with Multiple States to our Website Add mailchimp signup form - Add manifest to resource file Add manipulation graphs to existing PERL project - Add Map and Locations to WordPress site Add map and Make Sub manu very quickly - Joomla 2.5 - Add markers to existing google map using json data source. Add markers to google map using json data source. - Add mass email sending functionality to existing project on laravel Add massive attachment per recipient feature to SENDY.CO app - Add maximum 5000 products to a webshop Add Maxmind Fraud Detection and phone verification-Zen Cart - Add me 500 facebook friends Add me 500 facebook friends - Add me fast Scripts ADD ME GARYZ - add me to skype ADD ME, contact me - Add member login function to bookings website Add member profiles to dating site - Add members to site 2 Add members to site 3 - Add Membership profiles and custom photo gallery to .net CMS site Add membership subscription to my web app - Add Menu and Toolbar to Acrobat add menu bar nd stuff in ticket system - Add Menu items to existing Web site - For ITSERVICE add menu on homepage and add link page - Add merchant boxpay to webpage Add merchant processing to existing website - Add Meta Keywords and Description to Virtuemart Add meta tag to site for flippa listing - Add metadata to photos Add metadata to stock photos - Add mgid code on my site Add MICR E13 B Match font in our check system - Add Minor Functionality to Wordpress Theme - repost add minor functions to website - add missing pr0ducts to website Add missing product images - Add mobile functionality to current website, add additional functionality to interface with another site. Add mobile functionality to website - add mobile navigation function to existing sites