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Add CSS function to my website - 24/01/2017 17:52 EST - Add CSS to existing Website add css to extend images - Add css/Js to svg menu. add css3 mouse over animation in a html file - add csv to javascripttable option Add CSV upload to wordPress website backup wordpress website, convert another dreamweaver site to wordpress - Add currency Euro to my page and link front pictures with menu. Add currency function to our website - Add custom bar Graph (highcharts code) to website Add Custom Button to Yellow Pages Search Results - Add custom css to a javascript Hubspot form -- 2 Add custom CSS to MailChimp newsletter - Add Custom Feature in ASP Shopping Cart(repost) Add Custom Feature in ASP Shopping Cart(repost)(repost) - Add Custom Field for Customer in SimpleCart Script Add custom field image to woocommerce products - Add custom field to woocommerce billing and shipping address -- 3 Add custom field to Woocommerce registration - Add custom fields to Extensions page on FreePBX ver 2.11 Add custom fields to featured image in wordpress that outputs to html - Add custom fields to virtumart product Add custom fields to WordPress frontend - Add custom functionality to an existing PHP-Homepage Add custom functionality to WooCommerce site - Add Custom Indicator to Keltner Channel Add custom instagram feed for shopify - Add Custom Message Board to Website Add custom meta data to site and search and create good blog - Add custom pages to an existing Wordpress Template (Frontend & Backend) Add Custom Pages to Drupal Site - Add Custom Print Button to Netsuite Sales Order Add custom Product Price Formula in opencart - Add Custom Social Media and change footer fonts colors. Add Custom Social Media icons and change footer fonts colors & buttons.... - Add custom things to a wordpress theme and html changes! Add custom timeframe function to MT4 indicator. - Add customer file Upload to CRE loaded Cart Add customer from admin portal with selectable credit - Add Customers Date of Birth to all Order Confirmation eMails Add customers survey on a page - Add customized planner module in website( Silverstripe)-r - repost Add customized planner module in website( Silverstripe)-r - repost 2 - Add dashboard to existing Android project Add data analysis module to Codeigniter MySQL application - Add data from a spreadsheet into a wordpress plugin Add data from excel file to my WP website - Add data into a web directory site Add data into a web directory site - add data magento e-commerce Add data on Google Calendar - Add Data to Database File Add data to excel and import to google contacts - add data to shopping cart Add data to site - Clarion - Add Data/Layout to Wordpress (Easy) Add Database - Modify existing Site (PHP/MySQL) [ActnFac] - Add database reports from current database add some features Add database source in Tomcat to get connection working from application with database - Add date calculation into MS Word document Add date checking to simple text indexer (Delphi/ADO) . . NOW - Add dates to CMS calendar Add dates to logo you already created for us - Add Default Magento Captcha to Product Q&A | Product Reviews ADD DEFAULT PLAYER - Add Delivery Charges to OSC Store Add Delivery Date and Time for WooCommerce (Wordpress) - add description on page orders and returns Add description to Gent WP template on portfolio page - Add design and color work to PDF documents - repost 2 Add design and colour to education workbook - Add design to a fpdf document Add design to a magento installation - Add design via css to a gravity form in wordpress Add design via css to a gravity form in wordpress - - add details from a qr code to mobile phone address book Add details in an existing Illustrator map using the same style. - Add diff consoles Add different API's and game mechanics to website - Add Digital Downloads to e-commerce system Add digital potentiometer interface - Add Directory to excisting script Add directshow devices to a working software - Add discount coupon on one page checkout Add discount feature to existing RoR Active Admin cart - Add Disqus Comment wall to Wordpress Page Add Disqus comments to my Tumblr blog - Add DMA capabilities to Linux UIO driver ADD DND FEATURE TO BULK SMS KANNEL APP - Add domain name in blocked list from context menu Add Domain Name to existing host - Add double elimination to tournament script Add Double Elimination to Tournament Site - add download-script to website Add downvote, search feature, thumbnails, and change text to text with accents (provided) to site written in ARC - Add drop down boxes to add drop down filters (UR) - Add Drop Down Menu to Expression Web Template -- 2 Add drop down menu to flash menu - Add drop down to Joomla EZRealty module Add Drop Down to menu - Add dropdown list to contact form + capcha Add dropdown menu in form - Add Drupal enhancement Add Drupal Sub Category and Product - Add dynamic content to website design Add Dynamic Conversion Values (Facebook Pixel) To My Woocommerce Stores -- 2 - Add Dynamic Meta (Title, Description and Keywords) Add Dynamic Meta's (Title, Description and Keywords) for Member Portfolio - add e-cards option/display new members into dating site(repost) Add e-commerce & better gallery to photography website (JA Avian II) - Add E-Course to Existing Website Add E-mail and Push Notification for indicator - Add eBay html template to Ebay store Add eBay html to existing Ebay store template - Add Ecommerce / Database To Current Site Add eCommerce abilities to porn site - Add eCommerce in our current website Add eCommerce options to Drupal website - Add Ecommerce to Website add ecommerce to website - Add edit-in-place AJAX to website baker CMS Add editable calendar to website - Add effects, graphics on top of video and edit video clips to produce quality youtube video Add egold and alertpay to php randomizer script - Add elements to an existing website template Add elements to an HTML page - Add Email Alerts to existing PHP/MySQL Website for Unsent SMS Add email alerts to website - Add email form to perl cgi upload script Add email form to Zen cart page - Add email notification functionality to windows program. Add email notification to existing android and iphone app. - Add email signup lightbox overlay to a Shopify Hosted Site Add email signup to Flash website - Add email/audible alerts to Metatrader 4 indicator Add Email/Text Alert to MT4 indicator - add embed links to websites Add embed video + fix contact form - Add Employee Scheduler to my HR script. Add Employees to Business Module - PHP - Add endnotes from PDF document to Word document Add endpoints (tabs) to the Woocommerce "My Account page" - Add enom API to hosting site Add Enter serial number feature in My App - Add EPUB Support to previous project Add Error Handling to C++ File - Add Event on Google Calendar in PHP
add event page with search options - Add events from websites Add Events in Website - Add Excel data to existing .pdf file Add Excel export and cron for parse email - Add existing HTML5 player to the bottom, create now playing shoutcast widget and create child theme add existing interface to open source project - Add existing video player to wordpress site Add existing video player to wordpress site(repost) - add explosion on a video Add Explosion/Smoke Trail Effects to Existing Video - add extension on zent cart Add extension to current website - Add Extra $5 To Magento Shipping on All Orders add extra attributes to magento url key - add extra features in existing java software. Add extra features to a QR Code reader - add extra field to checkout page for wordpress jigoshop Add extra field to the (WP)woocommerce\'s Customer Profile - Add extra flag icon on my html page ADD extra form field & fix the zip code + insert form value into a link - Add extra functionality to Modded Oscommerce Platform add extra functionality to my existing app - Add extra menu to OpenEmr with User levels - repost Add extra menu to OpenEmr with User levels - repost 2 - Add extra shortcode to existing one Add extra sky at top of an existing image - Add Facebook & Email mandatory login on e-store Add Facebook & Instagram Upload facility - Add Facebook and Twitter icons - FOR SRIHARSHA ONLY Add Facebook and Twitter links to footer - Add Facebook Blogger Plugin to Wordpress Site add Facebook button - Add Facebook Connect to Heroku-hosted Ruby-on-Rails site Add facebook connect to mediawiki site - Add Facebook Fans to our Page Add facebook fans to page - Add Facebook friends to the ShopO Group of Your Home Country Add Facebook Friends to Website and Minor Site Errors - Add Facebook Integration back to website Add Facebook integration to Joomla 2.5 site - add facebook like button to a flash gallery Add facebook like button to app - Add facebook likes add Facebook likes - Add Facebook Login And Google Login Add Facebook login and update SMS provider - Add facebook login to unifi hotspot, and the ablity to limit bandwidth/data limits Add Facebook Login to Website - add facebook pixel Add facebook pixel ( some code ) to my website. - Add Facebook SDK for iOS in ios game Add Facebook SDK in proyect Xcode - add facebook to weebly Add facebook tracing codes to shopify store - Add Facebook/Google Ads to Website Add facebook/google/twitter logon to a clipbucket site. - Add Fake Profiles to my new Site Add falling dust / debris / particles to 5second shot - Add fans to Facebook band page Add Fans to facebook fanpage - Add Fast Page Layout - WordPress Page Builder to Smartjobboard Add Fastpay Payment Gateway To Booking System Pro Wordpress Plugin - Add FB Like Button to Wordpress Theme Gallery Add fb likes - Add FCK editor (tiny MCE) to existing ASP (Classic) site Add FCK Editor to link catelog indexu - Add Feature Column in Wordpress Shop Add feature for check duplicate data on a Tool - Add feature in my Backend Panel / Admin Panel Add Feature in Smarty PHP - Add feature so use can Translate my existing android app into different languages Add feature sponsor my facebook friends to website - Add feature to an App Add feature to an existing Facebook API Ionic App - Add Feature to Chris Translation Webiste. Add Feature to Completed C# WinForms Application - Add feature to existing iPhone app Add Feature to existing iPhone app. - Add feature to IOS View Controller Add feature to iphone App - add feature to my dating app add feature to my dating app . - add feature to our web app Add feature to Outlook 2000/2003 - Add feature to Sendy Email Marketing Add feature to shopify ecommerce - add feature to website to post automatically to facebook Add Feature To Website: Download Invoice In Excel Format - Add feature: URL opening to receipt of Push Notification to existing code Add featured content slider to wordpress theme - Add Featured Web Boothstrap Google Maps API Add Featured Web Boothstrap Google Maps API -- 2 - Add features & Create Report for Excel Balance Generator Add features + design for panels - Add Features and Facebook Viral calls - Facebook Application Add Features and Facebook Viral calls to my app - add features and simple interface to app Add features and Solve Bugs in Social Network(Joomla) - add features in a joomla component Add features in a wordpress theme - Add features in wordpress real estate site add features in wp site . - add features project for Tahir001 Add features to an android application - Bus Tracking - add features to a existing Website Add features to a existing dot net website - Add features to a new Angular PHP site Add Features to a Open Source Project PHP, JS and MySQL with JSON and Handlebars - Add Features to a Re-skinned app (Slot Game) -- MK2 Add features to a Scrabble Script - add features to a website #2 _ jam87 add features to a website #3 _ jam87 - add features to ajax chat room add features to ajax chat room(repost) - Add features to an app and make it graphically attracting Add features to an application developed with symfony (Billing tool) - Add features to an existing Drupal 7 module add features to an existing ea - Add features to an existing website Add features to an existing website - Add Features to Android and Webapp Add features to android app - Add Features to Audacity Audio Software Add features to AWS server - Add features to CoinDice Script -- 2 Add features to Content Management System - Add Features to Delphi 6 Application Add features to DELPHI program - Add Features to Existing Android Project and Fix Bug Add Features to Existing AngularJS/WebAPI/ASP.Net Site - Add features to existing iOS app and PHP backend Add Features to Existing iOS Objective-C/Cocoa Project - Add features to existing program Add features to existing project - Add features to existing Symfony2 project Add features to existing Symfony2 project (2) - Add Features to File Hosting Site Add features to file manager script - Add features to interactive tour. Add features to internal PHP page - Add features to iTrader Add Features to JA Avian II Joomla Website - Add Features to Link Cloaking Script(repost) Add features to Magento Plugin - Add features to my Article CMS Add features to my codeigniter site - Add features to my script.