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Add Community Builder features like facebook to joomla - add company logo to project Add Company name availability checker - Add component and enhance existing iOS app add component to iPad app - Add conditional/IF statements to Gravity Forms number formula -- 2 Add conditions to already created function to check for illegal characters getting printed in XML file and replace it with legal and also create DTD file for it looking at the output i will share - Add contact details tab to existing wordpress theme add contact details to crm - Add contact form to my website Add contact form to Revolution Slider. optimised for desktop, tablet and smartphone - Add contact names and contact emails for data - Repost - open to bidding add contact on linkedin and fill an excell file - Add Contacts in Messaging app in Windows 10 - Add People from iPhone to use Messaging app Add Contacts to Hotmail Yahoo Gmail AOL Email Accounts - Add content + small styling changes to wordpress website Add Content / Links to Site Pages and Code Gallery + SEO - Add Content and Images to a Wikipedia Page Add content and images to my templatemonster (HTML verstion) template. ***Complete within 8 hours*** - Add content editor and admin tool add content for - Add content in joomla theme(repost)(repost) Add Content in my Directory, Content will be provided- SEOs - Add content on new template Add content on our job board website - Add content to a $13 HTML template. Add content to a 5 pages website template - Add Content To A Wordpress Site Add Content to a WordPress Site - Add content to an eventbrite designed wordpress template Add content to an existing 3D model for 3D Printing - Add Content to Cell Phone Wiki Add content to cheats site - Add content to existing web site, paid video content add content to existing website - Add content to humor website Add content to humor website -- 2 - Add Content to Joomla, Upload 10 Products to Virtuemart, Organize Modules Add content to label template - Add content to my website Add content to my website - Add content to pages - using Visual Composer Add Content to PrestaShop - Add content to the custom shopping cart - repost 2 Add content to the forum topics - Add content to website Add content to website - Add Content to Wordpress Site Add Content to Wordpress Site - Add Content to Wordpress Template Web Site Add content to Wordpress Themes - Add content, images and widgets to enfold theme wordpress site Add content, videos, and images to Joomla site - Add contents to existing HTML site Add contents to existing template - Add contract section to existing script Add Contract template to existing VB6 App - Add controler-script subtitles Add Contrologix Code as per description - Add cookie to a popup Add cookie to amember access page to redirect returning members - Add Cool Flash Effects To Website Image Add Cool New Social Bookmarking Button (Highlighter) to Forums - Add corner banner to existing website - see attachment Add corners to images - Add countdown timer to website Add countdown to HTML coming soon page - add couple item to my online store with all size add couple lines click to call code to a php script - Add Coupon Feature to .XSLT-based cart Add coupon on my site - Add CPU AI opponents to my Flash game Add cradit card payment to groupon script - Add Credit Card + CVV module for Oscommerce Add credit card acceptance to web page using Paypal Wen Standard Payments - Add credit card payment to our shopping cart Add credit card payment using stripe to an existing wooCommerce WordPress online shop - Add CRM API To Website (Replacing Webforms) Add CRM API To Website (Replacing Webforms) -- 2 - Add CRUD operations to Existing MVC Project Add CRUD to a NodeJS API - Add css design to a gravity form in wordpress 2 Add CSS design to my Stripe payment system - Add css to custom vbulletin code Add CSS to existing Ruby on Rails app using bootstrap. - Add CSS/JS parser to HTMLViewer Add css/Js to svg menu. - Add CSV to iOS core data using swift add csv to javascripttable option - Add Currency converter in My WordPress Site Add currency Euro to my page and link front pictures with menu. - Add Custom Banners to Site Add custom bar Graph (highcharts code) to website - Add custom css to a javascript Hubspot form -- 2 Add custom CSS to MailChimp newsletter - Add Custom Feature in ASP Shopping Cart(repost) Add Custom Feature in ASP Shopping Cart(repost)(repost) - Add Custom Field for Customer in SimpleCart Script Add custom field image to woocommerce products - Add custom field to woocommerce billing and shipping address -- 3 Add custom field to Woocommerce registration - Add custom fields to featured image in wordpress that outputs to html Add custom fields to genesis theme - Add custom fields to WordPress frontend Add custom fields to Wordpress RSS feed - Add Custom Functions My Form Add custom functions to mtr source code - Add custom item in OSC cart(repost) Add custom item to cart - Add custom meta loop to product list in WPEcommerce Add custom modification for our project. Only for professionals! - add custom payment API Add Custom Payment Gateway to WHMCS - Add custom products to WooCommerce for WordPress Add custom push notifications - Add custom suggestions through javascript/html into an Android app Add custom suggestions through javascript/html into an Android app. - add custom user filed in sugar crm add custom user fileds in sugarcrm - Add Customer Name to Existing PDF At Customer Checkout Add Customer Picture Gallery Page for Woocommerce Site - Add customizations to flask-admin panel Add customizations to Virtuemart - Add CVV Number to Payment Gateway Add cyberxcrime balance - Add data filter features to Yii2 website Add data for .001 per listings - Add data in an excelfile from a website - manually or with VB code - repost Add data in database table - Add data into my website from the pages in the excell spreadsheet -- 3a -- 2 Add data into my website from the pages in the excell spreadsheet -- 3a -- 3 - add data table entry object Add Data to a App/Website - Add data to from excel to mysql db Add data to from excel to mysql db -- 2 - Add data to website Add data to website - Add Database Function-2 Add Database Functionality - Booking form & Payments - Add Datadog metris in WHMCS VPS - Using API Add datas in our db - Add Date Selection Pop Up To Drupal View Excel Feed Add date to column - Add deals and coupons into my website.. Need it to be filled Add deals and coupons into my website.. YOU NEED AMAZON ACCOUNT - add delete button to flexi grid + 2 small changes
Add delete buttons to an Access application. - Add description and tags to photos across various sites add description box in shopify admin panel - Add design & features to existing website Add design (already prepared) for a joomla website and add content (already prepared) - Add design on Joolma Template Add Design option pages with image uplaoder - Add design to the logo Add Design to the textbook content - Add Destinations on Website add destop notification in website and increase the chat speed. - Add dhtml menu and some pages Add diacritics to arabic words in a Word Document - Add diffrent sound for diffrent levels of game C & SDL2 Add Digital Download Files For Vbulletin Website - Add Directory & Article Scripts to our Sites Add directory admin and content management - Add Discount Code Option For Vbulletin Subscriptions Add discount code option to basket page - add disqus at the bottom of all our blog pages and articles pages add disqus code to my magento website comment section and few changes on text - Add DNS managment to registrar module on WHMCS Add DNS Record to CPanel - add domain to vps Add Donation amount to the checkout page - Add download and news section to joomla website Add download button for youtube supplied video - Add Drag And Drop Ordering to "Jquery Chosen Multi Select box" Add drag sorting to XML Editor in PHP - Rehire - Add drop down menu Add drop down menu - Add drop down menu to template and remove flash menu Add drop down menu to top bar of wordpress site - Add Drop-down Menu Add Drop-Down Menu to Joomla 1.5 Website - Add dropdown menu using pure CSS to Wordpress site Add dropdown menus to a joomla website - Add DTV to an Android box Add Dual Slider and some CMS setting - Add dynamic field to Gravity Forms on Wordpress Add dynamic fields to event espresso plugin - Add dynamic news to flash site - PHP/MYSQL/Flash Add dynamic page headers to WordPress site - Add E-commerce functionality to my blog Add E-Commerce functionality to Premium Wordpress Theme - Add E-Mail Feature to Member/User Dashboard Add e-mail on VPS (Webmin) - Add Ebay Products to 3dCart Store Add Ebay Products to Wordpress Site(use woocommerce) - Add eCommerce Capabilities Add eCommerce Capability to Wordpress Site - add ecommerce to an existing site Add ecommerce to classified website - Add ecommerce, appointment booking and user account creation on existing website Add edit / delete to admin section - Add effect to logo Add effect to our logo - Add electronic signature to pdf docs Add ELEGANCE to the Logo - Add elements to page - Materialize Design Add Elements to Photos & Populate templates - add email capture to existing webpage Add email confirmation to a Visual Basic 5 program - Add email into EA add email login for wp sites - Add Email Reminder Existing Calendar Add Email Script to Header Image And Fix Some Items - Add Email to Sales Order Magento API Add email type handler to CF application - Add Emails to My Autoresponder Add Emails to My Autoresponder - ongoing work - Add Employee Scheduler to my HR script. Add Employees to Business Module - PHP - Add endpoints (tabs) to the Woocommerce "My Account page" Add Energy Prices - Add entries into local wikipedia Add entries into local wikipedia - repost - add escrow payment to the website Add eslint, tests, and documentation - Add event to google calendar from C # Add Event to Google Calendar with PHP - Add events to my website Add events to website - Add Exchange Connection to existing mail application Add Exchange Connection to existing mail application - Add existing layout to PHP project(repost) Add existing layout to PHP project(repost)(repost) - Add expanding button functionality to existing application Add Expanding Gallery Feature to existing Squarespace website - Add Export to Instagram to iphone app Add export to OSCommerce contribution - Add extentions and change to script via dolphin sofware Add Extentions to website - Add extra data to Wordpress JSON feeds from related custom post types -- 2 Add Extra Dropdown Items to Checkout via Stripe - Add extra features to my WEBSERVICES add extra features to my websites facebook regestration - add extra fields to joomla 2.5 registration form Add Extra Fields to my Eshop Wordpress Plugin - Add extra functionality to an existing auction website. Add extra functionality to an existing wordpress woocommerce site - Add extra icons to font-awesome Add extra img to flash banners - Add extra product options to Cubecart Add extra product options to Cubecart - repost - Add Facbook and Instagram to my site Add Facbook and Instagram to my site - ongoing work - Add Facebook and Instagram Upload facility, *You need to know LARAVEL! Add Facebook and Instagram Upload in Laravel website - Add Facebook App (Already built) to a 2 pages. Add Facebook App Install Tracking SDK to my eclipse app - Add Facebook Comments to my Wordpress Website Add facebook comments to wordpress website - Add Facebook Fans (Poland) Add Facebook Fans to a selected Page - Add Facebook Friends to My Facebook Group Add Facebook Friends to The ShopO Group of Albania - Add Facebook Icon & Link to Website Add Facebook icon and other icons, create link - Add facebook like box to joomla 2 page Add Facebook like box to my wordpress site - add facebook like,youtube,twitter,seo,dislike youtube, tweet Add facebook like-option to html-form - Add Facebook Login & javascript to Multicart 2.4 ecom site add facebook login ability to my website - Add Facebook Login to my Chinese website Add Facebook login to my iOS Pirates game. - Add Facebook page like and counter to wordpress site Add facebook page like button into my Android and IOS apps - Add Facebook SDK and Open Graph to Android app Add Facebook SDK for iOS in ios game - Add facebook to oscommerce add facebook to weebly - Add Facebook/Gmail Login & Register Add Facebook/Google Ads to Website - Add faeture to unity game Add Fake Profiles to my new Site - Add Fans to Facebook and Followers to Twitter biz account Add fans to Facebook band page - add fashion page with search options -- 2 Add Fast Page Layout - WordPress Page Builder to Smartjobboard - Add fb integration to wordpress site; Add image to news feed item Add FB Like Button to Wordpress Theme Gallery - Add FBConnect to Wordpress MU