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Add AJAX load more to ACF Gallery repeater - Add Ajax to my php website - repost add ajax to php form - Add Album / multi upload feature to phpSound Add Album & List View to my music player - Add alert to MT4 indicator Add Alert to My Existing Metatrader 4 Indicator - Add alipay for php script Add alipay integration in ios app - ADD ALL site modifications to MAIN theme, to child theme on YOUR local machine Add all the items from a website to my ebay account with all the details at double the price - Add Amazon Ads Add Amazon ads to the website and fix bugs - Add Amazon payment function on e-commerce system based on Symfony 1.x (Onsite in Hanoi, Vietnam) ADD AMAZON PAYMENT METHOD TO WEBSITE-Magento - Add AmazonS3 storage to php upload script Add AMCharts JS support to the sample Coldfusion templates - add an additional Access Control Level for in codeigniter Add an additional field to an existing iOS iPad application - Add an AIM Application - Very Simple and Very Urgent - Start Now !!! Add an Ajax 'Load More' button to my custom loop - Add an Arrow on a video Add an Asp Page - add an ecomerce option to my wordpress website Add an edit post and comment option to my website... - add an embeding options for my media player on my website Add an Employee Directory to our website - Add an extra feature to my PHP POS Add an extra feature to our site - wordpress - Add an icon to FontAwesome ones (that my site has integrated already) add an icon to the browser - Add an image to a SWF animation Add an image to an existing image (taking the shape of the object) - add an intro to the start a video Add an intro with our logo and contact info to an 80mb .mov file and compress for web upload - Add an online restaurant reservations platform to WIX website Add an online shopping cart to WordPress Site - Add An Option to an already customized booking form on the Magento Platform Add an option to an existing function on WordPress site - ADD AN STREAMING SOFTWARE CONFIGURATION WINDOW DEDICATED SERVER ADD AN STREAMING SOFTWARE CONFIGURATION WINDOW DEDICATED SERVER -- 2 - add an user interface to my python script for mac add an user interface to my python script for mac - Add and Change a few pictures to my website Add and change functionalities in existing Wordpress data - Add and customize features in the Collabtive - Open Source Collaboration -- 2 Add and customize features in the Collabtive - Open Source Collaborationes - Add and edit Product Descriptions on a website Add and edit simple stuff in iPhone application - Add and Modify Content on our Existing Website Add and modify features of a program - add and remove products from leggingsland and flofashions -- 2 Add and Remove Software Completion - Add and Test SDK to android app Add and tidy an existing joomla site - Add Angular Template to Mean stack Add Angular UI calendar to a Django App - Add animation easeInQuart inside jQuery code Add animation effect in Javascript - Add animation with HTML5/JS (no Flash) +small Joomla changes Add animation/dynamic content to ios/android/facebook application - Add another 200 followers to our account Add another 400 Items to my website. - Add another option to WP theme in the back end and display in the front end Add another page to CMS in Admin Area - Add another wordpress into existing wp db Add Another WP Theme - add api from chinavasion to my zen cart program / emagic manager add api from this site to my wordpress - Add API to my site ADD API to my web - Add Apple iAd too Game-App Add Apple iAd too Game-App -- 2 - Add Appoxee Push Notifications to Android App Add Appraisal Certificate - Add Arabic language support to a small wordpress site Add Arabic language support to wordpress site - Add archivemod to phpbb forum Add archives - Add around 75 items to Wordpress Gallery Add around a 1000 Adult Products to Our Bigcommerse Website from another website - Add articles to joomla site with SEO (30 articles to start) Add articles to my joomla website - Add asp file extension Add ASP Functions to HTML Form - add attach function to Frm26RID Add attach photo and recording to group chat in Conversation App - ADD Attitude Simple Manual Order Entry for osCommerce add attorney firms to my directory - Add Attributes to Simple Product Magento Add Attributes to Zulu Cart Inventory - add audio chat using jquery and angular to phpsunchat Add audio file to website - Add audio streaming feature to existing video streaming Add audio streaming feature to existing video streaming - Add Audio View in my Android Apps Add Audio/Video Chat Features - Add authentication method to java applet Add Authentication support in Flash Encoder - Add Credit Card Payment Option Add form to existing PHP site - add auto checkout with a headless browser to my c# application add auto checkout with a headless browser to my c# application - open to bidding - add auto tune plug-in to acid 6.0 Add auto updater to Java application - Add Autocomplete to Bootstrap Popup Modal Add autocomplete values in state, city, and zip code fields in Amasty's one step checout page. - Add automatic scheduling to a Drupal import function Add automatic scheduling to an existing Drupal import function - add avatar on phpbb2 statistics mod add avatar option so users can upload their avatars - Add Aweber into my Registration Add aweber opt-in form to a banner - Add back, forth and pause buttons to my Swish project Add back-end code to HTML+JS + angularjs site - Add Background and Website Name to Photos add background audio player - Add Background Image to the Title Area of My Wordpress Site Add background image to website - add background on navigation menu Add Background remove function into my app (solution : Grabcut algorithm) - Add backlinking functionality from WP plugin to .Net app Add backlinks to Arabic website (URL) - Add bank API to our PHP script Add Banner - Add banner link functionality Add Banner on a wordpress website - Add Banner To Website -- 2 add banner to wordpress - Add banners to images, shown in ColorBox(wordpress) Add Banners to index, view forum and view topic pages - add barcode facility Add barcode for invoices and packing slips - Add Basic Chord Accompaniment Notation To Gregorian Chant Add Basic Chord Accompaniment Notation To Gregorian Chant 2 - Add basic VOIP functionality to an iOS App add basket cart to header - Add bespoke functions to Wordpress Template Add Best Sellers Section - Add Billing Opennebula add billing to an existing chrome extension - Add BitCoin Payment option to website. Add Bitcoin Payment Solution - Add BLEED and CROP MARKS to 3 PSD Files Add bleed lines to PDF - Add Blog - Word Press
Add blog and other edits to my Magento E-Commerce Site - Add blog feed to user profiles wordpress buddypress Add Blog Function To Custom Wordpress Theme - Add blog page to WordPress site add blog pages to woocomerce site - Add blog to existing website Add Blog to Existing Website - Add Blog to phpbb3 Forum - Mod Add blog to Shopify Website - Add blog-style page within an existing web design Add blogging features to our social network - Add Bluetooth support for an existing app Add Bluetooth to existing application - add Book Add book selling function to website - Add Bookmark in Homescreen Android or iOs "Automatically" Add Bookmarks and Hyperlinks to the Bookmarks in 2 WORD docs - Add border to 24 images 80x44 Add Border to Existing Logo - Add brazilian payment gateway to shopify Add Breadcrumb in Angularjs opensource template - Add Buddypress @mention functionally to AWPCP comment plugin add buddypress comment field to simple event plugin - Add bundle product to Opencart Website (already has 2 need 1 more the same) Add Bundled Products Module to osCMax2 - Add business to my directory part 2 Add business-classified newsticker to the landing page - Add Button Click to my Webview add button ecommerce into my site - Add Button Overlay to Wordpress Site Add button to a flash banner - action script - Add Button to slider, also add social media button to Footer Add Button to Software - Add buttons to Flash flip book add buttons to my overlays - add function to my website Add C Library to custom android/ios phonegap plugin - Add calculation script to a static HTML/CSS page with fields. Add calculator fake feature to PrivatePhoto app - Add Calendar to User Area Add calendar to Woocommerce Appointments plugin - PHP and Wordpress - Add callcraig.callcraig on Skype, need of writers, website developers, designers, data entry personnel Add recording service to website - Kevin - Add capcha on the contact us form page Add capcha on the contact us form page -- 2 - Add captcha and W3C Compliant Validation Add Captcha at login script - Add captcha image to script Add CAPTCHA image verification to SSL - Add captcha to a form - php Add captcha to a simple asp contact form - Add captcha to contact us form + Future Php, mysql, Wordpress, design & expert programmer needed add captcha to contacts page - add CAPTCHA to form add captcha to form - Add Captcha to HTML Website Forms Add Captcha to Joomla 1.0 adsmanager - Add captcha to php form Add captcha to php form - ongoing work - Add Captcha to website form Add captcha to website form - Add Caption to Photo - repost Add caption to photo using CSS - add carousel on wordpress site Add Carousel slideshow to website - Add cartoon eyes to a hashbrown Add cartridge toner finder to woocommerce site and some other design changes - Add categories in home and subcategories in category pages add categories in Rokquickcart joomla extension - Add category and image to opencart store Add Category Capabilities to ASP Property Listing Utility - Add category to Magento/Wordpress integration Add Category to names - Add CDN for kodi plugin Add CDN to my website - add changes on wordpress template Add Changes to 2 affiliate e-commerce sites - Add Chapter to an Ebook Add Chapter to an Ebook - 5-10 pages only - Add Chartboost Ads to App Add Chartboost Ads to App - open to bidding - add chat function to my application Add chat in - Add chatroll chat box to a lead page webinar page Add chatting feature to my application - Add Checkbox In Lightbox Slider Images Add checkbox list in php page - Add Checkout System to Website add checkout to site - Add Christmas decoration to website Add Christmas Hat to the TideWater Logo - Add cities to a list of coutries in a WP plugin Add cities to a list of coutries in WP classipress - Add CKEditor to Admin Area Add Clam Coin Payment Option(Bitcoin like currency) - Add CleanSheets functionality -- 2 Add CLEditor with a math formula editor to a "myBB Forum" - Add clickable links to tablet and phone adverts Add clickable text and image on top of slider on homepage - Add Client Certificate support to OkHttp Add Client Data to our Online Metrics Platform - Add closed captions to a video file Add closing dates to listing - Add CMS fo web template + adding some functionality (PHP) Add CMS functionality to my wordpress site. - add cms to HTML Add CMS to HTML site - add code for drop down search box & category location dropdown menu Add code for Google Tag Manager to all pages on a Wordpress site - Add code to Amazon MWS PHP API code for Parallel Requests Add code to app - Add code to my database Add code to my html page to make it fit to any mobile screen size - add code to signup box on checkout page Add code to site - Add codes in a dropdown list and an update button Add Codes In TPL Files - add collection/delivery time to website Add collisions to a simple javascript game. - Add Color Picker to Wordpress + Fix Menu Add Color Scheme to Site - Add color to my exterior home design Add color to my exterior home design -- 2 - Add colour changing and text size buttons to website Add colour depth to large banner image asap - Add column to db and create interface in admin section Add column to excel sheet and enter a number based on the comment - add combinations for existing products add coments to php blog - Add comment post to existing Joomla Site Add comment section to Android App or add more functionality - Add comments and topics to Forum Add Comments box to Send me the price Webform - add comments to posts Add Comments To Share button - Add company details to spreadsheet - 585 in total Add Company Info page to Existing .net Script - Add competitive components to website for youth gaming Add complete Forecast of models - Add Concrete5 and format templates to use current design on existing website Add concurrency pattern to a existing pseudo market application - add confirmation feature Add Constant Contact signup to WooCommerce checkout - Add Contact Form on Magento's Website Add contact form on the exciting website - Add Contact Form to HTML Page