Projects Directory : A CDR for Electrical Engineer -- 2 - a dll which can be called by VBscript and which calls on its turn a webservice

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A CDR for Electrical Engineer -- 2 - A champions Mind A chance for a Time waster - a changed logo to different words A Channel Art For Youtube - A character for a logo A character for t-shirts and advertising for BBQ smokehouse style restaurant - A chartered accountant A Chartered Surveyor good with Floor Plans - A chatting app which will let you know when your friend is nearby. A chatting Application - A Chef / Cook a chef for a small dinner party of 10 people - A chemistry engineer (cosmetics) A chemistry expert is required - a children's book a children's book - a children's illustrator a children's illustrator - a chinese head chef a chinese head chef - A Chinese Website in Mandarin on Word Press A Chinese/English intrepreter - A Christmas Video- After Effect Template supplied a chritian social networking - mix between myspace clone and blog/ xanga clone - A cigar logo A cigar tube - A city that you can go inside A city that you can go inside - open to bidding - A Civil Engineering Job A Civil Engineering Project - A Classic & Luxurious Logo a classic game rock dodging game - A CLASSIFIED WEBSITE LIKE GUMTREE A Classified Website Project - A clean cut website that is functional and looks nice A clean drawing of an ancient medallion. - A ClickBank Order Registration Script A clickbank project - A clinical patient database tool. A clinical patient database tool. - repost - A clone of agile project management a clone of - A clone of a clone of Internet Watcher 2000 - A Clone of a classified site - open to bidding A clone of website - A clone-Keyword Tool Created (for a Social Network) A clone/copy of a website framework - A clothing/workout gear logo A clothing/workout gear logo - A CMS ( in dotnetnuke) website required A CMS author website [PHP SQL ] - A CMS very similar to CushyCMS a CMS web site with back end PHP with Oracle - a cocktail dress A code - a code with C language which uses some fortran libraries A code written and fig made by GUI - A coder to help add ads to my blog. A Coder To Help Me Upload A Website Please - A Collaborative Application A Collaborative application for house improvement / modelling - A Collections Of UK Articles Needed A college admission essay - A color filter app for iOS a color illustrator who is experienced with Children book''s - A combined webmapping, online survey and email engine a Combobox in a datagrid - A Comic/Editorial cartoonist needed A Comics poster - A commerical with indian public people A commerical with indian public people - open to bidding - A Community Page on Wordpress A community portal site (joomla) - A company analysis A company Analysis of 4000 words (mainly on accounting) - A Company Logo A company Logo - A company logo A company logo - A company logo A company logo - a company logo for COMPUPLAN S.A. a company logo for COMPUPLAN S.A. - open to bidding - a company project a company project -- 2 - A company Website A company website - A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF DIFFERENT METHODS FOR THE TUNING OF PID CONTROLLER USING MATLAB A Comparative Analysis of Four H Group with its competitors - A Compelling Blog Design for two Domain Names a compensation-aware and adaptive upper-extremity rehabitation system - A complet C++ Mail Server A complet C++ Mail Server -- 2 - a complete AVL solution like GPSGATE SERVER A Complete B2B Website using NETSUITE, Cloud based - A complete Design website to be design A complete Designer - A Complete JobSite Build-up a complete learndash based website with all its integrations - A complete planetminecraft clone with a CMS A complete Point Of Sale And Inventory Software for Windows Mobile 5/ 6.5 on Touch Screen Mobile Terminal - A complete SEO package back linking white hat on page off page seo A complete similar of a website - A complete web site for a small service business. WP based A complete web site from HTML into Wordpress - A Complete Website of Joomla A Complete website of online store on magenta - A complex calculator A complex classified application - A componet for Mambo CMS A composed letter - A comprehensive scalable program A comprehensive school management web application - A computer game A computer game(new edition) - A concept Artist a concept mp3 - A configurator in Adobe Flash A conistent job writing, technical, travel, cooling - A Consultant Needed who can find me leads A consultant to help my start-up make more effective use of my 1,200+ contacts on LinkedIn. - A content article with minimum 1000 words about surfing and airport transfer A content creator for personal branding - A content writing for a company A Content Writter with Good SEO Expertise - A contract retyped A contract template - a cooking pot a cooking pot - open to bidding - A COOL T-SHIRT DESIGN CANT BE COPYRIGHT A cool website for my small VFX studio - A copy of A COPY OF BLUENILE.CO.UK - but a little different - must have all the features found on - A copy of this site with proven script A copy of is needed written in ruby on rails - A copyright free image I can use in promotional material A Copyright Notice, Legal, Disclaimer for a PDF Ebook. - A Copywriter With Impeccable English A Copywriter With Marketing Experience - A CORPORATE IDENTITY VIDEO A corporate logo - A Corporate Website Need
A corporate wordpress little website - A countdown in flash A countdown script - A couple iOS views A couple mmorpg games - A couple of forms and a login A couple of forms required - A couple of small functions A couple of small tasks - A Couple Quick PHP/MySQL Issues REOPEN A couple sets of Images need to be changed **EASY** - A courier / tracking / shipment script like for logistics company A Courier company website - a cover for my story A cover for my Wattpad book - A crawler application for 10 sites (rewrite an existing app) A crawler or retrieve for Linkedin - A creative design for my homepage - 1266*610 dimension A creative design idea is required - A creative logo a creative logo - a creative program writer - repost A creative science project - A creative writer is needed . Are you ? A creative writer is needed . Are you ? - a crest A Crest designed for an Elite Fraternity - A critical assessment of Kali as a hacking tool and auditing tool for each individual in the group using ISO31000 risk management framework. A critical comparison of different global perspectives to enterprise. - A critique of the literature A Critique of the Research - A Cross Platform Application Similar to (mytaxi – The Taxi App) A Cross Platform game for iOS & Android. - a crowdfunding site that support Chinese payments A Crowdfunding Website - a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture\" style platform on my website - repost A csgo betting site - a css popup over text that will have round edges and a delay 1000sec after mouser over it A CSS Professional is Needed - IMMEDIATELY must be online now - A cusomized CRM - repost A Custom (No CMS) E-Commerce Website - A custom client VPN App for Windows A custom client VPN Application for Windows - A CUSTOM ECOMMERCE STORE IN ENGLISH AND FRENCH a custom embedded system. - A Custom Graphics Package for a Boutique Agency A Custom Gumroad Form needed! - A custom logo i can put on my Game A custom made minions script - A custom menu component in Delphi A custom method Binary Tree Class - A custom PHP project A custom php template that will put my products in order to be shipped out. - A Custom Quantity Field A custom s/w - A custom Tshirt design - hunting/outdoors A Custom Version of the EduExpression CakePHP Online Exam Solution - A custom woocommerce website A custom WordPress plugin - mortgage calculator affordability - A customer review website to be created a customised bodywarmer waistcoat with lots of specific pockets - A customized web page for HTTP 404 error. A Customized 5-Level MLM Website on Wordpress - A customized template for my company A customized text editor - A Cyborg Future Commando A cycler program - A Dance to Remember A dark and malicious forest - A Data Collection And Listing Application a data collection script and view site - a data entry job - Rehire a data entry job for aprox 40 hours - A Data Entry workshop A data file is breaking the pop-up script - A databage project with multimedia A Database - A database established and data entry all from scratch a database for certain users - A database system with SQL and develop an application by C#. A database system with SQL and develop an application by C#. - open to bidding - A dating app for iPhone and Android A dating app for iPhone and Android - open to bidding - A dating website A dating website - A Deadly Recompense A Deal a Day website - A decision support system for TB prevalence for HIV/AIDS patients in SOUTH AFRICA A decision support system for TB prevalence for HIV/AIDS patients in South Africa - A Delphi 5 procedure to write icon resources into EXE files A Delphi 7 program that can post articles in WordPress - A dermal therapy clinic newsletter, no fluff and puff but good solid educational newsletter with some promotional offers but mainly want a clinical looking professional A description for a RTS/tower defense game - A design and model of minimum of 6 part assembly. A design and prototype for Mens Jeans/Business pants - A design for a concept website a design for a cover of a scientific journal - a design for a t-shirt a design for a tattoo - a design for my website A design for new dog food plastic bag - A design job for a mobile app. A Design Job. - a design question.... A Design Studio - a designer a designer - A designer to create a " prototype ready" clothing design for children. A designer to create a custom design tee shirt - A designer who works with Photoshop to complete our award seals for our 50 winners in our online publication. A Designer with a open visual mind to help with my t-shirt line - A desktop application to share data with my customers. A desktop downloader for private files - a destroyer for unicorns A detached house interior design (248m2); a premium class design (elite) - A detailed study of technical systems for a restaurant, execution includes power, lighting, media and communication networks a detailed survey report of our property - A developer in Houston area A developer ipad - A developer to restore a mobile app a developer to take on and finish my escorting/dating directory site and also maintain it. - A developer with good visual design skills A developer with shopify knowlege, commercesciences knowlege, mail chimp knowlege -- 2 - A device for automatically switching of and on the lighting of a room. A device for automatically switching of and on the lighting of a room. - open to bidding - A DHCP server /client in java/C# with some modification - open to bidding A Diabetic E-book - A dictionary crawler in Java needed a dictionary project - A digg/reddit alike site A Digital and Social Media Persuasive Campaign - A digital market place for selling rerecorded video and live streaming workshop A digital marketing website - a direct mail campaign pre-tax season A direct mail sales letter written - A directory/ advertising website A Directorypress website - A disscussion website similar to facebook A dissertation - A DIY web portal -- 2 A DJ Article Writer - A Django website for data entry A Django/Python/Mysql social website - a dll which can be called by VBscript and which calls on its turn a webservice