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ASP.NET project - marks - project converting VB to C# for school project design - project in C# with MVC 4 architecture project in C# with MVC 4 architecture - repost - project sonvert to php ASP.NET Project Support - Project with DevExpress controls to view data in a APSxgridview and allow to add data in a popup for Saniokazzz ASP.Net Project with HTML5, Jquery, and Javascript - ASP.NET PROJECTS ASP.NET Projects - prosty program - licznik predkosci obiektu na ekranie ASP.NET Provider for long term partnership - For Best 1 - quick software repair ASP.NET Quick Task - Redesign ASP.NET ReDevelopment on Project - remote desktop control using RDP ASP.NET Remote Ping - reports and site modifications reports and site modifications(repost) - ASP.NET RESTful web service RETS Client For Real Estate Site - running process(ajax?) ASP.NET SaaS website with subscription - ASP.NET School Project Scorm Player With Multiple Assignment - ASP.Net Script Installation script to php - ASP.NET SendMail HTML Routine ASP.NET Senior Developer (5+ years' experience) - session expire with Timeout-Dialog.js ASP.Net Session Timeout Module - Asp.NEt shopping cart business layer ASP.NET shopping Cart Chages - Simple Contact Form Asp.Net Simple CRUD Operation. - simple web-site simple website - ASP.NET Site - XML Feeds site and basic cms - site fixes ASP.NET site for public webservice API - ASP.NET site plus Wordpress Blog : permalinks url asp.Net Site QA and error fix - site using vb2005 ( Arabic sites )(repost)(repost)(repost) site using vb2008 ( Arabic sites ) site every week - ASP.NET Small Business Management Software ASP.NET Small Documentsharing Webapplication - small work ASP.NET SMS Application FIX - sofware maintenace and upgrade -- 2 ASP.Net Solution Architect / Developer - ASP.Net SQL CSS XML Flash commerce project ASP.NET SQL DATABASE web development - sqlserver session setup in exisiting site to use across pages ASP.NET Start from Scratch - submission form submit to email form - ASP.NET task ASP.NET task - ASP.NET Test Questions tester - timer control ASP.NET Timesheet project - to sharepoint to sharepoint - Travel Site Development ASP.NET Travel Web Services (OTA) - ASP.NET Tutorials $30/$80 per tutorial (2) ASP.NET Tutorials $30/$80 per tutorial (3) - ASP.NET Update Panel and JavaScript ASP.NET Update System - uploading bar UPS rate calculator - user control needed EXPERTS ASAP ASP.Net User Control OpenXML - ASP.NET using ASP.NET + XML using c# - ASP.NET VB code and MSSQL(repost) ASP.NET VB CODE TO EXECUTE AJAX SLIDE SHOW EXTENDER - Asp.Net VB Poll with jQuery, Converting from PHP and C# ASP.NET VB Programmer - 2.0 - Upload video's to youtube 2008 programming - ASP.NET VB.NET Search and Subscription development site content search and extract - Asp.Net video chat - repost 2 ASP.NET views + controllers for CRUD management of 5 models (Timed Challenge) - ASP.NET w/VB.nNET - charting and text parsing app ASP.NET Wavefile Playback - ASP.NET Web API Required - start now ASP.NET Web API URL Controller parser database connection json display - web app with Access backend ASP.NET Web Appl: Media Exposition Measurements - web application web application - ASP.NET Web Application development Web Application Development - asp.NET Web Application with MS SQL Backend (Release 1) ASP.NET Web Application with Oracle using C# - Asp.Net Web Conference Site ASP.NET Web Control - advanced label - ASP.NET Web Developer Needed web developer needed - ASP.NET Web Form ASP.NET Web Form - Asp.Net web forms application integration to sales force API (load data from application to sales force lead) Asp.Net web forms application integration to sales force API (load data from application to sales force lead) - ASP.NET Web Page ASP.NET web page - ASP.NET web portal (middle scale) ASP.NET Web Portal Security Check/Fix - web services for virtual server com object ASP.NET Web Services Return Json - ASP.NET Web Site Development ASP.NET web site development - web-based application - SQL and XML Connectivity ASP.NET Web-based File Application - ASP.NET Webform applicaition ASP.NET Webform Dataabse Application - Webmail enhancements ASP.NET WEBPAGE - websiste ASP.NET WEBSITE - ASP.NET website ASP.NET website - website website - website website - website website - ASP.NET website - selling car parts (Logo required) Website - show text and images from database - ASP.NET website changes ASP.NET website changes - Website design website design - Website Development & Support ASP.NET website development (online auction) - ASP.Net Website for TechSavyNet ASP.NET website for tracking jobs - Website Modification + Additions website modification to write web code - Asp.Net Website Page Redesign and minor modification
ASP.NET Website Performance Logging - ASP.NET website require fixes asap ASP.NET website require fixes asap - Repost - website speed up ASP.NET website structure only - website upgrade website upgrade from 3.5 to 4.0 - Asp.Net website with mssql Website With Sql - ASP.NET with .NET User Control with Android experienced dev required in Islamabad - ASP.NET with java applet with JavaScript example - wizard for importing XML data into MS SQL ASP.Net Word (doc) to PDF - work for a website ASP.NET work for expert - ASP.NET x3 webpages/mysql ASP.NET XML - ASP.NET | Technical SEO‏ - ASP.NET+C# Guru(repost)(repost) project help - ASP.NET, C# and SQL Server Project, C# application maintenance & development - ASP.Net, C#, MySQL ASP.NET, C#, Silverlight, JavaScript Articles Needed -, Ironspeed Pages, Add Heading and Left Sidebar, Ironspeed, Sales Reporting System, Create the Header, Sidebar, Menu and Table Maintenance page for Sales Commission Adjustments - ASP.NET, MVC, EF 6 Project - repost 2 ASP.NET, MVC, EF 6 Project - repost 3 - ASP.NET, SQL, AJAX, CSS(repost), SQL, c# Developer -, What's Code to Loop Through Table look for a value in another table and then assign values ASP.Net, XML, and web service skills - ASP.NET-MySql-simple 2 pages Auction Script - ASP.NET/Ajax WebUI Design ASP.NET/AJAX/C# New web development in Brazil - page to fill-in Excel template with data from json page to fill-in Excel template with data from json - repost - ASP.NET/C#/Google Map ASP.NET/C#/Google Map Expert - ASP.NET/Javascript/PHP Content Processing Application (VP.NET) ASP.NET/jQuery Order Page & Pop-Up - ASP.NET/MVC/C#/jQuery Business Layer Development ASP.NET/MVC/MSSQL completing backend solution + integrating with frontend. - ASP.NET/SQL REPORTING ASP.Net/SQL Server 2000 app - Website Development and Maintenance - limiting the number of characters of a text displayed from a db - ASP.NET/VB.NET Expert required programme - Asp.net2.0 Chat Application ASp.net2.0 designer themes/skin - ASP.NET:Create New Admin Login ASP.NET:Create New Admin Login(repost) - ASP/.NET Developer Needed to Complete Web Project ASP/.Net Developers - ASP/Access : admin console ASP/Access Application - ASP/Access Survey input and web display ASP/Access to .NET/MSSQL - Asp/ajax script ASP/AJAX State/County/City Selector + Signup - ASP/ Sports Tournament Application ASP/ tool to email out access table data and add attachments - ASP/COM Whois lookup tool ASP/Cookie download tracking - ASP/HTML Guru needed (repost) ASP/HTML Login page - ASP/Javascript Variable ASP/Javascript Website Project - ASP/MSAccess simple queries ASP/MSAccess to PHP/MySQL website conversion - ASP/MySQL paging script ASP/MySQL Project - ASP/PHP Programmer ASP/PHP programmers Needed - ASP/SQL Development/enhancement of existing site ASP/SQL EXPERT (URGENT) - ASP/SQL Website Improvement/Conversion of Existing Site - No Graphics Involved ASP/SQL Website Upgrade - ASP/VBSCRIPT file transfer from remote to local server asp/vbscript loop - asp3.0 + aspupload application ASP3.0 programmer needed (long term work) - ASP_050106_30001 ASP_DOTNET_Project - ASPDNSF development and maintenance ASPDNSF experienced developer work - ASPDOTNET Storefront aspdotnet storefront - Aspdotnetstore minor work Aspdotnetstore skills - AspDotNetStoreFront - PayPal Web Payments Pro Integration AspDotNetStoreFront - PayPal Web Payments Pro Integration - AspDotNetStorefront customization aspdotnetstorefront customization - AspDotNetStorefront E-commerce Website Development ASPDOTNETSTOREFRONT Ecommerce website migration - Aspdotnetstorefront modifications to existing site Aspdotnetstorefront modifications(repost) - AspDotNetStorefront Shopping Cart Qty Modification ASPDotNetStoreFront Skin - aspdotnetstorefront skin to master page conversion 2 AspDotNetStorefront Skinning - Aspdotnetstorefront Xml package modification for DNN AspDotNetStoreFront XML Package new/mod required - aspect ratio change to 30 second video Aspect sentiment analysis - Aspell Install ASPELYA BEAUTY SALON - Aspen Plus simulation Aspen plus simulation - aspfproject for Codelization asphalt blacktop paving website design - Aspiration Site Aspiration, stokage et echange de donnée avec nos sites fournisseurs - ASPIRE_Web Design - ASPJPEG Work ASpJpeg Work - aspnetblog AspNetDating - - Forum Software Setup & Customization Forum conversion to PHPBB forum - ASPT1701-2) Translate 30 Software Product Web Articles and Implement into Wordpress ASPtear script + folders in ASP - aspx .net web application ASPX / ASP developer - ASPX code PDF generation small fixes ASPX Code Update/Development - ASPX Dynamic Website ASPX Dynamic Website (no design required!) - Aspx forms (.NET) and Database setup and integration ASPX function: retrieve "Customer" value from ARIN using IP - ASPX MSSQL Web app Converted to PHP MySQL aspx nollywood site - ASPX page to use simple variables Aspx page with datagrid and drop down list boxes - ASPX SCRIPT TO FIX + ASP ORDER FORMS TO CODE ASPX Scripts / user login (fetch data from mssql 2012) - aspx to aspx.cs conversion project