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A - a a - a a - a business card a business consulting company logo - a drafting to scale of building frame and components a drafting to scale of building frame and components - a logo design for a business in the name of majestic maid A Logo design for my product - A Private Investigator letter head A Project for sethomondi2010 only - A translator - open to bidding A translator - open to bidding - repost - A "CSI-like" investigation board app A "Did you Know" type video for our companies story - A $35.00 Bonus For Job Wll DONE A % body fat, lean body mass, goal weight and goal date calculator for men & women - A "Robot" that will play Roulette Automatically (Martingale) A "Startup" Video -> workoutplan24 - A 'return to top' button to be placed on a Bootstrap web page 2 minutes of CSS layout tidy A 'Save The Date' invitation - A - Joomla Responsive Website - repost a -- 2 - A .Net Webapp to record voice on a website A .NET wrapper for OpenCV for Face Recognition - A 1 minute youtube video on "how to post bail" A 1 page ''Under construction'' site - a 10 minute long speech a 10 minute pilot show - A 10 Point Infographic - Repost - open to bidding A 10 second intro & a 10 second exit for my youtube videos - A 100.000 Sport Gamblers Email List A 1000 word article about 10 amazing coffee mugs - A 12,000 words thesis to be taken. A 120 square grid inside a 30'' Diameter Circle - A 1500 word essay - Communication Theory A 1500 word essay on 3. In relation to western classical dance development, discuss six key events that shaped the genre using at least 3 peer-reviewed sources - A 2 min AV development a 2 min video for a shopping website - A 2 pages paper about history (in 2 days). A 2 pages paper about history. - A 20 minutes speech A 20 page PDF needs to be written in word doc - A 2000 Euro Expert 200 Mini - 60 Major Website a 2000 French to English document translation - a 2000sq ft commercial building built on 2 acres of flat raw land in Yulee, FL a 2000sq ft commercial building built on 2 acres of flat raw land in Yulee, FL - A 28,000 word ebook translated from English to Chinese - open to bidding A 290 page book translated from English to Spanish - A 2D drawing of a character converted into a 3D riggable models A 2d game for iPhone - A 3 day event website A 3 dimensional drawing - a 3 pages project - repost A 3 pages website design - A 3-piece task A 3-scene flash animation - A 30 second Youtube Video a 30 seconder 3D animation TVC for School purposes - A 32Bit program Converted to a 64Bit needed a 35 page workbook edited - a 3d animated video of a business facility with details of functionality A 3D animation - A 3D CAD A 3D CAD Animation - A 3D design of a special cup A 3D Design of my product. - A 3D game using unity 3D a 3d glass needed - A 3D Mixtape Album Cover A 3d mobile game - A 3d model of a tornado A 3D model of my client's Chihuahua. I will provide profile images side/front/top for your reference. - A 3D printed prototy[e A 3D process diagram for minerals and mining process - a 3d shed designer and order system -- 3 a 3d sketch and possible model - A 3ds max model of A corrugated display - Repost a 3ds max model turned into a fbx file that works in Faceshift - A 4 year old IT company seeking working capital A 4 year old IT company seeking working capital - repost - A 440 volts Switch Yard protection techniques and methods in National thermal power station. A 440 volts Switch Yard protection techniques and methods in National thermal power station. - A 5 mins fix a 5 minute 3d animated video - A 5 Sec Animated Sequence A 5 slide presentation - A 50 page ebook on Elvis Presley, A 50 page introductory and safety handbook for recreational airboating. - A 6 minute Go Animate video mirroring an already existing video A 6 page brochure - A 600-word, original essay on the following topic A 6000 word essay on sustainability in packaging design - A 750 Word Article Need Rewritten For $1.16 –Newbie Welcome!! Receive 5***** FEEDBACK! A 750 Word Article Need Rewritten For $1.16 –Newbie Welcome!! Receive 5***** FEEDBACK!! - A 90-120 second 2d basic flash animation A 900 word project based on any latest IT ethics - A A4 travel booklet, 20 pages a academic journal article - literature review for a PhD paper - A Adult membership site for model A adult website wordpress blog - a amazon clothing data file (intended to be used in uploading inventory A Ambitious Designer That's Ready To WORK ! - a android app which can play rtp live straming video a android application fertilizers - A animator to work on a 4 minute per episode small show A anime style video - A app for sharing Video A App for Student Network of Particular Campus - A application similar to Tinychat A application test for C# Reflection: fix source code - A article on "How to write a cover letter for interview" A article to write and a big file to translate - a autocad job or data entry - open to bidding A automated machine for scanning and counting cans and bottles with a bottle deposit. - a B2B enquiry portal a B2B Marketplace Website and its Apps - A backend API platform A Backend Design for a Crowdfunding site - A Background To a Race for video game A Background Village For My Video Game - A band needs a mobile-friendly version of the current website A Bangla Natok need to be translated in Noth American English - A banner campaign reguired. A banner design - a banner for google words and facebook A banner for my clan for COD Ghost - A banner we can use as a sign for our shop and for our website A banner, Flash and Left Column of a website redesign - A basic 5 page business website to be made for architecture firm. A basic Android app in Unity 5 - A Basic camera app with GPS/Geo tag A Basic camera app with GPS/Geo tag -- 2 - A basic google map and search bar on my website a basic graphical user interface (GUI) program for recording a family tree. - A basic Java or C++ program written/modified A Basic Java Program to Calculate Payment Plan for School Students - A basic php set up a basic plugin developer (audio player) - A basic service scheduling and payment app for Android A basic shopify site selling two fitness programs - A basic Website as a platform A basic website for an accounting firm, the sample website will be given - A Basic, Simple one Page C code a basic, small adobe code cc file. - A beat looping app similar to the video posted within A Beat Maker App - A beautiful webpage
A beautiful, mobile and seo friendly website needed with payment and price cost calculation - A beginning of a poker bot! A beginning of a poker bot, - a betfair bot that have three strategies. The lay the draw, the back under 4.5, and the over 0,5 strategy HT/FT - open to bidding A better application of an existing logo - A better Stickie note A better tipping comp - A bid bot on a bid in objective-c - A big housing project design in different states A big interior project - A BigCommerce Expert is needed for theme installation A bike docking system - A Binary option and Forex Live Trading Software Developer a binary options robot created against a set of rules - a biped 15dof humanoid robot... A BIRD EYE DRAWING - A bit of code tidying, change layout from tables to css, and setup emailing list to be automated A bit of cosmetic work - A Bitcoin Exchange A Bitcoin Exchange Code - Immediate buy - repost - A black and white drawing of a champagne bottle popping (cork popped, bubbles) a black and white drawing of grandparents off picture - A blog A blog - A blog article written to debate 'Employee Engagement' A Blog article: 900-1000 words: Adult related - A BLOG In SPANISH A Blog Marketing Expert - A blog post to be written A blog section added to website - A Blog with bootstrap A Blog With The Ability To Have It Updated - A blogger for a tech site - open to bidding a blogger for two articles - A BLOGTV CLONE SITE FOR TWITTER A blood donation website - A body for the face A Bohol Brochure - A Book about Disney A Book About Hillary Clinton - A Book Cover A Book Cover - A book cover for a novel A book cover for an eBook - a BOOK for kids to read a BOOK for kids to read - A book laid out to conform to Amazon publishing specifications A book manuscript proofread - A book on personal selling A Book on Project Management - A book to be proofreading. A book to be published - A book written a book written - A booking website A booking website - A bookstore inclusive WMS A bookstore website (architecture and programming) - A bot for headless browser automation unit test a bot for a java game - A bot to automatically send message to people on craigslist A bot to collect articles from 3rd party websites, and.. - a bottle shot A boutique site needs to be developed in nopCommerce - A boy and his bluey a BPO project - A brand logo A brand logo - A brand new website A brand new website - A brief article research A brief article research - repost - A bright, talented, ambitious and self-motivated web designer with a strong technical background who possesses self-discipline and the ability to work with the minimum of supervision. Able to play a key role throughout a sites development to ensure max A British accountant - A brochure for a safari company A Brochure for a Student Trip Company called - A brochure. A Broken php script. - a Build a Website Site with Word Press For A real estate agent A Builder - A bulk sms mobile app to send sms. It will be able integrate and send sms t... A bulk sms mobile app to send sms. It will be able to send sms through phon... - A Bunch of Rewrites Required #7 A Bunch of Rewrites Required #8 - A business application with GPS service a business art work for seminar - A business card sample a business card that I can manipulate (to add names, titles, etc as the business grows), a services sheet, letterhead - A Business Development Research for Philippines A Business Development Research for South Korea - a business job a business job - A business logo A business logo - a Business Logo -- 2 A business logo and facebook page design - A Business Manager that specialize in Commerical Janitorial, A Business Manager that specialize in Commerical Janitorial, - repost - A Business plan A business Plan - A business plan (formulated with facts and figures) for a e-matrimonial portal for divorcess (REMARRY>COM) - open to bidding A Business Plan 2.0 - A Business Plan for Private Equity Companies A Business plan including a 5 year financial projection on an existing Coffee Franchise - a business presentation of our new company and product with prezi a business promoter online - A Business Sustainability Document A business thesis needs help, 24 hours job., good pay. - A button doesn't work for me A Button in Microsoft Outlook that links to a Web based email server - A C program projectt A C program that converting assembly language - A C# sharp program as described in the attached pdf a c# simple program - A C++ expert needed. - open to bidding A C++ fuction - a c++ program on online bus ticketing A C++ program to keep track of CD's - A C++ Simulator for a Simple Microprocessor A c++ teacher is needed. - A cab request application, a light version of UBER. A CAD CAM DESIGN OF A SMALL PLASTIC MECHANICAL TOOTH BRUSH PRODUCT - A CAD technican A Cad Technician - a calculator in android A calculator with a touch of style and extra functions - A Call Center Require - repost A Call Center Require - Repost 2 - A cam Show c2c. A cam Show c2c. - open to bidding - A camp catered A campaign description for kickstarter - A cape cover for a story a capstone manuscript for my MSN. Length aprox 19 pages on the topic- what are nurses perceptions of hospice versus palliative care? - A car review website A car review website. - A Card Translated from Spanish to English - Fast Please :) A Cardboard developer - A caricature that can be transferred on to t-shirts a caricature-type drawing for t-shirt - A cartoon building 3D model and few props required a cartoon character mascot remake - A cartoon map A cartoon of a industrial type truck for company mascot - a cartoon with animation A cartoon-like map - A Case of Need (media ethic) A case series on hand transplantation in an indian hospital - A case study for real estate class