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A - a a - a a a - a business plan, about the ebusiness a c# or program using winsock - a electric bill from the city of urbana illonis A Female Voice Recorder needed in Canada for Upcoming Project - A Marketing Presentation A Mathematical Biography about Archimedes - A Record keeping website for articles business is for sale A services and goods demand listing site - A Vistaprint fucntionality website with multiple API's connection & SOLID Backend A Vocational Platform - Employment Website - A "lottery" website - open to bidding A "lottery" website made - a ‘video-scratching’ sequence lasting 1 minute A & M Global Solutions inc. - a ''PIC ASSEMBLY'' project A ''QuickMail'' tool. Drag items onto a ''mailto'' icon. - A 'virtual' webcam, send movie files (mpegs, avi's etc) over a netmeeting webcam session a 'web-brochure' - A .exe file programme, to index and record emails, pdf, invoice and scans a .net backlinks software - forum profile backlinks tool - a 1 min video for art project to be presented in buenos aires. A 1 minute 30 second product description video for a mobile application - A 1,500 word paper on Moby Dick A 1-2 min animated video based on a short storyline - A 10 page article about Greek astronomy A 10 page business report on Caterpillar inc. - A 10-20 page screenplay A 100 articles rewrite work - A 1000+ Guaranted upgraded paid membsership to our site. A 100k Views - A 15 second powerpoint presentation of our services a 15-20 page literature review for a doctorate - a 17k word writing task -- 2 A 19 minute reel of clips to submit for an Emmy - A 2 page essay about an author's essay of her reactions to a tattoo parlor. A 2 page essay on an advertisement on a magazine, newpaper or online. (You can choose the advertisement!!) Just show me the advertisement before you write about it!! - A 2-D Shooter In VB 6 A 2-min video needed to upload on youtube to promote my website! - A 20-second animated advertisement created in Flash -- 2 A 20-second animated advertisement created in Flash -- 3 - A 2000 WORDS NEEDED IN 10 HOURS A 2000 WORDS NEEDED IN 10 HOURS - a 250 page autobiography A 250-300 word catchy and enjoyable article on Fashion wanted - Trial Article - a 2d car game in cocos2d and chipmunk A 2D cartoon image design - A 2min anime animted based trailed A 2nd shooter for an upcoming Wedding this Saturday 26th - A 3 minute video presentation of my company A 3 page Essay - A 3-7 min promo video (Grays Harbor Washington Area) A 3-D prototype - A 30 second animated commercial made for TV commercial a 30 second animated sequence - A 3000 word Archaeological essay done by August 27th A 3000 word Archaeology essay done by August 27th - A 3D African Warrior/Superhero Toy Illustration A 3D African Warrior/Superhero Toy Illustration - open to bidding - A 3d animator who can join my team A 3d animator who can work for me - A 3D character/scene animator. A 3D CONCEPTUAL DRAWING - A 3d film trailer A 3D fox made from our logo - a 3D Level Editor for Games Development a 3D little animation of cardiac coherence - A 3D model of a character ready for 3D printing a 3d model of a hot water pump and unions - a 3d object A 3D or Flash Presentation - A 3D serious game on chemistry using unity3D or XNA - Repost A 3D shape in Solidworks - A 3D, animated, video title. A 3ds Max model - A 4 pages Website + Logo a 4 pg essay - A 430 word wedding reading designed A clone - A 5 Day Website A 5 Min Job for a Singaporean Freelancer. ONLY Singaporeans! - A 5 page website to be made up and Launched in 2 Weeks A 5 part series - A 5-Page Website A 5-page Wordpress site (home and 4 sections), with simple layout, no javascript effects. - A 577777898055 A 5X9 matrix mlm website - A 600 pages long French philosophy book needs to be summarized in Hebrew A 600 word speech re-written - a 700 words project management essay needed in 40 hours.would pay 70 $AUD a 700 words small academic case study article - A 90 Second video hand-drawn animation video. A 90 Second video hand-drawn animation video. - a a free hosting server - open to bidding A a video gallery and video player to our existing site - a ADMIN side design for existing OsCommerce 2.2ms2 A Adobe Reader Plug-In for Microsoft AD RMS - A all night project A almost cartoon / animation of 2 house's, with face arms legs etc. The first is to detail broken windows, doors, gutters etc. a sad week looking house. The second is to detail a strong happy house with new windows, doors, gutters etc. - a android app same like mashable a android application fertilizers - A animator to work on a 4 minute per episode small show A anime style video - a app for the app store a app for the iphone and android phone - A AQUARIUM DEALERS IN AHMEDABAD ALL TYPES OF FISH AVAILABLE A AR Answers website, where people can post answers to tests and rate them. - A artist, a painter, a writer. A Asian history paper, 1000 words need help! - A Avatar of my self A awesome landing page website of an mobile app - A B2C project: 'Request a quote' A B2C web portal for hiring agents online (Minimum Viable product only) - A backend server for IOS app A backend solution to an existing website - A Bakery Business Plan A ball game android application - A Banner & Possibly A Landing Page A Banner / Logo designed - A banner designed for Youtube ASAP A banner for a campaign - a banner for my site A Banner for my website - a barra de progresso a base html page to "PraOndeVou"(nowhere to go) - A basic application to interface with IBM Cognos TM1 A basic Augmented Reality based project - A Basic Desktop Tool A Basic Desktop Tool/App - A basic Implementation of the OpenVDB in windows. - ongoing work A Basic information app utilising a dynamic database with possible submissions to other sites - A basic network tool A basic one page stock chart html page. - A basic quiz Android application A basic revit model and 2d drawings of a simple house before and after with some renders inside and out - A basic website A basic website - A Basic Wordpress site A basic wordpress site - a battery powered water proof hand held massager A battleship game on python and delphi with sockets - A beautiful model for a nude video shoot like playboy
A beautiful simple ecommerce website - a beginner JavaScript assignment a beginner JavaScript assignment - A bestseller book that will capture the people from beginning to end A Bet site - a better presentation for my words A better prototype to take to market - a betting website with betting software A beyond amazing website for a Latin/urban/rap music label based in Miami - A big business opportunity for you and your country.. A big business opportunity for you and your country~ - A big Web Form of Web elements & Jquery A big Web Form of Web elements & Jquery - a billing invoice software in php-mysql - repost A Billing System - a biomedical application using FPGA A biometric application to scan fingers - A bit more coding a bit more joomla work - A bitcoin and Python related project A Bitcoin Bank Website - A black and white drawing of a champagne bottle popping (cork popped, bubbles) a black and white drawing of grandparents off picture - A blog A blog - A Blog article: 900-1000 words: Adult related A blog banner and logo - A blog on garden related items? A blog on personal finance for young people - A blog set up and designed A blog set up similar to Perez Hilton - A blog writer with an internet searching experience needed A blog writing for my new business - A blogger site for google adsense A blogger template - A blueprin for a yoga hall A blueprint - A book A book - A book about theology A book about toilet training - A book cover A book cover - A Book Cover! A book cover. Urgent. Payment & Mention your name on the book. - A book illustrator A book illustrator - A book of quotes and Bible verses and pictures A Book On 3D Printing For Beginners - A Book Publisher A book reading competition mobile app for android phones. - A book Translated into Chinese or Japanese a book typed up - A book written in 60 days A book written. - a bookkeeper a bookkeeper - A bootstrap designer is needed for site modification. Designers ONLY pls!!! -- 4 A Bootstrap Designer Is Needed!!! - A Bot for Subspace/Continuum a bot for uploading purpose - A bot to upload images on gumtree. a bot to use for automated actions on a webpage - a box for parfume needs to be printed with a painted design and some letters a box to delay video - A brand designed for female technicians A brand e-commerce store - A brand name logo A brand name to be made for the boxes - A brands battle website A Brazilian Discount Membership Club (Benefit Program) - A brief scheme project. Additional info is on the zip file. a brief statement or account of the main points of something - A brochure design, a Word-press plugin and a responsive website (for android/iPhone platforms) for $150 A Brochure designed - A brochure Template for Xeon finance a brochure to be designed - A bueatiful unique and modern website... A bug capture widget for bitbucket (hosted web applications) - A buisness logo A buisness logo for Crow and Wolf Resume Services - A Bunch of Rewrites Required #12 A Bunch of Rewrites Required #3 - A business / marketing Plan for "fixed geared / road" bikes - open to bidding A business / marketing Plan for "fixed geared / road" bikes -- 2 - A business card double sided design A business card for a health and fitness company- logo will be provided - A Business Development Representative A Business Development Research for Japan - A business flyer - repost A business for people who like helping people - A business logo A business logo - A business Logo A business logo - A business logo for signage a business logo that can be transferable from website, social networks, cards clothing - A Business Plan A Business Plan - A Business Plan A Business Plan - A business plan for my company A Business Plan for my company. - A business presentation A business presentation - A Business Software with desktop app and cloud based SAAS A Business Software with desktop app and cloud SAAS - a button and some text addition to website A button doesn't work for me - A C program MP that will take about 2hours to complete A C program project - A C# programming+Report A C# project to create a batch file - A C++ expert needed. A C++ expert needed. - open to bidding - a c++ program on online bus ticketing A C++ program to keep track of CD's - A C++ Simulator for a Simple Microprocessor A c++ teacher is needed. - A cab request application, a light version of UBER. A CAD CAM DESIGN OF A SMALL PLASTIC MECHANICAL TOOTH BRUSH PRODUCT - A CAD technican A Cad Technician - a calculator in android A calculator with a touch of style and extra functions - A Call Center Require - Repost 2 A call center to take on a survery project! - a camaraman to record a live gig in a theatre like corn exchange, dont need to worry abut sound because we have sound enginer recording the event just need someone to video record. a camera and a photo developer - A campaign description for kickstarter A campaign set up i can manage - A Capstone project - need a unique idea and - built it -- 2 A captcha team of data entry specialists or few individuals for long-term period. - a car selling website to allow car dealers to bid on potential car buyers A car service website for taxi - A Care Home Management System A Caribbean Resort Review Site with Ranking System - a carpenter A Carpet cleaning website - A cartoon drawing A cartoon drawing of a college mascot - A cartoon of my Cocker Spaniel Dog a cartoon of my wife - A cartoonist a cartoonist - a cartoonist