If you have money in your Freelancer.com account, you can withdraw it using any of the methods available.

Currently we offer these methods:

Follow these steps to withdraw money:
  1. Login to your Freelancer.com account
  2. Select Withdraw Funds from the Payments menu
  3. Choose the most suitable method of withdrawal
  4. Fill in the details of the withdrawal which will be specific to the chosen method
  5. Check details and submit the withdrawal request

You'll receive the notification of the submitted request by email. Requested withdrawals will be marked Pending until processed.

We will cancel requests if you don't have enough money in your Freelancer.com account.

If you need to change any details of a withdrawal, contact us.

Cutoff Time The cutoff time for weekly withdrawals is 5pm Sundays EDT (New York), corresponding with 7am AEST (Sydney). For your payment to be processed on Mondays/Tuesdays, please ensure your withdrawal request is lodged before then.

Once we start to process your withdrawal request, the amount you want to receive will be marked Locked. You'll receive a notification by email, if your payment has been successfully sent. If it fails, we'll contact you.

Withdrawal requests can be marked with the following status:

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.