Physics is the fundamental science of energy, matter, force and motion. Everything in our world is based on the interactions of these elements and a physicist is at the helm of mathematical equations and formulas to fully comprehend them. With an expertise in Physics, one can create solutions to everyday problems as well as provide insight into complex problems.

Physicists have a unique ability to look at things differently, examine puzzles from both a theoretical and practical perspective, and find connections between seemingly unrelated ideas. For example, computer simulations are proving to be invaluable tools for investigating the behavior of physical systems by providing quick, cost-effective solutions to simplify production or design processes.

For businesses looking to combine the power of computer simulation with physics analysis, an expert physicist can make all the difference in improving products or inventing new ones. With their enhanced skillset and knowledge, we can explore beyond what a single traditional science can offer and make real advancements in our world.

Here's some projects that our expert Physicist made real:

    - Creating structures based off physics equations

    - Deciphering scientific videos

    - Tutoring on Physics subjects

    - Developing calculations on Chemistry topics

    - Editing mathematics related to General Relativity

    - Analysing stresses and deflections with ANSYS models

    - Introducing fluid mechanics through ANSYS tools

    - Presenting equilibrium in Chemistry classes

    - Solving physical chemistry questions

    At, our physicists are pros at combining physics and computer simulations to develop algorithmic solutions that better solve problems and lead to more useful outcomes. If you are looking for someone who can tantalize your scientific curiosity and bring concepts to life with their creativity, then a freelancer from our platform will meet all your needs—post your project today!

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      I am looking for a math expert who can help me with differential equations and provide step-by-step solutions. The difficulty level of the equations is not specified. Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and understanding of differential equations - Ability to provide clear and detailed step-by-step solutions - Experience in solving differential equations at various difficulty levels, including high school, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels.

      £20 (Avg Bid)
      £20 Avg Bid
      33 bids
      Hooke's law Physics 5 days left

      I need help to understand the Hooke's law which has formula -F = Kx I have two options to derive the formula using integration. One case using cos 180 degree gives 1/2 kx square and the other case using cos 0 degree gives answer 1/2 kx square but in negative direction. Please contact me to check the existing derivation done.

      £7 / hr (Avg Bid)
      £7 / hr Avg Bid
      12 bids

      I am looking for a kinematics engineer to assist with motion analysis for a basic level project. The specific aspect of kinematics engineering that I need assistance with is motion analysis. I do not have any specific software preferences for this project. The ideal candidate should have experience with kinematics engineering and be proficient in motion analysis.

      £24 (Avg Bid)
      £24 Avg Bid
      11 bids
      Free surface Simulation 3 days left

      Project Title: Free surface Simulation Description: This project requires a freelancer with expertise in fluid flow simulations using SolidWorks. The ideal candidate should have experience in conducting research simulations. Requirements: - Proficiency in fluid flow simulations using SolidWorks - Strong understanding of free surface simulations - Ability to conduct thorough research and analyze simulation results - Familiarity with relevant mathematical models and equations - Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail Skills and Experience: - SolidWorks - Fluid flow simulations - Research methodology and analysis The main goal of this project is to conduct research through a fluid flow simulation using SolidWorks. The freelancer will be responsible for setting up and runn...

      £18 (Avg Bid)
      £18 Avg Bid
      11 bids

      Project Title: Chemical Engineering Area of Focus: Process Separations Expected Deliverable: Calculations Timeline: December 6, 11:59 pm Eastern Time Zone Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in thermodynamics and chemical engineering principles - Strong background in mathematical modeling and calculations - Experience in conducting thermodynamic analysis and simulations - Ability to interpret and analyze data accurately - Attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines Project Description: Make sure to box the answers and write everything digitally. No hand written. Do not use Chegg/ChatGPT or any kind of service. I need question 1, 3, and 4 done. Problem 2 will help you for 3 and 4. I am seeking a skilled chemical engineer with expertise in ASPEN and Process Separations...

      £98 (Avg Bid)
      £98 Avg Bid
      17 bids

      Busco un freelance que me ayude con un proyecto personal relacionado con Mecánica newtoniana. El candidato ideal debe tener experiencia en este campo. Proporcionare ejemplos específicos para que el profesional independiente los considere cuando trabaje en el proyecto. Tema involucrados: Cinemática de la partícula. Sistemas de coordenadas. Movimiento relativo. Dinámica de la partícula. Sistemas con vínculos. Sistemas no inerciales. Trabajo y Energía. Fuerzas centrales. Sistemas de Partículas. Cinemática del rígido. Dinámica del rígido.

      £13 (Avg Bid)
      £13 Avg Bid
      9 bids

      Busco un freelance que me ayude con un proyecto personal relacionado con Ecuaciones diferenciales. El candidato ideal debe tener experiencia en este campo. Proporcionare ejemplos específicos para que el profesional independiente los considere cuando trabaje en el proyecto. Tema involucrados: Métodos de resolución de ecuaciones Transformada de Laplace Ecuaciones X=AXconA∈Mn×n(R) Enunciado y consecuencias del Teorema de Picard Estabilidad Series de Fourier Ecuaciones diferenciales en derivadas parciales

      £16 (Avg Bid)
      £16 Avg Bid
      9 bids

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