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java code develope Consider the following problem statement: (Student Poll) Students were asked to rate on a scale of 1 to 5 the quality of the food in the student cafeteria, with 1 being “awful” and 5 being “excellent”. Suppose we wish to process survey results that are stored in a file. This project requires two separate programs. The first program prompts the user for survey responses ... 7 Java Feb 5, 2016 Today6d 23h £20
Create view (JSF or prime faces) and controller (managed bean) for application I have a table in the database with the columns: date, hours and timesheet_id. (see enclosed data.jpg) The date and hours are stored in a hashmap. It needs to be created JSF or primefaces datatable (View) like on enclosed datatable.jpg. Also it needs to be created managed bean (Controller) to load data into JSFprimefaces datatable. 4 Java, J2EE Feb 5, 2016 Today6d 22h £43
Write an Android application and report explaining the code. its a uni project in which we have to make an android application which works on mobile and report which explains how code works. The max price I'm looking for is hundred. 16 Java, Javascript, Mobile Phone, Android Feb 5, 2016 Today6d 21h £103
Javascript fix I need fix my JS it's broken my Shoutbox system making text not display but show as text in the url. 20 Java, Javascript Feb 5, 2016 Today6d 20h £16
Minecraft Server Plugin Developer (High End) Hello, I'm looking for a freelancer that is highly skilled in Minecraft plugin development. This person needs to have worked with the bukkit/spigot api. You are required to have many years of experience in the field of minecraft plugin development. Please don't apply to this project if you are not experienced. Even if you are a java God I need you to have understanding of minecraft and t... 9 PHP, Java, Javascript, Software Architecture, MySQL Feb 5, 2016 Today6d 20h £2024
Build mobile app I would like to create a mobile app that asks a user about 10 questions. Each question should be displayed on one screen. After each question is answered, the user clicks a next button to proceed to the next question. I would also like a progress bar shown on the screen to let the user know how far along he or she is in the series of questions. The app will be asking immigration questions. ... 45 Java, XML, Mobile Phone, Android Feb 5, 2016 Today6d 20h £284
3 textual files comparison tool needed ASAP Lets say I have 3 files: FILE 1 - text (1 sentence per line in language A) FILE 2 - text (1 sentence per line translation of language A to langauge B) FILE 3 - text (1 sentence per line translation of language A to langauge B) Now I need to take each line separately from those FILES and compare them. First we compare FILE 2 and FILE 3. The best would be semantical comparison like: ... 10 Perl, C Programming, Java, Python, C++ Programming Feb 5, 2016 Today6d 20h £124
Write some Software Looking for core java developer with exp selenium 16 Java Feb 5, 2016 Today6d 19h £243
JAVA TCP Forwarder with SSL Wrapping Write a Java class that binds to a local port, listens for TCP traffic, wraps that traffic in SSL, and then forwards it to a remote server. It should handle any type of incoming traffic and more or less function like "openssl s_client -connect server:port". For this specific use case SSH traffic will be tunneled inside SSL/TLS traffic. 1. A socket should listen on local host for any... 5 Java, Socket IO, OpenSSL Feb 5, 2016 Today6d 19h £80
Indian satellite technician RAMU I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using Java. 12 Java, Windows Desktop, Software Architecture Feb 5, 2016 Today6d 18h £348
Simple Music Play Android App I want you to make a simple music play Android app. The purpose of the app is a way that is easy to sleep. It app has the following of only seven of the simple contents. ・Background image ・Playback and stop ・Volume control ・Timer ・Background Playback ・Displayed in the notification area during playback ・Admob Similar app (app that I have the image) is the following URL. https://pl... 14 Java, Mobile Phone, Android, Software Architecture Feb 5, 2016 Today18h 40m £47
Looking for Scala Akka/Spray Developer We are looking for a good scala developer to work with us for few weeks. We are building a API monitoring software, so any knowledge/experience working with APIs with authentication will be preferred. 7 Java, Scala Feb 5, 2016 Today6d 18h £357
Instagram software to scrap data Knowing the private API and the public API of Instagram is required for this project . i need a simple software on Instagram which will have 4 option. 1. i will upload a list of URLs of Instagram post . 2. it will get 1000 users name who commented on the post> 3. it will get 1000 names who liked the post> 4. it will get the both user who like and commented on the post and the out put wil... 2 PHP, C Programming, Java, Python, Ruby on Rails Feb 5, 2016 Today6d 18h £28
JAVA PostgreSQL with eclipse and JAVAFX GUI Hey guys I need a database to be developed for a sample eventmanaging agency. I will need the whole DROP CREATE INSERT and SELECT SQL commands as well as a JAVA file where you have a JAVAFX GUI and can connect to the database and do operations. I will try to load up what this database need to have, but i guees most of you do now. Its a event aganecy, so you need tables like: - event -costum... 10 Java, JavaFX, Software Architecture, PostgreSQL Feb 5, 2016 Today6d 17h £115
Need YeePay Payment API Integration (Chinese Only Apply) A chinese payment api gateway called Yee Pay needs to be integrated. Its already integrated but issues , so need to fix and correct. 9 Java, MySQL Feb 5, 2016 Today6d 17h £96
Write some Software Write some Software. Simple project ($30-250 USD) 6 Java, Software Architecture Feb 5, 2016 Today6d 17h £73
Strategic Outsourcing & Offshoring Quiz game Computer game quiz about outsourcing and offshoring: Window with question and four boxes A-D with each one answer possibilities. User needs to choose the right answer by clicking on it, then the next question with answer possibilities appears. After the ten questions you see a screen showing what questions you answered correctly and next to it you can see your score. I have attached a ... 15 Java, Adobe Flash, Python Feb 5, 2016 Today6d 16h £370
Write some Software Hello. I have 20 persons Java (BlueJ) short code assignment with the solutions and want someone to do the marking for me? Also, I have a description of that. Thanks. 23 Java Feb 5, 2016 Today6d 16h £88
solve this problems on turing machine For each of the following languages A, determine whether A is semidecid- able, and whether A is semidecidable. Justify your answers. 1. A1 = {hMi| M is a TM and M, starting with a blank tape, eventually writes a nonblank symbol} 2. Let A2 be the set of all Turing Machine descriptions hMi such that M, during the computation starting with a blank tape, never attempts to move its head left when its... 0 Java, Engineering, Electronics, Matlab & Mathematica, Electrical Engineering Feb 5, 2016 Today6d 16h -
calculate PC performance of 3 pcs Run the complete BenchNT suite on three different PCc-compatible computer systems. To the extent possible, pick systems that have distinctly different characteristics. For example, you might choose a notebook computer, a bareb-ones desktop, and a high-powered, multicore gaming machine (if you have access to one). To be "fair" to each system, exit all other applications such that the max... 0 Java, Project Management, Engineering, SQL, Software Architecture Feb 5, 2016 Today6d 15h -
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