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    I am a school psychologist and would like to create a program that will allow me to enter in information/data about a client and select appropriate instruments used and recommendations (from a larger database) to be included in output - a final report. I guess the job would entail creating a "form" to fill out and check off certain selections that would then produce a printable report. T...

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    ... that's okay. Player will be able to select gender (2 choices), costume (4 choices for men, 4 for women), color of horse (6 choices). I'm not expecting that this will rival XBox or Gamecube games, of course, but I would like it to be as professional as possible. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form

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    I'm looking to get a windows program that will let people who Enter their contact information will be entered in an instant raffle with instant results.. once the person enters their information and click on the submit button the program will let them know if they are a winner or not.. I want the program to have a way to enter what the prize is on the screen and change once a winner of the la...

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    The program will generate a default cover and will then allow the user to modify the text, layout, and graphics as they see fit. Finally it will output several files: a resizable ecover graphic, a thumbnail, and a printable cover graphic. The user will also have a choice as to the file format for each type of file: jpg, png, gif, tiff, or eps. It will also output the final text as name=value pai...

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    ...of each table in the database Should be writen in VB6 and produce a word document. A Html document is also acceptable although word is prefered. I prefer to avoid a report generator like Crystal report. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation

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    I need to create a logo link generator on an existing site that allows users to get the html to several sized banners and text links that promote my site on their site. This is a crude example of what I'm talking about: [url removed, login to view] I'd like a tool akin to [url removed, login to view] so that I can

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    Need a perl script to display a webpage with a user's personal information from a flat text file database. I must be able to modify html layout of displayed page. Script must send user an email with a link to his specific page, based on a txt file template I provide. When clicked on link, script displays his current record in a format I specify in html template. Must also be able to send pers...

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    Forget my original post, heres exactly what I need: I need a program, preferably a windows application that would run off a pc. What I need it to do is ask me for 2 variables. The 1st variable would be the length of the string on numbers. The 2nd variable would be the highest number I would like to use in the list it would generate. Based on the above, if I asked the program, to spit out a list of...

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    I have a site that my new customers need to produce a web page template for my content to be driven into. So I want a small piece of asp coding to enable me to have that user log into a web page and create a page with any images text, colours or backgrounds of their choice. It needs to also create the html on the fly for the user to edit if they wish also. The template page that is created must ha...

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    Need a windows xp application, or script to run on a website, that will generate every concievable combination of a set of numbers. It can be a windows application that will run on a single computer, or a script that uses the power of multiple computers, residing on a website. You choose which, but I want it to be the faster of the two choices. What I want it to do is be able to ask for 2 variable...

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    Number sequence table generator operate in Windows platform. Require table number generator from 1-99, upon input a selection of numbers as argument, the generator will automatically create the table of full combinations of the selected numbers output requested as set of 2, set of 3, sets of 4 to maximum sets of 14 combinations. (eg: selected numbers

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    Pseudo Random Number Generator, in Visual Basic, please use API Whenever Possible! If you don't understand what I'm looking for, see: [url removed, login to view] and/or [url removed, login to view]~geo/[url removed, login to view] The final code should passes all of the tests within both the ENT and DIEHARD test applications! Thanks ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functi...

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    I need help with this one,i am a soccer fan and i want a program that runs with vb 5.0 The idea is that you can select two teams and then enter ratings for defence,midfield and attack per team. Example: DF = 10, MF = 8 And AT = 5. Then i want the program to generate a result for the match based on the entered ratings. But it must be possible that the team with the lesser ratings also can win once ...

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    This project will involve the development of a Compiler with a Parser (preferably Recursive Descent), Scanner and Pluggable Code Generator Object. The Code Generator Object should be designed so that we can plug in different asm outputs. EBNF will be provided for the language, which is a strongly typed object oriented language along the lines of Borland's

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    I need a small keygen for a program that I have. It will generate a random WORKING serial for that program. 1 sample serial will be provided, and if needed more can be aquired. Can be coded in ANY LAUNGUAGE. C++ perfered. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Complete ownership and distribution...

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    This is a small business that is using Excel to keep track of purchasing. Each Customer has a "card" which is an excel workbook. Each Sheet in the workbook is a different SKU number for that customer. When ordering a SKU from the manufacturer we record it on the customer "card". Information on the card includes (Date ordered, PO Number, Vendor ordered from, quantity, recieving ...

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    I'm looking for a search engine script to place on my site where a user will search the internet by any keywords they choose and it will query multiple search engines and return the results while at the same time, creating a web page on my site titled by whatever keyword was entered. Once the page is generated, I want the script to auto submit the new page to five or more of the top search en...

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    I search a pdf generator ActiveX control. with which I can make pdf files with visual basic. The Control must be written in Visual basic!! I need the SOURCE code. The program must convert text & pictures into pdf. Pay max. 100 dollar. ## Deliverables Before I pay I'd like to have a part of the source code. Most important is that

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    Restated 10/31/02 XML file lives on web server. I need a web solution to edit it. using [url removed, login to view] 1) XML is displayed by server-side XSLT transform 2) Sections (elements) can be selected and edited and the save is posted to the xml on server, then page is refreshed and changes are reflected. 3) HTML Editing needs to be in a WYSIWYG window in web page. Nee...

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    if i have a list of say 20-30 or 100 numbers..and all these numbers have a pattern...i want a program to generate the next (specified) numbers with the sane pattern...numbers are 16 digits. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in read...

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