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    I am in need of a skilled graphic designer who can create minimalist-inspired mockups for a series of notebook refills, based exactly on the example i attach (replication). I created the attached file in Canva, to provide the file as a guide of what the designer should prepare. What i need is a professional approach and professional files. Below a link of a video of a sample i printed based on the Canva example i designed. These files will be used by the printing company to produce notebooks in 3 different dimentions (A4, B5, A5) and 3 different types (plain inner pages, rulled inner pages, dotted inner pages). The files i expect are 21 indipendent open pdf files and the relative AI file or 1 file per dimention: - A4 Front Cover

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    ...the project. ******************************************************************* If you are familiar with AWS programming, this should be a simple task for you. I have included an example C# solution using AWS Transcribe that I need to be working. Example Program: AWS Transcribe documentation: Requirements: • I will create a new AWS free account and will supply credentials. • In my AWS account, configure any IAM role/policy/user/credentials needed to run the example program. • Change the example program to accept credentials (accessKey/secretKey) as arguments passed to the executable. • Ensure that the corrected code successfully converts the speech in the audio file to text

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    "I am actively seeking a designer who possesses a profound understanding of branding. Proficiency in Maya, Adobe Suite, 3D Studio Max, and general image editing skills are prerequisites for this role. The brand in question is already well-established; however, it requires a sophisticated refinement while maintaining its appeal. Specifically, this project involves the design of a spirit label. If you lack the aforementioned skills, I kindly request that you refrain from applying or if you are trying to give the work to someone else. When I'm available online, I can provide further clarification. Please understand and NDA will be required to sign.

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    If you are familiar with AWS programming, this should be a simple task for you. I have included an example C# solution using AWS Transcribe that I need to be working. Example Program: AWS Transcribe documentation: Requirements: • I will create a new AWS free account and will supply credentials. • In my AWS account, configure any IAM role/policy/user/credentials needed to run the example program. • Change the example program to accept credentials (accessKey/secretKey) as arguments passed to the executable. • Ensure that the corrected code successfully converts the speech in the audio file to text using the AWS Transcribe service. Deliverables: • All source code • Instructions

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    I need a minimal working example of PPPOS in IDF framework v4.4.7. The requeriments are: - Minimal example with SIM800L modem. - Create and configure esp_netif for PPP (create the driver, and task to receive data from modem and send to esp_netif) - Configure the modem via AT commands (PPP conection ATD*99#) - After succesfull connection, make a http request for testing. The most important thing: DO NOT USE esp_modem component. The example must do not use any component, simply the esp_netif API.

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    I need a minimal flutter example app for android. The app must scan Bluetooth Ibeacons. I do not need a complete UI, simply a button to start scan and another to stop scan. The information obtained from beacons can be showed in a textbox. The monitoring of beacons mut be "Ranging" (each transmition of beacon must be received and showed) Is very important the scan continue in background. When the app is minimized or out of focus, the app must launch a foreground service (or the foregrounn service can be allways active on all the life of app) when te foreground service is running, a permanent notification must be showed (android policy to allow foreground service). The app must request all permitions required to user on start. When the app is minimized, and the foreground...

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    I am looking for an experienced Flutter developer to create a minimal example that can effectively scan iBeacons for Android. This should be a simple, text-based UI that can display the UUID, major & minor values, as well as signal strength of iBeacons. Furthermore, it's important that the scanner remains functional in the background via a foreground service, providing a simple text notification when interacted with. The detection process must be constant (ranging). Key requirements for the project: - Develop a minimal Flutter app for Android - Ability to scan iBeacons and display UUID, major and minor values, and signal strength - The app should continue to work in the background - Use a foreground service for background function - Provide a simple text notification from...

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    i will be creating a website like the given hellman example

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    Example style: We - LigoWave provide easy-to-use wireless networking solutions for businesses and communities, ensuring reliable connectivity with advanced technology. We will be releasing new product and we want video showing the highlight features with "Mike" as our older videos had. We no longer have the contacts of older team who did those videos. I am looking for a talented animator to produce a high-quality 2D video that is under two minutes long. Key requirements are: • Skilled in 2D animation. This is a must as it is the style we have chosen for this video. • An ability to produce engaging and captivating content within a short span of time. The video is less than a 1.30min . • An understanding and ability to work

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    Hi I need to very basic example on how to call a rest api from Aveva using a put command. It should be build importing .net libs.

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    Hi, we need help compiling and running SDK example C code.

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    I'm looking for a talented and innovative graphics designer to create a logo from existing example.

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    Hello, i need someone good programmer who is able to modify ASF CDC echo example for atsamd11d14 mcu. When receive '1' by CDC -> set 2 pins of mcu When receive '0' by CDC -> reset these 2 pins of mcu And i would like device to be visible in Device Manager or Linux like 'USB CDC'

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    Need after effect animation exactly same like that ribbon style with new text See animation and then placed the bid write " RIBBON " in the bid

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    I am seeking a developer with intermediate level experience IOS Swift. The task will be to help me get the example code working from the documentation at This is my first time working with IOS and the docs leave out some of the implementation. For example, in this code there is not map function, only "..." Bids under £70 only please. ``` var totalUsageByCategory: [ActivityCategory:TimeInterval] totalUsageByCategory = (…) ```

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    I need an experienced freelancer to replicate the design, layout & structure from an existing website to serve as a starting point for our own site. Key tasks involve: - Implementing the structure or an an existing example website on Wordpress. This includes the pages, placeholders for posts, menu structure, etc. - Utilizing Spectra blocks/Kadence theme, contact form 7 Ideal candidate should have strong skills in Wordpress and Spectra/Kadence theme implementation. Please include examples of past work in your application. You will be working from a clean Wordpress install.

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    More details: What is the purpose of the structures you want to build? Residential buildings How many different design variations do you want for the structures? One design What specific features are you looking for in your residential building's design? Glulam arches and connected roof

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    I am seeking a skilled graphic designer to revise the typography in my current logo. The specifics are as follows: - Typography Adjustment: This is the main requirement of this project. You should have extensive knowledge and experience in typographical design. It's not required, but if you have any style recommendations, such as serif, sans serif, or script, they would be appreciated. Importantly, this task is time-sensitive and I am looking to have the project completed as soon as possible. Expertise in rapid and efficient work will be an added advantage. Please ensure your bid reflects this urgency.

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    Hi there. I need a working example of Square's latest Web Payments form based on their PHP SDK. It came out over a year ago and they gave all these how to convert tutorials, but it's a super confusing migration. I just need a working example where I can paste my API Application ID and Application Secret in and process a real credit card. Simple. I just want an example that I can get working for processing credit cards. And tell me exactly which things to paste over with my own info. Thanks!

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app folder ✔ What is your project named? … profi_file_upload ✔ Would you like to use TypeScript? … No / Yes ✔ Would you like to use ESLint? … No / Yes ✔ Would you like to use Tailwind CSS? … No / Yes ✔ Would you like to use `src/` directory? … No / Yes ✔ Would you like to use App Router? (recommended) … No / Yes ✔ Would you like to customize the default import alias (@/*)? … No / Yes It's a very simple task; in the already created and empty project, only components for uploading photos need to be made. In the project, a backend endpoint is already made that accepts multipart/form-data. The assignment already includes a repository with the application, so it's really not about creating the whole application; I only need the...

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    I have this example project in django. I achieved to deploy it in lightsail AWS in development mode. I mean, running: python3 runserver SERVER-IP:PORT But, when I tried to deploy it in Production, I have this error: 500 Internal Server Error An internal server error has occured. I have followed the bitnami documentation: """ Enable Predefined Virtual Hosts For A Django Project The Bitnami installation comes with predefined HTTP and HTTPS virtual hosts for running Django projects with the mod_wsgi module. To enable them, follow the steps below: Copy the files to remove the .disabled suffix: NOTE: These files assume that the Django project is named sample and is located at /opt/bitnami/projects/sample. If your Django project is named or located differently, edit the ...

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    Please message a sample of the work. Will be a shrunken heads search cartoon page. Jungle scenes. Coupoek, pretty girls dressed like jungle girls. Needs to be all shrunken heads, and sexy ladies.. I can provide images of the ones I want to be made into a scary looking B & W cartoon page. I want the look look the file attached. I am on the lookout for a talented comic book artist to assist with creating 1-10 pages of captivating artwork. The specific style isn't set in stone, so feel free to bring your unique interpretation to the table. Details for the job are as follows: - The dimensions must be 8.5" x 11" plus bleed - The resolution should be at 300 DPI - The final deliverables need to be in both PDF and JPG formats Ideal candidates for the job should exhibi...

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    I have a simulation in Python/CuPy of electrons in a wire that I want to translate into Rust (or Vulkan, or OpenCL, or CUDA, or Julia or fix the Python so it uses far less memory, maybe calling PyCUDA) and make a major modification. The simulation calculates the coulumbic forces between all pairs of electrons every delta-t and then after that uses the force to calculate the new positions and velocities. It also outputs a graph showing the density of electrons at each slice of the wire at each delta-t. From this I can see how fast a signal is propagating down the wire in the simulation. I have tried to allow for the propagation delay between the electrons by using the velocity to estimate where the electron would really have been back in time and calculating the force from tha...

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    ...task to arrange the existing design or structure (which is also not bad) to match the example design/structure provided. It will NOT require adding any new features; however, some knowledge of PHP/Laravel may be needed to populate some content/sections that may not be available in the current design (for example, if featured posts are not showing in the contemporary design). Some level of coding knowledge may be needed. However, it is a design change task. The changes are primarily needed for six pages. Home page, Listing projects page, Project details page, Profile pages, Dashboard page, my projects page. For each page, I will provide an example link for the sample page. Original page link and example page link You do not need to integrate a new theme/te...

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    I have provided an Example image, I need that to be created from scratch with original art, not stock images or licensed images from other sources. I need someone truly skilled at cartoon drawing that can take the image example along with the other reference images and create a new piece. Notes: The overall design should look similar to the Example image in terms of layout You may use the screw image, but I would prefer a new one or at least something stylized The Viper image is an example of how I would like the snake to look, more cartoonish.

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    ...buffer and the screen capture blocking, as it doesn't rely on the standard screen capture APIs. - Integrate WebRTC's rendering pipeline directly with the graphics hardware, bypassing the standard display driver. Accessing the GPU directly makes it possible to capture the frame before it's interrupted or altered by the display driver. This requires deep integration with graphics API (like DirectX or Vulkan) and might involve writing custom shaders to capture the screen content before the display driver processes it. - Create a virtual display adapter that acts as an additional monitor. The remote administration software would control this virtual adapter entirely, unaffected by system-level calls that alter the primary display. WebRTC can be modified to capture th...

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    I'm looking to work with a creative and talented designer to develop a logo for my brand. A key requirement for applicants is to showcase their past work. I have a unique style in mind, influenced by modern and minimalist principles, and I have an example ready to share to guide your creative process. Ideal candidates will have a keen eye for clean and stylish design, and extensive experience in logo creation. Your involvement in this project could potentially lead to further collaboration on graphic design needs for our brand.

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    Me again! I am working on my UI problem. Could you provide an example of how to pragmatically display graphic_a and then after x time display graphic_b?

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    I need developer for develop Stripe () API, pay via credit card and support 3d secure 2 (live mode). Validation process by Bank will sent confirmation code via SMS. I only want example project developed by node.js express (web application). If you can do or have experience in this field. Please offer a price and information about this work.

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    I am looking for a skilled mobile app developer to create a mobile app for me. The main purpose of the app is to publish data to a designated platform, which will eventually create a website. Platform: The app should be able to publish data to various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Additionally, it should integrate with web builder and SMS tools, as well as email services. Open source customization is also a possibility. Design: I don't have a specific design or layout in mind, so I am open to suggestions. I want the app to have a clean and user-friendly interface. Features: The app should have data collection forms that allow users to fill out information and make selections. It should also have the ability to relay this data to a database in real-time....

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    I have a project on CPanel (and I have a WHM) on my VPS. We have hundreds of ba...samename_dbname1, samename_dbname2 and so forth. Each database has the same, identical structure and tables and columns. I think I can use the schema naming logic to update the same table, column and record in ALL of my tables from one query but I am not experienced in which schema names identify: All databases A particular table within those databases A particular record within those databases For example, what if I want this query? UPDATE SET title = "Learn XYZ" WHERE id=1 I guess that db would simply need to be some schema name that identifies any database or any database that starts with samename_ Sometimes I'll need to insert the same exact record into the same table in eve...

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    I have a nucleo board H723ZG, and I want the step by step configuration for PING + UDP without FreeRTOS. It must work with the board and use STM32IDE. Basically, I want to configure the ETH + LWIP to make an UDP+PING Example to work. More details in here: Budget and timeline: "A few hours. I Budget is like 20-30 CAD. I already provide all my references in the linked post. I actually just need help setting up the project. I am just looking for that I am missing that I can't get the project to work. At some point it the same list of steps I provided worked in the past on in existing project for the same board."

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    Hi, I am looking for someone who can scrape (or create from scratch) a landing page. I will give you the site, which I need to copy.

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    Implement Angular single page app + .net core API backend 1. Backend should load cities names list from file 2. Angular app should load list of cities names from backend (RESTFULL api/cities GET request) 3. User should be able to add new, modify and delete city name from list on Angular side 4. Modified list should be sent back to server (RESTFULL api/cities POST request) either on immediate change or on save button click 5. Backend should save list to file Any extra feature will be considered as plus I may have real project for candidate who successfully deliver this

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    I am in urgent need for a talented logo designer to re-draw a logo from a example that I have. As the project needs to be completed as soon as possible, prompt responses will be highly appreciated. Ideal candidates possess strong artistic skills, demonstrate creativity with an eye for professional designs, and have past experience in logo redesigning. I need to logo in png, jpeg and pdf form, I also need a black and white version, and a negative version as well as a version for use in the Facebook Profile Picture. My company is as follows SOUTH EAST MARINE SUPPLIES SANDWICH, KENT So the wording needs to match that.

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    I'm looking for an experienced artist to draw a stylized character based on a real person. The character should be drawn in a cartoon style, and needs both a front and side orthographic view. I'm open to the artist's interpretation, but am also welcome to any specific details or features the artist would like to highlight. I look forward to seeing the artist's vision of what this character could look like!

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a 'Buy and Sell Gold' app for both iOS and Android platforms. Features: - The app should be similar to the DigiGold app () - It should have a user-friendly interface and easy navigation - Users should be able to easily buy and sell digital gold through the app Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms - Knowledge of digital gold trading and related APIs - Familiarity with payment integration and secure transactions - Ability to create a visually appealing and intuitive user interface Please provide examples of similar apps you have developed and any relevant portfolio or work samples.

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    I am looking for a photographer to provide artistic photography services for my upcoming corporate event. The ideal candidate will have experience capturing unique and creative shots that convey the atmosphere and essence of the event. Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in artistic photography, with a portfolio showcasing previous work in this style - Ability to capture candid moments and emotions through artistic composition and lighting - Strong attention to detail and the ability to capture the event's unique elements and decor - Excellent communication and collaboration skills to work closely with event organizers and capture their vision - Knowledge of post-production techniques to enhance and edit the photographs as needed - Professional equipment and the ability to ha...

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    Compiler Example GoLang - Windows I am looking for a freelancer who can develop a compiler in GoLang specifically for Windows operating system. The compiler should be able to generate an executable file from basic level code. Requirements: - Develop a compiler in GoLang that can generate an executable file - Handle basic level code complexity - Ensure compatibility with Windows operating system Skills and Experience: - Strong programming skills in GoLang - Experience in compiler development - Knowledge of Windows operating system If you have the required skills and experience, please bid on this project.

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    I created a logo myself, but need a slightly better version of it. I like the style of the attached example logo, but I would like two main things done: 1) - I would like the picture of the dog to be made more in the likeness of my actual dog (picture attached - rj) 2) - I would like the dogs head to be inside of the letter 'O'. That way it makes the word 'Consulting' look a little easier to read.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can adapt a logo example and install and populate an Elementor website template in GoDaddy. Logo Modifications: - Minor modifications to the design are required Elementor Website: - I have a specific list of elements and pages that I want included in the website Timeline: - The preferred timeline for this project is 1-2 weeks Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in graphic design and logo adaptation - Experience with installing and customizing Elementor website templates - Familiarity with GoDaddy hosting platform

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    Project Title: Customized CVs for Electrical Engineer and Trainee Worker Description: I am looking for a writer who can create two customized CVs for an electrical engineer and a trainee worker in the academic job market. CV Format: - The desired format for the CVs is customized, tailored to highlight the skills and experiences of each individual. CV Content: - The writer should use job descriptions to highlight the specific skills and experiences required for each position. - I will provide all the necessary details about my skills and experiences for the writer to incorporate into the CVs. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong writing skills and experience in creating customized CVs. - Knowledge of the electrical engineering field and trainee worker roles in the academic job market....

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can draw the electrial drawing for my project and who can create a portrait illustration of a breaker box and provide clear visual instructions on how it should be wired. The drawing should be a general overview with basic instructions, highlighting key points. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in portrait illustration - Ability to create clear and concise visual instructions - Knowledge of electrical wiring and breaker boxes

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    I need an experienced logo designer to create a unique, captivating wordmark logo for my company. The design should be abstract, capturing the brand's essence in a creative, non-literal way. Unfortunately, I do not have a preferred color scheme in mind yet, leaving you the freedom to propose your ideas. Ideal Competencies: - Proficiency in graphic design - Creative abstract logo design expertise - Excellent understanding of color theories - Flexibility and open to feedback - Ability to clearly present and justify design choices Please include a link to your portfolio in your proposal. This project should not only showcase your design skills but also your ability to effectively communicate a brand's identity through a logo.

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    I am looking for a skilled animator to create a short promotional video for my project. The purpose of the video is to promote my product or service. I envision the video to be in an animated style, with creative and eye-catching visuals. Specific elements or themes that I would like to be included in the video are: - Highlighting the key features and benefits of my product/service - Showcasing how my product/service can solve a problem or meet a need - Incorporating my brand logo and colors for branding purposes Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Proficiency in animation software such as Adobe After Effects, Toon Boom, or Maya - Ability to create visually appealing and engaging animations - Understanding of storytelling and how to effectively convey a message through animation...

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    I'm searching for an experienced T-shirt designer who excels in creating vintage-style designs. To capture my ideal vintage aesthetic, the design must incorporate: I need to add the cartoon and text Cali up and Nation Down and in the board notice CNB - Text quotes - Abstract shapes The ideal candidate has an understanding of compositional properties and can appropriately incorporate vibrant and monochromatic colors to create a visually compelling design. If you have a knack for blending old-school charm with modern color schemes, I would love to hear from you. Your previous work in designing vintage-styled T-shirts will be highly regarded.

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