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    In my project, I require a robust access control solution that allows multiple users to log in concurrently. This system should grant full control to each logged-in user, enabling them to conduct a variety of tasks without any limitations. While I remained unsure about the platform this access system will be implemented on, it needs to be optimized for smooth operation and minimal administrative strain. Key Requirements: - Develop a system for multiple users’ simultaneous login - Allow full control for each logged-in user - Ensure system stability during concurrent logins Ideal Skills: Experienced in system design and user-access control, expertise in handling multi-user environments, competent in various coding languages, and capable of understanding and applying the princi...

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    I'm looking for a talented musician to create the instrumental music for a gospel song. You will be working with piano, guitar, and drums, skillfully bringing them together in a composition that conveys an uplifting feeling. The style of the music should be traditional gospel. Therefore, familiarity with this genre and proficiency in the mentioned instruments are highly desirable. I am eager to collaborate with someone who can translate my ideas into a lively and moving soundscape.

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    I am looking for a male vocalist who specializes in Christian ballads. My project involves a serene, peaceful song that I have already composed the lyrics and melodies for. - Skills & Experience: - Proven experience as a vocalist specifically for Christian ballads - An understanding and ability to convey a serene tone This project requires a well-delivered performance that ma...This project requires a well-delivered performance that matches the desired serene and comforting tone. Therefore, the ideal freelancer should have a proven track record of performing Christian ballads. If you feel you match this description, I'd love to hear from you. Attached are the lyrics, a backing track at 110 BPM, and an original live recording. I am re-recording this song with full i...

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    I'm seeking a specialist with profundity in bacteriology to focus on a project encompassing bacteriocins, microorganisms,...Comprehensive understanding of bacteriocins, microorganisms, antimicrobial peptides, and antibiotics - Capability to implement, assess, and interpret laboratory analyses - Proficiency in communicating complex scientific concepts effectively Prior research work in the specified areas would be highly advantageous. The 50-60 LABS are isolated. which strain is effective to inhibit to other species like E coli, salmonella and others. We will work only on one strain (Lactobacillus casei) to demonstrate our work. Culture Compounds like vitamins, physical state, temperature profile, Bacteriocins, microorganisms, antimicrobial peptides, antibiotics, lacti...

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    This is for custom packaging of a marjijuana strain called "Eye Candy". I would like to be exotic looking and very colorful. It has to contain "Eye Candy" in the has to be an actual image that I will put on to packaging. It cannot contain a bunch of random ai generated words and cannot be an image of packaging.

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    I'm looking for an experienced freelancer who excels in AutoCAD drafting, specifically for Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID). My project requires detailed revision and update on existing schematics to include comprehensive details of equipment, valves, and instruments. Therefore, precision and attention to detail are crucial. **Key Requirements:** - Mastery in AutoCAD software. - Proven track record in drafting P&ID with a focus on detailed equipment, valves, and instruments. - Ability to interpret and work from existing drawings or schematics to produce detailed updates. - Strong communication skills to ensure any clarifications are promptly addressed. **What I Will Provide:** - Existing drawings or schematics as a base for the detailed updates. - Specific ...

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    ...the implementation of a strain gauge amplifier with CANbus output. This system will play a crucial role in enhancing test precision and reliability. **Project Requirements:** - **Development of a Strain Gauge Amplifier:** The amplifier must accurately process signals related to vehicle load and convert them into a format that can be transmitted via CANbus. Efficiency and accuracy are paramount. - **CANbus Integration:** The system must ensure seamless transmission of data through CANbus, allowing for real-time monitoring and analysis. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in automotive electronics and system integration. - Experience with CANbus communication protocols. - Skilled in designing and implementing amplifier circuits, particularly for strain...

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    ...skilled technical content writer who excels in creating comprehensive and engaging content for a wide range of instrumentation products including but not limited to Multimeters, Clamp Meters, Sound Level Meters, Anemometers, and Lux meters. **Key Responsibilities:** - Develop clear, concise product descriptions capturing key features and benefits. - Create user-friendly manuals that simplify complex technical information. - Produce comparison guides that highlight product differentiators. - Craft website content and catalog descriptions that enhance customer engagement and SEO. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in technical writing with a portfolio highlighting instrumentation products. - Strong understanding of SEO principles to maximize visibility. - Abilit...

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    ...skilled technical content writer who excels in creating comprehensive and engaging content for a wide range of instrumentation products including but not limited to Multimeters, Clamp Meters, Sound Level Meters, Anemometers, and Lux meters. **Key Responsibilities:** - Develop clear, concise product descriptions capturing key features and benefits. - Create user-friendly manuals that simplify complex technical information. - Produce comparison guides that highlight product differentiators. - Craft website content and catalog descriptions that enhance customer engagement and SEO. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in technical writing with a portfolio highlighting instrumentation products. - Strong understanding of SEO principles to maximize visibility. - Abilit...

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    28 bids innovative and skilled designer to create a compact acoustic office pod aimed primarily at serving as a phone booth. It should comfortably accommodate 2-4 people, ensuring privacy and tranquility for phone calls or quiet work. Key Features Required: - **Built-in Desk**: Ergonomically designed for comfortable use. - **Integrated Lighting**: Must ensure a well-lit interior without causing eye strain. - **Ventilation System**: To maintain a fresh environment, even during prolonged use. - **Wooden Assembly**: Preference for a sleek, wooden construction that blends aesthetic appeal with functionality. Ideal Candidate Skills: - Experience in acoustic design, particularly in small, enclosed spaces. - Proficiency in ergonomic furniture design. - Expertise in sustainable and efficie...

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    ...project, where timely and accurate information extraction is crucial. **Requirements:** - Experience in developing web scrapers that can handle dynamic and static websites. - Proficiency in programming languages suitable for scraping tasks, such as Python, specifically with libraries like Beautiful Soup, Scrapy, or similar. - Capability to implement real-time data extraction without causing undue strain on the target websites’ resources. - Expertise in handling and manipulating data to fit into CSV formats neatly. - Knowledge of web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) to efficiently navigate and extract required text content. **Ideal Skills:** - Strong problem-solving skills to overcome potential scraping obstacles, such as CAPTCHAs and IP bans. - Familiarity with usin...

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    I require a highly skilled WordPress developer capable of building a website for my instrumentation company. This project requires a professional look and feel that aligns with our brand, offering services like manpower assistance, instrumentation, and electrical solutions. We aim to establish an online presence that effectively showcases our expertise, services, and commitment to excellence in the field. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven WordPress Development - Portfolio showcasing past website builds - Experience in creating professional and clean interfaces To submit a compelling application, freelancers should include past work evidence demonstrating their prowess in WordPress development. I'm open to creative inputs and look forward to forming a collabor...

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    ...developer who can create a platform specifically designed to analyze strain and compatibility conditions in advanced mechanics of materials. Your primary task will be tackling data import/export functionality. Key Features: - Ability to import and export data While not a requirement, familiarity with data formats (CSV, XML, JSON, etc.) is prefered. The deadline is crucial for this project, so I'm looking for someone who can work efficiently and promptly. Proficiency in simulation software and a background in mechanical engineering or related field will be advantageous. 2. A 150 x 250 mm rectangular thin plate QABC is deformed into the shape shown. All dimensions shown are in millimeters. Determine at point Q: a) the strain components ex, ey, xy; b) the principal ...

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    ...understanding of Stress and Strain Analysis in the realm of Advanced Mechanics of Materials. Key Requirements: - The focus should be placed on the practical implementation of stress and strain analysis. - A comprehensive, detailed written report is the desirable format for the deliverables. Ideal Qualifications: - Substantial experience and proficiency in Advanced Mechanics of Materials and more specifically, in stress and strain analysis. - Proficiency in creating professional, detailed and easily comprehensible technical reports. - Practical experience in the field is necessary to provide insights on the practical implementation of concepts discussed. Please note, it is essential for the freelancer to have a clear understanding of the practical side of Str...

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    Graphics for a strain called "Chupacabra". It's a mystical monster from the United States southwest. Werewolf looking, blood sucking nocturnal. Creepy

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    The strain is called "La Llorona". She is a mythical creature. I would like it modeled after The Corpse Bride character from Tim Burton. Black and white. Scary but not gory. No verbiage on the graphic except the name of the strain. Maybe dripping letters in red.

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    I'm looking for a talented musician or producer to create a captivating pop music cover. Here's what I envision: - **Genre & Style**: The song should ...original. - **Arrangement**: Aim for a balance between maintaining some elements of the original track while introducing unique flair to make it stand out. - **Creativity**: The focus should be on originality—the ability to reinterpret the song in an innovative way will be highly valued. **Seeking Expertise in**: - Music Production - Pop Vocal Performance - Sound Arranging - Audio Engineering - Instrumentation Ideal candidates will have a proven track record of producing pop music covers or original tracks with an ability to think outside the box musically. Please share samples of your past work that highligh...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to create a multiplatform application focused on the resale of various engineering equipment including electrical, mechanical, construction, and instrumentation devices. My vision is to streamline the buying and selling process for professionals within the engineering sector. **Essential Components:** - Compatibility with iOS and Android devices, alongside web browser accessibility. - A comprehensive product catalog featuring diverse engineering equipment categories. - Advanced search functionality allowing users to easily locate items. - Integrated user review system to build trust and transparency within the community. - Secure payment option facilitating smooth transactions. **Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in cross-platform app deve...

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    I'm in urgent need of a LabVIEW specialist with a critical eye for detail to develop an application tailored specifically for instrumentation and measurement. The correct candidate will be instrumental in creating a steadfast system that operates with precision and reliability. This will be a very TEDIOUS and BORING task, but we are looking for someone who can work in a bigger project. - Strong proficiency in LabVIEW programming, particularly in the context of instrumentation and measurement. - Prior experience with interfacing LabVIEW applications with a variety of sensors. - A meticulous approach to coding and an exceptional eye for detail. - Problem-solving skills particularly related to data validation and error handling. - Ability to work independently and deliver...

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    ...the early stages of designing an electric motor for a personal commuter vehicle and need an expert Electrical Engineer to assist me with several key calculations and design considerations. I'm focusing on integrating a hub motor system that is efficient, powerful, and reliable for daily commuting. Key tasks I need assistance with are: - Load calculations that will help determine the stress and strain on the motor during typical use. - Power calculations to ensure the motor delivers the necessary torque and acceleration. - Speed calculations to match the motor's performance with commuter travel demands. Ideal candidates will have: - Strong background in electrical engineering, specifically in motor design. - Experience with electric vehicles, with a focus on personal c...

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    ...beams intended for two-point loading cases. The uniqueness here is that fibers need to be added randomly with variations in depth into the beams for construction in Ansys Workbench, and the depths are unspecified. The deliverable is a comprehensive analysis report outlining the stress-strain relationships and load deformation graphs for all four fibered RCC beams. Key Project aspects: - Creation of 4 RCC beams with uniquely added fibers in Ansys Workbench. - Perform FEM analysis. - Develop stress-strain and load deformation graphs. Ideal Freelancer qualifications: - Proficiency with Ansys Workbench software. - Extensive experience in Finite Element Analysis. - Strong understanding of reinforced cement concrete and the impact of adding fibers. - Ability to interpret an...

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    I'm working on a song that needs a pop genre feel, with a distinct melancholic emotion embedded within. The instrumentation I envision would involve: - Acoustic instruments. This would add the warmth and depth I intend for the song. I am seeking someone who's skilled with: - Pop music composition. Your understanding and knowledge of pop music structure, modulation and elements would be essential. - Emotional music scoring. I want the music to evoke a strong sense of melancholy, without being overpowering. - Handling acoustic instruments. From guitar to piano, I want to exploit their potential for expressing raw emotions. Prior experience with melancholic themes in pop music would be a great advantage. The power of subtlety is key here. You'd be able to craft melod...

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    I'm aiming for an exclusive, one-of-a-kind jingle for my restaurant. The atmosphere should be joyful and upbeat, making our guests feel welcome and cherished. Here are the specific elements I am looking for in the jingle: - Instrumentation: The acoustic guitar should be the dominant instrument, accompanied by the bass and violin. A flute can also be incorporated to give it a natural touch. - Tempo: The tempo should be moderate and catchy, and the overall sound should fall under the 'Acoustic Indie Folk' genre, while steering clear of any country elements. The ideal freelancer for this project would be one who is experienced in creating music in the Indie Folk genre, with a good understanding of restaurant ambiances. Skills in writing and playing acoustic guitar-driv...

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    ... convenient data visualization. - Transmit collected parameters remotely via RS 485 data logger using the Modbus protocol. Power Requirements: - Must support both AC and DC power supplies to ensure flexibility in various operational environments. Necessary Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in embedded system design and prototyping. - Strong background in electronic circuit design and instrumentation. - Familiarity with Modbus protocol and RS-485 communication. - Competence in programming microcontrollers for diverse measurement functions. - Prior experience with OLED displays is highly desirable. - Ability to integrate a variety of sensors for comprehensive measurement capabilities. The ultimate goal is to deliver a reliable, user-friendly meter that operates efficiently an...

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    As the project leader, my goal is to enhance search engine rankings by boosting my website with high-quality SEO-friendly content about instrumentation. The material is aimed at a general audience with an interest in instrumentation. The content should feature: - In-depth knowledge of instrumentation covering various aspects and nuances. - Clear utilization of SEO protocols to boost visibility and engagement. - Solid focus on relevant and trending keywords in the instrumentation field. So, an ideal freelance partner for this project has the following skills: - Expert Levels of SEO knowledge - A solid understanding of instrumentation - though a professional background would be a bonus, it's not required. - Outstanding research abilities to create...

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    ...technical content writer to craft detailed product descriptions targeting professionals within the instrumentation industry. The chosen freelancer should be able to integrate SEO best practices with technical specifications, creating content that is both informative and highly searchable online. Key Requirements: - Expertise in technical writing, particularly within the instrumentation sector. - Strong SEO knowledge, including keyword research and on-page optimization. - Ability to write with a clear, concise structure focusing on technical specifications. - Experience in converting complex product features into compelling content. Ideal Freelancer Qualities: - Background in the instrumentation industry or a strong grasp of the technical elements involved. - Prove...

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    I'm seeking a Solidworks simulation expert to perform advanced stress and strain analyses. The main goal is to optimize agricultural product designs for increased strength, ensuring safety and durability under varying conditions. Key Deliverables: - Conduct stress and strain simulation analysis. - Identify any weak points or high-stress areas in the design. - Provide solutions for design optimization to enhance durability. Skills Needed: - Proficiency in Solidworks with a focus on simulation. - Strong background in mechanical engineering. - Experience in conducting stress and strain analyses. - Ability to interpret simulation results and make actionable recommendations. Ideal candidates will demonstrate previous projects where they've successfully improved...

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    I'm seeking an experienced PCB designer for a specific project: - Purpose: Design a power amplifier circuit mainly for instrumentation amplifier applications. - Core Functions: - Expertise in power amplification circuits. - Proficient with instrumentation amplifier requirements. - Requirements: - Strong background in PCB design and electronics.. - Ability to optimize for stability and noise reduction. Ideal Candidate: - Has created similar circuits for professional or consumer products. - Familiar with reliability standards for instrumentation. - Excellent communication for iterative design process. I need a meticulous and innovative designer ready to collaborate closely to meet the precise needs of this project.

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    I'm seeking an electrical engineer to create a compact and efficient switched-mode power supply (SMPS) circuit design. This circuit will be an integral part of advanced measurement instrumentation that I am developing. Requirements: - Input Voltage: Must be able to accept a 9V input. - Output Voltage: Circuit must provide ±24V output. - Current Draw: Power consumption of the circuit should not exceed 4mA. - Design Preference: Use SMPS technology for efficiency. Ideal Candidate Skills: - Proficiency in electrical circuit design. - Experience with SMPS for delicate measurement devices. - Capability to work with tight power consumption constraints. - Familiarity with component selection for compact circuit designs. Deliverables: - Complete circuit schematic. - BOM (Bill ...

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    A strain called Roadrunner Fire. This is my concept. I want a Zia symbol (the "sun" on the New Mexico state flag) included in the "sky" area. Thanks!

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    Plant & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID) are describes the design of a plant, usually an industrial manufacturing plant. An example is shown here: Usually, you can use the P&ID as an input to create a UI/UX (called an HMI) to automate the plant after it has been built as shown here: The task is to create a flowchart and annotated process diagrams for the process of taking a P&ID and creating the UI/UX (HMI). Secondarily, imagine that instead of using the tool shown in the video to create the UI/UX elements (shapes), we are using CHATGPT via text prompts. Integrate that into the workflow.

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    ...from app: User Profiles: Users create a personal profile, customizing their experience based on their preferences, whether for medicinal or recreational use. Session Logging: Users can log each cannabis session, noting the strain, amount, consumption method, and source. Option to add photos or additional notes for each entry. Effects and Experience Tracking: Post-session, users can record effects like mood, relief of symptoms, side effects, and overall satisfaction. Use a simple, visually appealing interface with sliders, checkboxes, or emoticons for ease of use. Strain Database and Reviews: A comprehensive, searchable database of cannabis strains. Users can add personal reviews and notes to strains they've tried. Dosage Calculator: For medicinal users, include...

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    54 bids pharmaceutical plant. Key duties will involve: - Determining reactor size and volume - Performing appropriate heat transfer calculations to ensure efficiency and safety of the reactor Additionally, I require the production of a Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) drawing using simulation software. The PID drawing should be a detailed diagram that accurately represents controls and instrumentation of the CSTR. Ideal candidates will have: - Proficiency in computing reactor size and volume calculations as well as heat transfer calculations - Advanced knowledge in using simulation software for PID drawing preparation - Strong expertise in chemical engineering particularly in pharmaceutical plant design - Detail-oriented approach, specifically in the creation of instrument...

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    I am writing music, competing with myself and want to develop and become as good as I ...think is good, what needs to be improved, advice on how I could improve (given what you hear) and recommended styles, songs and the like to look up, anything you come to think about when you listen (the bass line, the harmony, melody, motives, production, the mix, mastering, thematic development, contrasts, counterpoint, surprises, emotional relevance, breathing points, registers, style, form, instrumentation, coherence...) and so on. When I get some responses on this ad, I will select someone that seems particularly appropriate for this task (considering e.g. background, achievements, attitude, experience etc.), and provide you with more details about my background, education, preferences and o...

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    I'm seeking a skilled musician that can harmoniously blend piano, guitar, and wind instruments into an original 2-3 hour music loop. This soft composition is intended to aid insomnia sufferers in their sleep, so the tempo will need to be slow. While I'd like a constant melody, I'm also open to the inclusion of...original 2-3 hour music loop. This soft composition is intended to aid insomnia sufferers in their sleep, so the tempo will need to be slow. While I'd like a constant melody, I'm also open to the inclusion of evolving melodic elements. Copyright or publishing right issues will not be tolerated; I can't stress enough that this piece must be original. Ideal candidates will have proven experience in instrumentation and a keen sense of music progres...

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    I need the complete expertise of a professional audio engineer skilled in Pro Tools to bring this unfinished energetic hip-hop/pop track to life. This project requires immediate attention and needs to be completed by the end of today. Key Responsibilities: • Making adjustments to the lead vocals to ensure they stand out and blend harmoniously with the background vocals • Engineering the instrumentation to support and magnify the song's energetic vibe • Capturing the theme of struggle and perseverance in the mix Ideal Skills and Qualification: • High proficiency in Pro Tools • Proven experience in mixing hip-hop/pop songs • Quick delivery without compromising on quality • Understands how to mix vocals and instruments to build a partic...

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    I'm having a problem with my Java application that uses Appium. Specifically, the issue involves the Error , which occurs when I am interacting with elements on the application. It seems most problematic when attempting to locate elements. Applicant...troubleshoot and fix these specific Java Appium issues effectively and swiftly Your perspective and input would be highly appreciated as I hope to rectify this promptly. full Exception :: An unknown server-side error occurred while processing the command. Original error: 'GET /window/current/size' cannot be proxied to UiAutomator2 server because the instrumentation process is not running (probably crashed). Check the server log and/or the logcat output for more details

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    ...feeling. The composition should enhance the song's existing dynamics and add a cinematic quality. Requirements: - Proficient in orchestral music composition - Ability to arrange for strings, woodwinds, and brass - Experience with epic musical storytelling - Portfolio showcasing previous work - Ability to interpret the desired mood effectively Ideal Skills: - Strong understanding of orchestral instrumentation - Aptitude for creating grand and powerful musical pieces - Familiarity with music software for score writing The deliverable should be a full orchestral score with parts for violins, violas, cellos, double bass, flutes, clarinets, oboes, trumpets, trombones, and French horns. Your application should include relevant experience in orchestral composition and any sampl...

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    ...relative ease. We're looking for simplicity, uniqueness and high quality. The successful candidate will be provided with some of the following objects: 1. company logo 2. company name 3. company domain of expertise and area of business examples of technical graphics, symbols created by engineers and designers within our team, e.g. electrical schematics 4. Mechanical drawings 5. Process and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID) Initial concepts: 1. Heavy zoom in to a high quality vector format representation of a simplified electrical schematic or mechanical drawing for example. Set camera view angle to an oblique, complex (angled in two dimensions) angle such that we are abstracting the functional aspects of the schematic. The justification behind an approach like this would...

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    ...and mastering. The track must be a fresh take on traditional Indian music, incorporating contemporary elements to appeal to today's audience. - The Ideal Genre: The music should resonate with the Indian genre— an amalgamation of rich cultural sounds that will stir the souls of listeners. A sound characterized by its depth, rhythmic nuance, and time-honored melodic structures. - Required Instrumentation: I seek to incorporate unique elements into this music piece. The critical component is a keyboard player, adept at creating vivid, emotive, and rich soundscapes. Although not compulsory, familiarity and proficiency with other traditional Indian instruments like Sitar or Tabla would be a bonus. Ideal Skills and Experience: The ideal candidate will have a rich backgrou...

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    We are looking for an AutoCAD expert who can develop detailed and accurate Process & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) for a process facility. The ideal candidate should have prior experience in creating P&IDs and should be familiar with industry standards. The primary responsibility of this project will be to accurately represent the facility's process flow and include all relevant instruments and equipment. Attention to detail and the ability to work with minimal supervision is a must.

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    My company is called Mason andrews, Mason andrews is a fire door safety website, all sparked after Grenfell fire, as we look to improve the safety of everybody’s lives. Looking for people who can work for for at least 5 hours a day for 5 days week, including weekends, no experience needed, the photographs are not hard, a measuring tape and feeler-gage are equipment which is given to you. A phone is also necessary and the app called Dropbox to upload the photos, you will pick up 2 pound a door and will be doing 9 doors an hour or over depending on your speed. London based people who drive will be particularly who I need for these jobs.

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    I’m in need of an experienced professional with expertise in AutoCAD Plant 3D software. The task will involve: - Creating complex 3D Models - Generating comprehensive piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) - Conducting functional plant layout designs The designs and models should adhere to the standards specific to the oil and gas industry. The final deliverables should be provided in DWG file format. Proficiency in said software and familiarity with oil and gas industry standards are essential for this job.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who is experienced in using Abaqus Software 6.22-1 to extract stress and strain results from a Finite Element Model. Specific requirements for the project include: - Extraction of stress and strain results from the Finite Element Model - Detailed analysis of the results - Ability to provide a detailed overview and interpretation of the results The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Strong experience and expertise in using Abaqus Software 6.22-1 - Proficiency in extracting and analyzing stress and strain results from Finite Element Models The project has a tight deadline, with a requirement to deliver the results within 1 day. It is important that the freelancer is able to work efficiently and deliver high-quality result...

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    Part A Add a new scheduling policy to support Stride scheduling. To simplify the problem, have your new scheduler govern all process...simplify the problem, have your new scheduler govern all processes using Stride scheduling. That is when your system is running the Stride scheduler, the sched_setscheduler() system call will have no effect. Part B Modify the kernel to add a new system call that enables or disables the utilization of the designed scheduler. Refer to the documentation files related to system calls. Part C Write instrumentation software so that you can obtain detailed performance data regarding the scheduler’s behavior. Study the behavior of your Stride scheduler, and report on its performance. Discuss whether your implementation works as you expected during the...

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    I'm looking for an experienced professional to develop a LabVIEW application with an intermediate level of complexity. The application will be used to acquire and analyze data, and it will be a completely new project, not a modification of an existing one. I'm expecting the contractor to have extensive knowledge of control systems, instrumentation, automation, and data analysis in order to create a successful application.

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    ... board. Each of the 4 boards inputs is calibrated on the main board and calibrated sensor data is displayed on your phone. How the setup must work: Still 4x Wemos boards with sensors that must connect to Raspberry trough wifi. Website must run on Raspberry: SSID for the raspberry must be easily added on calibration screen Type Sensors must be selected (Pressure or Strain gauge or Fixed value) Sensors must be calibrated on a separated screen(tab with password) ( the sensor calibration work on a lo/hi reading and display is then on a linear line value) The 4 x calibrated values must be displayed on the main screen and added up to a total value. The raspberry must have a display output to phone/wifi and HDMI/AV as well T...

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    ...for our wedding. The task involves blending the song "Sonreir" by Kurt with elements from Fonseca's "Te Mando Flores" and "Si Tu Me Quieres" to create a happy, romantic vibe. Specific Requirements: - Base Song: Use the first 90 seconds of "Sonreir" by Kurt. - Influencing Style: Incorporate elements from Fonseca's "Te Mando Flores" and "Si Tu Me Quieres," focusing on their upbeat rhythms and instrumentation. - Length: The final mix should be approximately 90 seconds, as it will transition to another track afterwards. - Mood: The mix should exude a happy, celebratory atmosphere, suitable for a joyful wedding setting. - Output Format: Deliver the final mix as an mp3 file. - Licensing: There are no concerns about ...

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    ...Description: An apparatus consisting of a resistive strain gauge, step-motor, Arduino and a few other electronics on a breadboard is set up. The apparatus is required for application of force on top of a metallic beam and measurement of beam’s bending by using a resistive strain gauge attached on the beam. Both quasi-static and slow dynamic loading cases should be measured. THE PROBLEM THAT MUST BE SOLVED: In the weblink below is the code and schematics used for measurement of a strain gauge (MMF006835) with Arduino. After setting up the circuit (amplifier used in a circuit is INA125P) and using the code itself, the output received from the Arduino is not logical. Output does not change properly when the force is applied to the metallic beam (i.e., strain...

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    I am looking for a talented music producer to help me create a classic rock album that is less than 30 minutes in length. While I have a rough idea for the themes and concepts of the album, I am open to suggestions and collaboration to make it truly special. Skills and experience needed: - Proven experience in producing classic rock music - Strong knowledge of the genre and its instrumentation - Ability to work closely with the client to understand their vision and bring it to life - Creative mindset to contribute ideas and suggestions to enhance the album's concept - Excellent communication skills to ensure smooth collaboration throughout the project

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    £43270 Avg Bid
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