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    Instagram Photo Resizing 6 days left

    I need someone to resize some photos for sharing on Instagram. The final output should be 1080px by 1080px. This is crucial for optimizing the images for social media sharing. Anyone bidding should have experience with photo resizing, and be familiar with Instagram's platform and image specifications.

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    I have a handwritten document that requ...conversion into an Excel spreadsheet. This project demands a high degree of precision and an affinity for detail. **Ideal Skills and Experience** - Proficiency in Excel - Experience with handwritten documents - Strong attention to detail - Ability to sort and filter data within Excel **Project Details** - The document is handwritten, necessitating exceptional accuracy in transcription. - The final output must be in an Excel spreadsheet, arranged neatly to facilitate data analysis. - The Excel file requires data sorting and filtering to enhance readability and usability. This project is perfect for someone who takes pride in accurate copy typing and possesses a keen eye for detail, ensuring that the final spreadsheet is both accurate and f...

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    ...decorations, textures, and materials. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in 3D modeling software such as 3ds Max, Blender, or SketchUp. - Strong background in interior design or architecture. - Exceptional attention to detail in texturing and material simulation. - Ability to interpret and realize conceptual drawings into 3D visuals. - Experience with lighting and rendering for realistic output. **Requirements:** - Generate 3D models of interior spaces reflecting a high level of detail. - Incorporate textures and materials that mimic real-life characteristics. - Detailed modeling of furniture and decorations per the provided specifications. - Render high-quality images suitable for visualization and presentation purposes. This project demands an individual who is no...

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    ...modifying existing text within the PDF. The final output should maintain the original's stylistic integrity while updating the text as required. - **Image Editing**: Experience in replacing images within PDF documents. The selected candidate should ensure the new images integrate seamlessly, matching the document's overall aesthetic and quality standards. ### Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Photoshop or equivalent PDF and graphic design software. - Strong command of the English language for precise text modifications. - Detail-oriented with a keen eye for design, ensuring a natural blend between the original content and modifications. - Ability to work with tight deadlines while maintaining high-quality output. ### What ...

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    Trophy icon Vibrant Food Packaging Revamp 2 days left

    I'm in need of a distinctive and lively packaging design that makes my food products jump off the shelves. This project calls for a resourceful and innovative designer who can breathe life into my vision with a bright and colorful aesthetic. - **Product Focus:** The packaging is for a Milk Powder Product. 400gms I have given two images i want the output to include a mix of the two. Using the Strongman image like the one i uploaded not same image, i want that incorporated into the COOP brand maybe inside the O. Full cream milk powder. 28.3 % Milk Fat and 34 percent protein and made from 100% Cow Milk. Critical Items on the packaging. - **Design Goals:** - The primary objective is to create packaging that catches the consumer's eye amidst a sea of competitors. - Th...

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    ...and create an engaging 3D assembling animation. My project requires a detailed focus on assembly details within the 2D drawings, ensuring accuracy and clarity for manufacturing and assembly processes. Here’s what I need specifically: - **2D Drawings in CAD Format**: One complete assembly drawing along with individual parts drawings, focusing on intermediate-level assembly details. The expected output format for these drawings is in CAD, suitable for interpretation and use by manufacturing teams. - **3D Assembly Animation**: A high-quality animation showcasing the assembly process of the 3D model provided in STEP files. The animation should clearly demonstrate each step of the assembly, providing a visual guide to the construction of the product. Please only mechanical en...

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    ...seeking a JavaScript & PHP programmer to offer assistance with a unique solution to developing an e-commerce Storefront and Backoffice application. This project will focus on File IO using filenames for content management and generate controls for data entry. Information must be exchanged from one page to another, and there are two PHP pages to develop not to mention two CSS HTML pages to parse for output. The chosen platform for this project is WYSIWYG Web Builder v19, and may utilize it's own controls and CSS imports with exception of a login page necessary to authenticate users and establish a timed session, resulting in cookie session management, utilizing AES for obfuscation. **Key Requirements:** - **E-commerce Functionality:** The site will utilize user authenti...

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    I'm in need of an adept graphic designer who can take a portrait supplied by me and...crossing the street. Key Requirements: - The added person should appear at the end of the group or superimposed in front or behind them, potentially as if they're walking in the opposite direction. - I want the additional figure to look as though they originate from the same era and stylistic choices as the original Beatles cover. - I'm looking for the final output to be realistic, not a cartoon. Ideal Skills: - Experience in graphic design and photo manipulation - Knowledge of Beatles era design aesthetics - Proficiency in Photoshop or similar software. I'm excited to see what you come up with! Let's have fun with a spoof of one of the most iconic album covers.

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    Figma to WordPress Conversion 6 days left

    I am looking for a skilled WordPress developer to convert my Figma design into a fully functional WordPress website. The design is specifically for a hosting website, and the project incl...to review the provided Figma design ([View Figma Design]()) carefully and discuss any potential challenges or suggestions for improvement. I am looking for someone who can not only execute this project with technical skill but also bring creative input to enhance the final output. Please include examples of previous Figma to WordPress projects you've completed, and share your approach to content creation. Looking forward to collaborating on creating a stunning, user-friendly website.

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    GestureTech Innovations 6 days left

    ...recognition. This project involves the classification, detection, tracing, and segmentation of specific gestures - namely hand waving, and an interesting challenge, the detection of street banner installation activities. I need a summary of the application field, data type, data no, and details for each dataset; framework (tensorflow, keras, pytorch); architecture (ex. yolo, ResNet, pre-trained); MI output results, score and reports, in addition to the actual data db. ; **Core Project Requirements:** - The system must proficiently identify and classify 'hand waving' gestures and activities akin to 'street banner installations'. - It needs to run seamlessly on both Windows and Linux platforms, ensuring a broad usability range. **Ideal Skills and Experience for...

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    ...clearly placed in the center of the poster - The final product must include at least 20 nouns that start with "S", such as "Sloth", "Sun", etc. - Each noun should be represented visually in a fun, cartoon-style art that appeals to young children. - Nouns should not be labeled and stock art is fine. - Colorful pastels, tailored to captivate the attention of children within the 2-4 age range. - The output needs to be delivered in a high-quality digital format suitable for printing. This project is perfect for a freelancer who loves crafting visually appealing educational materials and has a knack for engaging young audiences through art. If you have the skills and experience listed above, I look forward to working together to create something truly ...

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    ...should efficiently extract data, ensuring to handle the dual nature of the headers and the "header" column seamlessly across both CSV and Excel formats. - The goal is to parse these files to extract specific columns of data, entire rows based on certain conditions, and identify unique entries without duplicates—despite the complexity introduced by the dual headers and "header" column. - The final output should be structured and easily interpretable, to facilitate further analysis or processing tasks. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven proficiency in Powershell scripting, particularly in data manipulation tasks. - Demonstrated experience with handling and parsing both CSV and Excel file formats in Powershell. - Strong problem-solving skills, espec...

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    I am seeking a skillful freelancer to conduct a one-time comprehensive product scrape from multiple supplier websites. The objective is to gather detailed product information, which is crucial for my project's success. This information must be meticulously compiled into both CSV and XML formats, adhering strictly to a provided specification. **Key Requirements:** - **Output Format**: Final data must be delivered in both CSV and XML formats, structured according to the provided template. - **Data to be Scraped**: - **Photos:** High-quality images are crucial. - **Descriptions:** Detailed and accurate product descriptions. - **Variations, Options, and Tags:** Must include all available product variations, options, and relevant tags. - **Scraping Frequency**: This is a one...

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    I am in need of a freelancer who can assist me with typing a Microsoft Word document. The document is in English and consists of 1-10 pages. - Skill Set Required: - Excellent typing skills. - Fluent in English language - Proficiency in MS Word and text formatting. - Attention to detail for error-free output. The document is scanned, hence the need for someone with good typing speed and accuracy. Knowledge of MS Word is important for appropriate formatting and presentation. A keen eye for detail will ensure the task is error-free and matches the original document closely. Your effectual understanding of English is required to spot and correct any potential spelling or grammar errors during the typing process.

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    I'm in need of a skilled freelancer to bring my vision of 1/64 scale service truck booms to life, primarily for model display purposes. This project is at the intersection of creativity and technical precision, aiming to produce meticulously detailed models that can be eventually 3D printed. **Requirements:** - Create two distinct designs for service truck booms at a 1/64 scale. - The final output should be in a format suitable for 3D printing (.stl or equivalent). - While I currently do not have the dimensions for the models, I will provide 1:1 scale drawings from which you can derive the necessary measurements. - Attention to detail is crucial to ensure the scale models accurately represent the original designs. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in 3D modeling ...

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    I'm in need of an individual skilled in file conversion and data management to convert a SAS report to an SQL report, specifically for Tableau. The final output should be able to be utilized efficiently in Tableau. Your bids should reflect: - Your expertise in SAS, SQL, and particularly, Tableau. - Proven experience managing data conversions effectively. - Detail-oriented approach to ensure accurate conversion. - Ability to work within a timeline. Your primary task will involve: - Converting my SAS report to SQL. - Ensuring the SQL report is compatible with Tableau. - Troubleshoot any issues during the conversion. Speed and accuracy are essential for this task, and evidence of previous similar work will be advantageous.

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    I am seeking an experienced electric or electronic engineer w...identical 3.7V DC motors. One motor is equipped with a 90 degree gearbox with a 118:1 ratio, while the other motor is without a gearbox. The purpose of this analysis is to assess and compare the work capacity and energy efficiency of these motors. The necessary performance metrics to be compared include: - Work Capacity - Torque - RPM (revolutions per minute) - Current (in mA) - Energy Efficiency - Output (in W) - Input (in W) The chosen engineer must have vast knowledge in this field and excellent analytical skills. Knowledge of the Robotics industry will be highly advantageous. This project also requires a considerable understanding of DC motors and gearboxes for interpretation of comparative data accurately and ef...

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    i have a php script with some mysql queries and joins by DEFAULT there is ...NULL i.e no id, leaves all the data as is which effectively returns the dats for ALL stores.. but at present i can have one or the other but not both WHAT I GET NOW --------------- CASE 1 WITH WHERE CLAUSE 1A: INPUT: NO STORE SELECTED OUTPUT: NO DATA 1B: INPUT: STORE SELECTED OUTPUT: DATA FOR STORE SELECTED CASE 2 WITHOUT WHERE CLAUSE 2A: INPUT: NO STORE SELECTED OUTPUT: ALL STORE DATA 2B: INPUT: STORE SELECTED OUTPUT: ALL STORE DATA WHAT I WANT -------------- 1B: INPUT: STORE SELECTED OUTPUT: DATA FOR STORE SELECTED 2A: INPUT: NO STORE SELECTED OUTPUT: ALL STORE DATA as u can see the only 2 scenarios i want are either 1B or 2A but just now i cant have both o...

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    ...designed to navigate through multiple conditions to provide diverse outcomes. This formula is crucial for enhancing my project management workflow, and your expertise can make a significant difference in how efficiently we can process data. Here’s what you need to know: - **Formula Complexity**: The core task involves developing a nested IF statement which can: - Evaluate various conditions. - Output differing results based on those evaluations. - **Data Types**: The conditions to be evaluated in the nested IF statement are based on: - Text fields, such as names and statuses. - Numeric fields, including sales figures and quantities. **Ideal Skills and Experience**: - Proficiency in Airtable, particularly in crafting complex formulas. - Strong background in logical...

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    Job Title: Remote Video Editor Overview: Position: Video Editor Schedule: Full-time, Monday to Friday, 2:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Pacific time Pay: $6 USD per hour Responsibilities: Edit video content using Adobe Premiere Pro. Ensure high-quality output with attention to detail. Meet project deadlines and objectives. Requirements: Proficiency in Adobe Premiere Pro. Previous video editing experience. Attention to detail and efficient work ethic. Strong communication and teamwork skills. Reliable internet connection for remote work. I'm looking to hire from eastern europe.

    £5 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking a skilled graphic artist to transform two separate images into a single, full color output. Your tasks include: - Combining the two images - Bringing a black and white image to colorful life - Ensuring the final image renders in standard resolution (72 dpi) This image will be to be used for print, mainly. Ideal skills and experience for this project include proficiency in image editing softwares such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP, a keen eye for color balancing and an understanding of print formatting. A portfolio of similar projects completed would be advantageous.

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    I'm looking for a smart, creative and experienced designer who can overhaul my current logos by adding some already existing ones, and also tweak the color scheme a notch higher. The aim is to improve the visual appeal of my brand. I want the final output to be fresh and visually appealing while maintaining the integrity and identity of my brand. Furthermore, your job will also involve some Aweber email integration. Skills in this are essential because I need assistance in authenticating my new email with Aweber; the goal here is to increase email deliverability for an improved brand-customer relationship. Ideal skills: * Professional logo design * Color theory * Aweber email integration knowledge * A good eye for aesthetics and details Experienced professio...

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    Enhance C++ DLL Code 6 days left

    ... the original programmer is no longer available, and I find myself in a position where modifications are necessary to address a critical issue and to enhance the overall performance of the DLL. **Requirements:** - Proficiency in C++ - Experience with DLL file structure and manipulation - Ability to debug and fix incorrect output issues - Skills to optimize and improve performance under various conditions **Objectives:** 1. **Bug Fixing:** There's an incorrect output when a particular function within the DLL is called. This needs to be identified and corrected to ensure reliability. 2. **Performance Improvement:** The DLL should be optimized to function more efficiently. This involves reviewing the code to find and amend any inefficiencies. **Ideal Experience:** ...

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    As a dedicated PIC12F675 developer, I am seeking an expert programmer p...for PIC12F675 - Integrating TT223 inputs into the system - Implementing LED control; specifically, for every touch, one LED (connected via 3 output pins) should light up. -on each touch 1st led 1 shuld be on and led 2&3 will be off and like wise on second touch led 2nd will be on 1&3 will be off on 3rd touch led3 will be on and 1&2 will be off - and on 4th touch all 3 led will be on and on 5th touch all led will be chaser form - on 6 touch all led will be off Your experience in assembly programming, especially with microchip technology, and understanding of electronic hardware would be the driving factors for success in this project. Note- the output of the ttp223 module is high when to...

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    AI Call Center Automation MVP 6 days left

    ...Problem-Solving Attitude: We are looking for a creative and solution-oriented individual who can tackle the challenges of integrating advanced AI models into a user-friendly call center interface. Project Goals: - Develop a functional MVP that can handle basic customer service tasks in a simulated environment. - Integrate speech-to-text for data input and text-to-speech for natural-sounding output, ensuring low latency for realistic conversations. - Connect the AI model to a local database for accurate, real-time business information retrieval. Deliverables: - A working MVP that showcases the AI call center's capabilities. - Documentation detailing the development process, integration points, and instructions for use and future development. Required experience in: ...

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    We're seeking a dedicated game tester for our PC-based action game. The primary focus will be assessing the graphics and visuals of the game to ensure high-quality output. If you have prior experience in game testing, particularly for action games, we'd love to hear from you. Key responsibilities include: - Thorough testing of all visuals within the game - Providing comprehensive feedback and recommendations to enhance the visual experience - Liaising with our development team to optimize game presentation. Ideally, we're seeking individuals with: - Familiarity with PC action games - Proven experience in game testing - A keen eye for graphics and visual detail.

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    ...recommendations. Automation and Flexibility: Ensure the system updates forecasts automatically with new sales data and can be easily expanded to include additional products or styles. Key Deliverables: A scalable and flexible sales forecasting and inventory replenishment tool, integrated with Shopify. Comprehensive documentation on using the tool, including a user manual and guidelines for interpreting output for inventory decision-making. Complete source code and maintenance documentation. Ideal Candidate Profile: Proven expertise with Shopify's API and a strong understanding of its data structures. Solid background in data analysis, statistical modeling, and predictive forecasting. Proficient in programming languages suitable for data science and web development (e.g., Pyt...

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    ...MATLAB Simulink developer to design a state-of-the-art e-STATCOM model. This project aims at optimizing the utility and efficiency of renewable energy sources by integrating an effective e-STATCOM system. The key objective is to enhance overall grid stability while accommodating fluctuating power outputs from renewable resources. **Objectives:** - Smoothing out fluctuations in renewable energy output - Improving power quality - Elevating grid stability **Key Features Needed:** - Although specific features like voltage regulation, power factor correction, and harmonic suppression weren't explicitly chosen, the designed system should inherently improve these aspects to achieve the project objectives effectively. **Specific Renewable Energy Focus:** - No particular renewable...

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    ... - **Ideal Skills and Experience**: - Proficiency in English with excellent pronunciation and enunciation skills. - Experience in voice acting, especially in dubbing commercials or related fields. - Ability to convey emotions and intents effectively through voice, matching the tone and pace of the advertisement. - Access to high-quality recording equipment to ensure crystal-clear audio output. - Familiarity with syncing audio to video would be a bonus, ensuring seamless integration of the dubbing with the visual elements. I believe that the right voice can significantly enhance the impact of our commercials, making them more memorable and engaging for our audience. If you have the skill set and experience I'm looking for, I'd love to hear your proposal includ...

    £19 (Avg Bid)
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    I am seeking an illustrator to create minimalist-style clip art themes around Australian athletes, with the output files to be delivered in PNG format. Key Responsibilities: - Developing clip arts portraying famous Australian athletes - Capturing the unique presence and styles of these athletes in a minimalist manner Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in minimalist illustrations - Portfolio featuring clip arts is a plus - Knowledge of Australian athletes, and sports is advantageous - Proficiency in creating PNG files is essential

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    Please message me only after you read this and you are positive you can do it: using existing libraries like or NOVAS to make a small C# script that takes date and time, and produces the output: 1- where sun and the moon will be overhead a certain latitude and longitude 2- the % of the the moon phase 3- the relative angular size of the moon and the sun 4- the distance of the moon and the sun for example timeanddate provides this in order to test your results 2024-02-20 09:30:00 UTC - 2024-02-20 14:30:00 UTC -

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    I'm seeking an experienced Photoshop expert who can professionally assist with retouching a series of images for my project. The primary task will encompass: - Photo retouching: Specifically, adding and removing objects in the photo. Your work will primarily involve dealing with medium complexity objects...dealing with medium complexity objects, like removing or adding a person, so proficiency in handling such tasks with a keen eye to detail is crucial. Ideal candidates should have: 1. An advanced proficiency in Photoshop, especially in the area of photo retouching. 2. Demonstrable experience in adding and removing medium complexity objects. 3. A meticulous attention to detail ensuring high-quality output. Your proposals should include relevant work samples. Looking forwar...

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    I'm seeking an experienced Photoshop expert who can professionally assist with retouching a series of images for my project. The primary task will encompass: - Photo retouching: Specifically, adding and removing objects in the photo. Your work will primarily involve dealing with medium complexity objects...dealing with medium complexity objects, like removing or adding a person, so proficiency in handling such tasks with a keen eye to detail is crucial. Ideal candidates should have: 1. An advanced proficiency in Photoshop, especially in the area of photo retouching. 2. Demonstrable experience in adding and removing medium complexity objects. 3. A meticulous attention to detail ensuring high-quality output. Your proposals should include relevant work samples. Looking forwar...

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    I urgently require a Python expert capable of executing web scraping on Website A in a concise time frame. Here's what you need to know: - The specific data we are after from Website A encompasses restaurant details such as the name and contact information. - You will set up the system on my local machine with VPN and proxy configuration. - You will develop a way to organize and output the data in a user-friendly format neatly. - data save in csv or excel file. Ideal skills for this project include: - Proficiency in Python. - Extensive experience in web scraping. - Competency in using VPN and proxy setup. - Good understanding of data organizing and refining. Your experience in similar projects and promptness in delivery will be an added advantage. Please bid if you can mee...

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    Enhance STL for SLA Printing 5 days left

    ...printing projects, with an understanding of the nuances involved in preparing files for this technology. - Attention to detail and an eye for design optimization to enhance both aesthetics and functionality within the constraints of SLA printing. By achieving these modifications, the project aims to create a file that is not only ready for 3D printing but also optimized for the highest quality output specific to SLA technology. See attached Image. I need the part 1 to be more regide and more suitable to the camera size The 2nd and more important issue is with the "knob" in the middle. This is not rigid enough. It always breaks off. At the moment the printer makes a 2mm base and then puts the knob on top. So it breaks off there. We need the knob to be fully inte...

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    ...of delivering detailed research reports - Familiarity with the internal workings of the SEC and its enforcement strategies - Ability to identify and analyze trends, gaps, and anomalies within compliance and enforcement data Candidates with a background in finance, law, or regulatory consultancy who have previous experience dealing with or researching the SEC will be highly preferred. The final output should be a detailed report that not only provides insights but also actionable intelligence that can guide future compliance and strategic decision-making. This project requires a meticulous, informed approach, and I'm looking for someone who can navigate the complexities of the SEC with confidence and expertise. We wish to acquire a dormant company and complete all complian...

    £206 (Avg Bid)
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    Engineer-Centric PM System 5 days left

    ...BAR BENDING/CUTTING LIST EXCEL PROGRAMS/APPLICATIONS: Our system also includes specialized programs/applications to handle beam, column, and footing bar bending/cutting lists, providing features such as: Customizable configurations for beams, columns, and footings. Automatic generation of bar bending and cutting schedules. Real-time graphical presentation of bar bending/cutting lists. Printable output for documentation and construction purposes. Ideal Skills and Experience: Proficiency in developing comprehensive project management software, preferably with prior experience tailoring solutions for the engineering and construction sectors. Strong background in software development, particularly in Gantt charts, cost loading, and Primavera integration. Demonstrated ability to i...

    £1975 (Avg Bid)
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    60 bids

    I need an adept SolidWorks 3D modeller to modify an existing design by incorporating two HKK40 gears with 14 teeth each into it. The material of choice for these gears is stainless steel. The final output will need to be exported in PDF format tailored for manufacturing. The project will require: - Meticulous understanding of gear mechanics - Strong proficiency in 3D designing, particularly SolidWorks - Familiarity with exporting models for manufacturing - Knowledge of different industrial-grade materials, specifically stainless steel. Please make sure you can fulfill these requirements before bidding. Prior experience with gear integration in 3D models will be highly appreciated.

    £205 (Avg Bid)
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    72 bids

    ...Data: Retrieve product prices as efficiently as possible. - Sources: Focus on well-known e-commerce platforms and social media sites where product listings are prevalent. - Essential Skills: Proficiency in web scraping tools, data extraction techniques, and handling bot detection mechanisms. - Experience: Past projects involving e-commerce or social media data scraping are highly beneficial. - Output Expectation: The data should be organized and provided in a structured format such as CSV, JSON, or Excel for further analysis. The perfect candidate will have a strong background in data scraping, understand the nuances of web crawling, and ensure a high level of accuracy while adhering to the legalities of data collection. If you are up to the challenge, I look forward to your bid...

    £13 (Avg Bid)
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    7 bids

    ...deliver corporate-style outcomes for various design requirements: report design, presentation design, promotional material design, and a portfolio-based website creation. Design Services for Profit Improvement Report and Branding Material Introduction: We are seeking a design firm with a strong background in technical equipment and B2B marketing to develop a comprehensive Profit Improvement Report output from our ROI calculator, which is currently in development. This report will be generated in Word format with specified data fields auto-populated by the ROI calculator. The developer of the ROI calculator will be responsible for auto-populating the fields in the report. Scope of Work: * Profit Improvement Report Design: * Develop a clean, professional Word template that ...

    £310 (Avg Bid)
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    95 bids

    ...certain elements removed, without altering the receipt's overall layout and authenticity. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Experience in graphic design, specifically in document forgery for legal corrections. - Strong attention to detail to ensure that modifications are not detectable. - Excellent communication skills to understand the scope of the modifications fully. I trust that the final output will not only meet the specified requirements but will also maintain the high standard of quality and authenticity expected of such a task....

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    ...2024 (1:10 AM) GMT+7 Test Date/Time end : Monday, February 19, 2024 (6:25 AM) GMT+7 Scope of Works 1. Ensuring the end-to-end process as Purchaser (Is not viable due to time limitation) 2. Ensuring the end-to-end process as Image Provider (Done) 3. There will be no limitation of the image format to be posted into system (Done) 4. Mapping all the bugs encounter (Done) 5. Recap on the input and output based on point 1-4 (Done) 6. Total QA required is maximum 2 hours (Done) Tester Proposal 1. I will be working just fine for $15/hour with all of the task provided above. 2. Then I will start to work as requested. My time will be available anytime today. 3. Test Date/Time start: Monday, February 19, 2024 (1:10 AM) GMT+7 4. Test Date/Time end: Monday, February 19, 2024 (6:25 AM) GMT+7...

    £12 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    1 bids

    So i have been working on some old dos code for years but there are some bugs and issues that i need help with. i can give you the complete dev toolchain that will work under dosbox and a batch file that will all...allow you to use freedos to download the source and toolchain from the server so you can run it in vpc,vbox etc while the code will compile there are some libraries, object files and binaries that have runtime errors etc. this is an opensource project but i will pay you for your time to help me fix a few things. C, Allegro 4.4 & DJGPP 2.03 issue being upgrading to DJGPP 2.05 has stopped the vga output working and some other errors. we can do hourly or milestones. i have a sample of a feature that was removed from the code that i want to add back to the code but n...

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    Just copy the information from the read-only excel link below to a new Excel sheet and submit. Instruction : 1. Copy all information from the link below to a new excel sheet. 2. The excel should be 100% accurate 3. Provide a link to output in EXCEL or Google Spreadsheet TIP You can use the attached template : Copy Information from this link: :x:/p/sam/EfZd_YCWJWZLm4H_neigfTIBPWnalLAYhvtXGhs0zz52ng?rtime=BWyZfnkx3Eg&clickparams=eyJBcHBOYW1lIjoiVGVhbXMtRGVza3RvcCIsIkFwcFZlcnNpb24iOiI1MC8yNDAxMDQxOTEyOCIsIkhhc0ZlZGVyYXRlZFVzZXIiOmZhbHNlfQ%3D%3D

    £8 (Avg Bid)
    18 entries

    Seeking a proficient bioinformatician or an individual with expertise in common programming languages such as Python, Shell, and R to execute a pipeline known as breseq. The pipeline repository can be found at the following link for reference: breseq GitHub Re...as Python, Shell, and R to execute a pipeline known as breseq. The pipeline repository can be found at the following link for reference: breseq GitHub Repository The task entails training the code with existing Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) data and analyzing NGS data pertaining to bacterial samples. Additionally, there is an opportunity to develop an intuitive interface that organizes the output HTML document of the results and presents it according to user preferences. If interested, please reach out to discuss furthe...

    £24 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a freelancer who is proficient in AutoCAD. You'll be required to modify an existing technical drawing by resizing it according to a new set of measurements. The job primarily involves: - Updating the image size - Impl...technical drawing by resizing it according to a new set of measurements. The job primarily involves: - Updating the image size - Implementing dimensional changes Ideally, you should have substantial expertise with AutoCAD, including precision scaling and format conversions. The aim is to accommodate the amended drawing to a particular paper size, while preserving rendering details for printed output. Only individuals who are confident in their AutoCAD abilities, specifically with reference to scaling and dimension alterations are encouraged t...

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    I am seeking an experienced and knowledgeable freelancer to compose a detailed literature review focusing on how the time of day influences athletic performance, specifically within the field of Sports Science. This analysis is intended to investigate diurnal variations and their potential effects on athletes’ performance metrics. The final output should be a comprehensive review of 3500 words, meticulously researched and well-structured. **Requirements:** - The literature review must concentrate on Sports Science, particularly examining the impact of diurnal variation on athletic performance. - Sources for this review should predominantly include but are not limited to the "Journal of Sports Science" and "Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise." The...

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    I'm seeking an exp...a modest budget under $100, the campaign must be meticulously planned and executed to maximize ROI. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven track record with Instagram advertising, especially in campaigns aimed at young adults - Ability to create compelling ad content that resonates with the 18-24 age group - Expertise in budget management to ensure the best use of less than $100 for maximum output - Strong analytic skills to tweak and optimize the campaign for better results - Knowledge of current trends popular among young adults to make ads more appealing The perfect candidate will have a portfolio demonstrating successful Instagram campaigns, especially those executed with limited budgets. Creativity, strategic planning, and a keen eye for analytics...

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    I'm in need of a competent electronics...easy to carry and use will also be advantageous. No casing is required, focusing purely on the device functionality and portability. Your design should strive for maximum accuracy in the given range. Considerations for the design and utility of the device include: 1) The device will be installed in a larger device with only the laser sensors visible. 2) The output from the laser device will be used to inform a larger device so output wiring in addition to the LCD display is preferred. 3) Since the device will be installed in another larger product, it would be advantageous if the laser sensors are not mounted directly on the circuit board but are instead connected to the circuit board with a 6-8 inch wiring to allow for flexib...

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    I have recently purchased access to a protected/private/invite-only trading script on TradingView (written in PineScript) and I need your help to extract the source code. I have no idea if the task has been done in the past or not, but your job will be to find a way to do it. Only apply if you are confident you can think of at least one way to achieve it. One common approach mi...way to achieve it. One common approach might be going through the Chrome debugger and inspecting the Javascript code, but that may not be sufficient given it's a protected/private script. If for any reason you are unable to complete the task, I will not leave any negative feedback but payment will be done only after the source code has been extracted successfully and tested by me to confirm the output...

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