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    Hello, I'm currently looking for a graphic who can design two ebook covers. The first ebook is called: De Rerum Diruptio (On the Nature of Disruption). It will be an introductory ebook on digital transformation such as "digital transformation for dummies" the target is for people new in the digital transformation. The second one is called: De rei numerus ("Concerning Digita...

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    Hi Anna G., We need to create the simple PHP & CSS dashboard with the design of bubble/rounded with multicolors and icons, then login page (already created), side & main CMS menu (coded at [login to view URL]), etc. For [login to view URL] I have documents for the icons, the design buttons to add. They're buttons to be dummies which will be used to go to new blank PHP pages for the...

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    Hi - I have no experience in creating logos, websites or companies, so I'm not sure if I even know enough to be asking the right questions. For background, I am U.S. Coast Guard Search & Rescue retired and just now starting my first company/website which is not really for sales as it is to curate and hold my copyrights and to display my works for industry professionals. My logo name &q...

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    I am an IT trainer who teaches various IT certification courses. I need someone to take a book and make slides from it. All you would need to do is change the bolded information to bulleted slide points. I will use them to teach my class. the book is called CISSP for Dummies and is 465 pages of information. I will have the book sent to you via Amazon. I will send you my slide deck template. If...

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    The deliverable is a customised version of the community version of openproject with an 'installation for dummies' documentation for installing and hosting the customised version on docker, AWS & Azure. The customisation required is branding and design look and feel only, no additional or amended functionality required. Level of documentation can assume juniour developer knowledge an...

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    Need to develop code by algorithm in snort tool (java/php/pytho)

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    Need to write java code by algorithm and have to run it in snort tool

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    Hi, I am looking for a pfsense expert to help configure & troubleshoot snort & pfBlockerNg. I have installed and configured them following online posts but it seems like they are not blocking anything. Need some one who understands this very well, no R & D on my system. Kindly submit your proposal starting with keyword Pfsense. Thanks

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    Need help with report writing and coding in steganography Vulnerabilities Snort IDs

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    We want these 25 questions answered in blog posts of 500 words or more. 1. Will solar power save me money? 2. Will Solar Power Get Cheaper? 3. Can Solar Power Be Stored? 4. Can Solar Power My Whole House? 5. What are Solar Power Advantages? 6. What is a Solar Power Inverter? 7. When Does Solar Power Work? 8. Why is Solar Power Not Widely Used? 9. Why is Solar Power Useful? 10. Are solar power sys...

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    Seeking a Visual merchandiser for hotel Bistro/Gift Shop to use their design skills to help promote the image, products and services and create eye-catching product displays and store layouts and designed to attract customers and encourage them to buy. Responsibilities might include: producing design ideas for displays and developing floor plans, or following the company plan creating spec...

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    I have installed Logstash, filebeat version 7.9.2, elasticsearch 7.10.0, Elastic Kibana 7.10.0 and Snort 3 everything is up and running I just need to feed my alerts into Elastic Kibana. Snort is monitoring 3 interfaces. So I want to get the alerts in the discovery. Right now Snort is feeding my Elastic by Logstash but the grok is not properly indexing. please see the attached picture. you should ...

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    Show how the Suricata better than snort to detecting different attack that launch from kali Linux to the ftp server

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    I want launching an attack on an FTP server from kali linux and showing how an IDS snort and suricata detecting the attack and how the suricata is better than snort at detecting the attack by using virtual box VM. I want find way how to see the better maybe by use dashboard Kabana or pfsense ?

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    I have a dataset of 14 columns approximately and all of the columns are categorical with total number of rows more than [login to view URL] I need is to get to understand that which are the columns which are contributing to my target [login to view URL] all being categorical I want to convert them into numerical using get_dummies however some of the columns are having more than 10000 unique values...

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    We manage couple of pfsense firewalls with vpn, snort, pfBlockerNG and other services. Wanted to learn the industrialist best practices by setting up a fresh one with latest version. Especially focused on the following or any other recommended packages that will help make it more robust. * Configure pfBlockerNG * Configure OpenVPN server * Configure snort or suric...

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    In this coursework, you are required to act as a security analyst to determine the type and nature of a potential threat that has been detected. You will be provided with both Network and Security Event data from an open source network intrusion prevention system (Snort) as evidence to base your analysis. The data provided is as follows: - Snort IDS Alerts stored in a MySQL database; - Snort event...

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    It will require deploying two virtual machines using Ubuntu as it's an operating system as shown in the attachment. One serving as a firewall and the other serving as a Honeypot. The firewall VM also integrates intrusion detection capabilities, therefore, in addition to filtering network traffic, it should alert any potential intrusion. On the Firewall VM configure the firewall using iptables...

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    We are a nationwide Real Estate firm located in the USA. We have been in business for many years and have a strong customer relations background. We are looking to add education tools to our services beginning with eBooks. Our Real Estate Firm is a seeking a few fluent English ghostwriter to help compose a series of "all original" educational beginners real estate E-books that will nee...

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    Need three snort rules written for a project

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    showcase suricata's Network-based Host Intrusion Detection (NIDS) capabilities, and provide the student a basic understanding of how to setup, configure, and operate suricata. At the time this exercise was made, the company owning snort was purchased, and therefore snort was no longer available from the official Kali repositories. Suricata is identical to snort in its capabilities and functi...

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    Your team currently works as a research wing for a standard SOC (Security Operations Center). The SOC keeps analytics on the current trends within the network. Your team will be assigned a current issue that has been seen at the border of the network, trying to infiltrate the organizations network/systems. Upon being assigned your item, it will be your job to go out and search OSINT (Open Source I...

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    I need a pretty simple coupons/ discounts IOS app created that allows me to send push notifications when a new coupon/ discount is added on the app. The app needs to allow me to create a new ‘page’ for each coupon/ discount with a name, description and an image with a link for each one. I need a dummies guide on how to add content to the app and how to get it on the App Store (entire...

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    Help write 3 simple snort rules

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    The Better!Grimm Eclipse is the name of the project focused on combining two, once successful games: SoulWorker and R.W.B.Y.: Grimm Eclipse to create a somewhat original, English anime mmorpg on the ROBLOX platform. Needed: Create 2 base models (1 Male 1 Female) to use as testing dummies for the animator to do their work on. (0/2)

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    I need a website developed Services I Provide I Help People Buy and sell Businesses Consultation One on one mentoring Business Plan creation SOP Creation Financial Advisory Along with that i have created a Course " Startup For Dummies" Need to have Account, Purchase option, Course option...

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    subject - covert channels Countermeasures in current Open Source IDS (Snort, Suricata, bro) Need to collect data from the population and use different methods of sampling and techniques to provide the LR and research. Also needs other verified journals to support the Research questions can Intrusion detection system detect hidden anomly?

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    Help to setup Suricata/Snort or Bro on windows 10 for basic IDS just to monitor covert data packets or communications in a network

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    I have 9 male 9 female tshirt 3d models and i have some 3d fbx models . I want to scale the tshirt to fit over male nd female models

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    Tools / Technology knowledge required are - 1. Apache Metron 2. Snort 3. Elasticsearch 4. Kibana 5. Open SoC 6. Development / Deployment of SIEM Agent 7. Database such as Hadoop

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    This project requires an understanding of the LXR hashing algorithm and its python implementation. The following are the few links and algorithm implementation in Go language is also done. Someone with an understanding of the hashing algorithm would do this work easily. [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL]

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    Hello Law students! I have a powerpoint file (230 slides) that needs to be compressed and simplified (english for dummies). Some of the slides have cases ( for example: Engel v The Netherlands (Application no. 5100/71) 1972). I need short explanations of why each case is chosen, and what it is about. I uploaded a sample og how the slides look like. Feel free to contact me as soon as possible, i h...

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    I am looking for someone who can setting up grayglog server and snort. The snort will send log to graylog and graylog will show the log in the dashboard.

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    Someone has efficiently stated that ‘if fitness is long gone the whole lot is gone’. Life loses interest, in case you are disadvantaged of health. You experience neither meals nor the world. Even spending time joyfully turns into a large problem. A wholesome character (whether wealthy or poor) lives greater completely happy and peaceable lifestyles than any wealthy individual having a ...

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    i have a UNITY game , with dummy characters. i need to reskin 3 dummies only. rest can remain. I need all necessary items like app icon, to submit app into Play store. pls put the word DURIAN at the bottom of quotation. DURIAN

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    Hi Mayank Kumar K., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. The idea of ​​the project is to install the Snort IPS (Snort inline mode) on Ubuntu and config all the required settings and snort rules. I would like to talk more about some details before we start in case we agreed on a time, cost, and other details that we might discuss later. I am looking forward to hearing fro...

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    I have few pictures of hairstyles through which i need some task to be done 1. Pick the hairstyle from the picture and provide it in transparent png 2. Place the hairstyle on a dummy so we can replace the face of the model Hair style([login to view URL]), extracted frame(Box Braids [login to view URL]), dummy pic([login to view URL]) and example of the work (how i want it ) ([login to view URL]...

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    We have an idea of what sections our home page needs to have but would love to get different rich design ideas with Hi-Fi Wireframes. The person we pick will be able to do the designs for the rest of the pages as well in the next project. I have attached the lo-fi wireframe. Use it as a stepping stone, use your creativity, and provide a very creative and VERY PROFESSIONAL HOME PAGE DESIGN. Des...

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    I plan to form a 100% foreign owned US single member SMLLC as a disregarded entity. No US citizen, no US residence, no US turnover, no US employees, no US structure. Questions: - the LLC and the member don't have to pay any income taxes on federal AND state level in the US? - do I have to look only at state or local non-income-taxes? - which state has NONE taxes for this type of entity? not a...

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    Project Details The idea of this project to make comparison and performance evaluation of Snort in the virtual environment by generating attacks before and after using honeypots technology (KF Sensor or honeyd) according to some criteria. Notes: Dear, there are three important points that I would like to point out: 1- The issue of time is crucial to me because I have a time limit to finish the p...

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    Looking for CGI/VFX artist who can animate 2 crowds that also look realistic. The first is a snap shot included of two armies going to war that I need animated The second would be a rally type setting needing closer shots. The crowds in Pink Floyd's The Wall were all dummies shown wearing masks, so I'm also considering this option. How expensive and how many hours are we talking to anima...

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    Build a new B2B/C showcase website for a corona virus tracking app and 4 app screen dummies according to the PPT attached. It shall look professional and correspond to current cutting the edge modern (minimalistic) and sober design. Some animations are needed too. - Cut all images for integration. Follow the precise instructions have to name all images in the programming section. - Provide all col...

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    Open Sguil and select a Snort event that was generated when you ran sudo so-test. (This invokes tcpreplay on some bundled pcap files.) Perform the following set of tasks, documenting the ones indicated with screen shots. (Screen shot) Display all related events for the one you selected. (Screen shot) Select one and generate a transcript. Provide the src and dst IPs and ports. Any DNS resolution?...

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    Open Sguil and select a Snort event that was generated when you ran sudo so-test. (This invokes tcpreplay on some bundled pcap files.) Perform the following set of tasks, documenting the ones indicated with screen shots. (Screen shot) Display all related events for the one you selected. (Screen shot) Select one and generate a transcript. Provide the src and dst IPs and ports. Any DNS resolution?...

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    Hello Harshad, I am looking for help in filling a full time roles in our Cybersecurity Analysis team (remote in US EST zone). Looking for candidates with experience in cloud (AWS), Snort, Yara, IDS rules, SIEM, DLP, VM and networking fundamentals. Thanks, Richie P

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    I have to install snort and create rules on ubuntu. Need someone to help

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    I want an ebook on credit basics and mastery. Something like a "Credit for Dummies" type of ebook. I want it to include the following subtopics. I want it to have infographics and pictures and I want it to be short, sweet and to the point but thorough. Introduction: What is credit and why it matters? 1) Credit Monitoring and Awareness 2) Credit Repair and Restoration 3) Credit Building 4...

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    Open Sguil and select a Snort event that was generated when you ran sudo so-test. (This invokes tcpreplay on some bundled pcap files.) Perform the following set of tasks, documenting the ones indicated with screen shots. (Screen shot) Display all related events for the one you selected. (Screen shot) Select one and generate a transcript. Provide the src and dst IPs and ports. Any DNS resolution?...

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