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    I run a macro to send an email on a daily routine set in Windows Task Manager. I use Macro Recorder to build my macros ([url removed, login to view]). The macro imports into the clipboard the list of receipients from a .txt file. This allows me to update the list without having to play around with the macro coding. The script that does the

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    The attached EXE file was packed using WinLicense / Themida. We need someone to convert this to an unpacked version. (See details below) ## Deliverables The file we need unpacked is attached. When you run this program, you will see the standard error message from WinLicense / Themida: "This program is corrupted, etc." because we have modified

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    Hi Mohsen A., Subject: Paypal IPN - getting it working Basically, I set up IPN by following the Paypal instructions, but it gives an error message. In other words, it is all there, but does not work. I rang Paypal and was on hold for 1 hour then gave up. Setup: I have the HTML form on my website I have set up a Paypal business account to receive ipn

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    Your project is to write a test program that will measure the time to transfer 1 GB of data under various conditions and prepare a report that charts the results. This is not a long or complex assignment. Your code will be shorter than this writeup. However, start early in case you run into problems. Languages and Systems You many use Java, C, C++

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    The project will need to be done in C# language only no C++ or other language please. I can send full description of this project. The objectives of this assignment are to demonstrate proficiency in file I/O, data structures, and data transformation using C language resources. Specifically, you will read in data from a text file, use that data to

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    GTMatrix CRM/Dispatch System Brief. GTM seek an operating system that provides a robust CRM and Taxi booking agent program. We provide a one-stop shop for the logistics requirements for Schools and Guardianships countrywide Provide Chaperon’s at LHR on major travel days to assist students moving through the airport. We organise Ride-share between

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    #BASIC DEMO PROJECT# Technical environment : The project is to be written in C language under Linux. Subject : Write a program that simulates a packet switch in a very simplified way. The switch will be simulated using a message queue (MSGQ). Each station will be simulated by a process that: 1. At the start of the process, ask the user to enter

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    The MLog computer program is used for production, operation and support of Westbay equipment in the shop and in the field. Several of these are regularly used by clients. This program was developed 10+ years ago and does not work with newer computer operating systems. There are examples where we have had to send old second-hand laptops to customers

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    ...message passing Use of UDP datagrams Use of sockets for I/O Understanding the role of ports and IP addresses for socket programming Understanding of the data structures involved using the socket library Understanding distributed processing (compared to multiprocessing) Understanding of the Stop-and-Wait Protocol Better understanding of protocol architecture

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    ...needs to be fixed are [url removed, login to view] using Wordpress with host gator for hosting. If you cant complete 1> Not able to send or recieve emails through host gator using contactform7 2>When a user logs out a 404 error pops up. 3>User should be able to upload files via the channel upload like YouTube but keeps getting an error. 4>Us...

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    ...need a small example program using anonymous pipes and named for communication between a server and client. The server will be running all time listening for new messages. The client can be started at any time later and will then send one or more messages to the server. It can then shut down after the messages or stay active to send more messages later

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    ...have two small Java homework problems that I need someone to help me with. These will not take long and the assignment is well defined. Once the job has been accepted, I will send you my attempt at the first one. I have finished the second one, but I need someone to check over it and add two methods. 1) Symbol Balancing: Implement a class called

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    MOST IMPORTANT 20 HOUR DEADLINE!!!. I will provide 3 cpp and 3 header files. You have to modify them using Visual Studio 2010 and USING PLAIN ENGLISH. It is a low to medium diffuculty project for the experts. Please contact me so I can send you a pdf file describing the project and the necessary cpp and header files. This is a homework from advanced

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    ...always exit itself and would climb in resource utilization. My solution : - I can modify the program with a master/child process pattern - using node library to fork a child node process in which to run the normal loadspeed operations. From the child process send a message periodically. when the message ceases to arrive a the master process withing a configured

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    I am using the mbed developer programme : ans STM32F407 board serial board develop some software that turns your Discovery board into a USB-controlled signal generator. The signal generator should be able to output three different types of signal:  A constant voltage, with configurable amplitude.  A sine wave, with configurable

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    Create a simple website using ExpressJS that uses the Marqeta and Stripe APIs to generate virtual credit cards and then authorize transaction with these cards. This is for a minimum "proof-of-concept" app. There are 2 web pages and 3 POST routes to create. Each page consists of a plain HTML form (no styling, no client-side JS). Server-side data

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    ...portal and we're looking for high quality English software review writers. Writers must be able to install an app and write a review for that program. Writer must be able to deliver plagiarism free and error free articles written in proper English. Review requirements: - Each article is a review of a particular mobile app that must be installed

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    Writing an Object-Oriented program Using recursion for error handling Write a dating simulator for fictional life forms called "The Tims" (Tam's simulated life forms). There are two types of Tims in this simulation: a 'Pursuer' and a 'Target'. The target is the object of the pursuer's desire. The behaviour of both types of Tims is pu...

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    10 bids program that have Client and Sever , with MS Access DB , client program will accept from a user an amount in dollar and a currency name and send the request for the conversion to the server. Server will check the currency table in MS access and then replay the result if match or error if not match . second question is about using Utility

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    1. The fundamental requirement of this project is to implement an error control protocol by using both Stop-And-Wait (SAW) and Go-Back-N (GBN) algorithms. 2. Your team will communicate and design the details of the protocol first. It may include, but not limited to, maximum payload size, header size, number of fields, size of different fields, different

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