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    ...skilled freelancer to assist me with a SAS Fraud Management project. The main objective of this project is to detect and prevent fraud. Preferred Method of Fraud Detection: A combination of both statistical analysis and machine learning techniques will be used to effectively identify fraudulent activities. Training/Guidance: While I am familiar with the SAS Fraud Management system, I will require some guidance to ensure optimal utilization of the system for fraud detection purposes. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in fraud management and detection using SAS Fraud Management system - Proficiency in statistical analysis and machine learning techniques - Ability to provide guidance and support in utilizing the SAS Fraud M...

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    I am looking for someone to work on a project with me on SAS Viya. The specific tasks I need help with are visualization, data cleaning and processing, and other related tasks. I will provide the dataset that needs to be worked on. I would like the project to be completed within a month, so there is some flexibility in terms of the deadline. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in SAS Viya - Experience in data visualization - Strong data cleaning and processing skills - Ability to work within a given timeframe

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    I am looking for a freelancer who is experienced in using SAS Viya for data visualization, cleansing, identifying missing values, and more. Specific tasks that I need assistance with include creating charts and graphs to visualize the data. I have existing data that will be used for this project. The desired outcome from the data cleansing process is to prepare the data for analysis. Ideal skills and experience for this job include proficiency in SAS Viya, data visualization techniques, and data cleansing methods.

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    Introduction ➢ Provide a brief explanation for the methodology, such as data, the definition of dependent, independent, and control variables, the objective of the analyses, and the baseline model (as explained in the Main Regression Analysis section). o The app revenue and app price should be used in the natural-logarithm-transformed version in all analyses. Descriptive Analysis ➢ Provide a two-way table that depicts the summary statistics of the variables for subsamples of game and non-game apps, as well as the full sample in one table. Briefly discuss the results. ➢ Apply an appropriate test to evaluate if there is any statistically significant difference (at 0.05 significance level) across categories regarding the app revenue (logged). Briefly discuss the results. ➢ Apply an appropriat...

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    I am seeking assistance with data analysis using SAS. Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in SAS - Experience in data analysis - Familiarity with small and simple data sets - Ability to analyze and interpret data accurately and efficiently

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    I am developing a website and I am stuck with a service bus queue trigger function in azure. I can only use Azure AD / Entra for authenticating the service bus queues and functon. The function and the service bus queues are connected, whenever a message is received by the queue, the function starts running. I am using Azure functions v1, where you h...struggling with the connection parameter in the file, what do I pass if I cannot pass keys? Would you be able to help? Thank you PD. The images dont match with the name of the queues or functions, but its just to get an idea. basically, whenever a message is received by the function app service bus queue trigger, i want to run the code inside the , but without using the sas in the connection string of the

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    Project Description: SAS Results Interpretation and Conclusion Writing I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can interpret SAS results and write conclusions in a formal academic style. The project is specifically focused on data analysis for an audience of academic peers. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in SAS and data analysis techniques - Strong academic writing skills with experience in formal academic style - Ability to interpret statistical results and draw meaningful conclusions - Familiarity with data visualization techniques is a plus The ideal candidate should be able to present complex statistical findings in a clear and concise manner, using appropriate academic language. They should have a solid understanding of data analysis and statistical mo...

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    We need a company (a group, not a person) that will develop a SAS tool to provide food recipes with design details: Business Model Type: SAAS (Software as a Service) We will have monthly or annual subscription plans to have users use our tool Platform: On the website with admin panel, IOS and Android operating system Techniques preferred: Flutter or React (application) programming language Javascript FP larvae MySQL Project size: MVP

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    i have pfsense server and free radius installed on it. also i have external sas radius server, it didnt work for simultaneouslyy connection, thats why i installed free radius. everything works fine but i have problem with simultaneously connection limitation. it doesnt work. users can connect to vpn as much as they want. is this something u can sort out?

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    I am looking for a SAS data miner who can provide assistance with data cleaning and preprocessing. I already have the data in Excel or CSV format. The ideal candidate should have experience in data visualization and predictive modeling and analysis as well as cleaning and preprocessing.

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    USE SAS to create tables listings and figures for a clinical study report

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    I am looking for a SAS Administrator to join our team and assist with ongoing support for our small SAS environment, which currently has 1-50 users. The ideal candidate will have experience in system upgrades and be able to handle tasks such as user administration and data management. This is an ongoing support role, so we are looking for someone who can provide long-term assistance and expertise in maintaining and upgrading our SAS environment.

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    I am looking for a data analyst who can perform statistical analysis on a specific data set that I already have. The timeframe for completing the data analysis is flexible. Skills and Experience: - Strong background in statistical analysis - Proficiency in using statistical analysis software (e.g. R, Python, SAS) - Experience working with large datasets - Ability to interpret and present statistical findings in a clear and concise manner - Knowledge of data visualization techniques and tools is a plus

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    I am looking for a developer to assist me in creating a SaS platform using React.js and Next.js. This platform will require the following features: - User management: The platform should have the ability to manage user accounts, including registration, login, and profile management. Additionally, I have specific designs in mind for the layout and design of the platform. These designs will need to be implemented accurately and efficiently. It is also important that the platform is fully responsive, meaning it should be able to adapt to different screen sizes and devices seamlessly. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in React.js and - Experience with user management systems - Strong front-end development skills - Knowledge of responsive web design pr...

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    I need to automate reporting for the results of PROC MIXED. I need to be able to automatically export least squares means, standard error of the difference, and p-values from SAS results output to word tables. Analysis will be done with 4 different covariance structures and the one with lowest AICc should be reported. Some flexibility around different study designs (different timepoints, group size, etc.) should be incorporated.

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    BRFSS 2021 DATASET: Methods, initial results, tables with bivariate and univariate statistics, figures, gaps, discussions of variables, confounding, which variables to take in the final analysis and why, rationalize things. Table with backward or stepwise elimination models leading to the final set of variables Revised measure of association between exposure and outcome Data tables with final adjusted results and narrative on data table (2-3 pgs) Discussion and interpretation of results. Please follow the format as asked in the attachment. Please start doing the analysis in was and then put everything in a Word document under data analysis and results. Once done you can share it back with me. I have also attached the paper so you can know whats the research question, hypothesis , what ...

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    I am looking for SAS Studio experts to assist with advanced statistical analysis. Tasks: - Perform advanced statistical analysis using SAS Studio - Utilize the ready dataset for the analysis Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expertise in SAS Studio and statistical analysis - Strong knowledge of data cleaning and manipulation - Proficiency in creating visualizations for data analysis If you are experienced in advanced statistical analysis using SAS Studio and have a strong understanding of data cleaning, manipulation, and visualization, please apply for this project.

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    As the tech and medical industries converge, I'm looking to create a robust and comprehensive website content plan that will improve my business' SEO ranking. I need someone to create an effective website content strategy that will help drive people to my website. The content must be optimized with the right keywords and phrases, and I can provide some of these for you. This content needs to be creative and engaging, and should effectively inform people about my products and services. The content you craft should also be used in blog articles and social media posts, in order to maximize my reach and engagement with potential customers. I'm hoping to find an experienced professional who can deliver high-quality content that will bring in new clients while also ensuring th...

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    Project Title: SAS STUDIO I am looking for a SAS expert to assist with statistical analysis in SAS Studio. The specific tasks involved in this project include: - Conducting basic statistical analysis using SAS Studio - Cleaning and manipulating data for analysis - Creating reports and visualizations based on the analysis The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Proficiency in SAS Studio and statistical analysis using SAS - Experience in data cleaning and manipulation - Strong skills in creating reports and visualizations As for the complexity of the analysis, it is categorized as basic statistical analysis. Please note that no specific deadline was provided for this project.

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    Project Title: SAS STUDIO Tasks: - Advanced statistical analysis in SAS Studio Skills and Experience: - Strong expertise in SAS Studio - Proficient in statistical analysis techniques - Experience in handling complex data sets - Knowledge of advanced statistical modeling - Ability to interpret and present statistical findings Deadline: No specific deadline mentioned

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    Project Title: Advanced SAS Studio Data Analyst I am looking for a SAS Studio expert with advanced experience in data analysis. Tasks to be performed: - Conduct thorough data analysis using SAS Studio - Generate comprehensive reports based on the analyzed data - Collaborate with the team to ensure accurate and timely completion of the project Ideal Skills and Experience: - Advanced level proficiency in SAS Studio - Strong background in data analysis and interpretation - Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills - Proficient in creating reports and visualizations using SAS Studio

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    ...a freelancer to help me with a mediation model project. The purpose of this project is to identify the causal mechanisms at play, and I will provide the dataset needed. I prefer for the freelancer to use SAS as the statistical software for the mediation model. The expected outcome is a comprehensive mediation model that explains the relationship between different variables, tests the effectiveness of a specific treatment, and ultimately reveals the underlying causal mechanisms. To complete this project, the freelancer must be experienced in mediation models and proficient in using the SAS statistical software. I need to run/analyze a mediation model with three treatments repeatedly measured at four different time points. The IV and DV are latent variables-so each contain...

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    Project Description: Clinical SAS Experience Level: Advanced Task Type: Data Analysis Data Sets and Formats: Either is fine We are looking for an advanced SAS expert with experience in clinical data analysis. The ideal candidate should have a deep understanding of clinical SAS and the ability to perform complex data analysis tasks. Key Requirements: - Advanced level of experience in SAS programming - Strong knowledge of clinical data analysis techniques - Proficiency in data cleaning, manipulation, and transformation - Ability to analyze and interpret clinical trial data - Familiarity with data visualization and reporting tools Responsibilities: - Perform data analysis tasks using SAS programming - Clean, manipulate, and transform clinical data se...

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    I need Someone to find me an sas script something like these that I can buy online right now.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with data analysis using SAS for my MATH1309 project. Tasks: - Perform data analysis using SAS - Provide statistical modeling using SAS - Create data visualizations using SAS Requirements: - Proficiency in SAS - Strong background in statistics and mathematics - Experience in data analysis and statistical modeling - Ability to effectively communicate and present findings Dataset: - I have a dataset ready for analysis Deadline: - The deadline for this project is 1-2 days If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your proposal.

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    As a client looking for statistical analysis services, I am primarily interested in descriptive analysis. I am not sure which statistical methods to use, so I am trusting the expertise of the freelancer to suggest the appropriate methods. I need statistical analysis using SAS

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    Descriptive statistics. 75 observations

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    looking for Excel and SAS studio

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me with the following responsibilities in clinical data management using EDC tools: - Familiarity with CDMS tools and EDC tools is required. - Proficiency in SAS programming is necessary for this project. - The ideal candidate should have experience and expertise in SAE reconciliation. Skills and Experience Required: - Strong knowledge and experience in clinical data management. - Proficiency in using EDC tools. - Expertise in SAS programming. - Familiarity with CDMS tools and SAE reconciliation. - Attention to detail and ability to work with large datasets. - Excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

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    Address verification in Paris Compny: Liaigre Holdings SAS Addrss: 46, Rue de Lille Paris, France 75007

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    i have sms gateway , on activation do well but before expiration not send what is the problem ?

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    ...Disk /dev/sdh: 10000 GB (=> 9314 GiB) Disk /dev/sdi: 10000 GB (=> 9314 GiB) Disk /dev/sdj: 10000 GB (=> 9314 GiB) Disk /dev/sdk: 10000 GB (=> 9314 GiB) Disk /dev/sdl: 10000 GB (=> 9314 GiB) Disk /dev/sdm: 10000 GB (=> 9314 GiB) Disk /dev/sdn: 10000 GB (=> 9314 GiB) Disk /dev/sdo: 10000 GB (=> 9314 GiB) Total capacity 136 TiB with 15 Disks RAID Adaptec Series 8 12G SAS/PCIe 3 Configurations: - I have specific configurations in mind that I would like to implement on the server. Additional Services: - I don't need any additional services such as server monitoring or backup solutions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with configuring Hetzner servers and working with Ubuntu 18.04. - Knowledge of server config...

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    Project Title: Vpn VPN connection automatically. - Auto start: The application should have an auto start feature to initiate the VPN connection on device startup. - Show username: The application should display the username of the user. - Show IP address: The application should display the IP address of the connected VPN server and current ip before connected. -connection will be done api from radius server (sas radius) Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing Android applications. - Proficiency in VPN technologies and protocols. - Knowledge of implementing auto connect and auto start features. - Ability to display user information within the application. Please note that other features like Kill Switch, Multi-hop, and Dedicated IP are not required for thi...

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    I am looking for a SAS statistical software expert to conduct inferential statistical analysis on a small data set of less than 1,000 observations. The ideal candidate should have experience in handling small data sets and performing inferential statistical analysis using SAS. Key requirements for the project include: - Proficiency in SAS statistical software - Strong knowledge of inferential statistics - Experience in analyzing small data sets - Ability to interpret and present results accurately and clearly The deadline for this project is more than 3 days, allowing for careful analysis and reporting of the findings.

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    The project requires SAS knowledge and Experience in statistical analysis.

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    My client needs 3 x new pages redesigned and improved for their Wordpress website. The homepage: The Get a Quote page: The SAS page: Attached are the wireframes for the Homepage and Get a Quote pages (SAS page wireframes are yet to be finalised). Here are websites designs that the client likes, so for the new pages to reflect this style: Some video and photos will be provided, but some stock imagery can also be used. I am looking for an experienced Wordpress technician to create these new pages as per the wireframe designs. The company them requires full access to manage these pages for

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    I'll take at least 4 pics at the following address and attach them to the project: Compny: Conduent Business Solutions France (SAS) Addrss: Rue Claude Chappe 07500 Guilherand- Granges, France

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    Requirements: A mobile app that runs on both ios and Android. The app should have push notification. The resource should be able to enter the in and out time using the push notification. During the out time entry, the resource should able to enter the job description done on that day. The app should automatically enable the current locat...automatically enable the current location during the time entry. The push notification should be sent at the start/ end of the business hours. Both times should be configurable at the backend. The app should have a backend system for configuration and print the monthend consolidated timesheet of the resource. Facility to sent reminder emails and this should be configured from the backend system. Should have SAS for Statistical analysis and decisi...

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    We must work with BRFSS 2021 data and must develop a research question, write a manuscript, and do lit. review, analysis, and interpret. The analysis will be done in SAS depending on the research questions and aims. This is what we have received: - You'll first need to identify aims and write research questions. You will want to take a look at existing literature on the topic. Is there a noticeable gap your research could fill? - Choose variables and determine levels of measurements. - Write the intro section - Write about lit. review. - Develop methods/ analysis you will use. - Clean the data and do analysis, create tables and figures as needed, and interpret results. Research question has been submitted for approval. CDC - 2021 BRFSS

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    I am looking for an experienced SAS programmer to assist me on an advanced data analysis project. Specifically, I need help with statistical analysis of my existing dataset. This project requires a quick turnaround, and needs to be completed within 3 days. No additional data collection or data manipulation is required - the dataset is already provided. The successful candidate should be willing to provide a detailed explanation of their approach to analyzing the data and any insights derived from the analysis.

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    SAS Calculation for Regression Analysis in Academic Research Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in SAS software - Strong background in regression analysis - Experience working with academic research data Project Details: - The client requires a freelancer who specializes in SAS calculation for regression analysis. - The calculations will be used for academic research purposes. - The client has a specific data set to be used for the analysis. - The freelancer should be able to work with the provided data set and perform the necessary regression analysis using SAS. - Attention to detail and accuracy are essential in ensuring the validity of the research findings. - The freelancer should have prior experience in conducting regression analysis for academic resea...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer with accounting experience to manage several tasks related to my business' finances. Specifically, I need help with bookkeeping, tax preparation, financial statement preparation, REG, CORR, ACC, and REM calculations. Time is of the essence - I need this project to be completed ASAP. If you have the necessary expertise and understand the urgency of the situation, please consider applying for this project. Thank you!

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    Construction Industry Web Based ERP - SAS Model I am looking for a freelancer to develop a web-based ERP system specifically designed for the construction industry. The system should have the following features: - Inventory and asset management: The ability to track and manage construction materials, equipment, and supplies. - Project management: Tools for project planning, scheduling, and tracking progress. - Accounting and financials: The ability to manage project budgets, track expenses, and generate financial reports. - Client module: Ability for client to track and view progress. Also interact with site team and raise requests as required. - Further modules will be discussed later depending on the time-frame, budget and experience The ERP system should also be mobile-friendl...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can conduct a statistical power analysis using SAS. The project requires the following: Mixed model with repeated measures (time) to investigate treatment effect (dunnetts test vs control) Power analysis with noncentral t distribution using standard error of the difference in LS means and error df Calculation of RMSE Peer review of methods Data Set Size: - The data set to be analyzed is small, with less than 500 observations. Power Level: - The specific power level for the analysis is 80%. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in SAS programming - Strong understanding of statistical power analysis - Experience in working with small data sets - Knowledge of hypothesis testing and significance levels - Ability to interpret and comm...

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    I am looking for an experienced SAS ODA expert who can assist me with a statistical analysis task. The deadline for this task is within 24 hours. The data is already prepared for analysis and ready to go. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in SAS ODA - Strong background in statistical analysis - Ability to work within tight deadlines

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    Project Title: Statistical Lab Project Descrip...Title: Statistical Lab Project Description: I am seeking assistance with a statistical analysis project focusing on descriptive statistics. Data Availability: I have data ready for analysis. Software Preference: I would prefer the analysis to be conducted using SAS oda. Ideal Skills and Experience: The ideal candidate for this project should have the following skills and experience: simulation study for Chi-Square distribution with report - Proficiency in conducting descriptive statistical analysis - Strong knowledge of SAS oda software - Ability to work with provided data and conduct thorough analysis - Attention to detail and accuracy in statistical calculations - Effective communication skills to discuss findings and...

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    I just attached dashboard capture of my current sas, i need to improve appearance of dashboard

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    My project is about clinical trial design and analysis. The desired sample size for the trial is less than 100 people. I'm looking for someone to help with data cleaning and validation, as well as provide statistical analysis.

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    Please download the attachment, understand the requirements in advance. Please send me in advance your brief CV (qualification, and experience), WITHOUT any of personal information. Thank you. 1. Ensure a programming team for on-time deliver best value and high-quality service. 2. Provide support on Lead Programmers to help monitor project resourcing, project budgets, and identify changes in scope. 3. Provide relevant technical training and/or mentoring for staff to assist them in resolution of problems encountered in the conduct of their daily work. 4. Contribute to and implement a strategy for the structure and development of a statistical programming team. 5. Provide leadership and team building capabilities to manage the performance and development of a statistical programming team in...

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