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    I'm working on a deep learning project that's implemented in Python using PyTorch for image data. Unfortunately, during the training phase, I've encountered an error that I can't seem to resolve. Your assistance is needed to address t...Python - Extensive experience in deep learning and PyTorch - Ability to troubleshoot and resolve training errors - Familiarity with working on image data Your role in this project will involve: - Identifying the source of the error during model training - Implementing the necessary fixes to ensure the model trains successfully - Providing any additional recommendations to optimize the training process If you have a keen eye for detail, a strong background in deep learning, and a knack for problem-solving, I'd be happy to co...

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    ...bookings, while also providing small businesses the tools they need to easily interact with the site. The following key functionalities should be integrated into this homepage: - A search tool that helps users quickly find the necessary information on our services. - A package tracking feature that allows users to monitor the status of their shipments. - A pickup request system that streamlines the process for small businesses to schedule their shipments. - Social media integration to enable seamless sharing and social proof. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in Laravel: as this project revolves around the development of a Laravel-based homepage. - Frontend and UX/UI Design: to ensure the interface is intuitive and appealing for users. - Understand...

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    I'm launching a skincare company and need comprehensive branding that portrays a minimalist aesthetic. I've already determined the company name and have a vision board to guide the design process. Key requirements include: - Logo Design: Craft a minimalist, visually engaging logo that reflects the ethos of my skincare brand. - Business Card Design: Create business cards that reflect the branding and appeal to our target clientele. - Label and Packaging Design: Design striking labels and packaging that echo the minimalist design aesthetic and highlight our commitment to quality. - Website: Build a clean, minimalist website to showcase our products, along with an easy checkout system - Socials Content: Design and schedule engaging content (images, infographics, short vid...

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    I am in need of an experienced web developer to bring to life a modern and user-friendly website dedicated to electronic document signing. The platform's main goal is to facilitate secure and legally binding electronic signatures online. Key Features: - User Registration and Login: Users should be able to sign up and log in to the platform, ensuring that the signing process is secure and personalized. - Document Upload and Storage: The site will involve uploading various types of documents like contracts, agreements, and waivers. These documents should be securely stored and easily accessible for users. - Secure Electronic Signature Functionality: The website needs to have a reliable and secure electronic signature feature to ensure that the signed documents are legally bindi...

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    Looking to create a one-stop service for my pathology lab that will be as broad as it is user-friendly. The features are: - Online appointment booking: This must be a simple, streamlined process for all patients and doctors who use the service. - Test results access: These must be provided online in a secure way that adheres to all relevant privacy regulations. - Payment gateway: Users must feel secure in their online transactions with the service. Additionally, the platform must offer more than 20 different types of tests, making it a comprehensive solution for a wide variety of users and their differing needs. A crucial part of this project will be to design a user-friendly interface that particularly caters to the needs of the elderly. It needs to be intuitive, clear, an...

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    I am currently in the process of rebranding my company and need expertise in creating a logo, brand strategy, and website that reflect a classic and professional aesthetic underpinned by trust. - **Logo Design:** I am looking for a logo that will communicate the tradition, professionalism, and trustworthiness of our brand to our target audience - our customers. - **Brand Strategy:** The strategy needs to solidify our brand as traditional, professional, and trustworthy in our customer's minds. - **Website Design:** The website needs to echo the branding and be customer orientated, ensuring easy navigation and presenting our company ethos accurately. Ideal applicants should have: - Proven experience in logo, brand, and website design for businesses undertaking a rebranding p...

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    I'm looking for someone to apply to job postings on several job sites. I'm specifically targeting the technology sector and am looking for full-time positions. Key Responsibilities: - Apply to job postings on Indeed, Glassdoor, Ziprecruiter, Dice, and Monst...looking for someone to apply to job postings on several job sites. I'm specifically targeting the technology sector and am looking for full-time positions. Key Responsibilities: - Apply to job postings on Indeed, Glassdoor, Ziprecruiter, Dice, and Monster. - Tailor applications to each specific job. Ideal Skills: - Strong understanding of the technology industry. - Proven experience applying to jobs through various platforms. - Strong written communication skills. No experience needed $2/hr. Fairly simple par...

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    I'm seeking a talented UX/UI designer to create a user-friendly and visually appealing interface for my e-signature website, specifically catering to small businesses. The design style I'm leaning towards is professional and corporate with a strong focus on usability. Key Requirements: - The design must be intuitive and easy to ...applications or e-commerce sites. - An understanding of small business needs and preferences in terms of interface design. - Strong command over modern, professional and corporate design styles. - Experience in creating interfaces that drive specific user actions. The ideal candidate will have a strong UX/UI portfolio and can demonstrate a clear understanding of how to guide users through a digital process, while maintaining a professional and ...

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    I'm seeking an experienced developer who can create a custom AI bot for my credit repair service. This bot will need to fully automate the process for me once clients input their information. Key Responsibilities: - Generating dispute letters. - Monitoring credit reports. - Providing personalized credit advice. - Keeping clients updated on progress. The ideal freelancer for this job should have prior experience in: - Creating AI bots. - Integrating bots with websites, mobile apps, and social media platforms. - Understanding of credit repair process. It's essential that the bot can function seamlessly across multiple platforms (website, mobile app, and social media). The bot should be designed to require minimal oversight once it's set up, allowing me to run ...

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    ...detailed tutorial on setting up a Sindoh D450 printer and scanner to scan and email documents. I am currently using Windows and have intermediate experience with printers and scanners. Key Deliverables: - A comprehensive, step-by-step walkthrough on how to set up the Sindoh D450 for scanning and emailing on a Windows system. - Guidance on troubleshooting common issues that may arise during the setup process. - Recommendations on best practices for maintaining and optimizing the printer and scanner setup. Ideal Freelancer: - Experience with Sindoh D450 printers and scanners, particularly in a Windows environment. - Proficiency in providing remote technical support and delivering live sessions. - Strong communication skills and ability to explain complex technical processes in a ...

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    I'm in need of a proficient geotech engineer to facilitate a decisive part of a construction process for a residential building. Your task will primarily focus on generating a detailed soil report, which is instrumental in the construction process. Key responsibilities: - Administer comprehensive soil testing - Generate a detailed soil report The ideal candidate for this job will have: - Significant expertise in geotechnical engineering, specifically related to residential building construction - Capabilities in performing soil tests and interpreting the results - Strong knowledge about soil conditions and how they affect foundation design and slope stability. Given that this service contributes directly to the construction of residential buildings, the acc...

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    I'm in immediate need of a PowerPoint template designed to educate an audience on the use of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) in the manufacturing sector. The template must contain sections to discuss: - VR/AR for Training Purposes - VR/AR in Process Optimization - VR/AR in Quality Control This project's success hinges on how effectively we present complex concepts in a user-friendly format, so freelancers must have a strong track record of delivering visually compelling and informative presentations. Familiarity with VR/AR technology, and specifically its application in manufacturing, will be a major advantage.

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    I'm seeking a professional to streamline our document management process. The project involves creating an automatic system that converts Word documents to PDF in Microsoft SharePoint. Key Details: - The main aim of this automation is to make documents easier to view and print. - The formatting and layout of the Word documents need to be preserved during the conversion. - The current mode of uploading documents to SharePoint is manual. We are open to suggestions on how this process can be improved. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Microsoft SharePoint is crucial, as the automation will be implemented within this platform. - Strong experience in document automation and management is highly desired. - Attention to detail is a must to ensure the original formatting of th...

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    I'm looking for an experienced WHMCS developer to integrate CCBill Flex Forms as a payment gateway into our WHMCS Billing System. It's crucial that they have prior experience with WHMCS and payment gateway integration. Key requirements include: - Integrating CCBill Flex Forms as...that we don't require support for recurring payments, the main focus will be on the initial integration. The ideal candidate for this project will have: - Proven experience with WHMCS and payment gateway integration - A strong understanding of CCBill Flex Forms and its integration within WHMCS - The ability to effectively troubleshoot and solve any issues that might arise during the integration process Please include your relevant experience in WHMCS development and payment gateway integra...

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    I am currently using Tally Prime and looking for a proficient TDL developer to assist with migrating data to Zoho. Key Requirements: - Migrate Financial transactions, Inventory details, Customer and Vendor information, and Ledgers from Tally Prime to Zoho - Tally TDL expertise is a must - The migration process should be smooth and efficient - Experience with Zoho data migration is a plus Please let me know your experience with similar projects and your approach to handling this specific migration. Feel free to ask any clarifying questions.

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    I'm on the lookout for a skilled engineering professional who can design two linear, vibratory feeders for my project. The first system is a straightforward conveyor for parts. The second system is a bit more complex, it's a robotic feed that not only transports parts but also sorts and orients them. The parts in question are metallic raw stock. Key Points: - I require two linear, vibratory feeders - one for simple transport and the other for sorting and orientation. - The feeders should handle metallic raw stock - The production rate I'm aiming for is under 100 parts per minute Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in engineering and designing linear, vibratory feeders - Strong background in robotic feeds and part sorting systems - Able to handle a production ...

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    ...orders through an accessible platform. Below are the key criteria for the project: - Worker Access: - We need an app-based system for workers to log in with their unique credentials. - The chosen method for user authentication is Email and password. - Functionalities: - The software must allow workers to create, edit, and delete purchase orders. - There should be a review and approval process for all purchase orders before they are sent to the supplier. - The software should be capable of generating reports on all purchase orders for our records and analysis. The ideal candidate for this project would have experience in developing Windows-based software, particularly in the realm of database systems and user authentication. A background in supply chain or procurem...

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    I'm in the process of setting up a skincare brand and I'm looking for a skilled social media marketer who can help me create an organic social media strategy. Key Requirements: - Expertise in Facebook and Instagram: These are the platforms I'm primarily focusing on. Your capability to create engaging content on these platforms is crucial. - Organic Strategy: I'm specifically interested in organic growth through the content you'll create. - Understanding of Young and Middle-aged Adults: My target audience is between these age groups. Your strategy should cater to their interests. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in creating successful organic social media strategies. - Proficiency in Facebook and Instagram's marketing features. - Und...

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    Site Plan - Florida USA house 6 days left

    I need a site plan for a new residential construction. The plot is irregular in shape, and I need the plan to accommodate the following features: - Driveways and parking areas: The plan should clearly mark out the parking spaces and driveway entrance. - Location of buildings and struct...buildings and other structures clearly outlined to ensure efficient use of the space. - Utilities and services layout: The plan should incorporate space for necessary utilities and services to support the residents. The ideal candidate for this job would have experience in site planning for residential construction, and the ability to design for irregularly shaped plots. A background in civil engineering or architecture is helpful. You should also be skilled in using CAD or other software for site...

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    25 bids sharing platform for user-generated content. Here's what I'm looking for: - **Content Upload**: Users should be able to easily upload videos they own the rights to. This could be achieved through a simple file upload process. - **Live Streaming Feature**: A crucial aspect of the platform is the ability for users to live stream their content. The developer should be able to integrate a smooth and reliable live streaming feature. - **User Registration and Profiles**: I want to allow users to sign in easily through social media integration. This should simplify the process and enhance the user experience. Ideal applicants should have experience in video-sharing platforms and should be adept at integrating social media APIs. Additionally, experience with live...

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    ...kinetic analysis using the Peleg Model and Pseudo-Second-Order Model. The primary focus of this task is to evaluate the performance of these two models in extracting and comparing bioactive compounds from Morinda elliptica. Key Deliverables: - Conduct a comprehensive kinetic analysis on the extraction process. - Determine the optimal extraction time for the bioactive compounds. - Assess the extraction efficiency of the process. Ideal Skillset: - Strong background in chemical engineering or related fields. - Proficiency in conducting kinetic analysis on bioactive compounds. - Previous experience with the Peleg Model and Pseudo-Second-Order Model. - Familiarity with Morinda elliptica and its bioactive compounds would be an added advantage. Delivrables: - Need an ...

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    I am in the process of converting my dining room into a bedroom, and I require a detailed rendering of how the completed room will look. Key Requirements: - Experience: I'm looking for a freelancer with a proven track record in interior design, specifically in creating realistic room renderings. - Sample Work: I'd like to see samples of your past projects, particularly those related to traditional interior design. Rendering Elements: - The rendering should include a bed, dresser, and nightstand. These elements should be well-integrated into the traditional style of the room. Please ensure that your proposal includes a sample of your past work, and highlights any relevant experience you have in traditional interior design.

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    I'm in the retail business, specifically with sporting merchandise and I need help with order fulfillment. - Duties: I'm looking for someone who can handle the order fulfillment process for my retail sporting merchandise. This involves processing customer orders, packing items, and ensuring they are shipped out in a timely manner. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Strong organizational skills to ensure orders are processed accurately and efficiently. - Familiarity with the retail industry and order fulfillment processes. - Excellent attention to detail to ensure the right products are shipped to the right customers. - Experience with inventory management systems to keep track of products and availability. - Good communication skills to liaise with customers and delivery ...

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    ...Services: Coaching, wellness, and other personal services. Gig-Based System Freelancers list their services as "gigs" with a starting price and detailed description. Prices can range from $5 to thousands of dollars, depending on the complexity and scope of the service. User-Friendly Interface Search and Filter: Clients can search for gigs by category, keyword, price range, and seller ratings. Order Process: Simple and straightforward, with clear instructions and milestones. Seller Levels New Seller: Beginners who are new to Fiverr. Level One: Sellers who have completed at least 10 orders with high ratings. Level Two: Experienced sellers with at least 50 orders and excellent performance. Top Rated Seller: The elite group with high revenue and consistently high ratin...

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    I am in need of an expert who can handle the submission of my Business App to the Apple App Store. I am not entirely certain about the functionalities or features of my app yet, which means your store submission expertise and advi...submission expertise and advice on app requirements is extremely vital. KEY SKILLS: - Apple App Store submission experience - Knowledge of the regulations and guidelines for Business Apps on the App Store. - Ability to advise on potential important app features for a successful submission. A strong understanding of Apple's approval dynamics would be a significant advantage. Your insight into the process can help streamline the submission and improve chances of success. Please share your previous experiences in App store submissions, especially of...

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    I need a talented and experienced freelancer to fix routing, login, signup, and deployment errors in a Word Office Add-in. Please include a detailed project proposal in your application. Key Tasks: - Resolve routing errors -Authorization error in post request to backend - Fix login and signup issues - Ensure smooth deployment of the add-in Ideal Experience: - Proven track r...Ideal Experience: - Proven track record in Office development, specifically with Word - Strong background in fixing routing and deployment issues - Previous experience with login and signup systems in Office add-ins I am looking for a freelancer who can address these problems swiftly as the project needs to be completed ASAP. Your detailed project proposal will play a crucial role in my selection process.&nb...

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    I'm in need of a skilled professional to help me automate our API testing using Postman. The goal of the project is to ensure that all functionalities of our APIs are working as expected. - I'm not sure about the programming language to use, so I'm open to suggestions. - Your primary objective will be to automate the testing process of our APIs to ensure that they are functioning correctly. - You should be well-versed with Postman and API testing methodologies. - The ability to suggest and implement the most suitable programming language based on the project's requirements is a plus. - Experience with automated testing tools and frameworks would be highly beneficial. - The project's success will be evaluated based on the efficiency and accuracy of the a...

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    I'm looking for a freelancer with experience in integrating Moneris Payments with Hubspot & WordPress. The primary goal of this project is to streamline the payment process. The key functionalities we require are recurring payments, refund processing, and payment notifications. In your application, kindly include your past work that's relevant to this integration. Ideal Skills: - Experience with Moneris payment integration - Proficient in Hubspot and WordPress - Good understanding of recurring payments, refund processing, and payment notifications Experience in similar projects will be highly valued. I'm looking forward to reviewing your applications.

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    I'm looking for a skilled Flutter developer to help me identify and rectify existing bugs within my application, as well as refine the design of key UI elements. Key Tasks: - **Bug Fixing**: You will be tasked with identifying and resolving any bugs that are currently impacting ...optimised for usability. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Flutter development - Strong understanding of UI/UX principles - Experience in bug identification and resolution - Ability to identify and rectify performance issues - Prior experience with redesign work would be advantageous I require a developer who can work quickly and efficiently, and communicate effectively throughout the process. If you believe you have the skills required to tackle this project, please bid with your relev...

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    ...a few specific steps. While I can handle most of the process independently using the documentation, I'm encountering basic errors. As I'm not a developer, I need help with just 3-4 steps to fully assemble and compile the app. Please note that I'm not willing to share my keys or any access, so the only way we can proceed is by doing it on my laptop via AnyDesk. Requirements: Previous experience with installing the Wowonder App. Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Visual Studio. Expertise in developing Android native applications. Demonstrated successful installations of the WoWonder app. Customizations: Standard installation suffices; no customizations needed Live Support: Continuous assistance needed throughout the installation process Ideal Skills: Pr...

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    ...PDF format with the following naming convention: [] A 1-minute video recorded on Loom (dot) com introducing yourself and telling us a cool fact about yourself. After you’re done preparing them, please fill the form here: https://docs(dot)google(dot)com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfXeJ2KyeHFafyBH5Eb5Z7zRGH5cdNvSksjlOmvs1ZvQF5M2Q/viewform?usp=sf_link The Hiring Process: 90% of the applicants will not follow the instructions. None of them will be considered. For those that do follow the instructions, we will create a short-list and then schedule interviews. I’m happy to answer any questions you may include in your application. Thank you for your consideration and best of luck on your job search!...

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    ...technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Angular, or Vue.js). Proficiency in back-end technologies (Node.js, Python, Java, or Ruby). Experience with databases (SQL and NoSQL). Understanding of RESTful API design. Familiarity with version control systems (e.g., Git). Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail. Ability to work independently and as part of a remote team. Interview Process: Basic Interview: Discuss your comfort with different types of projects, show examples of your past work, and ask detailed questions to understand your experience and skills. Technical Interview: Conduct detailed research on your skills and have a one-hour technical interview with well-prepared questions to understand your coding and architecture abilities. How to Apply: Please s...

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    Protecting my newly developed Android app from cloning is of utmost importance to me. Specifically, I'm looking for a highly experienced freelancer to implement effective app signing as an anti-cloning measure. Key Requirements: - You should demonstrate advanced skills in app signing, as I'd prefer to work with someone who already possesses a deep understanding of the process and potential pitfalls. - A broad understanding of Android app development is also crucial to ensure the integrity of the app's overall function and user experience. - Proficiency in Android security would be highly beneficial in understanding and addressing any other potential vulnerabilities. Your main task will involve integrating app signing techniques to protect the app from cloning, but i...

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    I have an existing Android app and I'm looking for an experienced developer to make some changes. Key Changes Needed: - App Name & Icon Change: The app's name and icon need to be updated. You will need to implement a stock icon for the app. - Splash Screen Development: I need a visually appealing splash screen for the...button color are to be changed. The app is relatively simple, only containing two screens. I'm looking for someone who has proven experience in Android app development, particularly in making UI/UX changes like the ones listed above. Experience in animation creation will be a major plus. Please provide examples of previous similar work you've done. It would be great if you could let me know your process for implementing these changes, tim...

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    As the owner of a rapidly growing Insurance broker, I require an innov...discuss progress and revisions and ensure the final product aligns with our vision. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven graphic design expertise with a strong portfolio, specialising in modern logo designs. - Excellent communication and understanding of latest design trends. Application Requirement: - Detailed project proposals, including your understanding of the project, considered design process, timeline, and pricing structure. Freelancers who can relate to my project needs and requirements while being imaginative in their proposals are likely to be considered favorably. This is your chance to contribute to a growing company's brand promise, and I can’t wait to see your ideas translated...

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    I am looking for a savvy social media expert with experience in expert with experience in incorporating user-generated content (UGC) into Instagram Stories. The successful freelancer will need to: - Help me integrate UGC into my Instagram Stories funnily and informally. I aim to keep my content light-hearted and relatable, and this should extend to the UGC utilised. - Submit a well-outlined, detailed project proposal. This proposal should indicate the process, timeline, and tactics to execute a successful incorporation of UGC into my Instagram Stories, while maintaining the desired theme. The ideal candidate should have significant experience with Instagram’s platform, User-Generated-Content and brand promotion. A background in creating fun and engaging conte...

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    I'm in need of a pre-built ERP system with capabilities for Inventory, Finance, Logistics, and Production. Key Requirements: - The system should be ready-made with the essential modules. - I'm looking for a moderate level of customization to meet specific business needs. - The system doesn't require integration with other software. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in develop...customizing ERP systems. - Strong understanding of Inventory, Finance, Logistics, and Production modules. - Ability to deliver a pre-built, yet flexible solution. - Prior experience with CRM integration is a plus. Please share your portfolio and experience in similar projects. Your understanding of the required customization level and previous ERP projects will be important in the ...

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    I'm urgently seeking a professional designer to create a captivating social media post design related to a product proposal on Canva. The ultimate objective is to share these designs on Facebook, and therefore the design needs to be optimized for this specific platform. Skills & Experience Required; - Proficiency in Canva - Prior work experience creating social media content for Facebook - Background in designing product proposals will be favorable Responsibilities: - Generate compelling visuals in alignment with our product proposal theme - Optimize designs for Facebook, such as the correct resolution and scale. - Deliver designs in a timely manner. Your portfolio showcasing similar projects would be beneficial for the selection process. Looking forward to a cr...

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    Business Card Design CDR Form 6 days left

    I need a CDR form to capture the design preferences for a modern and sl...preferences I have in mind. - Logo and Branding Elements: As I will provide these, the form should have an area to upload or describe the logo and branding elements that need to be incorporated into the business card design. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in CorelDRAW: The designer should be able to create an effective CDR form, as this will be the primary tool used in the design process. - Understanding of Modern Design Trends: It's important that the freelancer is up-to-date with modern design trends, particularly in the context of business cards. - Strong Communication: The freelancer should have good communication skills to understand my preferences and translate them effectively into t...

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    Checkout Form Bug Fix - PHP 6 days left

    I'm in need of an experienced PHP developer to help me resolve some bugs in my checkout form. The issues currently being faced are: - Error messages appearing during the checkout process The checkout form in question is a Standard HTML form. The task at hand will mainly involve identifying the root cause of the issue and implementing a solution that ensures the checkout process is seamless and error-free. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Proven experience in PHP development - Strong understanding of HTML forms - Previous experience in debugging and fixing checkout processes is a plus. I'm looking for someone who can jump into this project swiftly and effectively, so please only apply if you're confident in your PHP skills.

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    I am seeking a capable developer to assist in the creation of a SaaS platform which will be integral in the validation of policy and process documents against gambling regulatory standards in multiple jurisdictions. Key Features: - Document upload and comparison: A streamlined process for uploading and comparing documents. - AI capabilities for validation: Implementation of AI to enhance the validation process. - Multi-jurisdiction support: The platform must be able to handle rules and standards from different regions. - Gap analysis and reporting: The ability to identify shortcomings and generate comprehensive reports. - Dashboard reporting: A user-friendly dashboard for easy viewing of data and results. - Comparison between different jurisdictions: The system s...

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    ...Business Process Improvement Intern, you will report to the Business Process Improvement Manager and together with the Business Process Improvement Specialist participate in planning and implementing process improvement initiatives. Together, you will have the chance to learn participate in the execution of process improvement projects and initiatives across various cross-functional teams. You will: Evaluate and analyze current business practices, look for waste (rework, defects) and ways to improve productivity and customer service, reduce costs, and make the best use of company resources Work with various leaders and relevant stakeholders to understand existing business processes and identify gaps Collect data and process details to understa...

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    I am seeking a keen professional with an adept understanding of both qualitative and quantitative data analysis. The focus of this project is to analyze existing mixed data with the goal of uncovering relevant findings that will be applied in a business and engineering context. Ideal candidates will possess the following: - Proven experience in research analysis - Expertise in handling mixed data - Familiarity with the nuances of business and engineering data - Exceptional report writing skills for sharing findings in a concise and understandable manner. Remember, the ultimate objective here is not just analysis but informed application of the results.

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    I'm looking for a professional structural engineer to create a stamped tower foundation design for a lattice tower weather station. I have a weather station structure and need to provide the cu...I will share a 3d model. It is a 32ft tall structure/tower with enclosure, solar panel and various meteorological sensors. No guy wires. This will by in Maryland, USA. Skills & Experience: - The ideal candidate has knowledge of applicable standards ASCE 7-16 or ANSI/TIA-222-G or other applicable standard with industrial structures or antenna structures. - Proven experience in structural engineering, specifically with industrial construction projects - Expertise in creating tower foundation designs for medium heights - Knowledge of relevant building codes and standards for indu...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to help me finalize my English learning platform. The platform is primarily designed for learners looking to improve their grammar and vocabulary skills as well as receive tutoring in English. Key features that are currently in place include: - Interactive quizzes to test user's understanding - Video lessons to aid in learning process Your main responsibilities will involve: - Ensuring the grammar and vocabulary sections are comprehensive and well-structured - Finalizing the overall platform user experience I am looking for a freelancer who is: - Familiar with English language learning Instructions: Project Description: Access and Complete Course Sections To successfully complete the required course sections, follow these steps...

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    I am looking for an Amazon UK tax VAT expert. I have an online limited company in the UK under my name. I am not currently registered for VAT and Amazon is asking me to pay VAT taxes for the products I have already sold aft...regulations. - Amazon FBA Expertise: Understanding of how the FBA strategy functions, the tax implications, and how to effectively navigate these for VAT purposes is a must. - Detail-Oriented and Proactive: Due to the complexity involved, the professional should be meticulous in their approach and proactive in resolving any issues that may arise during the VAT registration and backdated VAT return process. If you have a strong background in UK VAT, experience with Amazon FBA, and are confident in handling both VAT registration and backdated returns, please get...

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    ...should be modern Blauw Installatietechniek, under the leadership of owner Ilker Tuncer, is a company specialized in advising and installing sustainable solutions for homes. We assist our customers in making their homes more sustainable by offering products such as solar panels, heat pumps, and energy-efficient heating systems. Our goal is to provide clear and expert guidance, from the advisory process to the final installation. We strive for high-quality service and customer satisfaction, aiming to contribute to a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly living environment. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in graphic design. - Experience with abstract logo creation. - Excellent understanding of color utilization in design. Looking forward to seeing innovative and engagin...

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    141 entries air during the folding process. Only after it is almost fully folded should there be pressure to squeeze out a drop of fluid. I have attached various rough ideas for this. Ideas like how straw can bend or how a fire bellows works can be used for inspiration. My goal is that this is about the size of a thick credit card. It would be flat, nozzle would be covered/sealed from elements. Then the user would fold the container in half in order to squeeze the two halfs together like a fireplace bellows and dispense a drop of fluid from the now exposed nozzle. Ideally the hinge would allow fluid to pass while still keeping the internal volume constant until fully folded to squeeze out drop. (we don't want to suck in air or squeeze out fluid during the opening process or a...

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    I'm looking for a skilled Python and React developer to lead the development of a REST API. The main focus of this role will be on ensuring best practices are followed throughout the development process. Additionally, you will be responsible for frontend development using React and Typescript. - Your primary task will be to build a robust REST API using Python and PostgreSQL. - The secondary task will involve implementing best practices at every stage of development. - You will also be required to develop the frontend using React and Typescript. Ideal skills and experience for the job include: - Strong proficiency in Python and React - Expertise in PostgreSQL for database management - In-depth understanding of REST API development - Previous experience in implementing best p...

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