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    I am running a Wordpress Woocommerce online store and on another server a PHP keygen to activate the licences for the software I build now this PHP keygen script has integrated remote licence activation already in there for paypro, plimus, avantgarde and Mycommerce payment platforms it works with a line like this [login to view URL]<CUSTOMER_EMAIL>&customername=<CUSTOMER_NAME>&am...

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    Website modifications and vulnerability check on aws the architecture of our platform needs to be rebuild so we have a proper functionality for the security have to be updated and errors You should be good in modern website development and cloud management

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    Hello. I need someone who can handle below problems for me. this is site and i need someone to fixt below issues for me. [login to view URL] 1. Change the user entry form on the admin side: construction and / or modification of the fields now present in a dozen multiple choice fields (with drop-down menu), URL, (some remain unchanged) and their publication where it is now 2. Construction of a new...

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    Hello freelancers from all over the world. I am looking for a talented freelancer who can design eye catching blog that is simple using php and mysql as a backend-end programming languages. I want someone who I can work with for a long time because I have other ideas and websites that I want to build. I need you to share with me your best and worst work. Just share 2 projects. If you share more I ...

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    An IR Engine should include at least the following major components: Text parser, Indexer, and Retrieval System.

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    F: A string which is an S-expression of a ZOL formula. You can assume: The operators used are IF,IFF,AND,OR,XOR,and NOT. The NOT operator has one argument, a wff The IF, IFF,and XOR operators have two wffs as arguments The special = predicate takes two objects as arguments (= is in prefix form, not infix) The AND and OR operators have two or more arguments All predicates have zero or more argume...

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    Hi there, We have Sage files available (extension .001 - not WinRar / partial archive), and we need to receive a parser that can extract these 001 files to ACCDATA folder. The parser has to be written in any programming language (preferably in PHP!) but needs to be able to run in a Docker image. I have attached two 001 files, and the resulting ACCDATA folder. The data is compressed with an unk...

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    I need a website (HTML5 / Java Script / PHP / MySQL) with main features: 1. Members registration and login 2 Complaints registration and track status 3. Work assignments and status update 4. Other features of a general and educational website, to be discussed.

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    I'm very clear and experienced employer with very clear requirements aiming for smooth and fast workflow. - all required points are explained very well in attached file. - the website link is [login to view URL] - it is php based on zend framework (socialengine if you know socialengine it would be better) - login details for ftp, ssh, admin user, are ready upon request. (there is no cpanel!)...

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    hi The system is a simplified social network application prototype, and will make use of MySQL table creation, MySQL database access from PHP and PHP sessions. price 2500 inr

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    I need help on how to get started- setting up my project structure, implementing a the multiplayer option, a chat room, sessions, login access token, and back end service to authenticate requests

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    Looking for experienced C Programmer who have good understanding of Lexer Analyzer, Parser, Symbol Table, Symantic Analysis, Intermediate Representation, MIPS, Compiler Design, etc. Need help ASAP !!!

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    The description mentioned under is not the complete details. just a hint. more details will be shared to selected candidates only Whitespace is defined as any sequence of the blank (space), new line, vertical tab, form feed, and horizontal tab characters. Implementation of continuation of source lines (i.e., the ability to end a line with a backslash character immediately before the end-of-line ...

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    Read in Covid19 data from CSV files (not all files are the same schema) in PHP and store in SQL table

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    I am currently using WooCommerce. I have installed a plugin called "External Importer Pro" see documentation here [login to view URL] I have tried to extract products from a Magento store, however, it isn't extracting all the data. Things that are missing, which you will need to code in your parser include: All of the gallery photos. (it is currently only extracting 1) The produ...

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    We are looking for a newSenior PHP / Full Stack Developer to replace old Developer to help with new and existing projects. You must interview for this position to be considered. Interview here: [login to view URL] Good luck!

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    Simple PDDL GUI Editor -- 4 2 days left

    I need a pddl editor that can be used to load, save and edit a pddl file for action planning. It should have input fields for adding actions and other pddl elements. If you can do it in C++, I already have pddl parser and classes for this.

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    We going to use this method: [login to view URL] your job. create the parser lexer for our syntax so we can create command and functions. our base syntax : vars start with small letter: sample: text = `abc`; text2 = 1+1; text = text,text2; #result abc2 Functions and commands start with big letter. Sample Print(text); we have full doc but must be sure you know how to do.

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    A shift reduce parser program to be created in java, please look at the attached document.

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    Python UDP Data Parser 2 days left

    Simple sketch for data parsing a custom UDP stream

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    Hi Muhammad Python UDP Data Parser

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    Parser / Text Editor for UNREAL ENGINE [text-to-movie]

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using Java/php. The software is primarily a user interface developed in Java with backend in any open source DB. It has to call RPA program from the developed interface.

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    Looking for some experienced C Programmers who have good experience in C Programming, Lexer Analyzer, Parser, Symbol Table, Syntax Analysis, IR, Compiler Design, etc.

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    need some help with creating text parser

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    Google Document AI Parser Ending left

    I receive monthly 20 repetitive invoices in PDF format I would like to use [login to view URL] to upload those invoices in the Drive and generate 1 new line for each invoice. Awaiting your proposal only if you have already done something similar

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    Hello i am looking for a ready code of php dynamic website with admin panel ( fully customized and editable)

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    I get the notification through email and I want those notifications on sms too and want to get login with otp sms instead of password.. My budget is 5000

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    We are looking for python developers experienced in Deep Learning/AI focussed on specifically text analysis (Resume Parser) Skills required - OCR, NLP (NLTK,SpaCy etc.), Topic modelling (LDA etc.) Objective - To build a full detailed document analysis engine (Experience with Resume Parser is added advantage) All modules need to be run under 1-2 minutes time and to be deployable on server, cloud ...

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    make yor bid based on your 2 days/week rate

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    WordPress Hero for Looking to add to our team and help grow our new platform. We are a startup looking to hire part/full-time Wordpress expert. Job Description: Your role will be to help role out our core site and a number of client WordPress sites. You will help us build the infrastructure needed so that we can scale. Requirements: - Must have 4+ years of Wordpress experience -...

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    Simple Arduino sketch for parsing a custom RS485 stream with CRC from an Escort fuel level sensor ([login to view URL]). We will use the MAX485 serial module. - We only need to parse the response of the sensor and assign them to arduino variables. - Attached is the Excel file with protocol details (the important commands and examples are showed in red) -

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    Multiple works on Php Laravel + Vue js (NuxtJS)

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    We going to use this method: [login to view URL] your job. create the parser lexer for our syntax so we can create command and functions. our base syntax in the attached file.

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    A text parser with tokenizer, word dictionary, file directory, data. testing must be done. sample output is provided. check the Project [login to view URL] for more info

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    As part of a project for an Android POS system, you have to manage impressions (in the broad sense). The project is developed with Kotlin, the HTML and Text builder must work in javascript. An XML source can define how information is presented for a print job. We define transport on the one hand and the builder on the other. Transport : - Mail - SMS - Notification (Android) - Printer (S...

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    A Text Parser should include the following functionalities: Tokenizer: Reads document into memory, tokenizes to separate words; returns token stream. Basic tokenization rules: • remove numbers • ignore if word contains numbers. • split on all nonalphanumeric characters (such as punctuation marks, spaces, hyphens, and apostrophes) • convert to lower case WordDictionary...

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    PHP basic and advanced tutorial description and example with the code in google docs.

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    It includes parsing different documents and also creating dictionaries.

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    Hello, We have prepared a sample PHP file consisting of a few lines of code. Mainly, file_get_contents. We are looking to translate this simple code into other languages (e.g. Java, Python, Ruby, and CURL). Let me know if you can translate to any of those languages, or other server side languages.

    £20 (Avg Bid)
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    construct a text parser. Documents preprocessing should be done which includes tokenization and various steps.

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    We need frontend and UI/UX oriented PHP developer. We are an online therapy web application that has built out a fully functional platform in php. The platform needs an aesthetic overhaul, including more user friendly layout. You will have a lot of creative control for the sake of efficiency but still need to present some rough representation of your idea before implementation. This is a fixed ter...

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    details will be shared in chat

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    We will host this script by our self.. we want this script for school project to work like soccer betting site and also updating live playing games and details of the live playing games... link sample below [login to view URL]

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    The script should collect the following information: - User's full name - Position - Location(GEO) - Name of the company where he works (Required) - Email (This is the basic information we need).

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    Hi The Web Crew- Php Expert, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Looking to hire a full stack developer who is a geek and ready to accept challenging work. There are more than 300 small projects which need to be delivered in ASAP mode. Anyone Geek enough to complete projects faster than time, then we are looking for you. Applicant, please note this: This is not a single project. You will not be paid separately for a different project. We pay fixed per hour as...

    £3 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Hi, Looking for compiler project consultant to work on lex and yacc scripts/programs. Project Work is related to building compiler parser using LEX and YACC . Its existing project team and need to join to work with building parser as per our specification for project for unix parser. Consultant should have good understanding on working of Lex and YACC. It will be good advantageous to have know...

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