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    You must not use any generative AI tools or features (e.g., DALL-E, Midjourney, Firefly, Stable Diffusion). Only use...features (e.g., DALL-E, Midjourney, Firefly, Stable Diffusion). Only use traditional tools and software you would use in your professional day-to-day job (e.g., Illustrator, Photoshop). Please create a high-quality marketing image that is ready to be used in a marketing campaign as per this instruction: First-person perspective picture, one hand holding RedBull can, blurry beach backdrop with a palm tree, laidback chill vibe, bright sunlight, inspiring engagement, photorealistic, high resolution, clear focus on can. Technical Specification of Deliverable - Aspect ratio: 1:1 - Resolution: 1024x1024 - File format: .jpeg or .png Again: You must NOT use generative...

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    Trophy icon Pool Service Business logo design 3 days left

    I am looking for a skilled designer to create a logo for my business in the services industry. Here are the requirements for the project: Business Name: A&B Pool co Nature of Business: Pool Service, Cleaning, maintenance Colors and Themes: Sunset, Pool, Palm trees, Sea gulls, circle logo Skills and Experience: - Strong portfolio showcasing logo design skills - Creativity and ability to think outside the box - Understanding of branding and ability to create a visually appealing and memorable logo - Attention to detail and ability to work with client feedback - Knowledge of industry trends and ability to create a modern and relevant logo If you have the skills and experience to create a unique and professional logo for my business, please submit your proposal. Thank you.

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    Project Title: Four Palms Oasis Color Palette: incorporate blues, greens, and earth tones that resonate with the ambiance of an oasis. Design Style: vintage aesthetic PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! This Is Critical. Scope: Use the Hotel Signs as the format for the Logo (Mid Century Modern) MUST have 4 Palm Trees MUST have Sun/Sunset in the background (NO Birds) Representation of water (Ocean) at the bottom of image Letter Font: Starburst Script (See the Font Sample Images) - THIS IS A MUST. Please don't deviate with other Fonts. Letter Color: Black • Upper Text = Four Palms Oasis • Lower Text = 5887 W Del Lago Circle Format Requirements: JPG, GIF, EPS, CDR, PDF, AI, PNG, PSD, etc.

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    ...experienced graphic designer to create a brochure that highlights the significant impact our charity project, "Palm Oasis", has on the community. This brochure is intended to resonate with local community members, emphasizing how their support or involvement can foster positive change for underprivileged children. This project is close to our hearts, and we hope it will inspire others as well. **Key Requirements:** - **Design:** The brochure should be warm and inviting, with a layout that easily guides the reader through our message. Creating an emotional connection through a visually appealing design is crucial. - **Content:** It needs to effectively convey the impact of "Palm Oasis" on the community, detailing specific examples of our work and it...

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    I'm seeking a talented graphic designer to create a classic-styled badge logo for Florida Discount Outfitters, a company that prides itself on embodying the spirit and beauty of Florida. Here's what I'm looking for in more detail: **Design Style & Elements:** - A classic badge logo design that is timeless yet makes a statement. - The logo must incorporate a palm tree, an alligator, and the sun, creatively integrating these elements to represent Florida fully. - The color palette should primarily feature blue and green, capturing the essence of Florida's natural landscapes. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong portfolio with experience in classic and badge logo designs. - Proficiency in graphic design software, especially Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop...

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    ...of a trampolinist. I prefer a view from above with the trampoline showing down below far away on the ground. To help visualize what I want, I provided images of Greg Roe and also an example of a picture taken from above of a kid jumping on a trampoline the way I want the caricature of Greg Roe. He has a unique charismatic face and hair style and likes to wear a Hawaiian style shirt or shirt with palm trees and tropical scenes. - I am looking for a talented freelancer who can create a sports caricature based on the sport of trampoline. - The successful freelancer should have experience in creating caricatures and be able to showcase their past work in this field. - The caricature will be based on a specific person, Greg Roe -so the freelancer should be able to capture the liken...

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    A seasoned graphic designer is sought to craft two distinct logos for a family reunion event, reflecting a bold and colorful aesthetic. Key Requirements: - Mirror a specific design provided, ensuring it aligns with the vibrant theme. - ...merging both style and function. - Captivating flair for bold colors and unique lines. I want you to look at the files attached. I my AAA logo that has the aesthetic of the "front of shirt image" Turn the AAA logo attached into the Same surfer color scheme. So the NEW front of shirt will be that cool surfer AAA logo. The other logo is similar to the "BACK OF SHIRT" Logo, same color scheme and palm tree. Where Houston is, it should instead say Gulf Coast, similar to the Houston font. Instead of Spring Training, I want...

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    ...and contemporary vibe that stands out in today’s market. **Key Requirements:** - Strong portfolio in modern logo design - Ability to creatively include palm trees and mountains in the design - Proficiency in minimalist logo aesthetics - Excellent communication skills to understand and bring to life our vision -"PFP" or "PFP & Associates" need to be factored into the logo -Mountain background with a palm tree(s) -two or 3 color logo **Project Goals:** 1. **Modernization:** Update our logo to a more contemporary style, making it visually appealing to current and potential clients. 2. **Incorporation of Elements:** Successfully blend palm trees and mountains into the logo design, reflecting our unique brand identity. 3. **Simplicity:**...

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    ...logo for my business, which is in the pool resurfacing and renovation industry. Color Preferences: Main color: Blue (shades of aqua, navy, or turquoise) Additional colors: Feel free to suggest complementary colors that enhance the overall design Logo Elements: Incorporate the company name "Pool Tek Resurfacing" prominently Include a palm tree in the design, symbolizing relaxation, rejuvenation, and a tropical ambiance Explore creative ways to integrate the palm tree with the company name or other elements of the logo Style Preferences: Clean and minimalist design Avoid overly intricate or cluttered designs Target Audience: Homeowners, property managers, and businesses seeking professional pool resurfacing services Usage: The logo will be used on various marke...

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    109 entries "Christopher Holmes" and "Stuckey Furniture" below. We would like to see a design with Christopher's photo or as an illustration/cartoon. The idea is to present Christopher as the very best furniture sales representative in the area. Stuckey Furniture is located in the Mount Pleasant, SC (Charleston, SC) area. So feel free to show the Ravenel Bridge and/or Palm Trees (See the South Carolina State Flag for an Example of Palm Tree). We want the logo to convey that Christopher Holmes is the "expert advisor" in the furniture industry. The design should represent this brand personality creatively and uniquely. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in graphic design software such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW - Experience in logo design,...

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    ...description of the logo design: The logo for "May's FAF Fiesta, Playa del Carmen" is vibrant and full of tropical energy. 'FAF' is the main element of the logo. It features a playful arrangement of elements such as palm trees and flamingos, evoking the essence of a lively beach party. The color scheme is bright and colorful, incorporating shades of turquoise, pink, orange, and yellow to reflect the vibrant atmosphere of a fiesta. At the center of the design, there's a stylized illustration of a beach scene with palm trees swaying in the breeze and flamingos frolicking in the sand. The palm trees are depicted with lush green fronds, and the flamingos are gracefully posed, adding a touch of whimsy to the composition. The text "May...

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    Trophy icon Captivating 3D Logo Design 4 days left

    ...captivating logo design to promote our brand. The style should reflect modern and engaging 3D elements. It's crucial to focus on the use of bright colors particularly neon bright green(candy apple green) tones. We want colors that make people think about outdoors , grass, sky ,sun(happy thoughts) and also envision landscaping with interlock stones, grass, shovels, workers, ponds, patio, outdoorsy No palm trees or leaves No houses or mountains. The primary objective is to build a strong brand image that instantly grabs attention and something for people to remember. My company specializes interlock and concrete. - Skills Required - Proven experience in modern 3D Logo Design - Proficient in using modern design tools - Strong understanding of color theory - Professiona...

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    I'm seeking a gifted designer to create a logo that reflects calmness, safety, professionalism, and life. Business: Is a real estate the specialises in bare ownership, retaining the usufruct. : Property gets sold, but the seller remains in the property. Idea for logo: House/s, Person in House, Keys, Palm Trees, .. Name: Nuda Propiedad Canaria, Also possible to make it shorter if its too long: Nu Propiedad Key details to include: - We value if Emphasis on the color blue, while also incorporating other possible colors such as orange, black, grey, and yellow. - Should inspire feelings of calm and safety, with a professional and life-affirming appeal. Ideal Candidate: - Demonstrated experience in professional logo design. - Skilled in color psychology and applying it in the...

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    ...stylus device, the SonarPen, which uniquely connects via an audio port, not commonly supported by out-of-the-box Linux configurations. This project will require a blend of innovation, Linux internals, and hardware interaction expertise. Key responsibilities include: - Developing a Linux driver from scratch for the SonarPen () - Ensuring the driver supports pressure sensitivity, Palm rejection and button functionality. - Implementing testing protocols to verify the driver's compatibility across different Linux distributions using the free drawing app, Krita. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Linux kernel development. - Experience with audio hardware and signal processing. - Familiarity with writing device drivers, preferably for input devices. - Problem-solving

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    ...add this new bed design. You will need to fill in the details of the actual house once the bushes are removed. In each bubble well put 1 10ft. foxtail palm. Mixed in that bed are some colorful Florida Plants and finished with small sea shell landscaping bed coverage. Please also clean up the driveway so it looks clean. The back yard has 3 beds to design. 1) against the back of the house 2) Running along the rear of the property 3) On the right side of the back yard. 1) BACK OF HOUSE BED - Colorful Florida tropical plants and finished with small sea shell landscaping coverage 2) RUNNING ALONG REAR OF PROPERTY - 3 10ft foxtail palm trees installed with in an evenly distributed manner with colorful tropical Florida plants mixed in and finished with small sea shell ...

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    I'm looking for an experienced Photoshop editor who can artistically make a change in a specific skydive photo's background. The changes include: - Removing the original cloudy background. - Replacing it with a picture of Palm Jumeirah, an iconic beach in Dubai. The final image should look realistic and believable. This requires a strong grasp of lighting, texture, and perspective. This is an exciting chance to show off your photo editing skills. Ideal skills: - Extensive experience in Photoshop or similar software. - Experience in photo editing, particularly in replacing backgrounds. - Attention to detail and strong artistic sensibilities.

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    ...bound Spine Width: 0.422" DESIGN CONCEPT Dominant Visual Place a large, vibrant image of a diverse group of engaged students in the center of the cover. These students should represent various ages, backgrounds, and activities related to civic education. Surround the central image with stylized Jamaican cultural elements such as musical notes, colourful patterns, and iconic Jamaican symbols like palm trees, reggae instruments, or the national flag. Integrate subtle visual elements representing the National Vision for Jamaica, such as a silhouette of a family, a workplace, and symbols of community, reinforcing the book's contribution to the nation's goals. You may also integrate artistic and cultural symbols, perhaps a stylized Jamaican art motif, and music note...

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    I am looking for a talented landscape designer to bring my vision for a pto life on my spacious property. The project will entail creating a structured and symmetrical design that incorporates a blend of flowering plants, herbs, an eye-catching tree, and a date palm, all within the generous space available. Key Requirements: - Design a formal, symmetrical garden layout - Select plants that will thrive in my climate - Incorporate a mix of flowers and herbs - Feature a beautiful, non-obtrusive tree (up to 2m tall) - Include a date palm as a focal point - Optimize the use of large outdoor space Ideal Candidate Skills: - Proficiency in landscape design - Knowledge of plant selection and garden aesthetics - Experience in formal garden layouts - Ability to work with large spaces ...

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    I am seeking a skilled graphic designer to create a vibrant and eye-catching logo for my restaurant, Tropicana BBQ. It's crucial that the logo incorporates signature elements to reflect the tropical vibe of the place. Key Elements: - Design should showcase palm trees, tropical fruits, and flowers. - The logo should have a bold font style. - As for the color scheme, I am quite open to your creative interpretation since I didn't answer the previous question about color preference. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Previous experience in logo or graphic design - Ability to interpret a brand's essence into a logo - Strong creativity and artistic skills - Proficiency in design software. Your creative ideas are welcome! Let's make a logo that truly embodies '...

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    I am looking for a talented animator to create two captivating YouTube intro videos that encapsulate the essence of a tropical beach paradise. Each video should be a seamless 6-8-second introduction, featuring my logo prominently within the setting. Required Elements: - My logo animated with a dynamic entrance - A picturesque tropical beach background - Incorporation of palm trees, ocean waves, and a stunning sunset Style Preferences: - I'm interested in an animation that leans towards a 3D style, capturing a vivid, lifelike tropical beach scenario Timeline: - I am hoping to have these videos completed as soon as possible due to an urgent timeline Ideal Freelancer: - Experienced in 3D animation and graphic design - Possesses a portfolio with similar thematic work - Able to ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled logo designer to create a unique and attractive negative space logo for my brand. The logo should cleverly combine a symbol and use the fusion of palm trees, ocean waves, and mountains to form a smiley or happy face. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in design software - Creativity and artistic flair - Experience with negative space logos - Understanding of symbols and their interpretations - Ability to effectively incorporate multiple elements into a single design The final design should be a tropical twist on the traditional smiley face, and elicit feelings of joy, warmth and adventure. Consequently, your design style should be versatile enough to bring this brief to life, while maintaining a professional and engaging visual impact.

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    I need a skilled graphic designer for a visible and noteworthy project. This involves creating a logo and box design while putting into consideration my wishes for elements and style. - Logo: The main element for the logo should be a symbol. Ideally, the symbol would depict a "Greene Palm". - Box Design: I am leaning more toward an eco-friendly type of design. I feel that this will capture the essence of the product and align better with our brand identity. Qualities: - A knack for creative and inviting designs that align brands with their target consumers. - Previous experience in creating symbols for logos. - An expert in environmentally friendly style designs. - Proven experience in box design. If you're a professional with these skills, feel free to make a...

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    I'm looking for a talented Flutter Developer to bring my e-commerce mobile application to life. The app needs to function flawlessly on both Android and iOS. Here are the specifics: - **Development Scope**: Creating a user-friendly, seamless e-commerce platform. - **Compatibility Goals**: Must work on Android and iOS without any glitches. **Sk...handling. **Ideal Candidate**: - Someone who's delivered e-commerce apps before. - Comfortable with both front-end and back-end aspects of Flutter. - A portfolio showcasing relevant applications. By collaborating on this project, you'll help create a shopping experience that stands out in the digital marketplace. If you're the kind of developer who thrives on making retail magic happen in the palm of one's hand...

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    I am in immediate need of a professional brochure designer to craft an eye-catching and informative flex board display and palm plate promotional brochure. - Ideal skills: - Proven brochure design experience - Expertise in layout and typography - Proficiency in graphic design software (Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, etc.) - Creativity and attention to detail - Ability to work swiftly to meet tight deadlines - Experience with print material specifications and design - Requirements: - Quickly conceptualize a design reflecting the use in flex board displays and palm plates. - Translate our product's features and benefits into compelling visuals and text. - Develop a final product ready for print production. I look forward to collaborating with a talented ...

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    We are looking for a talented designer to create a logo for our wealthtech company, Palm. Requirements: - The logo should be minimalistic in style, reflecting a modern and sleek aesthetic. - We have specific color codes in mind and will provide them to the designer. - The logo should convey trust, professionalism, and innovation. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in creating minimalistic logos that effectively communicate a brand's identity. - Proficiency in using design software and tools. - Strong knowledge of color theory and the ability to work with specific color codes. - A portfolio showcasing previous logo designs that demonstrate a clean and minimalist style. Budget is set at $45 If you have the skills and experience necessary to create a visually striking ...

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    I'm in need of a freelancer that can efficiently create a minimalist logo. The timeframe for completion is immediate - I need it ASAP. Details include: - Design Style: I am looking for a minimalist and clean design. The logo should contain a palm down blessing hand, a vacutainer , a book - Colors: I haven't decided on a specific color scheme yet. I encourage creativity in this aspect and am open to various color combinations. Ideal freelancers for this project would have a demonstrated history of graphic design, particularly in the minimalist aesthetic. Prompt response time and strong communication skills are also key, given the urgency of this project.

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    I'm looking for a professional to design a vintage style logo. This design should be image-based predominantly. However, the specific image to be used is flexible and up to the creative interpretation of the designer. - Ideal Sk...All age groups (18+) are welcome to these events and the 'Vice City' euphoria extends to a wide array of segments within the market. Our events are both 'brand activation' and 'influencer friendly' and exaggerate the already booming online trend for Instagram and Tik-Tok to increase brand presence first physically and then multiply digitally and so the value echoes beyond. Preffered Symbols: PALM TREES Disco Ball Martini Glass Porsche 911 Extras: Airplane Cigarette Boat Preffered Coulour Pallet: Purple, Pink (che...

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    I need this logo re-designed. I want the whole logo to be ONLY a bright turquoise/teal color. Please make everything a thin outline, with ONLY the palm trees full color. Please be creative!

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    I'm seeking a skilled NABCEP-certified installer to assist with a rooftop solar panel installation for an area that's over 1000 square feet. - You should be extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of solar panel installations, from assessing the area to optimize energy efficiency. - Previous experience with large-scale jobs is a strong asset as we're dealing with a substa...strong asset as we're dealing with a substantially sized rooftop. - While I do have some basic knowledge about solar panel installations, I'm relying on your technical expertise and guidance for a successful and optimized implementation. Ultimately, I'm looking for an individual who could add professional expertise to our team and realizing this green energy project. The project is in ...

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    I'm in need of a designer who's well-versed in creating eye-catching invitations. The project at hand is a single-page, Miami-themed save the date for a corporate event. Here are some key features the design could include: - Palm trees - Art Deco buildings - An ocean skyline Your expertise in composition, typography, and color theory will prove invaluable in this project. Looking forward to seeing your work and what you can bring to the table. Text should include Save The Date Project Praetorian Closing Celebration March 21st - 23rd Miami, Florida Details to Follow

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    I am seeking an experienced video editor to edit an existing video to add an element to it. Key Task: I have a 3 minute video of a palm-sized device on the neck of a person with a white LED on the device that turns on and off. During the video the person is having conversations with certain other people. The device is always visible in the video, and the device moves around slightly. I need it edited to have the LED on the device is always on. The task needs to be completed in a couple of hours. Attached are screenshots of frames from the video for reference. One of them has the LED on in the device. The other one has the LED off in the device. At the end of the task, all frames should look like the LED is on. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in advanced edit...

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    I'm starting a car dealership, "Florida Bay Motors", and I'm in urgent need of a captivating and professional logo. Your skills should encompass: - Mastery of modern logo design styling, with the a...should encompass: - Mastery of modern logo design styling, with the ability to create a fitting image for a car dealership business. - Proven talent in working with colors, maintaining a professional look to appeal to a wide range of audience. - Previous experience designing logos for the automobile industry would be a great advantage. Key aspects to be included in the design: - Car silhouette - Palm tree - Sun - Abstract shapes Your design should evoke a feeling of cutting-edge automobile tech blended with the sunny, tropical essence of Florida to create a uniq...

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    I need a proficient web developer well-versed in HTML Canvas to create a unique data visualization interface. The project's essence is to represent palm acupressure points data interactively, enabling users to zoom in and out. Key Requirements: - Implement dynamic data visualization using HTML Canvas - Focus will be on representing palm acupressure points data - The interface should allow users to toggle between detailed views of individual points and general views of point clusters Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in HTML Canvas - Previous experience with interactive data visualization - Understanding of acupressure or similar fields would be beneficial but not necessary - Must be able to deliver a clean, intuitive user experience.

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    ...exterior paint color that would uplift the look of my home or minimise the blue with adding black or white accents. I'm open-minded when it comes to possibilities; I'm open to suggestions for either neutral tones, bold and vibrant colors, or earth tones. -Landscape Design for Front and Backyard: In addition to the facade, the yard needs an updated design. I think the property could work with a slight Palm Springs style. I am open to any landscaping design ideas that can create a captivating yet cohesive feel with the new facade. -Upgraded Lighting: The project also involves possibly replacing the current lighting fixtures to augment the whole ambiance of my home. Ideal candidates are those with proficiency in both home exterior design and landscaping, and who can ...

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    I have a landscape design site plan that I want to translate into a medium-detailed 3D image. The design is in PDF format and consists of several key elements that need to be accurately portrayed. - Focus Elements: It's essential to me that the plant arrangements, pathways, trees and palm density and the outside of the structure are kept in clear focus and represented well. - Detail Level: I am not seeking an ultra-high level of detail. Instead, a moderate level of detail that properly communicates the aesthetics and functionality of the design will suffice. I believe this project will be a great fit for those skilled in 3D rendering, particularly with experience in landscape design. Familiarity with converting PDFs into 3D visuals will be an asset in successfully accomplis...

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    I'm in need of an AI expert to aid in crafting a dream home in Palm Springs. The task at hand involves: - Creating a 3D model of the house. The design is to be in a mid-century modern style and needs to incorporate an open floor plan along with big windows that allow natural light in. The indoor and outdoor spaces should flow seamlessly into one another. - The house should house 3 bedrooms along with a 4-car garage and should ideally span across 4000 sqft. Successful candidates ideally should possess prior experience in architecture, 3D modeling, and energy efficient designs. Strong experience with artificial intelligence applied to home design would be greatly appreciated. Your expertise in mid-century modern style is a crucial attribute for this project.

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    I'm in need of a creative logo that embodies the spirit of my tennis venture in the Virgin Islands. The logo should reflect a mixture of tropical vibes and tennis enthusiasm, keying in on a fun, playful and should flow. Required Elements: - Color scheme aligning with Gigi Fernandez Tennis Logo combining with caribbean water blues. - Incorporation of palm trees/beaches with a tennis motif Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in graphic design, with a portfolio featuring logos - Strong understanding of color theory to match existing brand colors - Experience with fun, sports, or travel-related branding - Ability to infuse a sense of playfulness into professional designs This logo will become the face of my trip, so capturing the correct essence is paramount. Let's create a vis...

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    We are seeking a skilled and imaginative Tropical Garden Designer and Horticulturist to lead the development of our "Tropical Garden" project. This unique initiative aims to transform our property into a rich and diverse tropical paradise, heavily featuring an assortment of palm trees and other exotic tropical plants. Key Responsibilities: Design a detailed and immersive tropical garden layout, integrating a wide variety of palm trees and tropical plants to create a lush, visually captivating space. Assess the existing site features, including an unsightly electric tower, and propose inventive design strategies to blend these elements seamlessly into the tropical theme. Carefully select and procure tropical plants that are appropriate for the local climate and soil...

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    Trophy icon social media posts Ended

    I need 30 social media posts for FB and IG created for Pluridian Music Festival, Pluridian is an upcoming music and arts festival located in west palm beach florida. I will want the first post to announce this brand new festival, and some posts to create engaging competitions. Will need to use stock footage and research the # as well. Additionally, I will want 50 IG stories with trending sound. Please make sure the stock images/video being used are more general as far as location so it does not appear we are showing footage of a location that is not our actual location.

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    I do not have any templates. I need a promo video/ hype video for an upcoming music festival. The festival takes place in West Palm Beach, Fl. You will also need to provide stock footage. This festival will feature fire throwers, bands, edm dj's, comedians, artists, a trading bazar, artisian vendors, stilt walkers, yoga & meditation, dance classes, everything you would expect at a music festival. Please do not use footage that will make people expect that is the venue they are going too, as it will be a different venue than the one in the stock footage. Do your best to do closer up shots so it does not seem to allude to were using footage from wrong venues. This video will be used on all socials. attached is the logo. Also, the theme of this festiv...

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    I'm looking for a talented illustrator who can assist me in creating a unique, realistic palm frond drawing. This will be utilized as the background for my product brand, hence it's crucial that the illustration represents the chic, fresh, and organic nature of my products. Key requirements are as follows: - Style: The illustration should be realistic and simplistic, with minimal details and textures. - Perspective: I am inclined towards a diagonal or tilted perspective to add an artistic streak to it, making the product packaging stand out. - Versions: Four different versions of the design are required for diverse applications across the brand. Ideal candidates would have previous experience in botanical-themed illustrations or similar projects, and a strong portfo...

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    Project Title: Flat managed and let out in Cannes France Property Type: Apartment Primary Goal: Short-term/ Vacation rental Services Required: - Maintenance and repairs 4 beds, 3 baths, front and back garden. Opposite beach on Palm Beach, Cannes Looking for management, maintenance, and arranging letting out for short let’s for congresses and dates I not using it for vacation stays.

    £10 - £15 / hr
    £10 - £15 / hr
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    Logo and Brand Board Preferred Color Scheme: Pinks, white, gold Specific Symbols or Images: Yes, I have specific symbols or images in mind Style of Branding: Modern Skills and Experience: - Experience in creating modern and minimalist logo designs - Proficient in incorporating specific symbols or images into the logo - Knowledge of color psychology and the ability to creat...Catchin Flights" It is an independent travel agency that targets women who travel The brand is very feminine and vibrant I want to include something that has the head bust of a beautiful woman from nose to chin with beautiful lips. with her index finger pressed to her lips in a shushing gesture" I want to incorporate a passport and white flying plane with pink accents and sparkle accents Include palm...

    £24 - £198
    £24 - £198
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    Trophy icon Boat Charter Co. LOGO Ended

    Hello Im looking for a logo for my Boat charter business. Here is my idea, hoping someone can come up with a fun logo for us based off the description below. We want our logo to have a Parrot laying in a Hammock around Palm Trees with an IV hooked up to him the IV will be coming from a Margarita drink. The charter businessBoats name is "Recovery Room" I have used Freelancer many times before for logos and have been happy with the results I look forward to seeing the designs and awarding the winner! Thank you all!

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    Updated: Sorry to reject all: please design as the new instruction. Please design the T-shirt with the text: "Wait what I do". I need funny and a clueless sense of mind. check the sample image first. Please don't use AI-generated design. use text and style kind of like with special designs with the palm tree etc. I need an Adobe PSD or AI file source file.

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    1. **Background:** Set the scene with a moody, monsoon sky in shades of gray and deep blues. 2. **Foreground:** Place a half-sunken, ruined ship on the shore. Ensure it reflects the decay and abandonment characteristic of your investigative novel. 3. **Setting:** Add elements like palm trees, native vegetation, and possibly a glimpse of local fishing boats to anchor the setting to Kerala. 4. **Details:** Incorporate subtle clues or symbols related to the investigation—a mysterious figure, a hidden object, or anything pertinent to your story. 5. **Font:** Choose a font that complements the theme—perhaps something slightly weathered or with a touch of mystery. Remember to convey the essence of 1984 through subtle details, like the ship's design and surrounding ...

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    I am searching for an experienced and skilled mobile developer who can expertly design an information app for both the iOS and Android platforms. The primary function of this app would be to provide blog posts. The ideal candidate for this project would have: - Expertise in both iOS and Android mobile development - Proven experience in creating informational apps - Ability to i...and Android mobile development - Proven experience in creating informational apps - Ability to incorporate a feature for posting and managing blogs This project provides an opportunity to use your design skills to create an easy-to-use platform that will supply important information to users on the go. Your contribution will be essential in delivering valuable content to users right in the palm of th...

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    98 bids need of a professional designer who can create a realistic tropical glass film design for me. The main purpose of this design is to add a decorative and tropical flair with a primary focus on palm leaves. Key details and preferences include: - Style: The design should be realistic, creating a true-to-life representation of palm leaves. - Elements: The design must solely feature Palm leaves. Other tropical elements are not required. Desirable skills and experience for the ideal candidate include: - Proven experience in realistic design style - Prior work with tropical themes, specifically palm leaf designs - Understanding of creating designs for glass film applications - Strong attention to detail and an ability to capture the natural beauty of tropical f...

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    Trophy icon Cactus Thing Logo Ended

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking to create a minimal and effective logo for my new company called Cactus Thing. I have attached images of the current design. I'm looking to make this pop with the following concepts attached. ...called Cactus Thing. I have attached images of the current design. I'm looking to make this pop with the following concepts attached. Pantone forecasted Peach Fuzz as the colour of 2024. We are looking to apply somewhat near this colour concept while having an earthy vibe (keep in mind we want it minimal. Either a circle or arch is preferred as that is currently trending and working with the Palm Springs appearance we are looking for as a Cactus selling business. I will look to make the decision on Friday night, thank you for taking the time ...

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    ...spirit of Vanuatu. How to Get Involved: If you're passionate about storytelling through design and are excited to be part of a venture that highlights Vanuatu's charm, we'd love to hear from you! Please reach out with samples of your work, a brief introduction, and your thoughts on how you envision contributing to our project. Project Brief Landscapes and Icons: landscapes of Vanuatu, such as palm-fringed beaches, active volcanoes, or lush rainforests. Include symbolic elements like the local fauna and flora & Vanautu map. Cultural Festivals: Depict scenes from traditional festivals or ceremonies. Showcase the vibrant costumes, dances, and rituals that are part of Vanuatu's cultural heritage- such as Pentecost Land Diving, Vanuatu water Drumming etc. ...

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