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    Hello... I have an iframe on my webpage the src link of the iframe is from another website. When i mouseover he links of that website link is shown on status bar. I want to hide the status bar completely so no links would be shown on status bar.

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    can you turn figma designs into html using react/gatsby? with mouseover animations, responsive and mobile different version? can you create a custom checkout using shopify storefront api? can you load products from shopify api so we can manage ecommerce feom ahopify and use wordpress or another cms to manage content, like blogs? if you can, we need you asap. please contact me.

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    Small 5 page website (plus 9 small services pages) need new professional and impressive theme. Content mostly the same with some small changes. To be supplied. Please follow these dev rules: 1. Do not use plugins or theme builder on trial that will expire and will cost a lot of money to renew. Discuss with me if paid plugin required - can consider. 2. Website theme should be professional and ...

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    Hi Keyur. Here's a new project for the Diamond Dental Supply website. Details to come soon.

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    Goal: [login to view URL] I would like to develop a Leaflet Map/Table that works exactly like my example. It would read data from a MySQL DB or JSON file. As the user zooms/pans it only shows the visible markers on the table. If you mouseover/click on a a row in the table it should act like that map marker was clicked on and info box pops up. Here is a project I found that is very similar. Demo:...

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    I need a multi-layer map created. a GIS map preferably, but a map that shows five vertical layers each holding different statistical information that can be overlaid from one to another with a mouseover

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    Hello, I am looking for a warehouse selector, with a quick product variations table for my woocommerce store. Required core features: 1. A "Warehouse" selector of for example 10 warehouses on the upper left corner, that basicly selects the first variation (option1) of each product. 2. Displaying a product table with variations within the products archive and search based on the selec...

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    Hello :) hope you having a good time If you are a PHP Monster :) and have a good knowledge dealing with Adobe XD projects ,, please help me to create this website I need to convert a Adobe XD Project to PHP > All images, text and more are inside the file project. I know there is a "Web Export" Plug-in out there, but we just want everything looks exactly like the file and a profes...

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    Client wants to have functionality similar to this plugin: [login to view URL] Major differences (refer to attached images): There needs to be an accordion filter on the right and collapse to below for mobile. Initial state would have no markers When filter category is clicked, accordion expands and displays numbered list of items in that category, and numbered markers for that cate...

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    Hello, I am looking for somebody with deep woocommerce coding skills. What must be done is: Having a dropdown menu always visible on the left side corner to select from a variation of around 9 values. These values are mostly always same for every products. Besides variations that are depending on the product, these the user should select then within the product archive and product page, so the ...

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    Hello everyone, I'm Sascha and I work in a project management team. Me and my team are trying to create an excel sheet that automatically creates a gantt chart from MS Planner data (since gantt charts are not provided there yet). We also have a design for it and it works, but we need another feature that we are not sure if it is even possible. For this reason we need your help. In the spr...

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    I would like you to transition projects from old site to new site. Also help create the homepage slider with custom mouseover effect showing project info. Help in the front and back end with linking to project pages for the slider to make it easy to update.

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    I'm looking for someone to atomate a mouseover design, I'm not sure the best type of technology to use maybe html5 and some simple Javascript. I have the file in AI and a PNG on the website.

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    I need the homepage image slider on [login to view URL] re-created in ActionScript 2.0. Images and thumbnails controlled by XML sheet. With the following changes: 1) Only 5 thumbnails should be visible at any given time at the bottom. If there are more in the XML, use mouseover left and right to make them appear. 2) Need the same transitions. Attached is the FLA with AS 3.0, XML and image ...

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    I'd like to redesign my website - creating a mockup of a couple of pages - preferably an interactive mockup to see mouseover effects and navigation I'd like to redesign pages such as: 1. Dashboard 2. "Questions"-page 3. Homepage 4. Other pages such as login pages Let's start with the Dashboard and see how things go. I think the first step is to crea...

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    I want something that generates these images with quotes on them in bulk: [login to view URL] The tool is essentially the same as: Web based version - [login to view URL] - [login to view URL] Desktop App version - [login to view URL] Except that it generates these in bulk, adds logo branding, allows us to use any image, and position the text so it doesn't cover an important part of the ima...

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    add multiple options as an 'add to cart button' to mouseover product on shop page.

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    Hello, I am creating a business for a space I own in France, Strasbourg. The project is for rental of coworking space. I want a fancy but simple website, easy to navigate and responsive. The main feature on this website beside the general information is: 1. should accept french and english with an easy interface to translate the content 2. form to request a quote 3. online booking for meeting room...

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    Hi there! Simple little project here... a small amount of code so when a video thumbnail is mouse-overed, it starts playing. It would be great if a poster image is default, and no pre-load. Think stock video sites etc. No page design needed - just the code. Thanks!

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    IN my 3d-Aqaurium, fishes are swimming around. Create a menu for interaction with these fishes. The Fish's borders should highlight on mouseover and a menu should pop up on click, offering stats(life, stamina, food, age) per fish, a kill-button, manual repositioning options and a button to move it to another tank and it should be easy to understand.

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    Require a quick code fix to make a logo (image) change on hover / mouseover. This is for Wordpress website with a premium theme. Images below show desired outcome.

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    I have a grid (see JSFiddle below) that simply changes the colors of the cells as you move your mouse over them. It performs pretty well at 10x10: I can move my mouse swiftly through the grid and see a trail of changing colors. However, when the grid is expanded to 100x100 it is painfully slow and swiftly moving my mouse across the grid does not change the color of all the cells in its path. [log...

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    We would like to have a quote for a configurator (See attachted) for Safertractors based on an MySql database. It’s possible to be build as a wordpress plugin or a complete separate piece of code without any interference by Wordpress. Main features: Small admin menu to add products/brands/types/etc Configurator that visitors can use to show how a product will look As you can see on our we...

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    Hello, I am looking for someone to create a gentle 'floating bubble' effect, similar (but more simplified) to the bubble effect used on: [login to view URL] The effect will need to added to this pre-coded design: [login to view URL] Further specification: :: No interaction (mouseOver etc) effects required - just the animation. :: The example above uses some gravity - this is not ...

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    Hi there, My project, [login to view URL], has static SVG icons. It is an Angular Material project. I have Animated GIF icons. I want the static SVG icons to be replaced with animated SVG. It should work like this: - icons should animate during mouseover only (1 loop), - icons should animate on page load (seperated by 200ms) I think it's only changing a few lines of code.

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    For my company i want to do a soft redesign and refresh the content. Technologystack: - Python/Flask - Jinja for Templating - Bootstrap4 with Javascript Compoments. The Landingpage is already hosted and implemented in parts. So there is Code to re-use. The Website is structured as follows: - Landingpage/[login to view URL] - Services - Serviceconstructionkit * see more details belo...

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    Visit this link for the page to be finished: [login to view URL] Each section image (shown under Programs & Resources) will…. On Desktop…. Mouseover an image will fade in a different image and slide a hidden headline up from bottom. Clicking image will show the hidden div. On smartphone… When image comes into view, image will fade in a different image and slide a hidden...

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    We need someone who is proficient is Jquery/HTML/CSS to customise the following animations on Wordpress. Here are samples of the Jquery Animations: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] - The sample homepage mockup is shown in the attached file. - Parts of the homepage (eg. background bubbles, water/waves, mobile screens, etc) will have some animation involved - e.g. fade i...

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    homebrew project to support my D&D 3.5e hobby. cloud linux host running nginx, XML, XSLT and a perl script or two generate HTML files. need help with some of the XSLT fundamentals that seem to keep escaping me. looking for a few hours of consulting to solve some nagging problems with debugging environments and XSL versions. possibility for future work if you can pitch me a better, affordab...

    £15 / hr (Avg Bid)
    £15 / hr Avg Bid
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    There is a website and I need to make some modifications om personal details on that website using Vba (change name and postion and ect of person). It has mouseover and handle javascript that doesn't work using mouse click function. I want you to show me how to click that button

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    £15 Avg Bid
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    Hi folks, I'm looking for somebody to build a similar website like [login to view URL] in Wordpress. Specially have a look at the bubbles cursor. It disapears when scrolling down and it fades on mouseover and it's only on home. I'd like it the same way, with the option to change bubble colors. What I need is the structure of the site with placeholders and random text. Home plus t...

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    Hello i need help with add WebGL effect to few images on my website. When mouse hover and move on images it should show transforms and rainbow colors on corners. I expect such an effect: [login to view URL]

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    £102 Avg Bid
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    I've built an application that has a dashboard & a few tabs that need to be neatened. My previous designer had a family emergency and didn't do the last round of tweaks. Type of Work 1) Resize Columns 2) Add mouseover effect to icons 3) Add table lines. etc.

    £9 / hr (Avg Bid)
    £9 / hr Avg Bid
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    we would like a php scraper would scrape and save this for offline use or on any other website without the header and footer info from the original site ? scraping [login to view URL] only this books we want .. once you click on any book on this page and all the mouse over information and the pages that opens for each written text when clicked for each word . . should keep the same colors and ...

    £58 (Avg Bid)
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    we would like a php scraper would scrape and save this for offline use or on any other website without the header and footer info from the original site ? scraping [login to view URL] this page and all the mouseover information and the pages that opens for each written text when clicked for each word . . should keep the same colors and formats

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    We are looking for designer who can help us to design 10 color / style / font combo which are energetic / upbeat. For each combo, that includes 1. google font 2. background colors 3. element colors 4. round corner vs sharp corner 5. shadow or not 6. mouseover / hover effect, if any I can send the skeleton of html code on private message so you can start tuning colors / styling. We use bootstrap...

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    PLEASE READ ALL REQUIREMENTS BELOW BEFORE REPLYING WITH PROPOSAL. THERE IS A TEST INVOLVED. I am marketing a new project consisting of 8 separate detached homes within a gated community. Will need a new website for the project consisting of the following features and references. All content (photos, logos, copy, etc) will be provided. SEE REFERENCE EXAMPLES: [login to view URL] (builder webs...

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    I have a react-redux project that I want the following changes made due to lack of time. 1: compare a production build and make the current project work in the same fashion, mostly scss work and onclick, mouseover hooks. 2: ensure the header is sticky and timeline row is also sticky take a look at react-timelines for sticky header and right to left movement of items. 3: on click of an event in ...

    £250 - £751
    £250 - £751
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    I need to have mouseover effect on my photos put on the side with strip. I can't di that now so visitors know there is a link on the photo. Can that be coded??

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    £21 / hr Avg Bid
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    I have a non CMS web page that uses JQWidget components and UPLOT charts in the GUI. Our charts seem to have a bug in the mouseover event where a custom mouseover event may have been implemented, but wrongly. The mouse moving over the chart should update chart legends ( this is the default behavior of the library) but as implemented the chart labels correctly wjen mouse is over one small ...

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    This project requires you build a component from scratch primarily in HTML5 and TypeScript. ** Review the attached image ** This component allows for the creation and display of a simple text “note” in an aesthetically pleasing and easy to use manner. This component must have minimal third-party dependencies. A conceptual visual representation is shown in the attached image. You w...

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    i have a psd design see preview [login to view URL] need psd to html use bootstrap 3.3.7 UNSER TOP REAL SERVICE should show in the right box different text when mouseover the left buttons use any dummy text for this

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    Hi, We are working on an analytics project where we need to analyse daily newspaper content. We are looking for suitable method to download news articles from epaper version of newspaper(not the newspaper website. So not looking at newspaper or newspaper3k python library). A sample link is provided [login to view URL] Requirement: 1. (Must have in the solution) Download each news article that appe...

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    Your task is to create the functionality of the mockup attached in CSS and HTML. I want to be able to mouseover (or press on mobiles) the parent page button, the child page preview links will slide out under then when clicked again it will slide back. The child pages preview should show a Page title, thumbnail, page description, read more button. Please complete the work in [login to view URL] ...

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    1. Reduce add to cart event duration to an INSTANT (under 0.5 seconds) via AJAX on woocommerce software on single product pages (to avoid refreshing page while updating cart), AJAX currently configured to add to cart on category pages only via theme. 2. Reduce direct buy now button events from single product pages to under 1-2 seconds. Ideally, we are aiming for 1 second, may require intense rese...

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    Need a MLM software in Python Django. Note: Only Django developers should contact. Background: MLM system is hierarchical & re-purchase. Following modules are required in total: 1) MLM software with repurchase model 2) E-Commerce Module 3) Stockist Module (company will appoint stockist who will enter the order details and will send the stock to the customers/direct marketeers). 4) Android &a...

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    I need a CSS mouseover hover tooltip popup box that displays item information and automatically plays each preview video. This needs to work with Wordpress, and my Easy Digital Downloads and Mayosis theme, and FacetWP plugin. Here’s an example of what I need - if you hover with mouse over any thumbnail photo you will see the box pop up and the video play (my design is very similar): [login t...

    £92 (Avg Bid)
    £92 Avg Bid
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    I just need a CSS mouseover hover tooltip popup box that displays item information and automatically plays each preview video. Needs to appear next to each thumbnail without covering it, where there is the most room. This needs to work with Wordpress, and my Easy Digital Downloads and Mayosis theme, and FacetWP plugin. Here’s an example of what I need - hover with mouse over any thumbnail ph...

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    Hi, Details will be provided agreed freelancer. I need a real expert to modify a production plan. 1-There is a machine sheet shows; 28 machines and jobs planned on each machine 2-There is a matrix which job suitable for which machine 3-When on the machines sheet I double click , mouseover etc. open a form show me which jobs are still waiting and suitable for this machine. when i click it place to...

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    Hello there. I have a powerpoint I am trying to make interactive and I need the buttons to change colour on mouse over and change back once not on mouse over. I found this article with the code.I need but I am having difficulties achieving the results I need. The project also included achieving the same affect of change colour on ho9ver in Google Slides as I would like to give users the option t...

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