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    I need electrical engineer having sound knowledge of mid point method. The following is the description of task You are approached by the curator of an exhibition to take place in Villa Emo, Vicenze, Italy. She is planning for an exhibition that has a dragon sculpture at its centre piece. The problem is that the sculpture (when activated) produces substantial heat (5000 W) and the other art work...

    £6 - £17
    £6 - £17
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    Hello, I have installed home assistant supervised version and attached all my z-wave devices: 1x aeotec (aeon) ZW090 Z-Stick Gen5 EU 1x aeotec Limited ZW189 Range Extender 7 2x aeotec (aeon) ZWa005 trisensors 1x aeotec AEON Labs ZW100 MultiSensor 6 4x FIBARO System FGT001 Heat Controller (one of them has additional original fibaro remote temp sensor) my idea was to use external sensors for heat ...

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    £7 - £267
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    Looking for some professional help on this protocol. I see that arduino has capability to do this. Please don't respond if you are not qualified. /* Lidl L08037B outdoors temperature sensor OOK decoder No checksum decoding is done and no data interpretation besides temperature values. <1len><0len>: signal 01: 0 02: 1 03: eos values: 550 1900 4450 9450 Period: about 35.6 s 1011 ...

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    want to develop and design compact ILR inline cold chane refrigerator system that should be compact and can use remotely for a minimum of 10 days with use on internal battery the temperature bar is - 30 to +8 degree Celsius and can store a minimum of 100 sets of the vaccine. only for Indian developers.

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    £126 - £379
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    I need some one who can make a animation video of 9-10 seconds for my product which explains the product in short and simple manner

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    I have a portable far infrared sauna. It will be powered by 110v and 220v for different regions of the world. There are 4 infrared panels in the portable sauna. We will also have a vacuum that vacuums out the air in the sauna and fills it with an air gas mixture. The users head will be out of the sauna. So the control box will 1) control the set temperature in the sauna 0 to 140F 2) control on/o...

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    I am looking for assistance in building a Mixed Effect Model to explain the presence /absence of fish movements, residency and migration (based on tracking) in response to environmental parameters which i have already collected. This study was completed over 2 years, with 50 tagged fish in 2019 and a further 60 50 tagged in 2020. I have the days the fish were present, their whereabouts, their mo...

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    I have coded everything to work about a month ago, prepping some work. But without it being a function script. I am now trying to use my previous code to work as functions. I am having issues defining the main argument YEAR into my 1st function. as my year is just a column in the embdedded dataframe , i cant use it as a function argument. I need help for this. ----------The structure of the work ...

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    Arduino project 5 days left

    i need to create some project using arduino sensors include humidity temperature time relay switches all feedback to a central pc screen the screen should have a nice GUI to enable a clear view of the readings will also require the systems to be wifi setup (use less sensor cables / connections => use more IOT sensors on arduino)

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    The Task: Need to build a small a suite of PYTEST framework in PYTHON. For this task, you will need to use the OpenWeather API ([login to view URL]). The free subscription allows you up to 60 API calls per minute for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Write a small suite of tests against the Current Weather (for one location) Maximum no of tests required. (NEED COMMENTS FOR EACH LINE OF CODE...

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    Physics project 3 days left

    I need a physics expert who is able to help me with the temperature, 1st law of thermodynamics, kinetic theory of gasses, heat engines, entropy, and the 2nd law of thermodynamics, finally with electric fields. I want to contact the ones who are confident to do things about these topics.

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    My business product is crispy chicken cut. These foods fall into the category of chicken-based fast food. The chicken is coated with special flour and then fried at a certain temperature. This product is like Shilin chicken from Taiwan. There are 2 types of seasoning powder used, chili powder and seasoning. This product is sold at roadside stalls and kiosks in shopping malls. The corporate colors ...

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    Physics project 2 days left

    I need a physics expert. Topics of my project are as follows; -Temperature - 1st law of thermodynamics - Kinetic theory of gases - Heat, Engines, Entropy and 2nd law of thermodynamics - Electric fields

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    Make a 4 pagers Technical Scientific Brochure for a new Ultra Low Temperature Freezer Graphic design work essentially. The final work will need to be supplied on a PDF and Editable file. The brochure has to match the style & look and feel of the website [login to view URL]

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    Trophy icon Shiny Dog Shiny Cat Label 2 days left

    My name is Michele and I have a small pet food store located in Over the Rhine, Ohio. We have been making our slow-batch pet food for 10 years and now I would like to market it beyond our store. I started this business because I had a sick dog and at the end of the day, poor nutrition was the root cause. We changed his diet and it changed our lives. The Nutrition Kitchen is a family-owned brand s...

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    Hi ALL, Rayon whiteness is an important factor for scientists dealing in fabric quality. Whiteness is affected by pulp quality and other processing variables. Some of the variables include acid bath temperature, ◦C (x1); cascade acid concentration, % (x2); water temperature, ◦C (x3); sulfide concentration, % (x4); amount of chlorine bleach, lb/min (x5); and blanket finish temperature, ◦C (x6). A ...

    £5 - £82
    £5 - £82
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    Project description summary: We are trying to develop a Programmable Battery Charge Discharge device. The device consists of power modules which will charge or discharge the battery. There can be up to six channels where the user can connect their batteries. In other words the user can connect one battery in each channel and is able to charge and discharge with a pre-defined current. How it can...

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    C# developer 1 day left

    Looking for someone to create an add-on that will integrate with our web app for our temperature check kiosk. A Windows service written in C# that can integrate with the sensor, automatically detect when a face is present and then start capturing the temperature data. This service could then expose this as a REST/Web Socket server which HTML content on the same device (or other devices on the net...

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    I have 6 sensors in a construction site. Each of sensors report 1. A raw sensor output, 2. a PSI output, 3. a height (mm) output, 4. a temperature output, 5. a barometric output, 6. a humidity output. The sensors report their variables every 5minutes. I need a UI through powerBI (or another portal) where I can view the history of each sensor variable over time as a graph. The length of time shou...

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    I need an app to adjust the brightness and temperature of images in Folder Input (I already have the solution and the code). You just need to code a few extra things like: input folder and output folder and interface. I want to get the App and source

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    CFD simulation 10 hours left

    We are a smoke control damper producer. Aerodynamic properties are a very important feature of the product. The project is to simulate in a first attempt 2 dampers which have been measured physically. Comparison between actual data and simulated data will allow us to evaluate the simulation work. In a later stage, upon positive evaluation of the simulation work, many more CFD's will be needed...

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    making and creating mems for insta and fb

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    Celem projektu jest funkcjonujaca kamera termowizyjna pozwalajaca na nagrywanie termowizyjnych video (nie pojedynczych zdjec) w podczerwieni. Jako kamere chce zastosowac Flir Lepton 3.5, oprogramowanie (ze wzgledu na wymiary i wage, poniewaz chce ja zamontowac w dronie DJI - kamera wazy 1g!) na Pi Zero. Wszelkie dane sprzetu, czyli kamery, boardu, oprogramowania itp sa dostepne na stronach...

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    I am trying to make a beta Stirling engine in order to run an alternator. Details of the alternator are: torque = 60NM rpm = 1600 I am looking for a individual who can do the calculation for the Stirling engine like: 1. What temperature difference should the engine be operated? 2. Dimensions of the piston and displacer. 3. Dimension of the flywheel. [login to view URL] of the crankshaft etc. I wo...

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    Hi, I`m looking for professional team, who can make full project! I have idea.. to create sensor (small sensor, which you can wear on bracelet_, which can read your temperature, heartbeat, may be some other medicin info from your body), send to transmitter which sends info to server. Each braclet is individual, I mean I have to know from which sensor comes this info! I`m looking for team who can ...

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    I need an editor for my videos, I'm new to the editing so it takes so much time and I can't make it up as I am at this moment, I need editor that can edit gaming videos put up some mems here and there and can do better job than me, of course per vid I will give 20$ and if the channel getting better I will raise it as much as I can! The editor need to be at least 18+ have sense to memes a...

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    I need a brochure for instrumentation services for level, pressure, temperature, flow, humidity, pH, conductivity, control valve, relative humidity, and resistivity field instruments. Including pictures and text by the designer.

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    • Design pneumatic circuit diagrams using BSI Fluid Power symbols for the controlled reciprocation of single and double acting cylinders • Design electro-pneumatic circuit diagrams for industrial applications using various electro-pneumatic components • Describe the operation of transducers for sensing displacement, strain, temperature, pressure, flow and acceleration .... 15$

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    Hello everyone, I am looking for someone who can develop smart fridge technology such as an all in one solution, touch screen and cameras. The cameras & sensors are to be small for internal use of a fridge and withstand the fridges temperature. They can automatically detect the food inside the fridge and how long the food has been open for etc. The touchscreen to be connected to the interne...

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    Trophy icon Mountain Tourism Hub - Oman 9 days left

    We aim to build a retail and adventure hub on top of one of Oman's most touristic sites. It is important to envisage the area, so here's a brief summary: Situated on top of Jabal Akhdhar, a 2,500m high mountain, the temperature is moderate during summer (peaking at 28-32C) and cool during winter (8-12C). This attracts a lot of tourists during both seasons from Muscat, Dubai and beyond...

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    In order to kill the Carona virus air is to be heated to a temperature of 200C. In the interest of minimizing the heat energy required for this heating, it is proposed to employ air-to-air energy recovery system (Run Around Loop) as shown below. Assume the volume flow rate of air V1 = 0.6 m^3/s, square duct of cross-sectional area 912.4 m^2. The the lines shown in blue represent the hydronic syste...

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    I have 7 room that we need to control temperature, humidity to open/close dampers and to open/close solenoid valves by a CO2 Sensor. Each room will have a Thermostat, Dehumidistat and CO2 sensor which be opening/closing solenoid valves and dampers. Each room will be connected to a main dehumidifier which needs to turn on/off when one of the room its calling for dehumidification and be able to ...

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    1)Design a signal conditioning circuit to measure ac voltage according to the following requirements. Design requirements: The circuit should be designed to measure (0-300) V, r.m.s, a.c voltage. i. Choose LV 25P hall effect voltage sensor. ii. The signal conditioning circuit should scale down the (0-300)V, r.m.s to (0-5)V dc voltage. iii. The required indicators on the circuit are: a) Yellow LED ...

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    We need a device.. And software... The device is something like which has to measure the height of the sewage in the tanker and provide the output to the web application .. Like notifications etc and also the device has to provide location and on the software using that location it should be like a fleet management software So we need an Iot device which has to be fixed on a mobile tanker which k...

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    Simulation of Cyber Secured Forecasting for Behind-the-Meter (BTM) Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power. Components - For my project, instead of simulating the PV circuit, you need to apply data analytic techniques. First, you have to find out a data set (irradiance, temperature, etc.) for a rooftop PV system for a particular city (for example, Memphis city). From the data, then you have to calculate and...

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    Windows desktop application GUI 1. Dashboard with gauges (Temperature, Rpm, Tourqe, Break, Current, Voltage) Nearly 6 Gauges on screen. Line chart on the dashboard and a popup screen with listview. 2. Menu user-based login. 3. 9 Screens with some controls on it. 4. High-level GUI with a nice look and feel. 5. Every gauge which is on the dashboard should have a function to assign values to it...

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    Need to design PCB and Firmware for the product. You need to design and test the design assembly before submission. We will bear the cost of fabrication and components so don't include it in the bid. The list of features are: 1. Connected to a cloud database 2. Video call / Audio call functionality from the product to the owner's Phone (we will take care of the mobile app development) 3....

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    Flame Temperature and Species Calculations with an Excel/VBA Computer Code

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    good morning, i need an app that shows me the temperature and humidity in real time, i already have the device's api, the app needs to notify me when the temperature rises from the specified that i will indicate in the app, the management will be online of the system, i need that have a customer register and each customer will have access by login and password to their area where they will sh...

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    Can you solve a problem in the engine because of overheating by increasing the overall heat transfer coefficient in the heat pipe so that can reduce temperature values? I do not have data. If you can deal with a problem like this, then I need all equations to start the simulation and to test different variables such as the overall heat transfer coefficient and temperature value.

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    Objective: use sensors, smart meter data from commercial building to optimize the power and demonstrate the result on Grafana dashboard Optimization is for power consumption, so you can see from the data that there are power consumption in different process like in power consumption in lighting, AHU(air handling unit),different circuits, and all of them constitute total power consumption Goal o...

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    Reading data from the gateway(wifi) and storing it into the database.

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    Hello Sukanta, i’m looking to create a system using Arduino. The system should include 3 sensors, 1 buzzer, 1 RGB. The sensors are : IR sensor to review the RPM, DHT sensor to review temperature and humidity and a vibration sensor to review vibration all thats needed is for the values to appear on the serial monitor. A fixed value is set for all the parameters incase they pass that fixed va...

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    Hello Sardar, i need a system set up using arduino. It will include 3 sensors and one buzzer. The sensors are as follows: IR sensor to review RPM. Vibration sensor to review vibration and DHT11 to review humidity and temperature. All thats needed is for the values to appear on the serial monitor. A fixed value is set so whenever any of the humidity, temperature, vibration or RPM passes their fixed...

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    I need an Arduino programmer to make a temperature control

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    I need my arduino code (Board: Arduino Mega Pro Mini) to be recreated for a new code with better performance, today it has 312 lines. It basically controls temperature and humidity of a place, according to a configuration made, it turns on or off specific relay. Today my problem is that as the sensor (HTU21D) is directly reading the data, any push of a button or relay makes this sensor signal lose...

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    I have a project for which I need a firmware designer. Skillset required: 1. Experience with ARM32 bit or other microcontrollers family. 2. Experience in communication protocols like Bluetooth, Ethernet, SPI, I2C. 3. Familiarity with using sensors, such as accelerometers gyroscopes, temperature etc.

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    Hi Abu Sakib, I would like to connect with to discuss a project with you. Need PCB design and layout for a temperature measuring instrument.

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