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    I'm looking for an experienced freelance kitchen cabinet designer with expertise in CAD and 3D Max. The project involves designing and visualizing kitchen cabinets for a medium-sized space. I have a preference for Mdf materials for these cabinets. Key Requirements: - Proficient in CAD and 3D Max - Previous experience designing kitchen cabinets - Creative in balancing aesthetics and functionality - Strong communication skills to understand and incorporate my preferences.

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    I'm seeking a financial strategist with a successful track record in crowdfunding campaigns, particularly on the established crowdfunding platforms. Your main task will be to secure funds between $10,000 and $50,000 for my Animal Welfare Litigation Organisation. Key Responsibilities: - Develop and execute a comprehensive crowdfunding campaign - Clever use of our available support materials like detailed project plans, promotional videos, images, and testimonials or success stories to entice supporters - Effective communication of our mission and goals to potential donors Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in crowdfunding, preferably on the GoFundMe platform - Strong marketing and persuasive communication skills - Experience working with animal welfare, not-fo...

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    As an entrepreneur, I'm seeking a talented graphic designer to craft a logo, letterhead, and visiting cards that will serve as the foundational components of my brand. The primary purpose of these materials is to establish a strong and memorable brand identity for my business. Key Details: - **Style Preference**: I'm looking for a minimalistic, modern design approach. The design should be clean, simple, and visually appealing. - **Audience Focus**: The branding materials should resonate with business professionals, conveying a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness. at the beginning we need Logo, Visiting Card & Letter Head Ideal skills and experience for this job would include: - Proficiency in graphic design software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photo...

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    I need a multifaceted creative professional to design an operative video thumbnail. This project requires an individual who can incorporate eye-catching imagery, engaging text and branded colors or logos into a succinct design. Key points: - The completion should be versatile enough to be used for a range of purposes — from blog posts to product pages and promotional materials. - It should capture attention and entice people to click. Ideal skills: - Proven experience in graphic and video thumbnail design - Ability to use branding effectively. - Excellent command over typography and color schemes - Prior experience in social media marketing is an added advantage.

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    I'm looking for a skilled bid writer to assist in securing a contract for the refurbishment of our Fire Department's floors. The current condition is damaged and worn out, and our primary goal is to enhance the durability and resistance of the floor. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in writing bids for construction projects - Understanding of flooring materials and finishes - Strong communication skills to liaise effectively with contractors

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    I'm looking for a skilled grant writer to help me secure funding for a project aimed at transforming agricultural and industrial waste into energy and innovative products. Key Project Objectives: - **Promote Sustainable Energy**: Our main focus is to harness biomass materials and convert them into energy, reducing our carbon footprint and promoting a greener future. - **Product Development**: We are also keen on exploring the possibilities of creating viable products from these waste materials. Your ability to outline potential product lines and their market applications will be crucial. - **Environmental Sustainability**: We're committed to contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable environment. The project should have a strong emphasis on reducing waste and pro...

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    I am seeking a professional who can apply the principles of vastu to colour my South east facing elevation. - Aesthetic Style: The preferred style for this project is modern. Thus, the colours should be applied in a way that aligns with a modern aesthetic while adhering to vastu guidelines. ...modern aesthetic while adhering to vastu guidelines. - Material: The main material on the exterior of the building is cement. I need the colours to enhance the appeal of the cement and not clash with it. Ideal Skills/Experience: - Previous experience with vastu principles and colour schemes. - Proficiency in modern interior and exterior design. - Knowledge of how different colours interact with materials. Colour preference- Combination of Red, Orange, Brown, Cream and Beige family colour c...

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    ...create harmonious and compelling designs for various print materials - namely a table top display, table cover, brochure, and business card. Table Top Display & Table Cover: - Execute a design incorporating my company's logo and name, along with details about the products or services we offer. Please also include clear reference to our contact information. - The table cover should be sized for a 6-foot table. Brochure & Business Card: - These should be in line aesthetically with the design elements used in the table top display and table cover. The exact content details will be provided once you're selected for the project. Skills & Experience: - Proven experience in graphic design, particularly in creating print materials. - Be able to provi...

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    I'm in need of a logo for my brand "Create with Jessi". The logo should ideally be a combination of text and an icon. Key Details: 1. The logo is primarily intended for use on printed materials and social media. This means it needs to be versatile and able to maintain its impact across various formats. Here is an example of something I like. Open to any ideas you have as well! Please do share your portfolio of relevant work and let me know if you have experience with similar projects. I'm looking forward to seeing your proposals!

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    I'm looking for a versatile logo/badge that can be effectively used across my website, print materials, and social media profiles. Please visit for a better understanding of my brand. I do not want the Word TwinstartStunts as the logo or badge or images of stars. I am after a badge or logo to go with the brand (is one word using the Font IMPACT) Key requirements: - A minimalist design style: I'm looking for a clean, simple, and uncluttered aesthetic that can communicate my brand effectively. - A combination of text and icon: The logo/badge should be a cohesive blend of text and iconography, and be expressive of my brand's identity. Ideal freelancers should have experience in: - Creating versatile logos for a range of platforms - A strong

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    I need a proficient freelancer who can develop a Google Sheets template for tracking various aspects of our plumbing jobs. This should be a versatile tool that factors in a range of data for workflow and invoicing. The contractor will need to consider: - Status of Job - Materials used - Labor hours - Job date - Contractor - Other job expenses - Invoicing issued (progress draws) - Estimate price - Estimated start date - Estimated completion date - Estimated hours on job - Change work order The expected categories for the job status should include: - Not started - In progress - Completed Billing Status: - Progress Draw - Invoiced The contractor will also need to incorporate a system for tracking job progress in terms of percentage completed, and status of invoicing. Therefore, a...

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    ...Responsibility — we want to trust you Soft skills — we value clear and effective communication, at the same time don't force you becoming a public speaker ALSO, we have a large number of different projects for Senior Full-Stack Developers, so if you have 4+ years of commercial experience in software development you are fluent with React & React Native, Android & iOS, React & PHP, Data Engineering, Data Science, AI, Data Engineering & Data Science or AI & Machine Learning - we would be happy to communicate and provide you a project which matches with your experience. Just apply, and we will share with you more details. Ready to take your career to the next level? Apply now and join the community! If your experience matches with our ...

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    ...collaborate with other companies through staff augmentation. More details are here. Who we are looking for: Senior/Senior+ Data Scientist & Data Engineer Senior/Senior+ Data Engineer Senior/Senior+ ML & Data Scientist Senior/Senior+ AI & Data Scientist Senior/Senior+ AI Senior/Senior+ Data Scientist Senior/Senior+ AI & ML Requirements: Proven experience in either Data Science or Data Engineering, with a minimum of 3 years of hands-on experience. At least 2 years of commercial experince with AI/ML. Hands-on experience with Python. Experience with AWS/GCP/Azure, SQL, and Airflow is a must Familiarity with NoSQL databases. Hands-on experience with the following technologies Spark, Hadoop, PowerBI, and Lookeri BigQuery would be a huge plus. Ability to ...

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    ...we want to trust you Soft skills — we value clear and effective communication, at the same time, don't force you to become a public speaker ALSO, we have a large number of different projects for Senior Full-Stack Developers, so if you have 4+ years of commercial experience in software development you are fluent with Android & iOS, React & Python, React & React Native, Data Engineering, Data Science, AI, Data Engineering & Data Science or AI & Machine Learning - we would be happy to communicate and provide you a project which matches with your experience. Just apply, and we will share with you more details. Ready to take your career to the next level? Apply now and join the community! If your experience matches with our requirements be re...

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    I nee da graphic designer to help with the creation and implementation of sales proposal temp...turnaround, so efficiency and experience in this field would be highly valued. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency with graphic design tools and Panda Docs - Strong understanding of branding and graphic design principles, particularly for sales materials - A proven track record of delivering high-quality design work quickly - Experience working on similar projects with a quick turnaround If you're confident in your ability to implement our brand guidelines effectively and have a history of producing high-quality, professional sales materials, I'd love to hear from you. Guide on how to design in panda docs -

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    ...and eco-friendly residential project. This job is perfect for someone who has: - Expertise in residential architecture - A solid understanding of eco-friendly design principles - Experience with small scale projects Essentially, I require someone who can create the blueprints for a sustainable, yet stylish and functional living space inspired by modern, green architecture. Leveraging natural materials, solar panels or other alternative energy sources, and optimized natural lighting are just a few features I'm hoping to incorporate. The ideal candidate should have an excellent portfolio which reflects their proficiency in this niche and a track record of accommodating the unique requirements of each project. I am open to innovative and creative ideas to maximize space util...

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    As someone who enjoys the tranquility of outdoor spaces, I'm looking to transform my backyard with an engineered drawing for a relaxation space patio. The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Proficient skills in architectural design and engineering drawn plans - Experience in designing outdoor spaces, particularly patios - Ability to incorporate specific features into design I want the design to incorporate a cover element that I've been devising. An ability to visualize a customer's concept and bring it to fruition is crucial for this task. If you also have any example of previous work that is similar, I encourage you to submit it with your proposal.

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    ...accurate drawings that will be used for the construction and fabrication of the steel components. The project will require: - Inclusion of accurate dimensions: It's critical that the steel drawings accurately reflect the dimensions of the structure. Therefore, you must be meticulous and precise in this aspect. - Material specifications: You will need to provide precise specifications of the materials that will be used in the construction. This will have to be in line with the Alberta Building Code which is the standard that needs to be followed. - Fastening details: The drawings should provide clear and accurate details on how various steel components are to be fastened together. Experience in cold form steel detailing and familiarity with the Alberta Building Code would ...

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    ...project is to create marketing materials, so the quality of the rendering is crucial. Key requirements and details: - The rendering must be photorealistic, with exceptional attention to detail. - I will provide high-quality photos of the product for reference. - The goal is to create visuals that can be used in various marketing materials, including advertisements and presentations. - I have also provided an old label, where the Ingredients will need to be removed from the image, as well as the comments and franchise feedback contact, Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Proficiency in 3D modeling and rendering software. - A strong portfolio of photorealistic renderings for marketing purposes. - The ability to work with provided reference materials and pro...

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    ...on the backpack. - **Seamless Integration:** The design should ensure the umbrella fits the backpack seamlessly, with a compact and lightweight design for easy portability. Ideal candidate should have: - **Experience with Wearable Technology:** A background in developing wearable gadgets would be highly beneficial. - **Mechanical Engineering Skills:** Proficiency in designing mechanical systems, especially for compact, portable devices. - **Electrical Engineering Skills:** Experience in designing battery-operated systems and ensuring efficient power management. The project requires a creative approach to seamlessly integrating a reliable automatic umbrella system into a backpack. I'm open to suggestions and welcome innovative solutions that can enhance user experien...

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    ...producers to understand their creative vision and execute it effectively. Ensure that episodes are delivered on schedule and meet all production deadlines. Stay updated on industry trends and best practices in podcast production to continually improve our processes and output. Requirements: Proven experience in podcast post-production, with a strong portfolio showcasing your editing and audio engineering skills. Proficiency with audio editing software such as Adobe Audition, Pro Tools, or similar tools. Excellent attention to detail and ability to maintain consistency in audio quality and style. Strong communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively in a remote team environment. Passion for podcasts and a deep understanding of the medium, includi...

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    I'm in need of an expert in drone design and engineering to ensure that my heavy lift drone will be able to meet the requirements I have in mind. In particular, I need to ensure that it can carry a load of 325 lbs, fly for 30 minutes, and is powered by 8x) 21.5 HP gas engines. Key Requirements: - Design and load capacity: You'll need to ensure that the drone design can handle the weight of 325 lbs. - Flight time: It's crucial that the drone is able to fly for at least 30 minutes at a time. - Power flow: You should have expertise in power systems and be able to verify that the 8x) 21.5 HP gas engines are sufficient to power the drone. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in drone design and engineering. - Strong knowledge of power flow and systems. - Expe...

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    We are looking for a skilled civil engineer to create a test fit for real estate development projects in Florida. The test fit will involve analyzing the available space and determining the best layout and design for the project. The engineer will need to consider factors such as building co...zoning regulations, and environmental impact. The ideal candidate should have experience in real estate development and be familiar with the local regulations in Florida. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills are required. This is a great opportunity for a civil engineer to showcase their expertise and contribute to the success of real estate projects in Florida. Relevant skills: - Civil engineering - Real estate development - Building codes - Zoning regulations - Environmental impact ...

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    I'm seeking an experienced Docker engineer to create a secure, c...Docker image, based on a Linux operating system. This image should be completely free from known vulnerabilities (CVEs). Key Features: - Container Isolation: The Docker image should be designed with efficient container isolation, avoiding potential security breaches. - Software: The Docker image should include Docker software. Skills & Experience Required: - Significant experience in Docker engineering and Linux operating systems. - Mastery in setting up container isolation in Docker. - Track record in designing Docker images free from CVEs. - Understanding of Docker software integration. I am looking for a seasoned professional who can promptly deliver a high-quality Linux-based Docker image meeting...

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    I am currently working on a comprehensive 3D model for the architectural project of an eight-semester database center. a freelancer with a solid grasp of architectural design, SketchUp model making, and material. Experience with data center ...attached is the plan, the attached plan is not refined it will be refined and then the work has to be started. there are four-floor plans and the 3 and 4th plans are the same. work is to create a SketchUp model with material in it. and site trees and hills texture to give the effect of surroundings Skills and experiences: - Proficient in architectural 3D modeling - knowledge of SketchUp and materials - Ability to deliver quality work within a month, model with material should be delivered by 15 May 24. Please keep the timeline in mind whe...

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    I am in need of a skilled designer who can create a custom pr...plastic to create a clamshell type product jar holder. - Material: Use ABS: The design should be suitable for 3D printing using ABS material, a popular and durable choice for 3D printing. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in 3D modeling software: The successful candidate should have experience with 3D modeling software and a strong understanding of designing for 3D printing. - Knowledge of 3D printing materials: A background in working with ABS material is a plus but not necessary. - Creativity and attention to detail: The ability to design an aesthetically pleasing and functional product jar insert holder is essential. If you're a designer with a passion for creating custom and visually appealing solutions, I'd lo...

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    I'm seeking an experienced lead generation specialist to collate a detailed list of European individual investors exclusively from the aerospace, architectural, engineering, oil and gas, logistics, civil, and renewable energy sectors. These leads should be gathered for market research purposes and must contain a complete set of contact information, including mobile numbers. Key Requirements: - Generate a comprehensive list of European individual investors specifically from aerospace, architectural, engineering, oil and gas, logistics, civil, and renewable energy sectors. - Provide essential lead details, including job title, company name, location, mobile number and email. Ideal Candidate: - Prior experience in lead generation, particularly within European markets a...

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    I am seeking a skilled 3D gra...produce a medium-detail rendering of a strip mall, based on our existing architectural plans. The final image should be in a style similar to an example I will provide. While we don’t have any specified materials or colors, we are happy to consider your suggestions, as long as they enrich the display. One aspect to note is the inclusion of people within the rendering to enhance the overall realism of the project. The ideal candidate should have: - Strong 3D rendering skills - Proficiency in architecture modeling - Exceptional eye for detail - Ability to visualize and suggest materials and colors. - Ability to integrate people within the rendering. Looking forward to receiving your ideas and proposals. We're excited to work...

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    I am looking for a seasoned professional to create a balanced, text and visuals business development document for my start-up. The primary objective is to attract investors. The document should insightfully incorporate market analysis, a competitive landscape review, and reliable financial projections. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in creating investor attracting materials - Experience in start-up business development - Proficient in crafting market and competitive analyses - Ability to make robust financial forecasts - Skills to balance text content with visually appealing graphics.

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    I'm looking to have an item's color changed from its current orange shade to a crimson hue. The item is made of fabric. The reflection in the pool also needs to be changed accordingly. I am looking for a skilled professional who has: - Experience with fabric dyeing and color change - The...item is made of fabric. The reflection in the pool also needs to be changed accordingly. I am looking for a skilled professional who has: - Experience with fabric dyeing and color change - The ability to understand color variations and matching - A keen attention to detail to ensure the end result is a consistent, deep crimson across the fabric - Knowledge of fabric types and how different materials absorb or react to color changes. Please share related experience or portfolio sa...

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    ...engine produced it). - Actual asset type Phase 1 - Audio uasset - need access to the data of the PCM Audio in the uasset so that I can play it. - Texture uasset- need access to the data stream of the textures to be able to display it/them. Keep in mind some uassets have: 1. Multiple resources, i.e. audio uassets can have multiple streams for surround sound. 2. Point to other uassets (i.e. Materials/Meshes may point to textures it uses) Basically after opening the uasset I can then ask this library what type of file ".getType()" return Then I can call an ".getInfo()" and get the specific information about it in Array format one for each stream as some assets can have multiple resources. example for an audio file: [{id: 0, type: , channels: 2, rate:...

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    I am seeking a web designer with experience in website improvement. Specifically: - Refining the content layout of my existing site. I find the wordpress widgets really restrictive and hard to use, and my images come out all kinds of weird sizes with text nowhere near where I want it to go. The ideal candidate should have a good eye for layout design and detail, but I will supply all materials and specific instructions as to how I'd like it laid out (all very simply). Knowledge in current web design trends would be a bonus but I have clear, simple ideas so not essential.

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    I'm seeking a highly skilled designer for a project focusing on designing a medium-impact sports bra constructed from polyester for women. I want the design to have padding, built into the bra. Non removable. Key Responsibilities: - Create a design catering to women - Focus on medium-impact support functionality - Keepin...sports bra constructed from polyester for women. I want the design to have padding, built into the bra. Non removable. Key Responsibilities: - Create a design catering to women - Focus on medium-impact support functionality - Keeping sports bra design, with shaping Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in clothing design, particularly for sports apparel - Exceptional knowledge of fabric and materials, particularly polyester - Understanding of sportswear ...

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    ...eye-catching flyer for my club's upcoming event. Key Requirements: - The flyer is intended to promote an event; hence, it should be engaging and capable of drawing attention. - The primary focus of the flyer should be the event's location. This information should be displayed prominently and clearly for easy understanding. I'm seeking a freelancer with: - Proven experience in designing promotional materials, particularly for social events. - Strong visual communication skills to create a design that effectively conveys the event's information and purpose. - Excellent attention to detail to ensure all information is accurate and clearly presented. Please include samples of previous work in your bid. Looking forward to working with a creative individual who...

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    I'm seeking an experienced mechanical engineer with expertise in...applications. Comprehension of the design is a prerequisite, kindly inform yourself through and my YouTube channels, Dennis Plews and Dennis J. Plews. Tasks will include: - Familiarizing yourself with the existing design - Assisting in implementing specific mechanical components into the final design. Ideal candidate must have: - Proficiency in CAD. - Mechanical engineering experience and background. - Familiarity with integrating specific mechanical components. - Understanding of propulsion systems or similar technology would be beneficial. Looking forward to work with someone who can help finish this design promptly and efficiently. Suggestions for improvements are always welcome.

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    I am looking for an ex...basic functionality. The critical objective of the project is the evaluation and optimization of the biogas engine's performance. Therefore, the freelancer should possess: - Proficient knowledge in simulating complex systems, particularly in the renewable energy domain. - Experience in stability assessment of power systems. It would be beneficial if he/she has a solid background in mechanical engineering to understand the key aspects of the physical components involved. The ideal candidate would be someone who has previous experience in similar projects and could share some references or examples of their work. Meanwhile, this project is a great opportunity for freelancers passionate about renewable energy and looking forward to contributing to a gr...

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    As an online seller of car microfiber towels, I'm looking for a creative and efficient packaging that will help my product stand out and protect it during shipping. Key requirements: - Design: I'm aiming for an au...enough to protect the microfiber towel during transit, yet not harmful to the environment. Ideal skills and experience: - Graphic Design: A freelancer with a good eye for design, particularly automotive themes, is a must. - Packaging Design: Experience in designing consumer product packaging, especially for online sales, is highly desirable. - Sustainability: An understanding of eco-friendly materials and their application in packaging would be a great bonus. Please provide some samples of your previous packaging work, particularly if it's in the auto...

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    I'm looking for an expert to design and implement a steel worm wheel and pinion gear system for my large window louvers (over 4 feet). This method should aim to: - Improve ventilation control effectively. - Ensure durability and longevity considering the size of the louvers and material of the gears. Your expertise should ideally include a solid background in mechanical engineering, familiarity with gear systems, preferably worm wheel and pinion gear, and experience working with steel in similar projects. Please deliver a design proposition along with a practical implementation plan. This above is manual working mechanics, which opens on 90 Deg, I want 360 degree rotation with motorized. i suggest to use worm wheel and

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    [4:57 PM, 4/14/2024] Nelly: We are in search of a committed individual who can aid us in attaining our goal of providing engaging marketing materials to the Chinese audience, thereby significantly enhancing the brand experience. Contribute to our mission of engaging and connecting with our target market in China by joining our team. Do you enjoy the prospect of producing captivating translations that skillfully integrate advanced artificial intelligence and human ingenuity? If so, we cordially invite you to join our dynamic team as a valued member. You will be entrusted with the thrilling responsibility of producing translations that captivate and engage audiences worldwide as an employee of our organisation. Embark on a journey where your imagination knows no bounds with us today! ...

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    ...enthusiasts! We're excited to announce a remix contest where you'll have the opportunity to showcase your skills by editing and transforming a classic track. Your challenge is to take the song "Pump It Up" and creatively replace the phrase 'pump it up' with 'level up'. The modification must seamlessly integrate into the track, maintaining the original singer's voice and style. Requirements Source Materials: Obtain high-quality versions of the following: "Pump It Up" Instrumental Version "Pump It Up" Acapella (vocals only) Edit the Acapella: Using audio editing software, replace every instance of the phrase 'pump it up' with 'level up'. The alteration should mimic the original artist's vo...

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    ...architect to create detailed and accurate construction drawings. The drawings should adhere to the building requirements of Yapavia county. The primary scope of the project includes: - Architectural Plans: Design a 2400 square feet residential house and a 1680 square feet workshop. I am looking for an open floor plan in both spaces. The design should also feature vaulted ceilings. - Structural Engineering Drawings: Develop structural plans for both buildings. It is critical that these plans are sturdy, safe, and in compliance with the county's regulations. - Electrical and Plumbing Schematics: Detailed diagrams are required for the electrical and plumbing systems in the house and workshop. An energy-efficient design is also a priority. The ideal freelancer for thi...

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    31 bids expand the living space in my house. The task involves planning for a new wooden beam that is to be added to support a significant span of 13 feet. Your proven knowledge and experience in structural engineering, structural calculations, and home renovations will enable you to accurately determine the beam's specifications including size, load capacities it has to support, and how it interacts with other elements of the structure. Main values I'm looking for in a freelancer includes: - Proficiency in Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) - Solid understanding of wood engineering - Experience with calculating beams for home remodeling - Compliance with local building codes and regulations Armed with these skills, you'll ideally be able to prov...

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    Trophy icon Minimalistic Green Logo Design 4 days left

    I'm looking for a talented designer to create a minimalistic logo for a brand. The primary color of the logo should be dark green and it should be designed in a minimalistic style. The company is selling essential oils from the Alps. The company name is "Zillertaler Duftmanufaktur". The logo will be used on both website and print materials, so it needs to be versatile and scalable. Ideally in also a Canva file.

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    ...organizing workshops on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to conduct engaging and informative sessions in various universities. The workshops should be designed to educate students about the fundamentals of AI and ML, their applications in real-world scenarios, and provide hands-on experience with relevant tools and technologies. Responsibilities: - Develop workshop content and materials related to AI and ML topics. - Conduct interactive sessions to engage university students and faculty members. - Provide practical demonstrations and exercises to enhance learning. - Offer guidance and support to participants throughout the workshop. Requirements: - Proven experience in conducting workshops on AI and ML. - Strong knowledge of AI and ML concepts, algorithm...

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    Trophy icon Dramedy Movie Poster Design 3 days left

    I am looking for a talented graphic designer to create a unique and compelling movie...portraits and reflect a moody and dark color scheme. Key Responsibilities and Skills: - Highlight the film's dramedy themes through design. - Incorporate character portraits into the design. - Apply a moody and dark color scheme. Ideal Candidate Should Have: - Strong proficiency in graphic design tools (e.g., Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator). - Experience designing movie posters or other promotional materials in the past. - Excellent understanding of color theory and composition to support the desired mood. - A knack for portraying unconventional genres like dramedy through design. Please share your portfolio demonstrating relevant past works when applying. Your creativity is truly valued i...

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    As a developer of an innovative event booking app, I need a marketing strategis...who would immensely benefit from the ace feature of my app, which is the effortless connecting with service providers like DJs, bartenders, and restaurants. Key responsibilities: - Develop a tailored launch strategy to increase app downloads. - Prioritize marketing efforts towards event organizers. - Highlight the key selling point - ease of connecting with service providers - in promotional materials and campaigns. The ideal freelancer for this project has a proven track record in app launch strategies and understands the event industry's intricacies. Expertise in targeted marketing towards event organizers and a creative mindset for communicating key selling points would be highly beneficial t...

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    I'm looking to co-create a unique line of jewelry pieces that embody a geometric theme. These pieces are intended to be crafted using high-quality materials, with a focus on Stainless Steel 316L with 18k yellow gold plated. Key Requirements: - Design a range of jewelry pieces (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, ring, brooches) that are inspired by geometric patterns and motifs that are included in the file. - Sample designs are already included, but MOST IMPORTANTLY YOU HAVE TO COMBINE THE TRADITIONAL PATTERNS INTO THE JEWELRY - Utilize stainless steel 316L and 18k yellow gold as the primary materials. - Attention to detail and precision in the execution of the designs, as these pieces should reflect quality craftsmanship. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experienc...

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    ...allocated a budget of 10$ for this project. We're open to discussing pricing based on the scope of work and the quality of the proposal. Timeline: We're looking to get the website up and running within 2 weeks, but we're flexible for the right candidate who can deliver exceptional results. How to Apply: If you're passionate about creating outstanding websites and have a keen interest in the civil engineering sector, we want to hear from you! Please send us your proposal, including your relevant experience, approach to web design, estimated timeline, and any questions you may have. Don't forget to share samples of your previous work or portfolio. We're excited to embark on this journey and look forward to collaborating with a talented freelancer to...

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    I require a skilled graphic de...promotion, and ensure clear communication of information. Tasks: - Designing unique and compelling logos - Developing print designs for various purposes - Creating an engaging and visually appealing website design Ideal skills: - Proficiency in different design aesthetics including minimalist, bold and vibrant, and vintage and retro styles - Experience with brand creation and promotional materials - Proficient in creating designs that effectively communicate information The ideal candidate will be versatile, creative, and have a solid understanding of both traditional and digital media. Your portfolio should showcase a variety of design styles and projects. Your dedication to understanding and achieving the main purposes of design projects is ...

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