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    ...power meter id. The database is a production database, and the table is constantly being written to. We intend to create a read replica of the database, and then break the link between the read replica and the master. From the read replica, we'll be able to dump the data to AWS Glacier without impacting our production system. However, we would like to

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    I need a small javascript code to read international phone rates from csv file and display in html there should be a searchbox and 2 options buttons below below. description,prefix When description is selected search function should search description column When prefix is selected search function should search prefix column but search function

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    the generated web pages should NOT contain any Javascript, as the goal of this project is to generate simple static web pages using Python Your task is to write a Python program that generates an informative web site about Airport Passenger Movements Month by Month From 1985-Present, showing summary statistics about the number of domestic and international

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    Hi, I'm looking for a piece of written in JavaScript or JQuery, that would let me read data from a CSV or XML file located on my website and represent as visualized open source JS charts like (Chart JS, extra).. My CSV, XML file structure as follow: 8 columns with growing up rows: Column 0: count of rows [index] Column 1: Personnel Number (number...

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    ...monitoring for the creation of a new file within a Google Drive folder using Zapier's Google Drive application. Once detected, the Zap will trigger... determine the file ID of the new file... and read the file from the Google drive (likely using Zapier's CODE application, using JavaScript). The file can be assumed to be a CSV w...

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    eToro Datamine Walton Street Web Design is looking for someone to create a system that datamines Please carefully READ the entire following work spec before providing your quote. We are a web development company in the United States, and if you do a good job here then we will likely have more work for you. You will be given a cPanel

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    I need somebody who can modify the script (available under 'source' in [login to view URL]), so it can read directly two .csv files.

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    I need a simple Python script that scrapes a list of websites in a csv file (e.g. top 500,000 Alexa sites attached), and checks if the website uses Canvas in the HTML (by checking for "<Canvas>") or in JavaScript (by checking for "createElement("canvas")" or "createElement('canvas')"). The code should output the number a...

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    I need a single page ...created that reads from a .csv file and presents a table of the content, replacing fields like 'migrated' with a green box, and fields like 'pending' with a yellow (or red). All fields should auto-refresh/re-read from the .csv every 5 minutes. Don't require any fancy graphics, and would prefer to keep it purely html/ja...

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    33 bids the ajax request used by the above URL and a CSV created The CSV will contain: road_section_id, Address, Zone, Burner Type, Permit Date , Permit No., Expires The code for this can be written in what ever language seems best ( please let me know what you will use) . Java, PHP, Javascript, Excel / VBA, are preferred languages but I am open

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    ...using CSV file. I need to edit the javascript code in order to be able to read the CSV on load of the page. Moreover, to create another import function to another CSV file. Summary: I have a web page that imports a CSV file and show charts. What I need to add is, I need to let the charts be drawn using the CSV file ...

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    Take a csv-File and download the links from amazon (these are our Bills we are merchant in the marketplace) however getting a authenticated session is not easy

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    ...will be given later, some important point: 1. Read seed URL from txt file, one URL per line. 2. Scraping webpage content for 2 levels(hops), javascript rendering is need, like splash/PhantomJS etc. 3. Covert scraped 2 level content from html to text, and matching 2 predefined regex. 4. Output result as CSV format, comma separated, other columns are

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    Hi, I need a Javascript, that draws cirlces around locations in GoogleMaps. I wanna to set the amount of kilometres as input-value. The locations must be read from a csv-file. Each line of the csv-file has the zipcode and the country (comma-separated). Example: 01187, Germany 08280 Germany Some ideas for your solution can be found here:

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    ...paypal accounts..all business related.... it is quite a lot of work to open each and every one sequentially every 2/3 hours to check the transaction history, export it to a CSV file, organise it then print it or email it to my partners. To solve this I started writing a script my self to login to those accounts and retrieve the transaction history,

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    Please read the project details before bidding and check the demo I want to develop tool that is analyzing a website urls for Seo Purposes and shows the results. The exact demo what i want, is Exactly this tool, Exactly. [Copy Past] - here is the link: [login to view URL] + Every report can be downloaded as PDF, you can see it in a demo

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    Looking for a javascript file that when placed in my js directory will read the contents of a csv file stored in a sub directory and place the values on a webpage that represents a few charts. script must have ability to be customised and take into account html changes. html file provided. script only applies to content on index page.

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    ...the binary data file retrieved from the tachograph or driver card into human-readable form: files: xlm, csv and raports: HTML, XHTML, PDF. The effect must be similar to the program located at: [login to view URL] and raports similar like [login to view URL] The ESM files (Europay Security Module) can read typically have

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    ...Linux. The script should do the following: 1. The script must read a text file which will contain domain names. The text file will be in the same directory where the script will be executed and might be called something like domains.txt. The following is an example of the text file: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] 2. The script ...

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    ...application versions and write them to a simple CSV format. For example, to read the "Flash" application version information, the following algorithm should be applied: 1) Known CLSID of Flash ("{D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000}") 2) Look up the CLSID in the registry under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTCLSID 3) Read InprocServer32 which gives the OCX 4) ...

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    I need a costum OCR module in order to read a specific input as, for example, several leaflet pages (get from camera-phone or PDF or Jpeg) and extract textes from ads. This module has to be able to recognize blocks of text in an advertising leaflet page, parsing text and give a text field with a suggestion tag -taken from a library on the web- that

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    ...button. 1) Username 2) Password 3) URL of financial report 4) Name of Google Spreadsheet For first Phase 1, user/passwords can be in a file on the server that I will manually maintain; could be CSV or JSON or XML. In future phase, may change to database or use a membership site software. The idea is that I will sell a membership to use this

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    Create a Python Web App in Heroku that pulls in a CSV file like the one found in the 'Input Data' sheet and creates a SQL table called data_table. It then uses the SQL code to create new tables, which will be pushed to an HTML page that will display graphs using JavaScript. 1) You will need to use an HTML5 template ([login to view URL]

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    I need a employee to type the ID number or BP number on a text field and a javascript to read a CSV file with that information and show the employee his supervisor name, as attached image.

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    I need a employee to type the ID number or BP number on a text field and a javascript to read a CSV file with that information and show the employee his supervisor name, as attached image.

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    I need a employee to type the ID number or BP number on a text field and a javascript to read a CSV file with that information and show the employee his supervisor name, as attached image.

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    **Please read the scope prior to submitting proposal** Need to create a javascript/css page that I can upload and host on my website. The page will be similer to this: [login to view URL] Except I would like these functions included: -A basic user login, so a user can create and ID before they begin the test

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    Using language and libraries of your choice, write a program that will read as input a list of Chicago addresses from a file in CSV format, and produce a file in CSV format that includes the Ward and Precinct for each address. The program will call an API, such as [login to view URL] to compute the ward

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    Write a JavaScript program that open a CSV file, displays it in a text box, and displays the output in another text box. To read the input: The CSV file basically contains a 2D matrix of numbers, where each line holds a single row, e.g.: “7<delim>10<delim>88<delim>n”. The delimiter can be either space or a single comma (&lsq...

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    Please read this project description before bidding , all pre-written replies will be discarded , please post manually and according to this project, we will also reject any bid proposal offering websites. No PHP CURL queries can be used in this project. I need a custom project made with javascript , that will take a given "url" and scrap it's

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    ...they are then presented with their account information showing their account details, and how much money they owe. The visitor can then enter an amount and pay (this uses JavaScript to send an amount to a payment gateway outside of the website). Once the payment is made, they are taken to a “thank you” page. The database itself is not updated in real-time

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    30 bids a specific folder and standardized file name including the date time. 2) Open and authenticate to a website, navigate to a multi-page grid, set the appropriate grid filters, scrape the values from each record of each page of the grid, save the data to a csv file in a specific folder with standardized file name including the date time. The scripts

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    ...and graphic design is helpful, but not necessary. Basic widgets have a general xml structure of (a) parameters asking for user input that then feed into (b) html, css, javascript code that gets integrated into Adobe Muse's output at runtime. What is most needed is not necessarily someone to create the final widget, but someone to help tailor existing

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    I need a javascript function written that can create a matrix of the kind needed to work with d3.chords. My source is a CSV file that has rows and columns but that is not in a square matrix. The function ought to take the CSV file and create duplicated rows and columns and fill the respective values. The column and row names may be long strings with

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    ...package dimension sizes – “weight x length x width x height” and distance within the country according the shipping company tariffs. 2. Magento admin backend setup, excel csv file use. 3. Magento admin module backend enable, disable. 4. Product cost + shipping cost order generation choice. 5. Product cost + C.O.D (cash on delivery) estimation order

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    Dear Talents, **** Urgent **** Read before you bid ***** Our client is a university professor looking for a very simple personal website. We would like a professional looking web design, pleasing to the eye, with a compressed back round which loads quickly, and is simple to use. responsive design is a must, visitors should be able to navigate

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    This is only a brief summary. Download th file and read the document in full. The project task is to add a panel to an existing HTML5 application that consumes RESTful web services. In this part you are only required to complete the “TRADES” page. The rest of this application is already implemented. 1.1 OBJECTIVES Add UI components to a Web application

    £191 - £574
    £191 - £574
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    ...of this project is to create a bootstrap based interface that will be user from supervisor users to analize data coming from a social hotspot system. All informations are read only and will be provided with a set of 10 api calls. Api calls are based on this class [login to view URL] The programmer don't need to create APIs

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    ...radius would be perfect Works also a CSV or XML file that I can update on my own server, from which the POI positions and icons are read. This can be done using Google Maps JavaScript API v3 and modifying the theme file [login to view URL] that contains the code that generates the map. I have attached this file if you want to see it. Do not bid

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    ...HTML5/Javascript version of the top half of the attached gauge which will be running on a webserver on a Raspberry Pi. I do not need the purple lines in the center or the far right vertical speed gauge. The number tape on the left will be airspeed, the number tape on the right will be altitude. The data for this will be presented in a .csv file

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    This needs to be done in 2 ...chart and 5 line charts Data is imported from a very large .CSV file. 7GB The detailed description: [login to view URL] Please take time to read the description. If you are familiar with d3.js and JavaScript, the job is not complicated

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    4 bids chart and 5 line charts Data is imported from a very large .CSV file. The detailed description: [login to view URL] Please take time to read the description. If you are familiar with d3.js and javascript, the job is not complicated...

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    Need to use the D3.js to create chart and 5 line charts Data is imported from a very large .CSV file. The detailed description: [login to view URL] Please take time to read the description. If you are familiar with d3.js and javascript, the job is not complicated

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    1 bids url to a file. Initially this just needs to recognise ads from two networks; Taboola (example site Bloomberg) and Outbrain (example site CNN). It needs to read in a list of urls from a text file, scrape those urls and output an image for each ad and one row in a csv file with: - The URL scraped - The name of the image file it pulled from

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    ...application which is currently being developed. The site consists of the following framework – HTML5 front-end built on Twitter Bootstrap 2, JavaScript + jQuery, PHP server-side interfacing with MySQL read/write & Sybase ASA read only, both via PDO. This project requires quality and robust code and more emphasis is placed on the quality of work rather than

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    £1772 - £2953
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    ...project is finished to high standard. PLEASE read design brief before bidding! Overview: Need an application built in PHP to allow agents to log in, view and fill in a form, submit, then view the next record provided by the system. An admin will import a list of url’s, dates and priority ranking in csv format into the app and the system will auto

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    ...who is very clear about the changes to be made, not complicated But if needs be very familiar with Zend framework and Poo. well as mastering javascript, json. It is edit the current system is working to csv importer, adding improvements or changes, mainly two functions First one : Location Is improve the way that it match the location , because

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    ...companies and I need a bit of help. Here's a simple process on how the software will work: 1. Read articles on multiple websites and continue reading when new articles are posted. (If this is too hard, you can revert to using RSS feeds) 2. Once articles are read, the software picked out every negative and positive keywords. 3. Then you just create a simple

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    Selam, Hi, BEFORE BIDDING FIRST READ FULL PROJECT!!!!! AND SEE THE SITEMAP IN THE LINK POSTED!!!!! Possible canidates will be asked about this info, if they cannot anwser immediatly their will be marked as not interesting. I would like to rent a group to make a site for me. The concept is as following: You have 2 small sites, a client and business

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    Knowledge Excel, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, FTP, jQuery, jQueryUI 1. Import - selection and reading a csv file from the FTP server and the data stored in a mysql database (insert/update) 2. Import - Selection and reading a xlsx file from the FTP server and the data stored in a mysql database (insert/update) 3. Collect new data on a web form

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