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    We have a VB6 app which uses the computer's C: drive serial number for security. We have the App installed on computer B, and it runs fine on computer B. The app can read the serial number from computer B's C drive. When accessing the app from computer A on shared computer B over the LAN, the app reads the C: driver serial number from computer A, not computer B. I need to know how to...

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    I need help to Decode audio recordings of phone numbers and extract the phone number using Matlab more iI will explain in chat.

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    I have a list of phone numbers in excel file and would like to add them into my telegram group.

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    it is use to track the phone number of the user

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    Xelo, I have a small online education webpage, Now we buy Certifacete addon from thimprees ([login to view URL]). But we steel add some custom fields to our certificate. We need to add a Certificate number. example: DEZ000104201-89, DEZ000104201-90, DEZ000104201-91. My website [login to view URL]

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    Write an MPI program to find whether a given number n is prime. You can use any MPI collective or point-to-point communication functions.

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    We are looking for a talented and competitive Inside Sales Representative that thrives in a quick sales cycle [login to view URL] inside sales rep will play a fundamental role in achieving our ambitious customer acquisition and revenue growth objectives. You must be comfortable making dozens of calls per day, working with channel partners, generating interest, qualifying prospects and closing sale...

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    Hide client number and details from whatsapp business for security purposes

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    Hello, I have a google sheets file. On SHEET 'SUMMARY', I have 30 columns with codes. I need to know the NUMER OF OCURRANCES of EACH CODE. Codes could change in the future. [login to view URL]

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    1 - In a file (ods) of 709 lines you have to search on the internet for about half of the lines that are not filled in. In a second file there are 219 numbers to be copied and pasted into the first. 2 - There are about 490 numbers left to find with Goggle and the yellow pages.

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    I have created a loop to add entries into a database, I want all those entries in the loop to have the same submission_id. Attached is the code I have tried but doesn't work

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    We manufacture ovens - we need some of our components cad drawn.

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    car number plate reader 3 days left

    being able to read car number plate once the car is stopped

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    * Sync shipment tracking number from Woocommerce to platforms like eBay and Amazon with API. Please check out the flow chart and PDF for detail. DO NOT bid without basic understanding.

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    i would like app that can locate phone only from gsm number . user will entre the number only and get the located correct no sending sms or link to targets to get the correct position

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    Looking for simple app that is need to enter custom vehicle number and two more data which displays default including timestamp . Need to submit and prints in thermal [login to view URL] will be daily oy vehicle wise as per our requirement.

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    The DayZ server falsifies the number of players outside the server, and the number of players inside the game

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    twillio audio and video call from Website to Mobile Number. in Asp.net and Website must be resonse so it will open in Andriod studio in webview

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    What we are about to launch is a casual mobile game with jelly elimination elements. Players can obtain and control their heroes in the game to initiate battles and get corresponding rewards. At present, we need some players who live in Canada to participate in the preliminary test, which mainly tests the functions of the game and raises bugs. We will provide corresponding rewards for players part...

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    We are using bbb for our client we need someone to configure scalelite in the server to manage at least 12000 students. we are looking for someone with experience and have done it in the past

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    Requirements: - call reject/hang up, - call transfer, - no activity detection/silence detection, - DTMF detection, - Linux platform kernel version from 2.6.

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    I need to convert number to words in 2 language English and Spanish. We can use PHP or MYSQL Function. E.g. Funtion should receive a number(999,999,999,999.99) Return novecientos noveinta y nueve mill novecientos noveinta y nueve millones novecientos noveinta y nueve mill novecientos noveinta y nueve con noveinta y nueve centavos.

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    Budget: 50,- € ---------------------------------------- Hi, I need a scenario for Integromat for a restaurant where the phone number and reservation date/time is extracted from the "reservation" email, then saved to a file (e.g. Google Sheet or something) and then an SMS is sent a few hours before the reservation as a reminder and a day later an SMS with the request to rate the res...

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    Client is looking to add a registration page for people to signup to his shipping company, each user should be assigned a unique tracking number e.g NS123456. The webiste is done on WIX, [login to view URL]

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    we need a small app developed for Kaios the app will preform Dialing a number using the gsm network and dialing the number on Kaios whatsapp budget 100 dollar

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    serial number inventory system can unlock a wealth of information about inventory items. Businesses with serialized inventory can see a part or product as it moves through the supply chain. Useful data become available, such as the inventory turnover rate, allowing your business to make better, more informed decisions when purchasing inventory in the future. Moreover, a serial number can be list...

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    In Google Data Studio, I would like to find the formula for a new calculated field to transform a number recognized as text into a number recognized as a number: example € 1,010.00 (text) => 1010.00 (number) Currently I use the formula cast (trim (replace (REPLACE (replace (Rate J text, '', ''), '€', ''), ',', '.')) as numbe...

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    A script in whatever programming language which could accurately read car license plate number with black background and white wording.

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    I'd like to have someone help me create a script/program that will allow me to generate unique combinations of items: To explain further: lets say I have 5 columns - the first column has 8 attributes - I would like the script to randomly select one then move on to 2nd column and select one of the attributes and so forth until it has selected atleast 1 attribute from each column I would al...

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    Hello, I am beginner in Python and I have some questions which are may be easy for you but I am wasting too much time on it on my side and I would like to understand. Here is my little project : I search in a file ([login to view URL]) which contains: 3954 3240 4345 4041 3834 4023 The digits of this file, starting with 39, for this example there is 1 occurrence. Then I would like to make a l...

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    [login to view URL] is a website for paid survey but they don't accept my current residence country Burundi. So i need to register with US someone's phone number. After sending to you a verification code just send it to me immediately and we will be done.

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    I need only someone who is in USA to give me his phone number and Q1. Will send verification code and after he send it to me and the job will be done. Thank you

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    Urgent!!!! I need some Computer Science specialist to do this project for me. The details for the project is in the files uploaded. Please keep in mind the project template and the project rubrics when doing this project.

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    Looking for support to build a lead list of boutique owners in the US.

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    I need help in designing a framework/model to be used to determine the optimal number of branches for a bank. In particular; I require insights on factors that will be taken into consideration in this model Off the top of my head, I think the following internal variables/data will be useful; historical branch financials (like branch profitability, number of accounts opened, ATM card sold etc)...

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    Looking for appointment setter by outbound cold call dialing

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    Project is to store a person name , image of his cloth and assign a code against it. This App should run in both Android and ios

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    We have a list of Small and Medium businesses in USA. We want to extract phone number, email id and contact name information from Dun& Bradstreet database on dnb.com. Need automated scrapping.

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    I am hiring a researcher for a prospecting research project. I have a list of properties and business entities that own these properties - we are hiring for someone to find direct contact and phone numbers for these properties including email addresses. The most important aspect of this project is finding accurate and detailed contact information for property owners.

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    I have an embedded RIFD card reader. I need scan the RFID card (it has unique employee number) so that it output the card number into a Notepad or Excel in a Windows 10. Currently, it does not output into Notepad. Through a RS232 Serial Monitoring, it output as ASCII. I had used a trial RS232 Keyboard Wedge with the software acts as a Keyboard input, but there it only display as ASCII. I hope to f...

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    I am trying to give each row field an ID number in my custom grid I have designed. I need a hand in being able to be shown how to number these rows.

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    Mobile application with 3 screens The first screen should have a menu that will lead to the second and third screen the second screen has an excel list. What we are interested in is updating the list whenever we want. Button to go to the third screen to redirect to a link that will lead to our Google map At the bottom of the home screen to have 4 buttons for speed dialing that we will set.

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    Project is very simple, I want an excel based calculator to calculate the number of circles that could be drawn in a larger circle. Example: There are a number of wires (smaller circle) are passing through the bigger sleeve (large circle). Sample formula & Link: n = (π * R2) / ( 2 * r)2 Where, r = Diameter of Inner Circle R = Diameter of Outer Circle n = Number of Circles in Inner Rin...

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    £9 Avg Bid
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    ANPR solution for Malaysian Number plates in C++ or Python-2

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    I need a mobile site. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built.

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    how to create auto number series with prefix in zoho creator. I just want you to help me create a field that will generate numbers automatically like (M111, M112, M113...). Prefix is M. You need to show me how its done

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    ANPR solution for Malaysian Number plates in C++ or Python

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    Create another Guess the Number game.  Python randomly chooses a secret four-digit number (with no repeating digits) and asks the user to guess it.  The user has up to ten attempts to guess the number. After each attempted guess, Python gives the user two clues (until the user either guesses the number correctly or runs out of attempts): o The number of digit(s) in the user’s guess th...

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    Develop 4 PowerShell scripts. Script #1. Develop a PowerShell script to automate the process of deleting emails (scam, phishing) from Exchange 2016 in bulk or selected. For removing malicious or phishing emails. The script should be able to search for emails on : • From • Subject • Recipient • Date periods Considerations • All email should be backed up before deletion &...

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