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    ...Mathematics section is 800/800 and my English score in GRE has been 550/800 my aim is to reach 800/800 in English and I want YOU to help me. I want an expert of English language who can train me in complex English Words, WordRoots, Sentences of English using difficult English words. If you are a master of English words like syllogism, quotidian, ...

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    £24 - £3959
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    This is a small project for Mac OS X to be implemented in Cocoa/Objective-C. I need a Cocoa component (ideally an NSView subclass plus any related classes/resources) that presents a user interface for editing any arbitrary NSDictionary. The component needs to run on Mac OS X 10.3 or better and _should_ use Cocoa Bindings. The component should be packaged in a small Mac OS X framework and should al...

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    Hi this project will be simple to explain. We need a web dictionary to be developed Basicaly will be a SMS dictionary. Users will be able to log in and have a control panel with all words they sumited. There will be a place where users will be able to list all the words like a dictionary you can check a similar web (in spanish) here http://www

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    ...PHP+MySql+Design projects. I prefer a team that can handle 2 or more projects at once, with some members of this team that speak Italian. This is cause many projects will be sites in italian. The first project is in attachment. it is written in italian, it has to be done in less than 12 days, cause i'm already in late!! i already have the graphic. So please BID for

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    ...files. If you can do any sort of Office file cracking, let me know which file type you can crack, and I'll open a private auction for you for that particular type of file. Demo highly desired. I also desire an explanation of how your password crack will use an algorithm in addition to the standard dictionary attack and how your algorithm is good.

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    I have some educational multimedia cd roms which i want to re-edit. The requirements are: 1. Re-edit of content page 2. Design some questionaires 3. Change the graphics 4. Change the menu 5. Enlarge the screen size 6. Add in user-friendly menu 7. Editing of text and other content 8. Other simple modifications The project is done in Macromedia director and I require someone who is wel...

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    This project will involve the creation of a data dictionary for a small web based charity application as well as updating a Visio diagram to reflect changes in the database tables. The Visio document is about 80% accurate but we have not started to develop the data dictionary. We are NOT looking for a robust DD but something that shows the tables

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    ...multiple talents and experience. PROJECT: - A website like that of [login to view URL], but simpler, focused on real estate. 8 functions (tabs on the main site) 1) DICTIONARY: searchable dictionary with real estate terms 2) NEWSLETTER: (sequential autoresponder) where subscribers can sign up to receive 1 email a day with a real estate term */should be easily

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    ...Purpose: To show the elements parsed out of the web page. e. "Save" Tab label - "Save to File:" text box - to type in the file name button - Browse to set up file name. button - Save A dictionary or map will need to be employeed to translate the html characters to ascii characters. The ability to select

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    ...allowing users to build a public library of common/slang/dialectial/regional words. A client has requested that this system is to display a term for any word. Similar to a dictionary. Except this version can obtain any word the user wishes. Example, Dutch Oven. There will be no user based systems. A simple one page website with a search box, and an add

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    ...coded using ASP.NET and MSSQL. This module will only be used by operators and not the general public. I will provide: - The database script + test data - Data Dictionary - Developemnt template (main screen, main menu, etc) - ERD (if required) - Detailed specs for the module including screen mockups. In total there are five big

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    ...a complete directory that may/maynot have sub directories & has word doc files. It must use a custom MS Word dictionary as a reference & generate a list of all the mis spelt words in the doc files. The list must detail the doc file name, the page # & line where the mis-spelt word is located etc. The marco should also be able to list grammatical

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    16 bids and sky functions - currently being programmed and will be used as language tutor bots Note: Due to the Preston's limited listening range and limited dictionary capabilities, I've had to run six bots simultaneously to do what I've needed so far, and, I will have to add quite a few more to cover all of the NPC and

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    We have text to translate from english to portuguese, spanish, italian. 29 pages, MS word Arial 11, many iterations and single words/ phrases + technical terms. We need a professional and quick translation. max. 5-7 days

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    ...a portal system that will power this web site Copy from other web sites and edit to fit our branding/name about 25 articles (2 pages long), 15 guides, 10 Tips, Proverbs, Dictionary, Press releases, 25 links Dynamic Home Page (with main navigation at the top, secondary navigation on the left that will be different in each main section) plus main

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    ...and have it return the domain without the .com and broken up with a space separating the words contained in it, i.e. "chat now". Programmer will have to obtain a dictionary file most likely and write the program to handle domain names of any length and containing several words. Program must be able to distinguish and split up the words appropriately

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    9 bids a 7 letter word, in which the letters in following position are known *o**u**r The answer is COMPUTER. As the first letter is not known,it is not possible to search a dictionary!! There may also be some other words which satisfy this condition. ========================= Problem: To write a program which will ask the user to do the following. [login to view URL]

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    ...the user to "guess" the letter of the sign it is showing. Maybe even some sort of score to show when the user gets them right. This can be some sort of letter dictionary in sign language. I will provide the letter images upon selecting the flash developer, for now, you can use the sign letter images from anywhere on the net to make a mockup

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    9 bids (file manager + version control) [login to view URL] [login to view URL] manager (integration with ERP system, just get data) [login to view URL] price lists (dealer, distributor, consumer list, consumer MAP. price lists based on geographic location and authorization level) [login to view URL] Management (schedule, calendar) [login to view URL] check [login to view URL] tran...

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    Hello, I need this site [login to view URL] completely translated into - dutch - italian Regards, GenSci

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    1) I have a dictionary of English words and phrases extracted from spam. They can be pornographic, stock scams, phishing, Nigerian fraud, etc. There are about 5000 words and phrases. They have already been translated to German. I need someone to check the translations for errors and to correct them. Also, flag words/phrases which are

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    1) I have a dictionary of English words and phrases extracted from spam. They can be pornographic, stock scams, phishing, Nigerian fraud, etc. There are about 5000 words and phrases. They have already been translated to Japanese. I need someone to check the translations for errors and to correct them. Also, flag words/phrases which are

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    3 bids its dictionary. Only a single dictionary is required- we dont need support for multiple custom dictionaries. 4. WYSIWYG editor should support bold, italic, underline, and hyperlinking (select text and make it a URL) at the very minimum. 5. The current page is generated by a JSP file. The form submit action is to another JSP file. Although

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    ...can also adapt existing projects, e.g.,: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] * Provide a simple way to add this fucntionality to an existing web page, such as one include file "[login to view URL]", and one function call "loadSpellcheck()" * Add spell checking capabilities to any HTML form * Supports

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    hello, I have a program (PageSpy) and the descriptions of the program is in english. I need a translation of the descriptions bellow by the native italian speaker. The translation should be not word to word, but with the same sense. The programm attached where you can see how it works and it helps you in the translation. grazie, devic ## Deliverables

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    I would like to find a public domain encyclopedia and have it entered into an sql database. No lookup help is needed at this time just getting the database together and installed on my server. Mysql and php admin are fairly current and installed. I only need to browse the records now from php admin and have a field for the title of the entry , the entry information itself and a unique id for the r...

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    I need a OFFLINE mobile phone dictionary in j2me and it should be able to run on maximum number of mobile phones as possible. The key feature it should be offline, no requirment of connectivity to any website should be there. Size should be compact but not at the cost of reduced content. Content quality is laibility of developer.

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    15 bids experienced PHP/My SQL developer to update the Dictionary system on At the moment we use a simple My SQL structure to store dictionary related data and a set of PHP files to access it. We need current dictionary data moved to MediaWiki 1.5 beta4 data structure and file sets - the same software that powers [login to view URL]

    £238 - £792
    £238 - £792
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    ...application pages. It would be nice if they were broken up into several pages with a progress indicator showing how many pages are left. We also have information from an online dictionary that needs to be added to the form fields, so when a user mouse overs a word, the definition appears (we will provide this content). This system needs to support multiple

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    ...reside on the same computer as one of the component DBMSs. 23. Placing the global manager on the same site as one of the component database minimizes the copies of the data dictionary in the distributed DBMS. 24. The request constructor, which is a component of the user interface, converts the request constructed by the interface translator into a global

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    I am looking for someone to proof read and edit an ebook that I am looking to publish. The work will include checking for spelling/ gramatical mistakes and ...explained AND AGREED TO by the buyer on the site per the coder's Seller Legal Agreement). ## Platform proof reading / editing should be completed according to the Oxford English Dictionary

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    All the data of "Oxford Dictionary of Pronounciation" is need to be entered in our custom designed software in not more than 10 days, there are 1208 pages, and each page have 40-50 words with its phonetic pronounciation. please do not bid if you cannot finsih the project in 10 days. sample page of the Dictionary is attached.

    £79 - £238
    £79 - £238
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    We want to be able to search a document RTF/doc and highlight any words that we have from a list in an Excel file. The list doesn't have to stay in the Excel file if you can maybe offer a window from the macro to paste the list into ot something Please note that our lists usually have 200 to 900 **words** and **frases**. The Word docs that we

    £33 (Avg Bid)
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    16 bids able to recognize a colored (misspelled) word when it is interrogated so that I can do my possibilities thing. (Normally interrogation of any word results in a proper dictionary/grammar/theaurus/sound response. Thus I and the user must recognise what is an error word and what is not. Anyone wishing to see my program visit [[login to view URL]][1]

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    1) I'm looking for a database, or data file of a Spanish - English dictionary that I can put online. Optional: If the dictionary contains mp3 pronunciations for the words that would be good, but this is not a must. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all

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    I require 10 articles in good english, the titles are are as the list below, you are free to pick any 10 from the list: veterinary scrubs veterinary dermatologist veterinary malpractice veterinary technician veterinary technician jobs veterinary technician salary veterinary technician schools veterinary symbol veterinary pet insurance help with veterinary

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    I need a website something similar to It must be php/mysql and able to be mod rewritten for friendly urls. The database must contain lots of data 500,000+. Bonus pay can be awarded for the more data than can be supplied.

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    ...the two files attached translated to Italian. You will get a copy of our game plus the money. I need you to be able to play the game and adjust the files. I will also help test. The remark statements don't need to be transtlated ("// whatever"). You need to create the two files as follows. 1, italian 2, italian Please complete the [login to view U...

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    I have an small OpenSource project and I need an Italian tranlsation of the resource Strings to French. Attached you will find the language file. I will be happy if someone will do this for free. Cause it is free for everyone and the file is really very short. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form

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    ...spreading the load. We would like to get something similar to We want the users to be able to search for: the web, ppc, news, images, amazon, ebay, encyclpedia, dictionary. The users should be able to search each of the sections/tabs independently (just like at yahoo,google). All of the search results will be provided by external sources.

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    I am looking for someone who can build an online English-Tiggrinna dictionary. For details please download the .zip file. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition, as follows (depending on the nature

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    ...Cafe Hello, all. I am the proprietor of a new Authentic Italian Gelateria in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I need a simple yet attractive website designed quickly for our gelateria. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, a gelateria is an Italian style ice cream parlour. Italian ice cream is called Gelato. I have posted all of the specifications

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    1 bids Spanish dictionary - Searchable by Enlgish and Spanish (Coldfusion interface preferable, but not a must). - Dictionary held in an MSSQL 2000 database - I do not have a copy of a Spanish - English dictionary so the programmer either has to find an open source/open lisence dictionary or have access to one. (A talking dictionary would be p...

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    I am looking to use a database dictionary I have as a weighting system for a text presentation method that presents text word for word on a computer screen in a fixed location. The dictionary will be used to present text with varying typography inflections based on the strength of the weight assigned and based on the database. The final program should

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    ...signatures: checkSpelling(cultureName) checkSpellingById('txtDescription', cultureName) **To fix next bugs:** We can't get NetSpell worked in russian culture with russian dictionary. We need Web sample worked with russian culture. The problem seems that NetSpell removes all symbols with >128 code. Incorrect spelling next sentenses: "space space space

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    This is a summary only. Full details will be posted as .pdf. This is a website and RSS feed to create a list of new words that appear in particular newspapers. E.g. The new york times. The system will read through every word in the paper and then compare against a dictionary of regularly used words (there are several of these available on the net)

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    I have a good high traffic PR5 website which is in need of some good relevant content. The website is [login to view URL] and i am looking for the folks who are fluent in English, PM me your articles you have written. You are going to be a ghost writer. Since Scriptlance allows only one bidder to be identified i will choose the top3 bids and create

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    ...sentences combined. Ignore capitalization. Words can be made up (ie not in a dictionary). Count the number of times each unique word appears in a sentence and store counts in a matrix. This matrix will be sparesly populated (most values will be zero). Output this sparse matrix to a file. Ex: Matrix of words (each row is a sentence) The cat is the reason Cat

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    ...must fire in BHO. * All exposed IE properties and methods must be available in the BHO. * Must be "bug-free", as in, work 99.9% of the time. * BHO must turn all words of "dictionary" on the page IE has loaded to the word "pictionary" (just for a test). ## Deliverables Rent A Coder requirements notice: As originally posted, this bid request does not

    £45 (Avg Bid)
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    2 bids