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    implement the following class and use objects of this class in a program: class Student { public: Student(string initName, string initId); //constructor, sets all grades to 0 //sets name to initName and sets id to initId void Test1Grade(int grade); //sets the value of test1 to grade void SetTest2Grade(int grade) //sets the value of test2 grade void

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    ...them money or time by automatically grading the post tests. So they receive an Email stating John Student received 86% of the questions correct on the continuing education course Nutrition for the Geratric Patient. So the provider knows that John Student needs to be sent a certificate for 2 CE credits, since he passed by having a score 75% or better

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    ...parent node call "student info" then under the parent "student info" i create a child call "name" then a popup box will popup to enter some fields the popup box must include fields like 1)name of nodes 2)type(either this child is a selectbox textbox or textarea etc) 3) max character is its a textbox 4) desrciption for more information u can con...

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    ...vertical lists(the student lists) should be stored in two arrays. the information about a class(class id, class name, etc) will be stored in the header node of the horizontal list corresponding to that class. Similarly the information about a student(id, name, etc) will be stored in the header of the vertical list corrsponding to that student. The other nodes

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    ...someone who will work cheap. (may have limited experience but must grow with or company and have knowledge of the HTML, flash, and programming. Maybe college/international student looking for to make a name for his/her self. I have 16 sites and stupid techs. They are all simple and require little to no matinence. I need someone who can edit and update

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    Please check the following URL for information in task. I have been asked to help someone with the folloing data base , I do not have the time or the knowlege. There are two task in hand the first one is detailed here: [login to view URL] completion date end of march 2002 The second is to design a simple java application

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    ...You are looking at creating a few text files and linking them through VB programming. For example, you will have a text file for the students that will have 6 fields - Name, Student ID (S+4 digits like S1099, S3218, etc.), Course1, Course2, Course3, Course4. A students can take no more than 4 classes. The teacher's text file will include Name, Teacher

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    ...submit grades to the server. The server side stores information of students, professors and courses (in a file). A client can be a student or a professor interacting with a GUI. In order to view grades or entering grades, the client (either a student or a professor) must provide not only the student number, but also the password. The client will be informed

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    I have to do this student registration project for a computer class I have taken. I'm changing my major , so I don't want to spend my time on this project in C++ anymore.. It consists of two phases, first(due April 11th) involves the design desicions and next one the implementation. Second phase (due April 20th)requirements will be given after first

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    ...compile errors in the client application: copy constructor assignment operator 2. Create a Students class, where a Student is simply a pair of Strings (first name and last name) and a student number (int). You will need to create the Student ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source

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    I am assisting a PhD student working with SPSS. If you can answer questions with this we will gladly compensate you. At this point the need is to set up a database which will be used to run statistitcal analysis. ## Deliverables Exchange of email information and perhaps telephone calls. Of course the student must successfully complete the projects

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    ...prototype database (files consisting of columns and rows) for the University of Phoenix. The database should include student information such as name, address, telephone number, G.P.A., date of birth, major, current employer, and any other information you might consider pertinent. Be sure to not put all attributes (columns) in one table. Create forms for new

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    Write a program in C++ using structures and linked lists to maintain information about students in a class. 1) The structure used to maintain information about students should have at least the following components: Student's Name Student's ID Student's Major A pointer to the previous node in the list A pointer to the next node in the list. 2) The Student's

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    For homework assignment. Create a program to order a pizza by filling out a form. Useres ...executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform Windows ME. Useing the student version of Visual Basics. ## Deadline information Must be completed before 3/27/2002 before 5.00 p.m.

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    ...a staff member has to speak to a student for what ever reason. It will have the facility to search for information by Name, Phone number, Reason and Staff Member. then it should be able to list all the records for that particular student It should have the facilty to print out an Incident report using the information provided by the staff member, also

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    This program should be written in Visual Basic. I will supply the Inventory.mdb. Also...all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. Final approval of program. ## Platform Windows 98+ Visual Basic 6.0 (Not student edition, has to work with professional edition) ## Deadline information Must be completed by 3/17/2002 at 12 noon est.

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    Create a Web site that allows users to log in , validating for UserID and password. The user should be able to log off amd maintain their profile data. Create a Windows 3-tier Customer Order Entry Sytem. It should include users services, business services and data services. Create Web Clent that access business services. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in execut...

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    Create a web site that allows users to log in, validating userID and password. Users should also be able to log off. Maintain user profile. 1. Create Windows 3-tier Customer Order Entry System that includes users services, business services and data services. 2. Create Web site that accesses the business services. Allow Internet users to maintain users profile( add, modify and delete themselves). ...

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    ...application) that displays and maintains a report card (like your semestral grade report). The applet will contain information regarding the student (id, name, year, course, and semester) and also a panel that contains a table of subject and grade information. Each row will contain the course catalog number (e.g., En 11), number of units (e.g., 3), a letter grade(e

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    ...rather than pointers to structs of courses. After reading from the text file, at the program's prompt: a student types took, followed by any distinct substring of the course title or course number, followed by a letter grade to indicate that the student has taken the course and to record the grade received. The grade apprears as any letter grade in the

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