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    We have a new opportunity at SoftwareWise for a designer and developer for websites and software. We are currently quite a small company, with a few clients and are looking to expand. Please take a look at the attached file for full details. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well

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    £102 Avg Bid
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    We are looking for an Expert Oscommerce developer who has done at least 3 sites in Oscommerce and know things around on Oscommerce. This doesn't mean you just did install oscommerce with some mod from forum. You actually know code around oscommerce. We been running about 10 sites using oscommerce and about to lunch another one. We copied our oscommerce(over

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    We’re looking to establish a good long term working relationship with VB6 /XML/ADODB Developers You will be expected to work from your own premises with your own software. You will have to attend 3 or 4 meeting per year Regular updates can be achieved on MSN messenger, MAIL Be able to read and understand UML or workflow diagram Stick to our coding

    £155 - £233
    £155 - £233
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    We are looking for an Expert Oscommerce developer who has done at least 3 sites in Oscommerce and know things around on Oscommerce. This doesn't mean you just did install oscommerce with some mod from forum. You actually know code around oscommerce. We been running about 10 sites using oscommerce and about to lunch another one. We copied our oscommerce(over

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    hello i need a russian perl coder in order to work on different script, from simple to very difficult and very complex script. This coder must have a good english and must have msn messenger in order to communicated more easy. this is a real opportunity to work on a long term project (about 2/3 years) and to develop a web site on the

    £54 (Avg Bid)
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    3 bids

    We need a JSP developer to do the following : 1) front end for our platform configuration files in JSP which will read our config files. 2) front end database conifguration for mysql for now. 3) User Management - will display the users, how many users, delete users, add users, configure users, etc. 4) A front end script which

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    Implement a sum-of-difference algorithm (SAD) for an arbitrary input image* of type byte against macroblocks of fixed size 16x16. Edge effects should be handled by duplication of the boundary values. Time your routine and plot a simple graph of runtime vs. image size. I will grade your code both on proper implementation of algorithm

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    I have a Star SP300 (POS) printer. It is installed as a windows printer with Generic Text Only drivers. I'm using RawPrinter Helper Class to send data to the printer. See: <[login to view URL]> . It works correctly printing the text. My only problem is that this printer has an AutoCuter feature (to cut the ticket paper) but to make

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    I would like to find someone with the time to look through the following sites to understand what I want, [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] It will be 3 levels of software. 1. Client to log onto hotspots 2. Hotspots to share their Internet connection 3. For our server to authorize all clients

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    I need a self-contained software program that can take my 20-30 real estate contracts and fill in all pertinant information at once. As it stands now, I have to go through each contract and type in all the information, one doc at a time. Some of the information is repetitive and some information unique to a particular document. The documents need

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    ...they desire. To get a better idea of how this works you can take a look at [login to view URL] and sign up to look around the members area. I add this link because there is NOT enough room here to properly describe this set of scripts. You can easily delete your membership after looking around to get a better idea of what

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    I require a very specific portal for towns in my country. This project primarily focuses on the small hard to reach places you never find. Please refer to [login to view URL], to see what has been mad up to now :) not much i'm afraid The project consists of two sections. Please note that this is a OFFLINE SYSTEM. Updates must depend on us. SECTION

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    4 bids

    **This is a personal project but because of its extensiveness im placing it in the small buisiness catagory.** I need to deturmine the manner in which a file is generated by a particular peice of software. I can provide that software, the developer can debug it to deturmine how the I/O operates, or the deve...

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    I require a developer to create a VB .NET class to send messages to a third party application. The class will be used to automate a casino program to place automatic bets. It will use the William Hill Casino (Classic, not Sports), which you can download for FREE at: <[login to view URL]> (When downloaded, you can

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    XML C++ Project I need a developer that is very strong with C++, XML, ASP and SQL2000. I need to take a MS Project file that is exported to XML and then use a C++ DLL to save the values to SQL 2000 database. I will then need to display the values back in a web page. I will also need a way for a user to change some values...

    £542 (Avg Bid)
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    30 bids

    I need a php programmer to create some new pages and small module to work with an oscommerce shop. I currently have a shop running on an oscommerce build with different modules already added. I need a programmer to modify a script to display shipping prices in a box. This script will allow a shopper to input their Zip Code and will ...

    £71 (Avg Bid)
    £71 Avg Bid
    6 bids

    ...creation of a HOWTO document explaining how to set up an OpenLDAP server on Red Hat Linux 9, for the express purpose of providing two services to a Windows network: 1. Shared address books, viewable in Microsoft Outlook 97/2000/XP/2003 2. Authentication services for a Samba-powered Primary Domain Controller Success is measured by whether I can follo...

    £99 (Avg Bid)
    £99 Avg Bid
    3 bids

    This is not a formal request. I will consider all resonable bids. NOTE: if you are good at design but not programming you may still bid as I still am in contact with original programmers. What I want is for someone to take the web app and make it user friendly and remove the complication. Don't want activex, and I think the client prefers

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    I need a developer who is highly skilled in the development language. Developer MUST live in the United States, and should have at least 5 years doing C development. Please bid on how much 10 hours would cost. I will use the hours through telephone conversations, planning, and actual development. At end of project, I will need

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    There is a product, AdeptSQL Diff, which compares and synchronizes metadata and data in two MS SQL Server databases. The new version of the tool contains a couple of COM Automation interfaces through which the comparisons can be done programmatically, difference SQL scripts produced, etc. These COM interfaces are new, have not been very thoroughly

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    ...Request For Proposal. We would like to have a Unix/Linux-based Wargame server very similar to the “Free Hack Zone?? at Basically the “Free Hack Zone?? is actually a hardened Linux server that users must log into where they are asked to exploit simple Unix-based security vulnerabilities as a means of learning computer security. Tips

    £813 (Avg Bid)
    £813 Avg Bid
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    I am an employee at a company and my job was to find a developer who could work on some VNC modifications so that we can effectively use it for training and offere it free with our current training products, im looking for someone who has a deep knowledge with VNC< someone who has worked with it before, this person should have the following sk...

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    I am looking for someone who knows Linux Embedded Appliance Firewall (LEAF) or Linux Router Project well so s/he can customize the development for me. I particular like to customize the BERING dist of LEAF. You can find the user and developer guide for BERING in 'bering' dist not only does it provide the distribution, it als...

    £282 (Avg Bid)
    £282 Avg Bid
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    We are currently working on a website project,we need good a PHP developer to help us. It is a membership based e-commerce site, we basically have finished the member login/matrix/admin part. We need to develop the following: 1. online store. which allows each member to build/admin their online store by few simple configuration (without HTML coding)

    £207 (Avg Bid)
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    ...enhancement for a software which I am currently running in a photo lab store. The individual who made the software is no longer in the bussiness so I need to find someone to upgrade it. The software is made in Visual Basic I think. It currently does the workflow of the store like buying, paying, invoices, etc. ## Deliverables Whe...

    £305 (Avg Bid)
    £305 Avg Bid
    16 bids for a "plug-in" to be used in conjunction with the software known as NeoBook. [login to view URL] Developer Kit for Plug-ins: [login to view URL] (Instructions for Delphi Programmers.) Trial version of NeoBook that can be used to create the plug-in/testing: [login to view URL]

    £80 (Avg Bid)
    £80 Avg Bid
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    ...Genies :) I need someone with enough power, you wants to create a webpage for my enterprise including create a software? If u know [login to view URL] <-- there u have a lot of tools to create. I cant find for example how they create this system to upload ur Passport for vertification. I need also possibilities to upload files (...

    £8 / hr (Avg Bid)
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