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    ...a web site called [login to view URL] to keep a running list of his crimes, seek international law experts to publish a legal case against Bush and have a section to collect signatures and comment from people all over the world. i am looking for someone creative to design the site so it is crisp, easy to navigate and who can have the signetures and comment

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    ...functions to perform arithmetic right and left shift operations on Integer values. These functions correspond to the C#, JScript or Java shift operators << and >>. The function signatures will be as follows: Function ArithmeticShiftLeft ( _ Byval value as Integer, _ Byval shift as Integer) As Integer Function ArithmeticShiftRight ( _ Byval value as Integer

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    I would like a program that attatches a personal message to the bottom of my outgoing email messages. It should work with any email program and sit in the system tray. It will monitor when my email client sends and email via the SMTP port. Once it see's that i am sending a message it should intercept it and put it into its own outgoing que and then

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    you are supplied with a hotel management system partially developed using bluej ([login to view URL])compiler. i will email these to prospective coder. the method skeletons are coded, they have no body and their header signatures need amending. you have to amend the system to develop an upgraded system that has all menu options implemented and a GUI

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    3 bids working on, i would do it myself but i dont have the time. should be done in PHP/MySQL forums should have the standard functions: Categorys Edit/Quote/Delete of threads signatures/avatar user ranks (user, mod, admin etc) post counts etc smilies easily editable themes etc. anything else you think would be suitable. features not needed: private messaging

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    ...fields, using public/private key technologies. You will have to guide me on this, I require some files to be encrypted where a certificate will be owned by the user, i.e. email signatures, and can only be encrypted, decrypted by the user using their certificate. 3) All encrypted/decrypted data is to be displayed on the example application form in some manner

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    I would like an application which can create and restore a backup copy of : emails, news messages, accounts, address book, message rules, blocked senders and signatures from the most used Email Clients: Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora ( Pro and Light ), Netscape Messenger, IncrediMail, Pegasus Mail, the Bat and PocoMail. The resulting backup

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    ...the features like they offer. We need for this product to be written in streaming java or java applets and NOT JavaScript or ASP. We don't need the voice stuff, the email stuff, or the remote stuff but are looking for the following features: Please read the Deliverables to see what is needed.... ## Deliverables I am looking for someone

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    ...functional Email system in ASP .NET using VB .NET and EasyMail Objects .NET This is the first of a series of projects centered around an email system written using EasyMail Objects .NET. This Phase will be to program a system to receive mail from a POP3 server, store them in a database, present a list to the user and read text and HTML email messages

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    ...upcoming project where we need to unload a VXD and Re-Load it afterwards. This VXD that is loaded is on Win 9x/ME platforms and is the Anti Virus interface. To update the Signatures a reboot is required to replace the VXD. The DLL / OCX will be called from VB6 SP5. If you can do such a daemon please bid. Tks, rg ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional

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    ...will have “Email Campaigns?? composed of the items just like galaxy plus: a. The text message file b. The html message file c. Campaign variables file (signatures, etc. that allows the same ad copy to be used for multiple campaigns.) 3) Automatic rotating proxy servers 4) The ability to have random length/character variable in any email part (subject

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    ...developed by There will be some additional features not supported by these products. For this first phase I require assistance from a coder familiar with digital signatures and with developing plug-ins for Adobe Acrobat (or someone willing and able to become familiar with these subjects). The coder and I will discuss the capabilities of the

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    ...know about which airline they belong to. All data entries must be validated. You should implement methods, on the airline reservation system class, for each of the method signatures given below. Marks will be deducted for methods that have not been implemented. Pay particular attention to the parameter lists and return types. public void addAirline(Airline

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    ...declared queue implemented with a circular array of length 6, and will have two functions to modify it: enqueue() and dequeue() . Elements in the queue will be of type int . The signatures for these functions are given below. void enqueue(int item); int dequeue(); Access to the buffer variables (array, indices, etc.) is sequentialized with a mutual exclusion

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    ...and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. no hidden coder's signatures with the code all the files that accompany the entire program ## Platform Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 language Windows operating system 98 or newer ## Deadline information

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    ...globally declared queue implemented with a circular array of length 6, and will have 2 functions to modify it: enqueue() and dequeue(). Elements in the queue are ints. The signatures for these functions are: void enqueue( int item ); int dequeue(); Access to the buffer variables(array, indices,etc.) is sequentialized with a mutual exclusion semaphore

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    ...sends out email(s). ## Deliverables Desired features: Every day the script is executed via crontab. The script should do following: * check if there is a file called /emails/[login to view URL] (####.##.##.txt) * if file does not exist - do nothing and exit * If there is such file read in / use file [login to view URL] (contains one email address per

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    Необходимо сделать лендинг на Битрикс или LPgenerator такой же, как [login to view URL]

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    ...of delivery app is needed to capture the signatures of those attending our office to collect documents. We have a high number of visitors who wish to collect their documents rather than we mail it to them. At present we collect their signatures on a book register but find this manual process not professional or befitting the current trend of automation

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    6 bids logo. Le premier commerce à un site web, le second seulement une page Facebook. Tout en créant une image pour chacune, il faudrait que les clients reconnaissent les signatures actuelles. Voir les cartes actuelles en fichiers joints. Le site web est : [login to view URL] La page Facebook est : [login to view URL]

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