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    Extract data from pdf file 6 days left

    Hello Freelancer , I need programmer who professional in image processing ( OCR ) for automatic extract data from pdf document and save into excel format file. Please check my full requirement in attachment

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    Hello Looking for someone with python scripting skills to extract text info from website and put in text files and folders

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    Through a .net web application (c# is our favourite choice) I need to read a PDF document (more pages) to extract from this document some specific text about items. After that, I need two more step: 1) To save text about the item (code + description) into database (MS Access or SQL Server) in original language (English) 2) Translating of this data into another language using Google Translator API 3) Saving translated text (in Italian)into the DB Here attached you can find an example about the PDF page I need to read. For more details don't esitate to ask. Thanks.

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    If you are familiar with Tradingview then you will know that we can apply script strategies to our chart. Problem is sometimes these indicators are private, meaning you can still add them to your chart but cannot see the source code of that indicator (Pinescript) written by the author. You can use Chrome Debugger tool to debug the Javascript (see screenshot) and get the Pinescript of public scripts. However, with my limited skill in Javascript I could not do the same for the private ones but I'm pretty sure it is still possible using the same method. If you are experienced in Javascript this should not be too hard for you. Skills: JavaScript, Pine Script If you have DONE THIS TYPE OF WORK BEFORE, PLEASE COMMENT IN YOUR PROPOSAL. PLEASE GIVE DETAILED INFORMATION, FOR YOUR BID TO BE ...

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    I need you to create a dashboard where we will bring KPIs to an overview of my business. The main sources will be Google Analytics and Google Sheets. Google Analytics is already set up and working, the data collection with Google Analytics you need to create so that it perfectly meets the integration with Google Data Studio. Come on, I'm going to divide the project into modules, so we can discuss it in stages. These controls must be filtered by day, week, month, quarter, semester, and yearly. [ KPI 01 - SALES CONTROL MODULE BY PRODUCT ] Using a spreadsheet, we will analyze the daily sales index of 3 products. The main objective is to monitor which product performs better by comparing the quantity sold and revenue for each product. Products that should be consid...

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    Xsanguinate 6 days left

    Would like to input every MLB boxscore for last 4 years into a database, and extract out of that a starting pitcher to umpire correlation. I believe I have found an avenue to create the database. Just not sure how to extract the starting pitcher to home plate umpire correlation. Looking to create a comprehensive statistical analysis of how a pitcher performs relative to specific home plate umpires.

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    I am the Owner of Elite Integrity Group LLC. I am looking for an App Development similar to Prepaid2Cash app, but with https://www. prepaid2cash. com with a website, That client will submit Card with Offer and we accept and with the Details Extract from Gift Card using Camera. And Payout in BTC, Bank Transfer and etc. High Quality work is Needed, experience will count and good graphic design. Thanks

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    Hi Muhammad - I have 14 trade shows for which all emails of exhibitors are showing - on average 100 emails per trade show - can you extract all these emails and sort them (1 tab per trade show in a xls file - show emails only don't show company names).

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    Excel Macro expert needed. 5 days left

    Hello everyone I need quick help for Excel macro. Deliverables Macro in Excel Visual basic. Template is preloaded into excel. Send specific instructions to a website to populate specific categories and receive back a generated report. Able to extract information from it and be able to populate to a pre-set template Will discuss more in chat . thanks

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    Data extract from website in csv format from 2008 to 2022

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    I am looking for a developer who has worked with Autodesk Forge to develop a cloud-based app to extract and organize the data from a Revit model

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    ...organizations (Microsoft, Expedia, amongst others). It is very difficult to extract information from TikTok as they do not have a publicly available API for this purpose (for gathering stats about videos). Their is more about ways to get more content on the platform. TikTok for Business Developers at: is all about ad data, video formats, etc., not stats on videos as we need. Instead of creating our own solution to parse the data from scratch, I strongly recommend using existing third-party services which allow us to gather the data that we need. In this way, if there are changes at TikTok’s end / issues when we access the data, the third-party service steps in to resolve the problem. To give you an

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    Hi Sahil K., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. This is an ongoing project with multiple work deliverables in the coming months. Let me know if you are interested. https://www.freelancer.com/projects/web-scraping/Extract-product-item-info-from/share

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    We need to implement a data extraction API service (such as ScrapingBee or Apify) into our system, to extract product info from e-commerce sites. We only need to extract 4 fields per item: - Item name - SKU# - Unit price - Vendor name (from the e-commerce site) Below 3 examples of 3 random products as a examples: Bestbuy: Ebay: Newark: We will have to adapt the parameters for each e-commerce site, as the name of each CSS selector will

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    :b:/s/WaymarkTech/EdNXhZQWrCxFnCfaE1KkTZgByzhZO59FwQoiuzzh2GYnPQ?e=NK6KUt I need to be able to extract the English from the page, recognizing: - font differences e.g. normal / bold / underlined - paragraphs / paragraph spacing Please let me know if you can build up the python script to do this task. Thank you

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    Crystal reports 4 days left

    Extract query from crystal reports rpt file

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    Develop macro or software in excel to be able to login into a website and populate all the required areas, it will auto generate a report. There extract this information and populate a pre-set template with all the required details. Deliverables Macro in Excel Visual basic. Template is preloaded into excel. Send specific instructions to a website to populate specific categories and receive back a generated report. Able to extract information from it and be able to populate to a pre-set template please check the attached file. this explains the login process and putting the task into the website i shared it is a fixed step by step process. I want to automate this process and the report that it generates into my template

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    Looking to create a file extract from MSAccess using VBA code. The user will click on the MSACCESS form and generate an excel document. The output tab displays the format we are looking to get. Sheet1 is the source data that would require to use of columns "Catagory Name" & "Name" to produce specified output in tab spread sheet.

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    I have a Windows95 Program, that has obviously hardcoded some fonts into it. I would need those fonts as ttf or similar.

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    Extract info from catalogue and create a new leaflet

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    I have attached a few captcha images. You have to write a python code to extract text from that image. You can use OpenCV and pytesseract python libraries or any other I want only solution. Please apply after you get the code ready. Thank you very much

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    I have linked-up hysys with excel through VBA and managed to extract some data from hysys into the excel file. However, I am still struggling to extract all the data I want. Example: I am not able to extract pipe segment performance data (reynolds number, inlet and outlet velocities), bulk properties such as bulk density and bulk velocity of a stream. Currently I am using version 10 of Aspen hysys.

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    Looking for Powershell expert with SharePoint online and excel I have 50% code developed, need help with remaining 50% An Excel sheet has Sharepoint file path of document in one of the rows, Need help to extract SharePoint native sensitivity field value into new excel column for the that corresponding document from SHarepoint online need a powershell script that can automate this and loop through all documents ..

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    Java is primarily known for its stability, cross-platform capabilities, extensive security, static typing, and multi-threading. It is the most widely-used programming language for writing various kinds of applications such as back-end, mobile, web applications, etc. The full potential of this programming language cannot be explored in a single page code, which is the format of o...explored in a single page code, which is the format of our current programming questions. The project question type provides a file-and-folder structure that enables the testing of Java concepts at various levels. Additionally, Java-specific libraries can be added to the project thus providing further flexibility to the test setter to assess the candidates. These are automatically evaluated using JUnit t...

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    Python & Twitter API 3 days left

    Looking for a python script that can do the following: 1 - connect to Twitter API 2 - connect to the specific Twitter account 3 - extract/get "Follower" info (Twitter handle - bio info) 4 - extract/get "Following" info (Twitter handle - bio info) 5 - save to file

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    Hello sir: I have a link attached with a design form and I would like to extract the scripts and code, not just the style Is there a way to extract css, html, icons and animations?

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    *** PLEASE READ BEFORE QUOTING A BID. I WILL MAKE A DECISION BY THURSDAY 6/23/2022 **** I have some queries in Postman that I want to run from an external exe file. No idea how to accomplish this. There is basic authentication within Postman for the queries. I just want a menu that has...access these queries from Postman. As a programmer it seems like you would create a button to run the query and automatically save the response to a directory (no overwrite) or bring up a 'save to' so I can choose the directory and filename. My funds are limited on this one but I will be revisiting to add more automation for up to 10 dealers soon. POST

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    I need the developer to extract the google reviews for Charles de Gaulle airport and Frankfurt. airport and then extract topincs using bigram and trigram along with unigrams .. using gensim algorithm

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    Location Database 3 days left

    We need a resource to extract physical locations from a set of websites and aggregate them into a database.

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    We wish to extract distinct images from product videos. We need two separate APIs for this project. Details for which are as follows : Capture frames from Product Videos : An API which will take Product video URL and the product id as an input and will provide video resolution, video frame rate, video duration, and URLs of extracted images(frames) from video as output. The selected video resolution should be the best available resolution for the video. The API should provide links of 120 extracted frames from the provided video URL. Identify distinct images from a dataset of Images : Another API which willIdentify distinct images from a dataset of 120 image URLs. The API should identify at least 12 distinct images from the dataset and give the identified URLs as output.

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    We want to digitize one Safety-related checklist using the power app. This app should feature the option to record audio also. Once it is submitted we want to extract some input from this form and then project in power bi.

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    POs are received in pdf format. Need a code that will extract info and prepare invoices in tally software

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    I have a database that need to convert from .Json to Excel. It need to be organized according do the data inside. I was able to extract the file and open it with Emeditor but the data is hard to read and not organized as it would be on excel by columns , name, number, etc

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    Using the Excel spreadsheet attached, create a database from the links on the second tab of the Excel spreadsheet. The first tab in the Excel spreadsheet is the data fields I need extracted from each record from the links on the second tab. A sample of the accuracy and work will be required ( 10 -20 entries in the data fields on the first tab of the Excel spreadsheet.

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    Hi, I need an OSM expert to extract, filter OSM data and re projecting it into the satellite image of that area. To discuss about the timeline of the project, contact me. Best Regards, S

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    1. One QBO apllication 2. One Amazon Seller Central account 3. 7 different countries within the Amazon account 4. All product skus are numbered 5 Each sku will have a different language for description depending on territory (but the product is the same) 6. Need to pick up from each territories the amazon statement, extract the sales and expense and post to defined QBO accounts in QBO 7. Report to ne issued issued to reconcile with Amazon statement. Detailed. What was posted where. 8. Important - the sku number drives the process

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    I want to get this file extract and maipulate in a simple table via PHP.

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    help me with references 2 days left

    I have a list of 580 references. I need someone to extract the year of publication, the number of citation, and the name of the journal for each reference using google scholar

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    We would like to design an OCR that extracts certain data from a standard printed investigation (the looks and proportions are constant) according to the following: Name of Patient Date of Birth File Number (Medical Record Number) List of Tests the Volume of blood needed ( each type of test has a predetermined required amount of volume in ml) type of tubes needed: color (from 5 colors, purple green red blue violet) the tests are prerecorded in system with needed volume and color of tube for ex. CBC 0.2ML PURPLE. TSH 0.1 GREEN , etc. volume of needed blood = volume needed for first test+ volume needed for second test+ etc. type of test = prerecorded list of blood investigations , ex CBC, ESR, THYROID FUNCTION volume needed for each test is prerecord in ml along with prereco...

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    Need API to be integrated on our website and mobile app - with an external vendor to extract fetch reports - with added functionalities of OTP and pymt gateway

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    Run through a couple of hundreds of text files with SQL statements to extract database table names - focus on the select table name and join table name. The database table names are then to be put in an excel file (format will be provided). A good understanding of SQL statements is required. Whether the analysis of the text files is done manually or automated doesn't matter but a very quick turnaround (24- 48hrs) is required. Thanks.

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    Overview: I would like to design and build a website where FORMS are customized as per client request. Administrator has ability to support clients and...display information show all the members with standard templates. 3. Selling Product Forms link with gateway payment with standard templates. 4. Booking Forms, after choosing the day and time move to gateway payment finally the sector will be booked with standard templates. Features 1. Forms could be break pages 2. Those forms could be shared with other by sending link option 3. User can view and extract the output. 4. Forms has a validity time and could be extend the time after payment 5. Changing template design 6. Mobile friendly 7. Automate sending email for parties My reference website is JOTFORM but smaller

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    ...First Data frame is created with the values shown as above 2) Take Parent id of first row from the bottom and compare that value with the Child ID in the the second data frame . If an entry is found under child node , We need to extract that Child Node ID , Type and Level and add it to the first data frame at the top of the row . In the above example , 100336 Parent id from the first data frame is selected and compared in the second data frame . Since the value is found under the child node , I have extracted that and put it into above 3 rows . Color highlighted above 3) One we make an entry with that combin...

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    Scope of work: Extract databases with the tradesmen's phone numbers and/or email addresses in Victoria, New South Wales, and Canberra, Australia from these websites: Tradesmen Categories: Plumber Roofer Gas Fitter Roof Tiler HVAC Technician Painter Landscaper Carpenter Electrician Handyman Dental Hygienist Concreter 1 Website = $250

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    Search a video by its content. 1. Several videos are captured 2. One video contains a person (can be a member of the group) 3. Use FFMPEG library to extract images from the video given. 4. In a given folder, there are multiple videos, one or several may have person appearing in the video 5. When search by the term "person", the program must give you the name of the video that has a person in it. 6. Extend your project to search by several objects (Ex: car, bus, tree, etc). The number of objects that you may use can be 3-4.

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    ...Flask application, fetch page data from an API and render it on the page. You must have experience working with HTML/CSS to ensure the data you load onto the page is shown correctly and does not break the layout that is already created. **Task overview:** 1. Create and deploy empty Flask app to Heroku 2. Add existing HTML/CSS + static files to Flask app 3. Modify HTML to convert into Flask templates with data loaded from API 3. Setup routing to handle inbound HTTP requests **More details...** The website is currently built using the Silicon Bootstrap template and uses Gulp to compile from SCSS into static HTML/CSS/JS files. In Flask, the CSS/JS files will exist in /static/ and you can then make each HTML file into a template with dynamic content. The data...

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    OpenStreetMap coder 1 day left

    Hello. I'm looking for an Open Street Map / nominatim expert. I need to do some reverse coding to extract needed data from openstreetmap for a project.

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    Whatsapp CRM 1 day left

    ...make CRM for WhatsApp. I found a website called "Vepaar" that contains what I want exactly but this website has more options and I want one of them. (I JUST WANT CRM PAGE) This project is about collecting the customer's data by extension work with WhatsApp web. You can take the customer's name and his number and add some information like (Gender, New client or not, interest in products, etc). We prefer to make the users can choose and edit the data as they want. Then you can extract this data in an excel sheet as per the columns that you filter it. when we can add more data it will be perfect. Some users want to design the option as they want. (YOU CAN CHECK VEPAAR WEBSITE TO UNDERSTAND WHAT WE WANT) Also, we need to open tickets ...

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    I am trying to save constantly polling price data every 12 seconds from Uniswap sdk into excel sheet at run time from command line. I am successfuly able to fetch price values from API in the command line but somehow not able to write it constantly at runtime in the 'excel' . I am using 'excel4node' npm package . Code is already just need to add the saving it in excel logic using 'excel4node' package. For your reference ,sharing code snippet and output snippet. Also sharing code file. Its not lot of work . Should not take more than an hour if know how to do it ,or already done before. To run the project : 1. Extract the file 2. npm install 3. run from command line : node I need this asap.

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