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    I am looking to set up a PowerMTA server with integrated MailWizz, focusing on bulk marketing email delivery. Beyond set up, comprehensive documentation explaining procedure in a simple-to-understand way is key to enable future self-service. Requirements include: - PowerMTA installation and set up on my Linode server - MailWizz integration with PowerMTA - Documentations on setup procedures and email delivery management/actions - Expertise in bulk email marketing deployment validate all dns records Configuration: After installation, you need to configure PowerMTA according to your requirements. This includes setting up IP addresses, domains, authentication mechanisms (like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC), bounce processing, and other delivery settings. This step often involves editing t...

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    As the owner of a marketing video that needs some improvement, I'm seeking the assistance of an experienced individual. Here's what I need: -Experience in advanced editing including color correction and audio mixing. These tweaks will ensure my v...leaves a lasting impression. -Deep understanding of integrating marketing strategies with video content. This video is purposed for marketing, so experience with creating compelling content that sells is vital. -Ability to create a final video that is less than one minute long. It’s essential that this be concise but still convey all necessary details perfectly. Your experience with the above will enable you to deliver a top-notch video that fulfils its goal: effectively marketing my business. Looking forward to working ...

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    ...specifically for the Android platform. Here's what I need: - Compatibility: I need the resulting WAV files to be compatible with specific Android devices, including Samsung Galaxy series, Google Pixel series, and OnePlus series. This is crucial for the tool's functionality and usability. - Storage: The converted WAV files should be stored locally within the .NET Maui project. The tool should also enable seamless access to these files for further processing or playback. - Audio Quality: While I haven't provided specific audio quality requirements, I do need the tool to support custom specifications for the WAV files. The ability to set these parameters within the tool will be necessary for the project's success. Ideal candidates for this project should have...

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    I need a...WordPress form that will replicate an exisiting Google Form, but with a few extra features. The form should have the following characteristics: - File Upload Option: This feature should allow multiple files to be uploaded through the form, and should integrate with OneDrive for storage and retrieval. - Conditional Logic: The form should be able to show/hide fields based on previous responses, enable/disable the submit button based on responses, and auto-fill certain fields based on responses. I need a developer with expertise in WordPress and its plugins, particularly Contact Form. Experience with integrating OneDrive into WordPress is a plus. The ideal freelancer for this project should have experience in creating custom forms and implementing conditional logic wit...

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    I am a website designer looking for a developer to create a plugin for my Web Vibe Marketing website. This plugin should enable me to charge customers a subscription fee for hosting and maintaining their websites, with automatic payments and monthly subscription cost emails sent to customers. Please provide the price and timeframe for this project.

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    I am looking to set up a PowerMTA server with integrated MailWizz, focusing on bulk marketing email delivery. Beyond set up, comprehensive documentation explaining procedure in a simple-to-understand way is key to enable future self-service. Requirements include: - PowerMTA installation and set up on my Linode server - MailWizz integration with PowerMTA - Documentations on setup procedures and email delivery management/actions - Expertise in bulk email marketing deployment validate all dns records Configuration: After installation, you need to configure PowerMTA according to your requirements. This includes setting up IP addresses, domains, authentication mechanisms (like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC), bounce processing, and other delivery settings. This step often involves editing t...

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    I am seeking a proficient website developer to design an ed-tech website focusing predominantly on offering study material and past year papers. Key Features: - Facilitate the provision of live classes - Enable User Progress Tracking Skill Set Required: - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - Proficiency with back-end scripting - Proficiency with learning management systems - User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design skills - Familiarity with ed-tech platforms In the proposal, kindly include examples of the ed-tech sites you have previously developed, especially those featuring live classes and progress-tracking functionalities.

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    I'm seeking a developer to create a comprehensive cricket score-keeping app, suited for both Android and Web platforms. Key Features: - Live score updates: The app should enable real-time scorekeeping, allowing for convenient monitoring of ongoing matches. - Player statistics: The app should be able to store and display detailed statistics of individual players, presenting them in an easy-to-understand format. - Team management: The app should support user-friendly management of multiple teams, making it easy to switch between and manage diverse groups. - Scoring: The app should facilitate scorekeeping, making the recording of runs, wickets, bowlers, and extras effortless. - Tournaments management: The app should also allow for the organization and tracking of tournaments, pro...

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    I'm looking for a highly skilled web developer to build out a robust, user-focused application. This online platform, designed for sharing multimedia stories and blogs, will enable users to register accounts where they can post, interact with, and spread content. Key Features: - Users should be able to upload photos, videos, and text documents as part of their stories or blogs. - The platform must include functionalities for liking, commenting on, and sharing entries. What you need: - Proven experience in web development with a focus on user-friendly design. - Proficiency in handling multimedia file uploads and social networking features. - Strong attention to detail, particularly in relation to UI/UX design. - Experience in building secure login and account creation systems....

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    ...skilled developer to integrate my e-commerce platform with the Yahoo Japan Auction API. The primary goal of this project is to integrate my current platform with Yahoo Japan Auction API. This will involve developing a connection between my system and Yahoo Japan Auction, and ensuring smooth communication between the two. Key integration functionalities include: - **Automatically Place Bids**: Enable the platform to automatically place bids on Yahoo Japan Auction listings based on pre-set parameters. - **Synchronize Auction Listings**: Ensure that auction listings on Yahoo Japan are accurately reflected on my platform. - **Retrieve Auction History**: I need the system to retrieve and display auction history data from Yahoo Japan Auction. Ideal candidates for this project shoul...

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    I'm seeking a skilled WordPress developer to build a modern, minimalist corporate website with strong e-commerce and blogging capabilities, and seamless social media integration. Key Features: - E-commerce Functionality: The website should enable us to showcase our products and services effectively, and allow for smooth transactions. - Blogging Capabilities: Regular, engaging blog content is crucial for establishing our brand voice and industry authority. - Social Media Integration: The site must seamlessly connect to our social media platforms, making it easy for our audience to engage with and share our content. Primary Goal: The main aim of this corporate website is to enhance our brand visibility and awareness. It should reflect our brand's ethos and message, throug...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer with experience in Arduino programming and graphics libraries to help me make work GFX library for a T Display S3 AMOLED that I am using. This library is intended to enable the following specific functions: - **Display Text**: The library should support the display of text on the OLED screen. I am not looking for any specific font or text style; any will do. - **Animation Effects**: The primary purpose of the animation effects is to display notifications. The library should be able to create engaging and clear notification animations on the screen. Ideal candidates will have prior experience in: - Arduino programming - Graphics libraries - Working with OLED screens Please reach out if you have the skills and are interested in this project.

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    We need web scraping from website only the stock amount of products. The SKU (ARTICEL ID) of the products in one table and second table the stock amount of the products. We need get this as in excel format and need be enable to updated daily manually or automatic the stock amount Our script need be run every night on our hosting service for linux

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    I'm looking for a professional developer to create a Google Drive add-on. The purpose of this add-on is to make management of user sharing more efficient and effective. Key Features: - Permission Management: The add-on should enable users to easily manage the permission settings for different files, subfolders and folders. - User Activity Tracking: A feature that allows tracking and monitoring of user activity on shared files. - Custom Sharing Settings: The add-on should support custom sharing settings to ensure flexibility and control over sharing. Additional Requirement: - Seamless User Removal: The add-on should allow for easy and swift removal of users from multiple folders, subfolders and files. Integration: - The add-on should integrate as a browser extension for Goog...

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    ...existing business utilizing a React & Django application. The primary goal of the project is to expand our services. Key Responsibilities: - Create a pipeline that combines React and Django - Implement Github and AWS platform - Set up a load balancer - Ensure the system is designed with scalability in mind The most important aspect of this project is setting up continuous deployment. This will enable us to constantly expand our services without any manual intervention. Ideal Skills: - Strong experience with React and Django - Proficiency in setting up pipelines - Experience with Github and AWS - Expertise in load balancer setup - Previous work with continuous deployment - Understanding of scalability in pipeline design Experience in project management and good communicati...

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    I'm in the midst of buil...with several tasks. - There are a few identified bugs mostly from messing with data and workflows, display errors that require fixing. - I'm looking to complete the MVP of my website by hooking up a handful of vital workflows. This includes product listing, search, and payment processing. - Lastly, I'm seeking a skilled developer who can address my need for a video chat feature. This should enable video consultations between buyers and sellers. Likely using WebRTC. This task calls for someone with a strong background in web development, particularly in building marketplace websites. Additionally, experience with templates would be ideal to streamline the workflow. Experience in API integration for third-party services, such as video ...

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    ...candidate will have a strong background in Android development, experience with telephony APIs, and familiarity with integrating third-party services. Key Features 1. Caller Information Display - Connect to our custom API to look up incoming phone numbers. - Display caller information retrieved from the API when a call comes in. 2. Call History Management - Maintain a call history log. - Enable users to return calls, view missed calls, and access call details. 3. Bluetooth Connectivity - Ensure seamless connection to Bluetooth devices for hands-free use in vehicles. 4. Conference Calling - Add functionality for users to add more parties to an ongoing call. 5. Hold Functionality with Custom Hold Music - Implement a feature to put calls on hold. - Play ...

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    Follow this code: I urgently need a professional who can help me set up and integrate Twilio's calling functionalities with an IVR system, using Elevenlabs and ChatGPT. Key Requirements: - Implement an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system with Voice Recognition - Enable Call Recording feature Additional Details: - The IVR system should be voice recognition-based, guiding callers through the menu without the need for DTMF input - The integration between Twilio, Elevenlabs, and ChatGPT must be smooth and seamless - The project has an urgent deadline, so time is of the essence Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Twilio's calling functionalities and APIs - Experience in setting up IVR systems, particularly with voice recognition

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    I'm looking for a skilled deve...related to this project include: - User Authentication: Implement a secure and user-friendly authentication system for the platform. This should include features like sign-up, login, and password reset. - Database Integration: Integrate the database functionality to ensure smooth storage and retrieval of user data. - Payment Gateway Integration: Set up a seamless payment gateway to enable users to make transactions within the platform. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience with development. - Proficient in setting up user authentication systems and database integration. - Previous experience with integrating payment gateways in Bubble.io. - Strong understanding of social networking platforms and user interactions.

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    ...skilled developer to implement a key enhancement on my credit lite script purchased from codecanyon.net. Requirements: - Integrate the Monnify payment system: This will be fundamental to my project, you'll be setting up the basic framework of Monnify within the credit lite script. - Generate customer reserved accounts: I need the system to auto-generate unique account numbers for each user. - Enable Funds transfer capability: Users should be able to initiate transactions directly from their dedicated accounts. - Advanced functions: Additional features should include real-time updates of transactions, notifications for each transaction, an accessible history of past transactions for each user, and detailed account statements for the reserved accounts. Ideal Skills: Exper...

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    I'm searching for an experienced Zoho Creator developer to build a fraud risk assessment app. This app aims to produce risk scores and analyze patterns, enabling us to identify and minimize fraud risks. The ideal candidate should be proficien... Key Requirements: - Experience with Zoho Creator: You should have a strong background in using Zoho Creator and creating complex applications within it. - Fraud Risk Assessment: Understanding of fraud risk assessment methodologies and ability to implement these within the app. Client will provide formulas. - Analytics and Reporting: The app needs to present the data in real-time dashboards to enable us to make informed decisions quickly. - Access Control: Capable of setting up the app to allow only specific departments access according ...

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    ...Storage: For storing sensor data when not connected to the app. - Bluetooth Connectivity for connectivity and data transmission - WakeUp Detection Activate the device when motion is detected to save battery life when not in use. - NFC Tag Enable Bluetooth Pairing Via NFC Tag Software Requirements ---------------------- - Ensure data readings are stored in internal flash memory and easily transferable via BLE (in real time) / via USB for manual export (Manual Export Feature should be configurable). - Communication via SDK, BLE + Enable two way communication support. - OTA Updates Support Enables firmware updates over the air to keep the device software up-to-date. - While using bosch fusion sensor tech software, ensure we are also sending data processed from it....

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    Please do not bid unless you know you can do the job. (check out the attached codes) I'm in need of a skilled developer who can implement a simple specific function in Next.js14. This function should enable the download of a dynamically inline styled resume as a PDF file. (you will only need to implement the download part, while maintaining the exact style) Key Requirements: - The component to be downloaded is a resume, which will be dynamically styled inline or separate css. - High-quality pdf is a critical element of this resume. must have: - Proficiency in and React. - Previous experience with creating PDF downloads in a environment. Thank you

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    I'm in need of a skilled WordPress developer to help me complete my website. The core structure and design of the website has already been created. What I now require is the implementation of an e-commerce functionality. This will allow for the seamless integration of online payment processing and product listings. Since my business operates on a global scale, I'm looking to enable international shipping options. I'm in the process of creating an online store, and a developer with a good grasp of WordPress and e-commerce is essential to ensure that the site runs smoothly and effectively. The successful candidate will be adept at customizing WordPress websites to meet specific requirements and will have experience in building and integrating e-commerce functionalit...

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    I'm seeking a talented app developer to create a mobile application exclusively for guard tracking. The main aim of the app is to enable real-time location tracking of our security personnel. Key Features: - Real-time location tracking: This is the core functionality of the app. I need the ability to continuously monitor and pinpoint the locations of our guards in real time, providing a way for us to ensure their safety and productivity. - User-friendly interface: The app should be intuitive and easy-to-use, as it will be utilized by our security team who may not be tech-savvy. - Secure data handling: Security and confidentiality are paramount, so the app must ensure all data, including location information, is handled and stored securely. Experience in mobile app developmen...

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    ...16. Budget Deliverables: 1. Main Template: Comprehensive Small Business CRM Dashboard and Bookkeeping Tracker 2. Additional Templates: - Inventory Management - Order Tracking - Product Pricing Calculator 3. Instructional Materials: - Step-by-step PDF guide - Video tutorials Additional Features: Mobile Accessibility: Ensure the template is optimized for mobile devices. Integration Capabilities: Enable integration with other business tools like QuickBooks or Trello. Data Security: Include robust security features and data backup options. User Support: Provide video tutorials, detailed instructions, and responsive customer support. Action Steps: 1. Design and Implement the key features as outlined above. 2. Ensure Compatibility with both Google Sheets and Excel. 3. Optimize for Mobi...

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    ...who can help me bring to life two unique app ideas I've been conceptualizing. The primary features of these apps would involve integrating maps and facilitating user communication. Key Tasks: - Transform my app ideas into functional mobile applications - Integrate Map Features: The app should be able to access and display maps, potentially utilizing GPS tracking - Establish User Communication: Enable users to interact with each other through the app - Implement User Interface: Design a user-friendly interface that enables smooth navigation and use of the app - Testing and Debugging: Ensure the app is stable and bug-free before deployment Skills and Experience: - Proficient in mobile app development, with previous experience in building apps with map integration and communi...

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    ...the main language being Python. The library should include the following methods: - createWallet: This method should allow for the creation of a new wallet on the TON blockchain. - getWalletBalance: This method should retrieve the balance of a specific wallet. - getWalletTransactions: This method should fetch the historical transactions of a given wallet. - createTransaction: This method should enable the creation of a new transaction on the TON blockchain. The documentation for the library should be of a standard level, which means it should contain usage examples and function descriptions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in blockchain development - Strong background in PHP and Python - Previous experience with TON blockchain or similar - Knowledge of API documenta...

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    ...with 2 characters only (you will choice 1 character to play with it (design characters is part of project) and we will provide you the 2 characters as pictures * game must be enable to upload and interaction with our website ,google play ,apple store (all fee for mobile application store relate to us ) *there is 1 happy bath (must be can connect and interaction with our website and application database ) 1 Lot bath (must be can connect and interaction with our website and application database ) 1 unhappy bath * only Lot bath will be has small change depend on 1 input from player** * map of game must be enable to order change relate to 1 input from player** Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven game development experience, particularly in maze games - Proficiency i...

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    ...website with specific features in mind. The platform is expected to generate various types of QR codes, similar to Google Chart API and QR Monkey. It should also be integrated with essential components like: - User Authentication: Implement a robust user authentication system that allows users to create accounts and manage their generated QR codes. - Payment Gateway: Integrate a payment gateway to enable premium features for users, ensuring a secure and seamless payment process. - Analytics: Incorporate a detailed analytics system to track QR code scans, providing valuable insights to both users and admin. This project requires a skilled professional with experience in API integration, web development, and security protocols. The ideal candidate should be able to deliver a user...

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    ...mainly to local customers. Key Requirements: - Business Promotion: The primary objective of this website is to promote my business effectively. - Responsive Design: The website needs to be fully responsive, ensuring a seamless user experience across all devices. - Here is a sample simple design for the same business - Contact Form: A contact form should be integrated to enable visitors to reach out easily. The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Proven experience in responsive website design. - Proficiency in creating engaging and visually appealing business promotion websites. - Ability to implement a user-friendly contact form. Please include samples of your previous work in your proposal. Looking forward to finding the perfect match for my project

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    I'm looking for a Telegram API expert to assist me in integrating the Telegram API into my existing application. The primary goal of this integration is to enable sending notifications to users. Key Responsibilities: - Work with me to integrate the Telegram API into my existing application - Develop a system for sending relevant and timely notifications to users Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in working with the Telegram API - Previous projects involving sending notifications through Telegram - Strong understanding of RESTful APIs - Excellent communication and problem-solving skills If you have experience in integrating the Telegram API and can help me with this urgent task, please send me your proposal.

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    I urgently need a professional who can help me set up and integrate Twilio's calling functionalities with an IVR system, using Elevenlabs and ChatGPT. Key Requirements: - Implement an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system with Voice Recognition - Enable Call Recording feature Additional Details: - The IVR system should be voice recognition-based, guiding callers through the menu without the need for DTMF input - The integration between Twilio, Elevenlabs, and ChatGPT must be smooth and seamless - The project has an urgent deadline, so time is of the essence Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Twilio's calling functionalities and APIs - Experience in setting up IVR systems, particularly with voice recognition - Familiarity with Elevenlabs and ChatGPT is a plus - Ability t...

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    ...repeats recursively, with users advancing in rank as their referrals reach certain milestones. Important: Each referrer link can be used 4 times ONLY; after that, the link will expire and cannot be used anymore. This feature should be managed from the admin panel, allowing administrators to toggle it On or Off for each user's referral link individually. Administrators should have the ability to enable or disable the usage limit as needed. * Users have the option to start a new mission (new tree) in parallel with the previous one if they choose to do so. 1. Rank List: * Users will be listed in a rank hierarchy based on their achievement level: * Beginner Rank * Bronze: Rank 4 * Silver: Rank 3 * Gold: Rank 2 * Diamond: Rank 1...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to integrate a bill payment feature into my app, built using the Flutter framework. This feature needs to facilitate the payment of utilities, internet, telecom bills and also enable booking flights. Key Requirements: - Integration of a bill payment system for utilities, internet, telecom bills, and flight bookings - Use of the Flutter framework for cross-platform compatibility - Seamless user experience for managing and completing bill payments - Implementation of Quick Tell Business as the primary payment gateway Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Flutter development - Experience in integrating payment gateways, particularly Quick Tell Business - Understanding of bill payment systems and processing - Prior experience in developing s...

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    I'm seeking a skilled video creator to design and produce a concise video course, less than 1 hour in length, on how to craft modern minimalist concrete candles. The video should be instructional, engaging, and simple to follow. Essential sections of the video will include: - The process of making modern minimalist ...video editing and production. - Knowledge or willingness to learn about candle making, specifically concrete candles. - Ability to present financial aspects like profit calculation and pricing in a simple, understandable manner. - Creative flair to make the course engaging and easy to follow. Previous experience making craft or DIY instructional videos would be a strong plus. The end goal is to enable viewers to start a successful home-based business in concrete...

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    I need a mobile app for Android that will efficiently manage clients for my digital marketing agency. Key Features: - Efficiently manage clients: The app should have a user-friendly interface that allows us to easily organize and track our clients' details. It should enable us to view and update client information, project details, and any other relevant data. - Prioritize UX/UI: The app should be intuitive and easy to navigate, ensuring a seamless user experience. - Security: The app should prioritize data security, ensuring client information is protected. - Responsiveness: The app should be responsive across different Android devices, ensuring consistent performance. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in developing Android apps with a focus on client mana...

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    ...diagnosis codes) from the Modernizing Medicine website. The data typically resides in a specific section of the completed (but not finalized) record, however the exact location can vary slightly. I need the precise data to consistently be made available in Excel format in real-time. Skills Required: - Web scraping expertise - Proficiency in organizing and structuring data Deliverables: - program to enable scraping of procedure codes and diagnosis codes from the specific medical records website - Organize the data in an Excel format for further processing. I have attached 3 samples of screen shots: 1. The first shows an example of the full screen and closeup of an encounter with one procedure and diagnosis with no modifier 2. The second shows an example of the full screen ...

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    As a business, we're in need of an experienced professional to w...on configuring our Cisco router and establish a site-to-site VPN. You will be responsible for: - Configuring the router to enable VPN - Setting up a secure site-to-site VPN for remote access Already in place is all the required infrastructure, so we expect smooth, quick, and hassle-free setup with minimal downtime. Ideal skills include: - Expertise with Cisco systems - In-depth knowledge and experience in VPN Setup and maintenance - Understanding of network security protocols This job requires someone who can deliver efficient, effective solutions, ensuring secure, remote access for our team. Your proficiency in keeping our systems up and running will enable our business to operate seamlessly, r...

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    I'm seeking a developer who can help me integrate WhatsApp APIs into Google AppScript to enable bulk messaging. Key Requirements: - **Bulk Messaging**: The primary task is to facilitate the sending of bulk messages through WhatsApp. This functionality is crucial for my project as I need to communicate with multiple recipients at once. - **Text with Attachments**: The messages will contain both text and attachments, such as documents and PDFs. The ability to send these with the messages is essential. Ideal Skills: - **Google AppScript Proficiency**: A deep understanding of Google AppScript is a must, as this is the platform the integration will be built on. - **WhatsApp API Experience**: Experience with integrating WhatsApp APIs is a strong advantage, particularly in the con...

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    I need a skilled iOS developer to help me with a quick server-related task for my E-commerce app. - The task involves adding one line of code to the app, which will enable it to connect with our server. - I have all the server details ready, and I'll provide them to you for the configuration. - I am also willing to provide you with the necessary access for the job.

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    I'm looking to launch a new online platform for selling professional courses in Arabic. The website will be built on WordPress, using a pre-existing theme with only basic customization required. The key feature is the payment method - I want to enable customers to pay for courses using the cryptocurrency USDT or others . Key Requirements: - Website should be designed for Arabic language users, including RTL support and Arabic fonts - WordPress expertise is a must, including experience with theme customization - Knowledge of crypto payment gateways, particularly for USDT or others - Experience in e-commerce website development and course selling platforms is highly desired The site will need to be fully functional, secure and easy to navigate for users. If you have experienc...

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    I'm looking for a skilled game developer to create a futuristic Grillz Ga...interactions, order management, and inventory tracking. Integrate UI elements for managing finances, designing grillz, and tracking orders. 4. Player Progression and Rewards: Unlock new tools, materials, and customization options as players level up or achieve milestones. Earn virtual currency or points to upgrade equipment, expand the shop, or unlock special features. 5. Community Engagement: Enable multiplayer features where players can visit each other’s shops, collaborate on projects, or compete in challenges. Provide forums or social features within the game to discuss strategies, share designs, and showcase creations. IGNORE Roblox… this was made from CHAT GPT. I want it...

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    ...the module is fully functional with the specified dropshipping companies (BigBuy, Syncee, CJ Dropshipping, BrandsGateway, AW Dropship, Beauty Fort). Automatic Order Placement with Suppliers: - Ensure orders placed on the website are automatically sent to the relevant suppliers. - Streamline the order placement process for efficiency and accuracy. Multi-Vendor Support: - Enable the system to support multiple vendors, allowing products from various suppliers to be listed on the website. - Customize integration settings to fit the specific requirements of each dropshipping company. Real-Time Inventory Synchronization: - Ensure inventory levels are updated in real-time to avoid stock inaccuracies. - Optimize data synchronization processes...

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    I'm searching for an expert who can implement a product image recognition feature into my e-commerce application. Specifically, this feature should enable users to upload a picture and the app would recognize clothes within the image. Advice on the most suitable image recognition models would be appreciated, as I'm unsure which to use. I envision users interacting with this feature by searching for matching products on the site. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in image recognition - Experience with e-commerce applications - Familiarity with various recognition models - Clear communication and recommendation skills - Understanding of user experience design This project offers an exciting opportunity to consult and contribute to the user experience design ...

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    I need an experienced web de...skills and a keen eye for design. Project: 1) Re-vamp all the Shopify website with categories and sub categories, policies, blogs and automation/ai features where possible, Please see our dropship platform which will show you the categories/sub-categories required. see that link for categories. 2) Integrate our Amazon platform and create the templates required to enable the uploads to Amazon, 3) Integrate and set up stores professionally for the following marketplaces, Walmart, Onbuy, Walmart Canada, Fruggo, Tik Tok, Facebook using the Cedcommerce app we have installed into shopify. 4) All social media platforms to be set up Reddit, Linkedin, Instagram, X (twitter), Facebook, Pinterest, all in the name of Trending Plushify

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    I'm currently in need of a skilled web designer who can create an e-commerce website using WordPress. The site will need to be fully functional and user-friendly, to ensure a smooth shopping experience. Key functionalities required include: - Product Search: The website will need a robust product search option to enable users to find what they're looking for without hassle. - Shopping Cart: A seamless shopping cart functionality is crucial for customers to be able to make purchases directly from the site. - User Reviews: The website must have a user review or feedback option for customers to rate and review products. - Blogs: The addition of a blog section is necessary to provide product and industry related insights. Prior experience with e-commerce websites and Wo...

    £135 (Avg Bid)
    £135 Avg Bid
    29 bids

    I need a uniquely crafted, user-friendly Learning Management System website with integrated e-commerce capabilities. The site should offer a seamless experience for users who want to purchase and utilize learning resources. Key features that must be included are: - Product Catalog: Display our wide variety of learning materials effectively. - Shopping Cart: Enable the users to purchase multiple items in a single transaction. - Payment Gateway: A secure and efficient payment processing system. - WhatsApp API Integration: This feature will be crucial for customer communication and order notifications. - User Forums: A platform for users to engage, discuss, and collaborate. Ideal candidates will have a vast experience in LMS website development, e-commerce integration, and Whatsapp ...

    £242 (Avg Bid)
    £242 Avg Bid
    46 bids

    I'm in need of a skilled web developer to create a fully functional real estate website with both user and admin panels. The user panel should have: - Property search functionality to allow users to search through listed properties. - Filter options to narrow down search results based on preferences. - A favorites functionality to enable users to save desired properties. For each property in the user panel, I would like to display: - Property images to give users a visual representation of the property. - A detailed property description to inform users about the property. - Property price to give users an idea of the listing's cost. Additionally, the user panel should allow for seamless communication between users and the property owner/agent. I'd like users to be a...

    £88 (Avg Bid)
    £88 Avg Bid
    9 bids