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    ...Request Description: I need a stored procedure created that will return a record set showing sales by salesperson ID for (Last Week, Month To Date, Quarter To Date, Year To Date). I have included an Excel document that shows what I need the returned record set to look like. One of the included attachments is a sql view named v_SOP30300_SOP30200. It

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    I need a SQL Server 2000 stored procedure created that will return a record set that shows the previous month’s sales of each of my inventory items for the prior month. One of the included attachments is a sql view named v_SOP30300_SOP30200. It returns the records from our accounting database that you will need to build the stored procedure. I have

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    I require the development of a suite of stored procedures to be developed for SQL Server 2005. Find attached an image of the proposed database schema. This may change before the completion of the project but only minor changes are expected. There are approximately 20 stored procedures required at present. 90% of these should be straightforward without

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    64 bids . The resulting OpenSceneGraph file together with the textures must be provided with an osgviewer recorded path displaying the exported when called with osgviewer Load each room in the poker3d client available in source form at [url removed, login to view] and binary form at [url removed, login to view] or http://pok3d

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    Attached is sample data. I need a SQL Server 2000 stored procedure that accepts "CurrentID" representing an ID from the first column. Based on that it returns the following data: 1) the ID of the next "active" record in the database as "NextItemID" the case where this is the last active record, return the value "LAST"...

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    ...project developed using Visual Studio 2005. The source code is stored in a source control database called Vault and made by Source Gear. We need the source pulled from Vault, built, and then deployed to an FTP location. High level requirements: 1. Read parameters from config file for Vault source control systems including the Username, password

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    looking for help moving my database from Access to SQL. I've actually moved the databases over, what I need help with getting the queries and macros into SQL Stored procedures. You dont have to do much, I'm willing to re-write the queries (already started) as there are nearly 150 + queries, I just need someone to show me the best way to save these procedures

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    We are looking for someone who has had done an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) binary compensation plan/system which can be easily modified. What we require: i. the BINARY hierarchy- [must look like a pyramid (downline tree viewer- not a table listing)] and must be compressed when member did not maintain) ii. the sales/compensation calculation (updated

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    I am looking for someone who has access to a previosly written MLM Binary compensation system that can do modifications to it. The system must be accessable online for owners and self-replicating for distributors as well. Feel free to ask for more information if you meet the qualification above. If you haven't worked with Binaries and don't

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    I need to copy binary files from one PC to another over a network, but want to do it in a low-bandwidth mode.? I have simple modified code from PSC that does this using pure VB, but it doesn't seem to work right in a multithreaded situation, so I want to see if Windows API would work better. I need this to be very efficient/small and basically replace

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    ...Platform I am running a Windows ME machine; however, I will be testing the code on the Z26 Atari emulator. I have the orginal ROM file for the game and have played it on this emulator. I can send you this, but it is in a binary form and I am sure not if it would be of any use to you....

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    I urgently require an [url removed, login to view] page that will read binary data from posted files into a simple class for onward transmission to a datatable. I can supply sample binary files and a written specification. (See attachment) ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional [url removed, login to view] (aspx) page in executable form as well as complete Visual Basic s...

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    ...C:TEST), it gets the first .xls file, extracts certain cells from it, and presents them in a list. Then it moves on to the next .xls file in that directory until it's done. The end result is a worksheet with one row for each Excel file from the C:TEST directory. Now, here's this project: The .xls files will be stored in SharePoint. They will be

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    ...need to know everything about the structure of this .dat file. I'll need a COMPLETE breakdown of the structure. Once I have the structure down, I'll contract out for the program I need, which will have to read from the data in this file. I have included the file [url removed, login to view] (its a demo file so many appointments are going to show a...

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    ...the paper, and we're able to center everything like it should be, but the stuff still doesn't print out correctly. Please post with what experience you have; we will share binary version of our software and share relevant source code upon request. We are on a very tight schedule and intend on hiring someone TODAY, Monday, December 4th, 2006 for help

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    ...required components. The httpd error is as follows.... /etc/init.d/httpd start Starting httpd: /etc/rc.d/init.d/functions: line 148: /usr/sbin/httpd: cannot execute binary file Again, this project5 has 2 small parts. 1: We require a re-install / fix of the following components on our server which are requirements for the Video Share product

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    Hi, I need a PHP script that can read NZB files and download them from a news server. Thank you ## Deliverables 1. The script input is an NZB file. 2. The script should connect to a news server (using a username and a password) and download the file(s) that the NZB points to. 3. The script should support multiple connections to the news server. 4

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    Hello, I need an existing InterBase stored procedure (cursor-based, data-returning) converted to a PL/SQL clone. The tables/fields structure are identical in the InterBase and Oracle databases. The PL/SQL procedure must return its' data as a REF CURSOR with exactly the same fields as the Interbase procedure. A package header defining

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    ...OpenBSD v4.0 based pf log file to be converted to a flat format (with a configurable delimiter format). I need this to have the rules automatically read by OSSEC (a Host Intrusion detection System), then I can use this to modify to firewall to block bad things (such as port scans). I also need an OSSEC XML rules file to instruct OSSEC how to

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    I have the sql server 2000 tables (around 15 tables!). I want to create the 'document related' to those tables: the get/set methods, the stored procedures (insert/delete/fetch/fetch all/update/...) , the datagrids, ...etc for those tables. I have one example (a table and the 'documents related' to that table). I would like a coder (in fact any body

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