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    ...produced is currently in html format. This output format must be compatible with all popular forum siganatures. Therefore appropriate BBcode translation must be presented to the user. All they should have to do is copy/paste into forum signature. Popular forum formats include but are not limited to Vbulliten, phpBB and Invision Board ----------------

    £199 (Avg Bid)
    £199 Avg Bid
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    ...vBulletin Forum (just like [login to view URL]) - Integrate the template into a WordPress Blog (just like [login to view URL]) Again you do **NOT** need to do ANY programming for my site... _I just make my sites template look like VideoCodeZone.com_ **I will ignore ALL canned bids** (meaning that you just copy and paste

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    I am looking for a person that is active in at least 200 different forum websites. I want the person to make a post about my new forum hosting website. Nothing complicated. All you would have to do is copy and paste the same thing from one post to another. I will provide you with the content you have to post. You will have to provide me with a link

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    ...digit random number before it) and then it outputs the link as [img][login to view URL][/img] so the members can easily copy/paste the link to a forum post. So it's a pretty simple script. However i need the following modifications, 1) ##### Members should be able to upload ZIP files which contains images and

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    I need a script ALLMOST similiar to the one at http://www....jpg[/img] [img][login to view URL][/img] etc. Basically it adds [img][/img] to the urls. So people can just copy and paste the output into a forum post. Thats it! If something is not clear please let me know by private message. Regards, boula

    £47 (Avg Bid)
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    ...(filesize, bandwidth, amount of files etc). Once the file is uploaded and converted I want the code that needs to be placed into a webpage, blog, forum etc to be shown for the user to just copy and paste. Paypal will be the payment gateway at the start but easy intergration of another gateway is a must. There will be many more small details to

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    ...looking for someone to help me build a list of email addresses that pertain to a particular industry. I will "assign" a forum or series of websites for the individual to surf. The individual will copy and paste any email addresses which he or she finds into an Excel sheet or the like. This bid is for a 5 hour trial which I will award to two

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    Similar to my last five auctions, I need someone to 50 questions and 50 answers to a forum. In this case, your questions and aswers will all be involving dataset use and manipulation in CSharp!!! 1) Create 5 user accounts on [[login to view URL]][1] forums. 2) Submit 50 questions on these forums. 3) Submit 50 answers (one for each question)

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    Similar to my last five auctions, I need someone to 50 questions and 50 answers to a forum. In this case, your questions and aswers will all be Ajax!!! 1) Create 5 user accounts on [login to view URL] forums. 2) Submit 50 questions on these forums. 3) Submit 50 answers (one for each question) 4) Recommend or create new forums and sub-forums where

    £20 (Avg Bid)
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    I have wowbb, which generates a line of javascript that you can copy and paste into another page. This line of code then displays selected forum discussions on the page where the code was pasted. However, I pasted it on my page, and it does not work.

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    ...easy, 3 step process to complete the task, per item. 1. Go to a web URL (we provide), copy text. 2. Using FCKEditor v2.0 FC, which is accessed through an account we provide to our editorial staff, you will paste as plain text & format the plain text copy (from step 1) into HTML. Specifically, format the heading, subheading, anchortext, etc

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    £781 - £2343
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    ...New DNN Site: [login to view URL] For more on DNN: [login to view URL] Items that are NOT included in this project: 1) Discussion forum 2) Shopping Cart 3) Technical Support Pages - I will replace with a new DNN module. 4) I can move the images and flash videos over on the server (but all links to

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    If you have created windows forms using VB you know that there are a lot of little things to remember. Please create forum question and answers discussing the problems one might encounter when creating "Windows Forms" using Visual Basic. 1) Create 5 user accounts on <[login to view URL]> forums. 2) Submit 50 questions on these forums. 3)

    £25 (Avg Bid)
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    Similar to my last five auctions, I need someone to 50 questions and 50 answers to a forum. In this case, your questions and aswers will all be involving dataset use and manipulation in CSharp!!! 1) Create 5 user accounts on [[login to view URL]][1] forums. 2) Submit 50 questions on these forums. 3) Submit 50 answers (one for each

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    ...least 1k new signups per day so it needs a signup system to access the downloads section. The site should have similar abilities to the current site (eg messaging system) a forum. game guide section, FAQ game section etc I can provide the content. The site has to be easy to update, with some kind of admin system. Bidders : please post your suggestions

    £498 (Avg Bid)
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    ...a list of about 800-1000 countries/states/cities into a web based interface. The list of countries/states/cities will be provided. The person would copy from the list and paste into the web based forum. First the country would be added, then the cities for that country would be added as "children" of that country entry. (There is an easy to use web

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    WOP Ended

    ...list - to send from the admin panel, list to be stored in MySQL * Recomend to a freind * Upload software packages for people to download (instead of the normal page copy and paste). * Featured artical (editable in the admin area) * Most popular * E-mail the admin form (i can write basic things like this) I also would like to have a brief explanation

    £70 (Avg Bid)
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    ...pop-up should be in the style of the forum. While uploading within the pop-up it would be nice but not essential if there was a progess bar displaying the uplaod status. Once uploaded a code should be revealed displaying the code linking to the thumbnails linked to the fullsize images. The user is advised to copy and paste it into their post. They can use

    £74 (Avg Bid)
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    ...upload script for my vbulletin forum. I want users to be able to upload 5 images at a time from a pop up window accessible from the WYSIWYG editor or quck reply box. The upload pop-up must maintain the style of the forum and have a progess bar showing the status of the upload. On completion of the uplaod a copy and paste bbcode appears for the thumbnails

    £863 (Avg Bid)
    £863 Avg Bid
    2 bids do it with programming. We are launching a new vBulletin forum and are looking for a way to fill the forum with some discussion threads . . . We have logins to 8-10 forums on similar topics and have created 40 users for our own forum. The project is to add 3 threads a day to our forum- every day for 1 week- the average length of a thread will be

    £16 (Avg Bid)
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    Okay, here is what I want to do. Please do not reply with copy and paste BS you will be ignored. I want to add a rating system to the friendster script that I have and a few modifications. See > [login to view URL] 1. Main profile - I want to the basic profile structure to be more like this > [login to view URL]

    £141 (Avg Bid)
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    ...also emailed to the customer along with the download link - In the members area, the customer can find a number of banners and affiliate links that he can promote (the copy and paste text he can use automatically has his affiliate information included) - The affiliate program tells him how many sales he has made and how many visitors he's had to his

    £117 (Avg Bid)
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    ...will describe these in detail if you decide to take the project. -Add a "Members Section" which will consist of more than a my account page. It will include a members forum and more, such as high scores, etc. -Allow me to search for a persons username, as well as sort usernames by most amount of credits, most amount of tokens, alphabetical

    £27 (Avg Bid)
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    I would like to hire somebody to cut and paste 500 articles into my Travel Forum. I have just completed a trial run of 25 articles, which you can see at this url: [login to view URL] It took me about ten-twenty minutes to complete the 25 cut and paste articles. I would estimate about three-four hours to complete the five hundred

    £55 (Avg Bid)
    £55 Avg Bid
    73 bids . I will have basic CSS templates set that need to be customisable in the form of color, border thickness and font. Once the template is chosen the user will create or copy/paste their content into XML to different web pages with easy to use + or - buttons. After all content is up the user can begin site navigation linking the different pages together

    £277 (Avg Bid)
    £277 Avg Bid
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    I have a Friendster Clone Script ([login to view URL]) and would like to have it modified as so> DO NOT REPLY WITH COPY AND PASTE BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!DO NOT REPLY WITH COPY AND PASTE BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! 1. Registration would be limited to a college or university email address. 2. Search. I want users to be able to search

    £23 (Avg Bid)
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    ...and there is no need for me to go over it here. Either copy it or wait until later, for I do not think it is necessary. Since I'm not sure how hard the code is, you decide. If you don't do it, make sure you code it so you can do it later. Third, profile itself. Default/simple: Basically copy everything facebook has right now. Interests. Movies

    £342 (Avg Bid)
    £342 Avg Bid
    15 bids

    ...for almost 4 months now and want a new deisgn. All I really need for this website is it to be deisgned nicely. You will need to transfer all the content over (you can use copy and paste) and make it an attractive site. All the current naviagtion links should be in thew newly designed site, as well as instructions on how to add more. 2. [[login to view URL]

    £27 (Avg Bid)
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    ... /mom/forum/[login to view URL], line 4 Option Explicit ^ hear is the link to the fourm to the i dont have much of a buget on this looking to sepnd about 10 to 20 to get this working but will have a future projet making a new skin if you do it for free i will put a link to your site on my site [login to view URL]

    £16 - £78
    £16 - £78
    10 bids

    ...weekly assignment via e-mail. They have one-week to complete the assignment, write a response and send it to me again via e-mail. Classes usually run 9 weeks. I have them copy & paste the (usually four) questions into their e-mail client and then write their response between the questions. For example: Question one: blah, blah, blah, My Response:

    £126 (Avg Bid)
    £126 Avg Bid
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    Hi, I need someone who can create post on a forum. I'll provide you content. You just need to copy and paste to make post. Must be careful while doing the job. I'll show you via team viewer software. It quite easy but i won't accept any kind of mistake. Please mention "Agree" in your bid, if you're ready to work with it. The project is f...

    £333 (Avg Bid)
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    Guten Tag Ich würde gerne ein vbulletin Forum aufsetzen und dieses möglichst ousourcen. Zu Beginn wären ungefähr 100 Seiten per copy paste zu integrieren. ebenfalls wichtig ist mir, das abonnieren und selektieren von rss feeds. Danach bin ich an einer längerfristigen Zusammenarbeit interessiert - so ca. 8h / Woche Pflege des Forums und eines CRM.

    £5 / hr (Avg Bid)
    £5 / hr Avg Bid
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    Cautam o persoana care sa posteze copy/paste pe forumuri si sa puna comment-uri pe orice site-uri romanesti din domeniul prestabilit. Facem o campanie de informare/marketing. Trebuie cautat pe google de exemplu "televizor led" apoi in primele 50 de site-uri care apar, sa intre si sa puna commenturi sau sa scrie pe forumuri cateva texte prestabilite

    £2 / hr (Avg Bid)
    £2 / hr Avg Bid
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    ...publikacji 1) Tworzenie i formatowanie dokumentów powinno być możliwe bez znajomości HTML, co oznacza konieczność zachowania formatowania dokumentów przy kopiowaniu metodą copy-paste z Worda; 2) przyporządkowanie publikacji do poszczególnych działów tematycznych (powinno być możliwe wielokrotne korzystanie z obiektów); 3) dodawanie publi...

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    min £2
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