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    I am in need of a Data Correcti...File or Excel file is provided by us. - In image there are Records like Name, Email. Mobile No, Address Zip, State. - You have to correct if mistakes are found on excel sheet, to see image file and correct as it is. (Spelling Mistakes, Symbol Missing, Text Missing, Word Exchanged, Headers) Work Discription: 2000 Records Provide (1 Record means One Person's Biodata / 1 row , with an average 20 columns.) Accuracy Parameters: QC in done by the QC Department Manually. Mistakes Allow : 40 WORDS Job Rejection If more than 40 MISTAKES found, Submition is REJECTED. NO ANY FUND OR MONEY WILL BE GIVEN. NOTE: Need Only Serious Person. Only Serious Person apply for this project. Dataset Size: The dataset that needs to be corrected consists of more tha...

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    System Functionalities: - Multi-tenant application using Database Per Tenant Architecture - RESTful API development - User Authentication and Authorization - Application will use 2 databases 1. Master database containing the list of tenants and their databases 2. Tenants Database containing tenant data including the users table. Tenant data is a table called person with 3 columns: id long, fullname, string, and dateofbirth date - Search functionality using fullname - Search functionality using date of birth - Two applications are needed, 1) the ReST service app. and 2) the client app the consumes the rest APIs - The work is be done in spring boot

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    Data Entry 6 days left

    I am looking for a data entry specialist to assist me with entering data from digital documents into Google Sheets. Requirements: - Prev...Google Sheets. Requirements: - Previous experience in data entry - Proficiency in using Google Sheets - Attention to detail and accuracy in data entry Please have a look into the following Google Sheet: In "Topic" sheet, I have 54 articles listed and i have already copied 4 articles. The 4 columns must be filled, all images and tables in the page to be copied in seperate google sheets. The Anchor text column must have the wordings and the destination. If you see the Benefits of drinking water and other 3 sheets, you will know what i am expecting.

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    I am ...Functionalities: - RESTful API development - User Authentication and Authorization - Multi-tenant application using Tenant Per Database - Application will use 2 databases 1. Master database containing the list of tenants 2. Tenants Database containing tenant data including the users table Tenant data is users and roles table for access credentials, and a person table which has three columns: id, first name, and last name Experience and Skills: - Strong experience in Spring Boot development - Proficient in Java programming language - Knowledge of RESTful API development and best practices - Experience with Spring Boot Security Timeline: - The expected timeline for completing the software development is less than a few days. The developer will need to start fro...

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    As discussed, need to make macro as follows- 1. Sheet 1, each product "column A" has several codes "HAAD code , DDC code, SFDA code 2. Sheet 2 is already mapped with "HAAD,DDC" NDC codes 3. I want to map SFDA codes from sheet 1 into sheet 2, follows- 1. Sheet 1, each product "column A" has several codes "HAAD code , DDC code, SFDA code 2. Sheet 2 is already mapped with "HAAD,DDC" NDC codes 3. I want to map SFDA codes from sheet 1 into sheet 2, based on matching with either HAAD or DDC codes 4. If 2 SFDA numbers are availble"per product", only "New RegisterNumber" from "SFDA official"is to be added and , "column A" 5. Get all columns from "SFDA official sheet mapped to Sheet 2, b...

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    ...Low 2. Enter your mitigation information in the Justification for threat state change text box. ● NOTE: Justification is required for threats in the Mitigated or Not Applicable states. V. Reviewing Threats The threat list is sortable and filterable. You can click on any column header in the threat list to sort by that column. You can click on the triangles on the column headers to filter as many columns as you like. The clear filters button at the bottom of the threat list will clear any filters. VI. Finish and Create a Report After all threats have been addressed, finish your threat model: 1. If you have not done so already, enter general information about the threat model by selecting Threat Model Information from the main menu. This information includes: 1. 1. Review parti...

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    Description: I need a freelancer to efficiently convert a SQL script into an Excel table, ensuring each SQL statement is split into columns for easy analysis. The SQL script includes various statements such as CREATE TABLE and DROP TABLE. Task: Transform SQL script into an Excel table, splitting each statement into separate columns. Clean up unnecessary characters and comments for clarity. Apply consistent formatting to enhance readability. Requirements: Proficiency in Excel, with expertise in creating and formatting tables. Familiarity with SQL syntax is advantageous.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to prepare a report by gathe...should have experience in retrieving data through APIs and be proficient in Excel Spreadsheets. There will be a ready excel report on the computer. A new program will be created (preferably in Python). The new program will read 2 of the excel fields from the ready report, and the data will be selected through an API by using those 2 excel fields. The gathered data will be added to the new excel columns. Requirements: - Gather company data through an API - Retrieve and organize the data in Excel Spreadsheets Skills: - Proficiency in retrieving data through APIs - Advanced knowledge of Excel Spreadsheets Experience: - Previous experience in gathering and organizing company data - Strong understanding of data analysis and...

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    I am looking for a data entry operator or data correction expert to assist with verifying and correcting a dataset. The ideal candidate will have experience in accurately verifying and correcting data, ensuring its accuracy and complete... ensuring its accuracy and completeness. Skills and Experience Needed: - Proficiency in data entry and data correction - Attention to detail and accuracy in verifying and correcting data - Experience working with spreadsheets and organizing data in a spreadsheet format - Ability to handle a dataset with 1000 people data, with each person's biodata represented in one row and an average of 20 columns If you are skilled in data entry and correction, have experience working with spreadsheets, and can handle a dataset of this size, please submit...

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    ...a freelancer who can help me convert a text file into an excel file. The text file is in the format of txt. The text file doesn't appear to be comma separated. The issue encountered is that one field in particular is of variable length which throws out other columns. The file also has other lines that need to be deleted (and if possible some of that data copied into rows below each section. Need to be able to automate conversion on regular basis (not once off). Requirements: - The excel file should have separate columns for each field in the text file. - The conversion should be completed within a week. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in converting text files into excel files. - Strong knowledge of excel and its functionalities. - Attenti...

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    ...minimum and a handicap bathroom (2.4 x 2.6 mts) walls included. 17. Passageways and Stair Design: - Passageways should be 1.20 meters wide. - Stair steps: Max Height 18 cms, Minimum tread 28 cms. 18. Window Sizes: - No specific size requirements for windows in bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. 19. Design Flexibility: - Corner can be curved, square, or angled. - Columns: Minimum 30 x 45 cms, freelancer to approximate size based on structural design. 20. Communal Area Allocation: - Building requires an 80 square meter communal area allocation throughout the entire building. - 40% green space (on the first floor or positioned on the non-buildable area on the 5th or 6th floor with proper access). - 20% community hall and garbage chut...

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    ...letter. The document is in landscape orientation and consists of two columns with the same copy. I would like the design to be text-heavy, as the main focus of the letter is the content. Here are the key details for the project: This is for printing Christmas letter - Document type: Christmas letter - Color scheme: I am open to suggestions, so the designer can use their creativity to come up with a visually appealing color scheme. - Key elements of design: The design should be text-heavy, with a focus on presenting the content in an organized and visually appealing manner. Ideal skills and experience for this project: - Proficiency in document formatting, specifically with 8 1/2 x 11 landscape orientation and two columns. - Strong typography skills to ensure the text...

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    I have a google sheet, with some data (rows and columns). I want one column to have dropdowns in all cells. These drop downs will show list of files from a Google Drive folder and sub-folders. User should be able to select a file from this dropdown. This will become a hyperlink to the file. i.e. clicking this link will open the file picked from the dropdown. I need the script, so that I can configure the name of Google Drive folder. Automatic updates: The list should be updated automatically, so any changes in the Google Drive folder will be reflected in the Google Sheet dropdown. Example: My Google Drive has following two files and two folders containing another 3 files. So the dropdown should show the following: Folder1/ Folder1/ Folder2/file5

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    I am looking for a freelancer to convert a medium-sized PDF file (11-50 pages) into an organized Excel sheet. While I do not have a preferred format for the Excel sheet, I want it to be organized and easy to navigate. I would like all data fields to be extracted from the PDF file. Skills and experience needed ...format for the Excel sheet, I want it to be organized and easy to navigate. I would like all data fields to be extracted from the PDF file. Skills and experience needed for this project: - Proficiency in PDF to Excel conversion - Strong organizational skills to ensure the Excel sheet is well-structured - Attention to detail to accurately extract all data fields Text needs to be divided into columns and paragraphs into individual rows to allow ease of navigation of resul...

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    Collect data from website Get 11 columns on each record ( total 392k item ) and save it on CSV High possibility this a recurring project ( quarterly )

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can transcribe 2x 30-minute videos verbatim for a university assignment in the field of counseling. The transcriptions should include body language, timestamps, and speakers, and should be organized in a table with 3 columns. Skills and Experience: - Strong transcription skills with attention to detail - Familiarity with the field of counseling and understanding of relevant terminology - Proficiency in using Microsoft Word for formatting transcriptions - Ability to accurately capture additional notes in the transcriptions This project is ideal for someone who is experienced in transcribing videos for study reference purposes and can deliver accurate and well-organized transcriptions in Microsoft Word.

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    35 bids 2. Look in the left column and you will see the replay of the entire game steps by steps. 3. look in the uploaded Json and you will see the full data but it is not very readable 4. Extract the json data and map it to a new json file that will be very simple to read with at least all of the columns in the sample excel to be represented. The new json must have the map id, the map name, the player name, the player turn and the full sequence just like on the replay web page. The json should allow to see the origin coordinate and the destination coordinate for the units and when it is an attack the position of the unit attacked. Also include the unit id. All the data is in the json submitted

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    Project Description: VBA work to format, save and print selected sheets in excel I am looking for a skilled VBA developer to assist with formatting, saving, and printing selected sheets in Excel. The project requires the following tasks: - Cell formatting: The selected sheets need to have specific cell formatting applied. - Column/Row formatting: Formatting of columns and rows should be implemented as per the requirements. - Conditional formatting: Conditional formatting rules need to be applied to the selected sheets. The ideal candidate for this project should have experience in VBA development and be familiar with Excel's formatting capabilities. Specific requirements for the project include: - VBA code should be editable: The client wants the flexibility to modify the...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can recreate a large spreadsheet from a photo into an Excel file. I have a spreadsheet printed on A4 paper, totaling 67 pages. Each page has 50 rows. Each row contains 10 columns. Each row has an average of 95 characters. As mentioned, I have this printed spreadsheet, but now I need the Excel file again. Therefore, I need someone to transfer this data to Excel, and for that, I will send photos of the spreadsheet. The work can be done through direct conversion or typing. Please ensure that it is identical to the original and corrected if necessary. I need the freelancer to create an exact replica of the spreadsheet, while also making it editable. I do not require any additional features in Excel such as formulas, charts, or pivot tables. Just t...

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    I am looking for a skilled designer who can edit my restaurant menu InDesign file. The project requires both text and d...layout changes need to be made. The old menu has 2 languages (English+Finnish) so they may need to be split on their own layers in the new menu so that we can print separate menus for each language. If possible to keep both languages in one menu, that is preferred. Some guidance may be needed to ensure the final result meets the client's expectations. The menu consists of 2 pages with multiple columns, so the freelancer should be comfortable working with multiple pages and organizing the content in a visually appealing way. Overall, the project requires a designer who can seamlessly blend text and design elements to create an attractive and user-friendly r...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me with data cleaning and formatting in Excel. I have a specific template that needs to be followed for the completed data. The project involves working with more than 500 rows and columns of data. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Excel and data entry - Experience in data cleaning and formatting - Attention to detail and accuracy in data entry

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    Crear plugin para wordpress 3 days left

    ...response from the API should be displayed as a floating message to the user (e.g., "Modified successfully"). 6. When the "Resend" button is pressed, it should send another API REST request to the same webhook, but with the "function" parameter set to "resend." It should also display the response from the API as a floating message (e.g., "Resent successfully"). 7. The table should have the following columns: "numero_firmante," "nombre_completo," "identificador," "correo," and "estado." The fields should be editable when the "Modify" button is pressed, except for "numero_firmante." In the "correo" field, when the user enters new data, it should validate...

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    I am looking for a math expert to help me with solving a variety of math problems related to bonds and semiannual coupons. The specific type of math problems I need help with is bond valuation. I am open to discussing the methods or formulas to be used in ...further discussion about it. I need help with a total of 2 problems. Here's an example problem: A twelve-year bond with semiannual coupons has a nominal annual rate of 8%. The bond is par-valued and has a face amount of $250,000. a) Write down the bond if the price is $270,000. Find the yield. b) Write up the bond if the price is $230,000. Find the yield. In each case, you should include five columns: coupon payment number, coupon payment amount, interest, principal adjustment, book value Only bid if you know how ...

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    Excel automation 2 days left

    ...Sheet Columns: Patient Name Phone Number Last Visit Date Follow-Up Interval (in days/weeks) Next Appointment Date (automatically calculated) Description/Notes (for treatment notes or other relevant information) Purpose: To enter and store patient details, calculate their next appointment date, and record any notes or treatment descriptions. Today's Call List Sheet Columns: Patient Name Phone Number Next Appointment Date Call Status (checkbox or dropdown for 'Called', 'Not Called', etc.) Description/Notes (pulled from the Patient Entry Sheet) Purpose: To display patients who need to be called today, along with relevant notes. Additional Requirement: If the Call Status is not marked as 'Called', the patient should remain on the list for th...

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    ...freelancer achieved an application few years ago to scap images from google and return thumbnail to choose application worked for a while then stopped .it seams google changed the meta tag of returned images .I need to adjust the software to work with .The following was the request i posted few years ago: "Required a php htm javascript open source system that reads 3 columns from excel file or phpmyadmin code,description and folder name fields ,displays all the records on the left frame of and html file . When i click on any record in the list on the left the system use a google api to search for code and description in google pictures and fetch images and display them as thumbnails ,on the right frame,to choose from .Once i doubleclick on one of the pics ,the pic

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    Custom-Built Project Management Web Site with Task Management Features and a folder structure We are looking for a custom-built project management web site that includes task management c...create projects and activities for a project. We have a demo version today that needs to be developed further. The layout must also be neater. For the activities, we need to be able to assign a responsible person with email notifications. A status must also be shown for the individual activity. See appendix for function description. On the project overview/project list, there are many different columns, where we must have a column selector to be able to choose what we want to see. We also need different display types of the project list. See Appendix. Otherwise see appendix for function desc...

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    Hi, I need an automation that can do this: Step 1: Get CSV file from URL in spreadsheet. Step 2: Enrich data with AnyMail API (API provided by me) Step 3: Verify e-mails via e-mail verifier (API provided by me) Step 4: Clean data with ChatGPT. (e.g. clean business names and job titles, remove unneeded columns). I need to be able to fine-tune / edit this prompt. Step 5: Upload two CSV files to Google Drive: Valid E-mails and Catch-all emails Step 6: Place the URLs in Google Spreadsheet Thanks, N.

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    so the idea is i will have a google sheet that will have a few columns, date, searchterm, approval, comment, userid. I will send a link to an employee and they will have a login to this form and when they will out a form the data will be inserted into the database. They will get a message before insert saying, "are you sure you wish to insert this record, once done it cannot be changed without contacting the admin". there might be more fields im not sure. Basically each employee that I assign permissions to will be entering the searchterm and approval code which will be a formatted as 123.45. They must be logged because i need records of each record an employee inserts but they cant access the google sheet main data. If you also have technical abilities to create web appl...

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    ...freelancer to help me with cleaning up a small dataset in Excel. The specific type of data that needs to be cleaned up is numbers. The dataset that needs cleanup is less than 200 entries. The data is Binance history export that I need to be formatted to be easily readable (export sheet attached). The main tasks for this project include: - Grouping the data into readable chunks as following columns: [Date] [Asset] [Price] [Bought or Sold] [amount] [outcome] [outcome in $] [% gain or loss] [Profit (loss) $] - bundling trades together, example: In the exported history sheet there is an order of buying 1 bitcoin for 30000, and there is an order selling 1 bitcoin for 31000. I need them to be listed after each other with the calculations done showing how much $ was made or lost per...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me extract data from an HTML table (3 columns) and store it in a Google Sheets document. I will provide the HTML table that needs to be scraped. Should be very quick for the right person.

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    You have to know Elementor to do this. Check out the attachment that says "spiritual intuition copy." This is a copy of the home page of my website. What I like about this section, is the lines between the columns, and at the bottom and top. Because if you go to the next attachment, "Andys tree service descriptions," you can see that it doesn't have lines. If you go to the bottom of the website, you'll see I tried to import it, but it erases the lines when I do. So I want you to do it, and tell me how, so I can do it. I'll give you login for spiritualintuition website, and you get the design and then put it on another website I own. But you have to tell me how to do it, cuz I'm not going to give login to my main site. No offense,...

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    I need a simple desktop app that will allow user to input source folder path and specify output folders path. The app should look at each PDF file in the Source folder and extract the unique Number and Name from the file name. It will then create a subfolder in the Output folder in the format of unique Number and Name the pdf inside of it. IF the main source folder contains PDFs with same unique Number and Name they would go in the same created folder in the output. The application should verify the count of PDF files in the Source folder against the files copied into the Output folder match. Lastly, the application should generate an Excel file (prompt the user for the filename to save it as) with two columns: the Output folders Relative [Folder Name] and then the [Fi...

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    ...REGISTRATION NUMBER: It’s similar to GST/HST Registry but different list and website. This second software will take an Excel file as Input with a list of code numbers and names. The software will output the same file with 5 additional columns which would be populated based on the website search result. Site: (in the example link, the 1219432212TQ0001 number at the end is what you will get from the Excel file) Here, you will input file and search one row at a time and populate result columns. Column 3 (Heading FOUND): FOUND / NOT FOUND (whether it’s found or not) Column 4 (Heading STATUS): VALID, INACTIVE OR NON-EXISTANT (based on the search result) Column 5 (EFFECTIVE DATE) : Effective date of status (based on the search

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    Build a Database 17 hours left

    ...primary table’s structure so the Author/Director’s name is separated into two columns (fields) First Name and Last Name. 3. Write a query: • to display all titles with a release date prior to the year 2010 from your primary table; list the following three columns (fields) Title, Author/Director, and Year. • to display the total length (in pages/minutes) of all titles in your primary table; then display the average length (in minutes/pages) of all titles in your primary table. • to display the recently released titles (years 22-23) from your primary table; list the Year, Author/Director, Length, and Binding/Media Type. 4. Create a table called Ratings (if not created already) consisting of the following fields (columns) RatingID, Rating, Co...

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    Top Notch Scrapper 14 hours left
    VERIFIED Regarding the fields, I want to scrape all therapists from whole USA with all available fields. ( I need to scrape total counts of Available appointments in next 7 days) just total count is enough. Its only on Meetmonarch site. I think) then I need to combine all data into single file. I need a bit data analysis for 2 columns. I can explain that later. ( Its super easy, I just need to explain in details, probably by video). Then I need to delete all duplicate records so we will get a final file from all those 5 sites. Then we will use this data to get NPI from a site. We can use any site from Google. Last time We used this site to get NPI for all records. This is the short summary for

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    Book writing Writing about the techniques of the world's trading masters, such as Jesse Libomore and BNF. _______________________________________________________________ 1. in excel, select the columns you want to see in the article and restate them as follows. --Introduction focusing on ranking traders' performance in the first half of the article + Summarize the technique from 1 to 10. 2. Specific techniques are important, so write them in detail Writing Guide : Focus on detailed core techniques . --(Important note: if you have a technique know-how explanation on the chart: organize it in detail) Be sure to include a picture of the chart 주의: 이책에서 이런 내용이 있으니 읽어보아라, " 는 등 책이라는 언급 하지

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    I WANT TO MAKE IT MUCH MORE SIMPLER IF ANY ONE CAN HELP ME WITH IT. I am looking for someone to format my Excel data to a simpler format. The current format of the Excel data is XLSB. I do not have a specific format in mind for the simplified Excel data, so I need recommendations. The data structure in the Excel file is moderate, with several columns and rows, and some formulas. Skills and experience needed for this project: - Proficiency in Excel and experience with formatting data - Strong understanding of different Excel file formats - Ability to analyze and recommend the best format for simplifying the data - Knowledge of how to handle moderate data structures, including formulas

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    I am looking for someone to create a Shopify Product CSV for me. The purpose of the CSV is to import products to a new Shopify store. I have more than 100 products that need to be included in the CSV. While I have most of the necessary product details ready, there are some details that are missing. I have created an example of 1 x product. Description to be left empty Columns to complete: Name, Product Name, Price (to be found on a site I will tell you), Colours (judgement required) Design (judgement required), Fabric type (leave blank) Google sheet link: Skills and experience needed: - Proficiency in creating Shopify Product CSVs - Attention to detail to ensure accurate product information

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    I am in need for someone to developer a website (3 pages) along with a database functionality. The homepage, the page that displays the database information, and then a profile page (each database entry is a name and if you click the add, modify, delete, suppress from being displayed (make blind). There will be about 15 lines of data per record. The amount of records will be 50-100. The database is similar to - The website needs to be looked good on both web and mobile. i.e, it can't be mis formatted or disjointed. So the view on web might look different than on mobile since the rows/columns of data might need to be displayed a little differently to fit both and maintain a good look. See attached to see how displayed different on mobile vs web.

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    I have 2 .txt files, they are aproximately 10 Million rows each; they have 15 columns and no headers; each column is separated by the "|" character. The program in comparin real estate data where column 0 is region, column 1 is city and column 2 is a plt identifier. I need a program that creates a new column with a key composed of the concatenated info form Col 0, Col 1 and Col 2; and then to compare the keys from both files in order to know which rown exist in file 1 but not file 2. They idea is to recognizer wich prots were eliminated from DB1 to DB2. You may download the files "DB1" and "DB2", and i need to know wich rows exist in "DB1" but not in "DB2". The program needs to run fast and take no longer than 2 hrs to comlpete ...

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    ...tasks, sorting tasks, and implementing pagination for a responsive layout. Requirements: Front-End Development: 1. Create a React application with the following components: a. TaskList: Display a grid of tasks with columns for task name, description, category, and the date last edited. The number of columns displayed should vary based on the screen size (3 columns on Desktop, 2 on Tablet, and 1 on Mobile). b. TaskForm: A form to add or edit tasks. Include fields for title, description, category, and status (completed or not). c. TaskTable: Display a table view of tasks with columns for task name, description, category, and the date last edited. The table should always match the width of the grid. d. SearchBar: Allow users to search for tasks. The search shou...

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    ...tasks, sorting tasks, and implementing pagination for a responsive layout. Requirements: Front-End Development: 1. Create a React application with the following components: a. TaskList: Display a grid of tasks with columns for task name, description, category, and the date last edited. The number of columns displayed should vary based on the screen size (3 columns on Desktop, 2 on Tablet, and 1 on Mobile). b. TaskForm: A form to add or edit tasks. Include fields for title, description, category, and status (completed or not). c. TaskTable: Display a table view of tasks with columns for task name, description, category, and the date last edited. The table should always match the width of the grid. d. SearchBar: Allow users to search for tasks. The search shou...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can design a traditional-style 2 storey vill...experience for this job include: - Proficiency in Revit software - Strong understanding of traditional architectural styles - Ability to incorporate specific features or elements as requested by the client - the project should include families like ( door , floor , wall , window and furniture and plumbing architectural fixtures, ceiling , rood , handrails, stairs , foundation wall , beam and columns also I need sections , four elevations 4 camera views for each floor and land scape If you are a talented designer with experience in creating traditional residential designs using Revit, I would love to discuss this project further with you. Please provide examples of your previous work in your...

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    I am using a online template to build my resume in 1 page but the template doesn't let me customize to split page and add sub columns to the 2nd column. Just need help to edit the resume or recreate the PDF to Word format so that its easier for me to edit next time.

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    I am looking for a WordPress developer with experience in customizing the Order Status and Orders Page in Woo Commerce. Th...Add new Order Statuses: * In Design * Queued for Laser Cutting * Laser Cutting * Bending * Powder Coating * Awaiting Packing * Packed * Ready to collect When the order status is changed, an email should be automatically sent to the customer "The status of your order has changed from XXXX to YYYY" Adding New Columns to the Order Page: We already have the "admin columns" plugin () installed but are unable to achieve the functionality we need. We need to add two new columns: * PO This column should be a free text field that we can edit from the Orders page. * Est ship date This column should be a date field (dd/mm/yyyy) edit...

    £226 (Avg Bid)
    £226 Avg Bid
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    Data Entry Specialist Needed for Excel Project I am looking for an experienced data entry specialist to assist with a project involving entering...ability to maintain accuracy throughout the project - Organizational skills to manage and keep track of multiple research papers - Available for ongoing collaboration and communication throughout the project Project Details: - The data to be entered is text-based from research papers - The number of research papers is unknown at this time - Each research paper will require the entry of more than 7 columns of data If you have experience in data entry, particularly with Excel and research papers, and can commit to accuracy and attention to detail, please apply. This is a great opportunity for someone who is meticulous and enjoys working ...

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    ...for each projects and sections of projects based on the surfaces. Here is an example of a 240 sqm Hotel Lobby development that could be split in different milestones : 1 - Initial architectural modeling (based on dwg architectural drawings attached to this post) 2 - General layout development (Zoning, guests circulations, staff routes, partition walls, MEP voids, openings and doors, decorative columns…) (based on hand sketches, mood-boards, diagram / zoning) 3 - Wall layout (skirting, molding, panels, corniches all based on hand sketches or image references…) 4 - RCP 5 - Import of joineries and loose furniture (2D drawings & 3D models provided by other members of the team) 6 - Import of decorative lighting (2D drawings & 3D models provided by other membe...

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    Requirements: Front-End Development: 1. Create a React application with the following components: a. TaskList: Display a grid of tasks with columns for task name, description, category, and the date last edited. The number of columns displayed should vary based on the screen size (3 columns on Desktop, 2 on Tablet, and 1 on Mobile). b. TaskForm: A form to add or edit tasks. Include fields for title, description, category, and status (completed or not). c. TaskTable: Display a table view of tasks with columns for task name, description, category, and the date last edited. The table should always match the width of the grid. d. SearchBar: Allow users to search for tasks. The search should match task names and descriptions. Support exact matches when the search que...

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    Project Title: Changes to a Wall for Construction Description: I am looking for a skilled freelancer to make specific changes to a wall as a reference for a construction project and add a round planter around a tree in the same type of brick. The following requirements and skills are needed for the job: Specific Changes Needed: - Changing columns and wall to a specific brick type aswell as adding a round planter Materials: - The client will provide the materials Deadline: - The project must be completed within a week Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in construction and wall modifications - Knowledge of different brick types and their installation process - Ability to work efficiently and meet tight deadlines Please submit your portfolio showcasing similar projects you...

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