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    ...that can establish and manage a connection with a National Instruments (NI) DAQ USB-6008 for the following tasks: - Analog Input: I need to feed real-time analog data into the program. This part of the program will be responsible for reading the analog input from the DAQ. - Analog Output: The program should also have the capability to send analog signals to external devices. This will be used to control physical devices. - Digital Input/Output: I will also need the program to manage digital signals. This will include reading digital inputs and sending digital outputs. - Want to connect 8 piezoelectric sensors to the DAQ and monitor all the signals in real-time on a PC. The program will need to manage all these tasks in real-time. Therefore, the ability to handle real-time pro...

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    HTML/CSS Game for WordPress 6 days left

    I'm looking for a web developer to build a code editor that supports HTML and CSS. - The editor should be able to handle HTML and CSS code editing tasks efficiently. - While I'm not entirely sure about syntax highlighting, I'm open to your suggestions and expertise. - There's no need for version control integration. Ideal skills for this project: - Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, even though the code editor won't support JavaScript - Experience in developing code editors or similar tools - Good understanding of web development best practices - Understanding of Wordpress I am developing a wordle game. I have the script and it works fine in the html editor as it should , but when I put it on wordpress, it doesn't work. I have put the CSS a...

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    I'm after a seasoned developer with experience in AI and NLP to help build a SaaS product. This r...with experience in AI and NLP to help build a SaaS product. This role will involve developing AI algorithms and implementing NLP techniques, which will ultimately contribute to the development of a sales software. Key responsibilities: - Develop AI algorithms using TensorFlow and PyTorch - Implement NLP using NLTK - Work on the SaaS product to measure sales reps' skill sets based on their sales call performance Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in AI and NLP - Experience with TensorFlow, PyTorch and NLTK - Prior experience in developing SaaS products, particularly ones that focus on analyzing sales performance - Strong understanding of machine learning and natural...

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    Iam looking for a hire to complete a civil engineerimg concrete graduation project. The topic name is: Impact loading on reinforced concrete slabs adding eps foam beeds to the concrete mixture. The experimental part: is at my uni where we pour 10 concrete slabs 3 control slabs and 3 concrete adding eps foam beads and 3 eps boards and we compare results after impact loading and the Numerical part is making a model using the Abaqus to comoare using a software. That is all for my research project and for my design project is to design a mall consisting of 4 floors the softwares included are autoCAD, ETAB, SAP and all the loads calculations. Ive attached the manual down below. For more inquiries please contact me

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    I need an expert to integrate CISCO Unified Communications Manager with Bitrix24 through APIs. The aim is to allow seamless call logging, mapping each logged call with its duration and timestamp in Bitrix24. Key tasks include: - Developing a secure link between CISCO Unified Communications Manager and Bitrix24. - Enabling the automatic logging of calls from CISCO to Bitrix24. - Attaching duration and timestamp for each logged call. - Testing and troubleshoot the system to ensure a seamless operation. Ideal freelancer should have: - Proven experience in API integrations. - Deep understanding of CISCO Unified Communications Manager and Bitrix24 platforms. - Good troubleshooting skills. Your role will not just involve execution, I'd also need your inputs regardi...

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    ...provisions for future integration with other payment gateway and e-wallet services. 4. Authentication: Implement user authentication and authorization features using Auth0. 5. Future-Proofing: Prepare the platform for future payment gateway integrations with other e-wallet services. E2E testing. 6. Repository Management: Manage project code and files using GitHub for efficient collaboration and version control. Deliverables: • Fully functional front-end and back-end components on Vercel and Digital Ocean. • Integrated PayPal payment gateway and potential future e-wallet services. • User authentication system using Auth0. • Future-proofed platform for seamless integration with other e-wallet services. • Conduct E2E testing • Repository management on ...

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    I am looking for an expert in Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) systems to enhance the safety of my meat-based fresh dog food manufacturing business, based in the UK. As priority, your role will be to: - Advise and implement HACCP-compliant actions to ensure optimal control during the processing and manufacturing stage - Maintain our commitment to producing quality, safe meat based products This project demands a background in food safety and an understanding of meat/poultry production. Proficiency in HACCP application in a real-world manufacturing process is a necessity.

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    I need a seasoned professional with proven experience running Google Ads to help me increase traffic to my website. Key Responsibilities: - You will be required to develop and manage a Google Ads campaign that targets a universal audience. - Y...targets a universal audience. - Your key performance indicator will be the increase in traffic to my website. I am looking for a candidate who: - Has a deep understanding of Google Ads and its ecosystem. - Can formulate effective strategies and A/B test them to ensure optimal performance. - Has excellent analytical skills to monitor and assess campaign's progress. - Has a good understanding of cost control, as I have a specific budget for this Google Ads campaign. Your success in this project will be measured by the increase in my w...

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    Remote SEO Expert Needed 6 days left

    If you're unable to work through a remote laptop, this task may not be suitable for you as it involves Shopify-related work. Unfortunately, I can't provide Shopify access due to client privacy concerns. In summary, when you type the keyword "New Socks Daily," you're directed to a collecti...a remote laptop, this task may not be suitable for you as it involves Shopify-related work. Unfortunately, I can't provide Shopify access due to client privacy concerns. In summary, when you type the keyword "New Socks Daily," you're directed to a collection page that doesn't exist, instead of the homepage. I'm unsure how to fix this issue. However, if you're able to guide me through a Zoom call or remote laptop session, I'm...

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    The web app for restaurant ordering, using Laravel PHP and SQL Database with a multi-tenant architecture to allow many restaurants to use the same web app, but each with their own profile. Restaurateurs get a personalized control panel to create and modify the menu, add images, receive, manage orders, and monitor performance. Customers access an interactive menu generated from the restaurant's control panel, allowing them to order conveniently via the web app by accessing the menu through a QR code generated by the restaurant in its panel. With an intuitive and responsive interface, the user experience is optimal on any device.

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    166 bids the admin of the website. I'd like to use a customizable email template for this function. - Tour Operator Email: Additionally, there should be a third email sent to our tour operators. This email should contain the booking details of the customer who purchased the tickets. This information is crucial for our operators to prepare for the tour effectively. - Availability Control: I also need an easy way to control the availability of tours. I would prefer a system that's easy to access and manage. - Show exact tour hours. currently, my website shows only rounded numbers. I need to have 1.5h etc. Ideal skills and experience for this job would include: - Proficiency in web development - Experience in integrating payment systems (Paypal) - Experience in emai...

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    ...increasing sales. Key responsibilities include: - Developing and implementing social media strategies across different platforms - Creating engaging and relevant content for posts - Monitoring social media channels for customer feedback and insights - Managing email marketing campaigns and creating email content - Analyzing campaign performance and adjusting strategies as needed - Identify & Create Call to Actions (CTA) on platform to boost ROI. - Develop ideas and creating useful content (articles, Blogs, White Papers, etc.) for users on the website - Developing a content campaign that drives traffic, improves customer engagement on multiple channels - Website and Social Media. - Researching organizations and individuals online to identify new leads and potential new mar...

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    I'm seeking a freelancer to assist in setting up a Blackbull Trading account. The task involves: - Registering a Blackbull Trading account on my behalf as a non-US customer, since I'm unable to do so directly. - The requirements are basic, with no further account management needed. Just the initial setup is req...assist in setting up a Blackbull Trading account. The task involves: - Registering a Blackbull Trading account on my behalf as a non-US customer, since I'm unable to do so directly. - The requirements are basic, with no further account management needed. Just the initial setup is required. Please note: - After setup I will login and change credentials to my own email and password and take control of the account. If you can assist with this task, ple...

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    I'm in need of a skilled and experienced C# developer to create a web-based application. The primary focus of this project will be around to display data from an api call , so prior experience with similar projects would be a huge plus. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a web application using C# with a strong emphasis on data reporting and analytics. - Integrate necessary libraries and tools to ensure seamless functionality. - Ensure the application is secure, scalable and user-friendly. Ideal Experience: - Proficiency in C# is a must. - Proven experience developing web applications, with a focus on data reporting and analytics. - Strong understanding of data visualization techniques. - Previous experience with relevant tools and libraries would be a great advantage. This pr...

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    I am looking for an expert who can seamlessly integrate a WP stream player into my news website. This player should have the ability to: - Play both audio and video streams. Additionally, I require an interactive ad space on the right side of my website where I can insert image ads. I must have full control over this space's content, with the ability to manipulate it however I see fit. The ideal candidate will have significant experience in WordPress and developing interactive advertisements. Please note, I am working with a limited budget for this project, up to a maximum of $10.

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    ...understanding of Windows operating system, to help me resolve a specific issue with my SSH configuration. Good English speaking is required, and ZOOM access. Key Responsibilities: - Assist in troubleshooting the Port configuration issue that is preventing me from reaching servers through SSH. - Provide guidance on how to set up the Port configuration correctly in VSCode. - Available for an immediate Zoom call for real-time troubleshooting and guidance. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in VS Code's Remote - SSH extension. - Strong understanding of Windows OS. - Prior experience in troubleshooting Port configuration issues in VSCode. - Excellent communication and problem-solving skills for remote troubleshooting via Zoom. Please note that I'm looking for so...

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    I'm looking to implement JWT token authentication in my C# Dot Net Core 6 Web Application to enable user role-based access control. Specifically, I aim to include Admin, Manager, and User roles within the system. Key Points: - Implement JWT Token Authentication - Enable User Role-Based Access Control - Implement Admin, Manager, and User Roles The ideal freelancer for this project should have experience with: - C# and .NET Core 6 - Implementing JWT token authentication - Building role-based access control systems - Understanding of web application security and user roles.

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    I'm in need of an Arduino-based relay switch that can operate multiple circuits serially. The purpose of this project is to start lights in a serial fashion,...Physical Button Interface: The relay switch must be operable via physical buttons for a user-friendly experience - specially to set adjust time delay between the serial switching Ideal Skills: - Arduino Programming: Experience in programming Arduino to build relay switches. - Circuit Design: Proficiency in designing circuits for handling multiple appliances. - Remote Control Systems: Knowledge in implementing remote control systems for automated appliances. - User Interface Design: Ability to design an intuitive physical button interface for the relay switch. - Automation Experience: Previous experience in automa...

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    ...developers proficient in Java and XML, experienced in integrating Firebase for my upcoming project. Key Features: - User Authentication: Users should be able to sign up and log in securely - Push Notifications: Incorporate a notification system to enhance user engagement - Database Integration: Create a smooth flow of data within the app - Admin and User Panels: Develop separate yet interconnected panels for admin and users Platform Compatibility: - The app should be developed for Android smartphones Priority: - App Performance: The most crucial aspect of the project is ensuring the app's performance is optimal, quick and responsive. Ideal candidates should have: - Strong experience in developing Android applications using Android Studio - Proficiency in Java and XML...

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    I am in need of a multilingual professional who can assist me in closing sales over the phone in the Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Finnish markets. The main focus of the campaign is to secure sales of our wigs, which are our flagship product. - Needed a personal who understand sales for approaching calling customers in Northern Europe and attending online meeting. Someone who can speak English and one of the following languages: Swedish/Danish/Finnish/Norwegian. - Someone who can be flexible 3 hours per week for calling customers and attending online meeting when customers need. (online meeting will pay extra). - Someone who is good can flexible their times. Thank you! Project Details Background of ATM Company • 34 years manufacture experiences in the hair goods industry. • ...

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    Project Description: I am seeking a skilled React Native developer to create a mobile application capable of live streaming from the camera to YouTube. Additionally, the app should incorporate an SVG overlay embedded in the live stream. Requirements: - Experience with React Native development. - Familiarity with integrating live streaming functionality, particularly with YouTube API. - Abilit...of mobile app design principles. Additional Details: If you have previously developed a similar project or have experience with integrating live streaming and SVG overlays in React Native, it would be ideal. There are sample apps available on platforms like GitHub that could serve as a reference for this project. I have attached a screenshot of similar app. Please note I will want to jump on a ...

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    I need an experienced Android developer to create an IoT app using MQTT. - The primary function of the app will be asset tracking within a distributed control system. Ideal Skills: - Java based development for Android application - Able to use the resources/SDK at - MQTT with AWS using TLS cert Expected output: - Very basic app to demo one message publish to AWS topic and receive one message from subscribed topic - Demonstrate the mobile app connecting to AWS IoT and Sub-Pub on a topic - Use TLS certs (client, private and root) Demo first: - Demo the basic function first before the order placement Delivery & Payment: - The complete SW code and documentation on the first cut of testing at our end - Use 100% Opensource code - No API's

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    I'm seeking an experienced PHP developer to build a module that signs XML with RSA SHA1 and canonical c14 exclusive. Ideally, the module should be compatible with PHP itself without the need for specific frameworks like Wordpress, Laravel or CodeIgniter. Key Requirements: - Employ XMLDsig for XML signing within the module - The purpose of signing the XML is for authenticating the sender Your qualifications should include: - Proficiency in PHP - Experience with XMLDsig - Strong understanding of XML signing procedures, RSA SHA1 and canonical c14 exclusive - Experience in creating PHP modules. Your primary goal will be to ensure the sender authentication by effectively signing the XML. This is a precise requirement, and I look forward to seeing how ...

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    ... cca 1 hour / day, every working day is needed. Important: Part-time job: every work day, somewhen between 9am and 4pm CET, you’d have to: • you have to call the fresh orders, who just bought something in our client's web shop, reach them and tell them we’re thankful for their order, now it’s confirmed, and that they should be at home on the expcted shipping date so the package will be delivered. • call those who didn’t pick up the day before • if the customer has any question regarding his/her order, than you can look it up in the client’s system to provide proper information. There might be days when there’s no one to call – that day our reckoning would be 0. This is unlikely, though? Most probab...

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    I am seeking an experienced telemarketing agent for outbound calls specifically targeting / selling Business phone lines (VoIP). The prime objective of these calls is to generate sales for our product range. Responsibilities: - Identifying prospective customers - Delivering professional sales pitches - C...requires excellent communication skills and the ability to showcase the value of our business phone lines clearly and effectively. A successful track record in telemarketing sales within the technology sector will be highly regarded. Important: English language is a must and french is considered. Compensation: Calles cost covered You will be compensated for every call you make after verifying the recording (0.10 USD per call) Closed deals compensation 10% of one yea...

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    As a Spanish learner, I am actively seeking an expert native teacher from Spain who is armed with 3-5 years of teaching experience. My ideal tutor will structure two lessons per week for me, according to my flexible timings. I’ve chosen online classes via video call for this academic journey. Each class must be engaging and designed to help me improve in the following areas: • Vocabulary Building: help me use words in conversations. • Pronunciation: Develop my accent, intonation and speech quality to sound native-like. • Reading Comprehension: Enhance reading abilities to comprehend the text better. To ensure efficiency, I would like the teacher to combine a structured curriculum with customized lesson plans. Tailor the lessons according to my progress, rein...

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    I am looking for a knowledgeable freelancer well-versed in enterprise network security to install and configure a firewall for my network. Key responsibilities will include: - Firewall installation: You'll need to set up the firewall from the ground up, ensuring that it is correctly integrated int...specific requirements for firewall rules. This will include blocking certain IP addresses, setting up VPN connections, and controlling web access. You should be experienced in implementing these types of rules efficiently and accurately. The ideal freelancer for this project has extensive experience with enterprise network security and firewall setup. Knowledge of VPNs, IP blocking and access control is critical. Please only bid if you are confident in your ability to fulfill thes...

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    ...across multiple locations. Key Features: We already have domain and hosting. - E-commerce platform: I need a robust e-commerce feature, fully integrated into the site. - Multilocation Pages: The website must have a unique and dedicated page for each of our 50+ locations. - Unique Content: Each location page will require unique content. - Customer can review all location pages/POSTS.- - Must have call now button, location, working hours etc.. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in WordPress: The ideal candidate should be a seasoned WordPress developer. - E-commerce Expertise: A strong background in e-commerce is essential for the successful development of this site. - SEO Knowledge: Understanding of SEO practices is crucial to ensure each location page is optimized for search engine...

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    I'm looking for a tech-savvy professional who can help me with a couple of issues I'm currently facing in my cloud-based environment. we are using mongodb session transaction in casino call. sometimes it might lead to increased latency, then it can be the reason of exposure issue. seems like it related to mongodb performance and network status. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in MongoDB database management and optimization. - Proficient in network performance analysis and troubleshooting. Thanks

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    I'm looking for a proficient web developer with experience in Joomla and Hikashop to customize the invoice sheet layout . The sheet should be working for both languages of website in the specific language and should be easily printable by siteadmin to be attached to the package( .csv / or xml?) Your tasks will include: - Modifying the layout of the invoice sheet, specifically the header arrangement, footer items, and body contents. - Customizing the header of the invoice sheet as per provided example. The ideal candidate will not only have a solid understanding of Joomla and Hikashop, but will also be adept at translating my vision into a user-friendly interface. If you possess these skills and think you can help, then I'd love to hear from you. This project should ...

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    ...innovative mechanical parking control system. This project involves developing a comprehensive solution that includes multiple sensors, Lift and doors control system , a web-based kiosk interface, backend server logic, and integration with physical hardware components like sensors and shuttles for vehicle storage and retrieval. The goal is to provide a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly parking experience with minimal driver involvement. Please note: This is not a parking App!!! This is a control software for a mechanical parking systems, including control of sensors, Lifts, doors etc. For reference, see similair systems here: Responsibilities: Design and implement a secure and intuitive control system and web interface

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    I'm in need of a minimalist and clean website that effectively prompts visitors to contact me for more information. Key Requirements: - M...visitors to contact me for more information. Key Requirements: - Minimalistic & Clean Design: The website should embody a minimalist and clean aesthetic to create a modern and uncluttered look. - Contact Prompt: The primary call-to-action on the site should motivate visitors to reach out to me for additional information. The site only needs to consist of a Home page. A simple design with clear navigation and a clear 'Contact' button is ideal. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proven experience in creating minimalist and clean designs. - Proficiency in creating effective Call-to-Action elements. - Experience in desi...

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    I'm seeking a skilled freelancer to contribute to an existing Home Assistant project, concerning a small boutique hotel. The ideal candidate should be able to: - Design and implement an aesthetically pleasing yet simple and user-friendly interface for the guests to control in-room functions, - Create accessible and simple submenus for lights, clima, jacuzzi, media etc. - Create scripts and automations in HA focusing on energy saving routines. - Special skills requested: Knowledge of organizing homeassistant configuration with packages, for easy deployment and tiding things up The project consists of the following phases: A. Finalize the in-room dashboard design (important and time critical) B. Finalize in-room operability (important and time critical) C. i...

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    £645 - £1289
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    I need a professional to produce comprehensive operating, technical and maintenance manuals tailored to cover all systems onboard our uncrewed surface vessels and installed in their remote control centres. This includes navigation systems, propulsion systems, communication systems and autpilots. The entire manual requires a meticulous focus, with the aim of achieving a comprehensive, user-friendly, and technically accurate manual. - Strong capacity to understand and explain complex marine systems in simple, clear language. - Experience in technical writing, particularly in creating marine technical manuals, is needed. - A thorough understanding of maritime laws and the right terminology for the industry is a plus. - Ability to work independently and meet deadlines. Please only bi...

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    For this crucial project, I’m searching for a seasoned AWS developer experienced in setting up advanced server security. Key Responsibilities: - As I've got an AWS server in place, I am seeking to fortify the security measures associated with it. - Although I've not finalized the specific measures, your expertise and suggestions in IAM, Security Groups, or Network Access Control Lists (NACLs) would be greatly appreciated. - Emphasis on ‘Advanced Security Setup’ – a step beyond basic security – to comprehensively protect server's integrity. - Wanted to connect domain with server and add SSL - Want to connect RDS for database Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in AWS server security, specifically EC2. - Proficiency with IAM, Security Gro...

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    I seek a talented hacker who can help me maximize every aspect of an unsupported game that still has its server operative. Your prowess in ...every aspect of an unsupported game that still has its server operative. Your prowess in game coding and hacking will be put to use to increase key elements like: - Experience Points - Treasures - Money - Weapons - Collections However, there's no need to focus on any specific weapon or collection type. The ultimate goal is to automate the maximizing process while retaining the option for manual control. Excelling in this project requires a blend of system hacking, game development, and coding skills. Remember, the project doesn't involve any form of payment or transaction in the game. Its purpose is purely for my personal satisfact...

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    ...grant access to multiple mouse and keyboard inputs all at once. Key Features: * Individual movement control * Simultaneous input execution * Control mapping customization As a versatile app, it must be functional with a range of mouse and keyboard brands. While there's no preference for specific brands or models, a thorough testing phase to ensure broad compatibility will be necessary. Successful project completion may lead to further work, including porting the app to different operating systems. Ideal Skills & Experience: * Qt development * Windows programming * Familiarity with input device controls * Experience in software testing for compatibility The aim is to streamline user control of multiple devices in a customer-friendly and efficient man...

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    ...payment and number of contacts). You need to make sure that these fields are also displayed in the mobile version of the site and add statement generation for these fields. * Set up the generation of a report (pdf file, form will be provided), which displays information about which users did not pay the bills of the previous month * On the 1st day of each month, files must be generated in Excel and XML-Format with the bank data entered by the contractor during registration and the amount to be paid from the account. One file for all users (form will be provided). * Fix the code when sending an E-Mail to the user at the time of invoice generation. Now email is sent many times in a row per day, it should be 1 time * Add one more page to the artist registration form, where you w...

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    I am looking for a freelancer with extensive experience in setting up a connection between Omron CJ2M-33 CPU and Indusoft (Aveva Edge) using ethernet. The goal is to execute control operations utilizing this connection. It is paramount that the successful applicant is competent in operating with Aveva Edge 2020 SP3. Skills & Experience: - In depth understanding of Omron CJ2M-33 CPU - Proficient in Indusoft (Aveva Edge) 2020 V20 SP3 - Experienced in ethernet connections - Knowledge in control operations Please highlight your relevant experience and previous similar projects in your application. Also, please specify which driver will you use and why. This is to ensure that you can provide the level of expertise and efficiency required for this task. Your offer will no...

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    12 bids combines creativity, strategic marketing, and data-driven insights to create unstoppable marketing campaigns aligned with your vision. At Oak Serenity, your success is our priority, driving us to excel alongside you. We operate with these 7 core values: Integrity, Teamwork, Empowerment, Excellence, Stability, Growth, and Innovation. Do you crave the freedom to design your work schedule and control your earnings? Are you a goal-oriented, self-motivated salesperson passionate about helping businesses succeed? Then join Oak Serenity! We're seeking a highly motivated Performance Marketing Freelancer to partner with us and achieve incredible things. In this role, you'll play a key role in driving business growth by: Identifying and Connecting with Clients: Prospect...

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    ...Critical Components and Placement: The microcontroller unit (MCU) should be centrally located. EMG sensor inputs should be on one edge of the PCB for easy access. Power management components should be placed close to the power input. Ensure adequate spacing for heat dissipation around power regulators. Routing: Use differential pairs for EMG signal routing to minimize noise. Maintain impedance control for critical signal paths. Route power tracks with sufficient width to handle the current without voltage drop issues. Avoid right-angle traces to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI). Power Planes: Dedicate separate ground (GND) and power (VCC) planes for noise reduction and stability. Ensure proper decoupling for power supply lines. Connectors: Specify connectors for the ...

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    Sales Call Appointment Setter 6 days left

    I am looking for a system that manages sales call appointments for a team of less than 10 representatives. No need to worry about integrating with any existing software; this can be a standalone solution. Most importantly, it should be user-friendly and efficient. Ideal candidates should have a wealth of experience developing this kind of system and solid knowledge about sales call protocols and appointment scheduling.

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    - Needed a personal who understand sales for approaching calling customers in Sweden and attending online meeting. Someone who can speak English and Swedish. - Someone who can be flexible 3 hours per week for calling customers and attending online meeting when customers need. (online meeting will pay extra). - Someone who is good can flexible their times. Thank you! Project Details Background of ATM Company • 34 years manufacture experiences in the hair goods industry. • ATM international group has been working and maintaining a good relationship with top popular hair goods brands worldwide. • Website: Goals • Target customers and increase sales. • Expand business and maintain long term customer relationships. Main Products Custom-made human hair wigs, toppers, t...

    £6 - £12 / hr
    £6 - £12 / hr
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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a cashier program tailored for sales management on a Windows platform. Key Functionalities: - Sales tracking: The application must effectively track all sales transactions. - Inventory management: It should be able to monitor and control stock levels accurately. - Reporting: It needs the capability to generate detailed reports on sales and inventory. Supports 20 languages Desired Features: - Barcode reader support: This system must integrate well with a barcode reader. - Cash inventory: It should have functionality to manage on-hand cash in the drawer. - Touch screen support: The design should be responsive and easy-to-use on a touch screen device. - Offer and discount generator: This tool needs the capability to create various offe...

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    ...Figma before? # Project Overview ## Objective This job involves repairing the presentation of an existing website, the main job is to correct existing page errors and exceptions. ## Task ### Issue 1 : [UI Update] Improve UX for CRM User Directory Quick Navigation - Please check the attachment image --- ### Issue 2 : [UI Update] Change Ctrl+S / Cmd+S Behavior in Article and Bulletin Edit Pages to Call Patch API - Please check the attachment image ### Deadline - Within 16HR after accepting the job. - Late submissions will not be considered. ### Budget - **Fixed Rate:** USD 50 for this project. - It is estimated that a junior engineer will need 3 hours to complete, while a senior engineer can complete it in 1.5 hours. - Already included, it takes 30 minutes to install the devel...

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    Website for virtual call center including pricing and sign up button similar to a website i will show in the pictures please check out and create a site similar to this

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    I need a developer who can implement audio and video call in my react js and node js project using Agora and notification should also come when user 1 calls user 2

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    We're experiencing a login issue with our Laravel website. The login works intermittently for regular users, and I've noticed this issue on Google Chrome and Edge browsers. The problem seems to happen randomly without any specific pattern. When it fails, after login, php log says the user has logged ...resolve this issue. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency with Laravel PHP framework - Experience with debugging login/authentication issues - Familiarity with handling cookies in a secure manner - Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail - Ability to effectively communicate technical information to non-technical personnel The work has to be done remotely using remote control software like TV or anydesk Your help in fixing this issue would be ...

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    95 bids, the main job is to correct existing page errors and exceptions. ## Task ### Issue 1 : [BUG] Implement Non-hyperlinked, Bold Breadcrumb for the Last Item - Please check the attachment image ### Issue 2 : [BUG] Incorrect filePathType value in payload for image uploads in Article comments - Please check the attachment image ### Issue 3 : [BUG] Fix Email Sending Bug and Remove Unnecessary API Call in CRM User SES Tab - Please check the attachment image ### Deadline - Within 16HR after accepting the job. - Late submissions will not be considered. ### Budget - **Fixed Rate:** USD 60 for this project. - It is estimated that a junior engineer will need 4 hours to complete, while a senior engineer can complete it in 2 hours. - **Payment Release:** Upon satisfactory review by...

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