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    I'm looking for an experienced NodeJS and JavaScript programmer to help me with a school project focused on exploring cybersecurity concepts. Key Requirements: - The task involves writing a client request to obtain a flag from a vulnerability site with advanced complexity (e.g., bypassing security measures). - The project involves emphasizing on Remote Code Execution (RCE) and pollution while interacting with the vulnerability site, so experience in these areas is a plus. --- Challenge Name: Emu Apothecary Category: Vulnerabilities Description has just opened up their potion brewing website for other Emus to create new potion recipes! However, they are afraid that one of the human hackers will pollute their ingredients. Can you get Remote Code Execution (RCE) on the Emu Apoth...

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    ...issue with my IIS 8 server. Specifically, I'm unable to reflect image updates across the server. Key Requirements: - Troubleshoot IIS : You should be experienced with IIS and capable of identifying and resolving server-related issues. - Server Configuration: The problem may be related to server settings, so a deep understanding of IIS configuration and management is desirable. - File Management: The issue seems to be related to file update. You should have expertise in managing files on Windows servers and diagnosing related issues. - Image Handling: The problem specifically pertains to image updating. You should be well-versed in how servers handle image uploads and updates. Your task will involve: 1. Diagnosing the issue: Understand why new ...

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    I am Building AWX Server on AWS EC2 Here is the method I am using: So far, I have: I have already Created an EC2 instance for this server. Cloned the AWX Repo, I have completed all installations required (installed Docker, Docker-Compose, I have used pipx to install the Ansible package) I need help with the rest of the instructions from that link. I am building this server in VS Code Ideal skills for the job include strong understanding of AWS, proficiency in AWX tasks and familiarity with Ubuntu server.

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    I'm experiencing an issue where my website isn't loading. Thi...where my website isn't loading. This problem has emerged recently, without me making any recent changes to the website or server configurations. I need a skilled professional to help me quickly troubleshoot this issue and get my website back online. Your role will involve: - Investigating and identifying the root cause of the website's failure to load - Resolving the issue effectively and efficiently - Ensuring the website operates smoothly post-fix Ideal candidates should have extensive experience in troubleshooting websites that run on Apache servers. Strong familiarity with PHP-FPM and Webmin will be a significant advantage. Your ability to identify and remedy server issues swiftly will ...

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    I'm seeking a Minecraft expert to help me set up a survival mode Minecraft server. Key Project Details: - **Survival Mode Setup**: The primary focus of this project is to create a distinctive survival mode suitable for a smaller player base. - **Unique Items**: I will need engaging, custom, and unique items for players to discover and utilize in the game. - **Crate Rankups Integration**: I also want to include a crate rankups system to add a layer of progression and reward for players. Ideal Skills and Experience: - **Minecraft Server Administration**: Experience in setting up and maintaining Minecraft servers is a must. - **Plugin Development**: Proficiency in developing Minecraft plugins is highly desired, specifically for creating custom items and integrati...

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    We are in the middle of migrating Django to a new server. - Both servers run Ubuntu 20.04, postgres 12, python2.7 - The Django Project is already transferred over - Nginx has been configured - Postgresql has been setup Our struggle is to get the actual application up and running again. Your job will be to: - help to perform a clean export of the postgres database on old server - help to import the postgres database on the new server - ensure the Django application is coming back up smoothly The work will be done using shared tmate ssh sessions.

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    I came across a minor issue on my website on Digital ocean cloud server. Refer the below error information. I need someone who can fix me immediately in an hour. Error 500 PleskExceptionDatabase DB query failed: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection refused

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    I'm in need of a skilled Python developer to assist in creating a client-server application. This application will be responsible for handling data transfer and supporting information about bus and train routes. Key Requirements: - Expertise in Python and Socket Programming - Experience in creating client-server applications - Ability to work with and manipulate data Your responsibilities will mainly revolve around setting up a robust client-server architecture to support bus and train route data. I already possess the data, so the primary task will be focused on the actual programming and integration of the application. Experience in working with transport data or similar datasets would be advantageous. I'm looking for a professional who can deliver a hi...

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    10 bids with the restoration of my server. I have experienced some issues with the server and after thorough review, I believe the best approach would be to restore the server data from a full backup. Key responsibilities: - Diagnose server issue(s): The tasks require the freelancer to identify the root cause of the server malfunction. - Conduct server restoration: The main task at hand is to effectively restore the server from a full backup. The ideal candidate should: - Have extensive experience in server restoration, with a specific focus on full backups. - Demonstrate a high level of proficiency in diagnosing and solving server problems. - Be able to work quickly yet effectively to minimize downtime and data loss. - Have...

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    I'm in need of a skilled professional to help me set up a high availability cluster for my web servers using Nginx. The primary goal for this cluster is to ensure load balancing, allowing for optimal performance across the servers. The ideal candidate will have experience in server clustering, particularly with Nginx, and will have a deep understanding of load balancing methodologies. You should also be familiar with high availability setups and be able to ensure a seamless failover process in the event of any server failure. The project will require a methodical approach and a strong attention to detail, ensuring that the cluster is set up correctly and is able to function effectively.

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    I am in need of a skilled software engineer to develop a DICOM printer server software. This software should: - Be compatible with Windows operating system. - Have the capability to print to HP, Canon, and Epson desktop printers. - Support image printing and multiple printer use. Ideal candidates for this job should have strong experience in software engineering and a solid understanding of DICOM features. Familiarity with printer server software is a must, as is the ability to ensure compatibility with named printer brands and operating systems.

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    WooCommerce error 5 days left

    ...WooCommerce store. This problem is specific to this server, a dedicated one, and only happens when trying to add a new product. The problem seems to be related to the firewall rules triggered by the specific action of adding a new product. This needs to be resolved so I can continue to add new products without this error. I need a professional who has experience working with WooCommerce and server setups, particularly dedicated servers and firewall configurations. Familiarity with ModSecurity is essential. The ideal candidate should be able to: - Diagnose the exact cause of this ModSecurity error in the context of adding new products - Ensure that all other security measures remain intact; this change should not compromise the overall security of the se...

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    I'm in need of a SOCKS Proxy server as my ISP has closed port 25, which is essential for email services. Key requirements: - Set up a SOCKS Proxy server: The server's primary function will be to support email services. - Implementation: The server should be configured to support my email client. - Security: Ensure the server is secure and reliable. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient in setting up SOCKS proxies. - Expertise in configuring services for email clients. - Knowledge of network security standards. The project might involve more tasks depending on the specific needs of the proxy server.

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    Hello, I need a quick fix for my DNS server running on a 2012 R2 system. The major problem encountered is that I'm unable to access my shared files. However, I can ping the IP addresses of the devices hosting these shared files. An RPC Error is shown and some Group Policy issues occur when trying to access these files. • I need someone who understands DNS thoroughly. • Experience with Server 2012 R2 is necessary. • Knowledge of RPC errors and Group Policy is required. Would appreciate quick and effective troubleshooting. Thank you!

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    I'm looking for an experienced individual to help me set up a VPN server on my TP Link Omega E707, running Windows OS. The primary goal of this is to allow secure remote access to my home network. Key Requirements: - Set up a VPN server on a TP Link Omega E707 running Windows - VPN server must be accessible outside my network - Ensure security and privacy in the VPN configuration - Establish a reliable connection method for remote access The ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience in setting up VPN servers on TP Link routers - Extensive knowledge of Windows OS - Understanding of network security and remote access protocols. Please note that my TP Link Omega E707 has a dynamic IP address.

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    Cyber Security and IT Team 5 days left

    I'm in need of a comprehensive team that can handle a broad range of Cyber Security and IT tasks. Our environment requires a deep commitment to security, efficiency, and reliability. - Cyber Security Team: - Your responsibilities will include managing network and system security, conducting regular vulnerability assessments, and overseeing firewall management. Experience in Penetration Testing, VAPT, is crucial. - IT Team: - Your core tasks will involve maintaining system security, handling day-to-day IT services, and ensuring we have the latest software installed and updated. - Secure Environment Expectations: - I expect our overall environment to be top-notch in terms of security. This will involve implementing effective intrusion detection, utilizing str...

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    ...cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The backend is already developed using Strapi. Your main task would be to make the game functional on the frontend. Key Requirements: - Solid experience in frontend development with React and Vercel - Previous work on blockchain projects, specifically in Solana - Understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology - Familiarity with developing game websites - Can work with ports and making show real-time updates to game as it happens (since it is multiplayer) Key Tasks: - Integrating login with wallet - Displaying previous games - Ensuring a seamless user experience - Ability to move SOL to multiple accounts User Interaction: - Users should be able to earn cryptocurrency through gameplay. Hence, your understanding of how to implement this feat...

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    I'm in need of a professional developer to handle the architecture implementation of an IOT server. Key Responsibilities: - Connecting sensors and GPS based Telematics devices to the server. - Handling data collection and storage. - Managing device commands. - Setting up real-time monitoring and alerts. Your expertise in setting up a NoSQL database is essential for this project. I'm looking for someone who can not only execute this task but also provide valuable insights and inputs to enhance the overall performance of the server.

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    DEFININTIONS local environment: developers laptop client: Wayne contractor: Faisal and his team PROBLEM STATEMENT Due to missing connection to database, the website on clients local machine is generating errors thus preventing development. SOLUTION: Create a replica of RDS production server (to be called "dev") on AWS, that can be used for development on local environment and for staging testing later on. CONTRACTORS ANTICIPATED TASKS (high level) 1. Take backup of production database on AWS 2. Create new RDS instance (server) using the backup and restore the backup. 3. Configure and verify the network settings to make connections over internet. 4. Test connection of new dev database with web application on local environment. DELIVERABLES 1. Demo showing the we...

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    I'm seeking a professional who can assist with the setup of my SonicWall 270W firewall in my home network. Key Requirements: - Installation and configuration of the SonicWall firewall - Three LANs segmented to support: IoT LAN, Work LAN, and HomeLab LAN. - Setup Sonicwall VPN - Implementing network security best practices - Ensuring seamless network connectivity post-installation Ideal Candidates: - Previous experience with SonicWall firewall setup - Strong understanding of network security principles - Ability to handle a variety of devices and ensure their secure connection to the network - Proficiency in troubleshooting network-related issues and devices. Your proposal should include a clear outline of the steps you plan to take, as well as an estimate of t...

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    I'm in need of a seasoned IT professional who can set up a Windows-based VPN server for my company. The primary purpose of this server is to allow our employees to access the company's resources securely from remote locations, which is currently a pressing need for us. Key Requirements: - Configuration of a VPN server on Windows OS - Setting up a secure connection for remote employees - Allowing simultaneous connection for a small user base (1-10 users) Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Windows OS - Hands-on experience with VPN server configuration - Knowledge of network security best practices - Prior experience with remote access solutions Your expertise will play a crucial role in enhancing the security and efficiency of our remote w...

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    Preferred Commnications and Wi-Fi, Inc. is looking for Watchguard firewall techs for both firewall and endpoint security pre-Install config. and support. Requirements: - In-depth knowledge of hardware firewalls and their functionalities. - Expertise in intrusion detection systems. - Experience with high-risk threat detection and response. - Capable of optimizing firewall settings for maximum security. I am looking for a professional with a sterling track record in enhancing hardware firewall intrusion detection capabilities. If you are up to the task and confident with high-risk threat management, I would like to hear from you.

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    I've encountered an internal server error on my website when accessing a specific page. This issue is particularly critical as some of my visitors are unable to access my site due to this error. While some visitors can browse the website, others are completely blocked. Key Project Details: - The error is triggered when accessing a specific page. The rest of the website is accessible. - The issue is causing a split in visitor access, with some able to view the site consistently and others unable to access at all. - The problem is particularly urgent as it is directly impacting my site's usability. Skills and Experience Needed: - Proficient in troubleshooting common internal server error causes. - Experience in addressing website access discrepancies for users based...

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    I encountered an internal server error while trying to access a specific webpage on my website. The error is isolated as it only occurs on certain pages. Some visitors can access the site and some cannot. For example: I can access with WiFi but not with my mobile connecction. The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Proficient understanding of server-side technologies and the workings of web servers. - Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to troubleshoot technical issues effectively. (Wordpress) and (godaddy) - Experience in handling internal server errors, ideally on specific pages. - Good communication skills to effectively inform me of the error's cause and resolution. Please contact me if you have experience with this issue and think you...

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    I'm in need of an experienced web developer with strong shell scripting skills. While the main purpose of the website application is not specified, it's targeted at the general public. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven expertise in web application development - Experience in creating websites geared towards the general public - Robust skills in shell scripting - Ability to independently make decisions to enhance website functionalities Note: As the tasks for shell scripting are undefined, a flexible way of working is preferred for meeting emergent needs in the project.

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    I'm in need of an IT professional to set up an SMTP server on my Debian server. The primary purpose of this setup is to allow the server to send out automated email notifications for a custom-built application. Key requirements and expectations for this project include: - Setting up an SMTP server specifically utilizing Sendmail software on a Debian server - Ensuring that the configuration is optimized for automated email notifications - Providing guidance or documentation on how to integrate the SMTP server with my custom-built application Ideal candidates for this project should possess the following skills and experience: - Proficiency in working with Debian servers and setting up SMTP servers - Prior experience with Sendmail configurat...

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    I have a PostgreSQL database hosted on AWS. When trying to connect to my database server from my web application, I'm consistently receiving a TCP/IP error. Key Project Points: - The issue is specifically related to the TCP/IP connection between the web application and the AWS PostgreSQL database server. - The PostgreSQL database is hosted on AWS; it's not a local instance. - The web application is the only service experiencing this issue with the server. Ideal Freelancer: - Proficient in AWS services, particularly Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL. - Strong background in dealing with network errors, particularly TCP/IP. - Experience in troubleshooting web application and database connectivity issues.

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    BDA - Azure SQL Server 4 days left

    Looking for a Senior BDA with experience in. AZURE SQL SERVER. English mandatory. 1d per week helping to improve and maintain our main DBs.

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    Server issue after reboot 4 days left

    Hello After a reboot of a server our cpanel not working anymore, need urgent helpwith IMMEDIATE availability

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    I am looking for a cloud engineer who can assist with deploying an ASP.NET Web Form application on a Windows Server 2022 on VPS. Key Requirements: - The SQL Server DB and ASP.NET Forms have already been set up on the VPS Windows Server 2022. The main task is to ensure the successful deployment of the ASP.NET Web Form application. Additional Details: - The cloud provider I am currently using is WABYNE. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in cloud engineering and deployment processes. - Experience with ASP.NET Web Form applications. - Familiarity with Windows Server 2022 on VPS. - Knowledge of SSL certificate installation, database configuration, and firewall settings is a plus. Please provide your relevant experience, certifications, and portf...

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    I'm currently facing a critical problem with the email services on my server, which is configured with Cpanel and Cloudflare. All email communication, including webmail, has suddenly stopped. I need immediate assistance to resolve this issue. Key requirements and responsibilities include: - Diagnosing and fixing the email delivery problem - Ensuring that webmail services are fully operational - No error messages are being displayed, so it's crucial to identify the root cause of this issue - No recent changes have been made to the Cpanel or Cloudflare settings, which makes the issue even more perplexing The ideal candidate for this task would have: - Experience in working with Cpanel and Cloudflare - Proficiency in solving email delivery issues - Strong troubleshooting s...

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    I'm looking for a server administrator with intermediate Drupal experience to handle ongoing maintenance. Key responsibilities include: - Monitoring the server's performance and troubleshooting any issues that arise. - Ensuring the server remains secure and up-to-date with the latest patches. - Regularly backing up the server's data to prevent loss in case of failure. - Updating and maintaining the Drupal installation, ensuring compatibility with the server setup. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in Linux server administration and management. - Intermediate level of experience with Drupal, including installation and configuration. - Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills. - Understanding of best security practices for server...

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    Bought a react eCommerce template (front-end & back-end) from theme-forest. Provided documentation is not enough for server side installation. I need professional assist to install the project on server side and install the theme on server side.

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    8 bids

    I'm seeking a skilled REDM game developer, who takes a particular interest in creating a Roleplay server on the REDM network. Expertise in developing game mechanics are key for this project. The primary task involves: - Developing a Roleplay server game. - Incorporating customizable characters, multiplayer functionality, and an in-game economy system. A successful freelancer will have a good understanding of how to create immersive and engaging Roleplay environments, and experience in implementing character customization options, multiplayer functions and economy system into such a game. Candidate should possess expertise in REDM server game development and game design principles. A proven track record in similar projects will be advantageous.

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    31 bids from Figma. Additionally, implement minor functionality enhancements to the website, with a focus on email marketing features. Required Skills: Expertise in Figma: Seamlessly translate the Figma design into a fully functional website. Proficiency in PHP and Laravel framework: Ensure smooth backend integration and functionality. Knowledge of email marketing and technical aspects: Understand ports, servers, databases, and other relevant aspects to implement email marketing features. Please showcase relevant projects that demonstrate your expertise in UI/UX implementation. Additionally, provide details about your experience with PHP, Laravel and technical aspects of email marketing. Highlight your relevant experience and how it aligns with this project. I look forward to ...

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    I require a skilled Linux administrator to assist setting up a server on my local machine. I currently have a domain, cloudflare, WSL, ubuntu, ollama and ollama webui. I'm getting stuck on connecting my domain through cloudflare tunnel to my linux server so that I can access ollama's webui remotely. Key Responsibilities: - Install and configure Linux server for accessing the Cloudflare tunnel website - Ensure the server is optimally configured for devices outside the network Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Linux server setup and administration - Experience with Cloudflare tunnel configurations - Knowledgeable about server configuration for network accessibility - Background in IT security to ensure secure network access. -Experience with...

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    I'm looking for an experienced and knowledgeable SQL Server professional who can help me resolve a connection issue I'm experiencing. - **Connection Method**: I'm currently using Windows Authentication to connect to the SQL Server. - **SQL Server Version**: I'm using SQL Server Management Studio 20. - **Error Message**: When trying to connect, I receive an error message indicating that the connection has failed. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Extensive experience with SQL Server, particularly with the version I'm using. - Proficiency in troubleshooting connection issues. - Strong communication skills to guide me through the resolution process.

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    46 bids

    I'm seeking a professional to help set up a Windows-based server using virtual machines for the purpose of managing remote profiles. Key requirements: - Proficiency in setting up and configuring Windows Operating Systems - Experience in creating and managing Virtual Machines, particularly in a VPS environment - Prior work in server configurations and network management The ideal candidate will be able to work efficiently, communicate effectively, and provide guidance on scalability and security for the server setup.

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    Hello, I would like to hire someone who can create a complete discord server, with bot design, channels, etc.

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    As someone who values efficient and cost-effective operations, I'm intent on leveraging the full potential of my Microsoft SQL Server database. The core of this project involves enhancing performance and decreasing cost. To enrich the function of my database, I'll need an expert who can: - Improve overall performance, guaranteeing smoother, faster operations - Implement strategies for cost reduction without compromising quality and performance The ideal freelancer will be someone with extensive experience in Microsoft SQL Server, superb knowledge in database performance enhancement, and proven strategies for cost-reduction. If you can deliver this, you'd be the perfect fit.

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    I'm in need of an experienced individual to migrate my current Moodle site from a shared server to a dedicated server. This move is primarily to prepare for an expected increase in traffic, and I'm looking for someone who can not only handle the technical aspects of this migration but can also help with optimizing the server for improved performance. Key Requirements: - Expertise in server migration, specifically Moodle - Ability to create a custom configuration for performance optimization - Prior experience in handling increased traffic on a dedicated server Please only apply if you have experience with Moodle and can guarantee a smooth migration process.

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    ...experienced Netapp server hardware engineer to help me with troubleshooting, configuring, and installing server components. Key Tasks: - Troubleshoot hardware issues: The server is experiencing hard disk and motherboard failure, leading to performance issues and potential data loss. The ideal candidate will be proficient in diagnosing and resolving these hardware problems promptly. - Configuring Netapp server: I require assistance with configuring the server to ensure optimal performance and security. Proficiency with Netapp server setup and configuration is a must. - Installing server components: The successful candidate will also be responsible for installing new hardware components to replace those that have failed. Ideal Candidate:...

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    ...looking for Hyderabad Freelancers only. As a bustling business that utilizes both Windows Server and macOS Server, I am in need of a seasoned System Administrator adept in troubleshooting a multitude of server issues. Included specifically in our needs are support in managing our network infrastructure, implementing bulletproof security measures, and effective assistance with our server configuration requirements. Key areas of expertise include: - Proficiency with Windows Server and macOS Server - Troubleshooting diverse server issues - Network infrastructure management - Security measures implementation - Experience with Active Directory setup - Knowledge in DNS configuration - Skilled in Firewall setup Deep technical understa...

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    Implement DNS Server in Go 2 days left

    I'm in immediate need of a DNS server implementation using UDP sockets in Go. The primary purpose of this server is to resolve domain names to IP addresses within the shortest possible time frame. Key Requirements: - Implementation of a DNS server in Go - Utilization of UDP sockets for communication - Support for resolving domain names to IP addresses - Ability to run on multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, and macOS Ideally, I'm looking for a freelancer with: - Proven experience in developing DNS servers - Proficiency in Go programming language - Strong understanding of UDP sockets - Ability to ensure cross-platform compatibility - Immediate availability to complete the project ASAP Please provide a brief overview of your relevant experience, you...

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    ...installed throughout the home. Would like additional unifi access (U6 Wall) points to ensure full coverage. Key Requirements: - Full home network setup: This includes configuring the UniFi Dream Machine and ensuring proper connectivity throughout the premises. - Ensure Bell Fibe full functioning with Dream Wall and IPTV utilizing 10gSFP to obtain maximum speeds. - train homeowners on network and firewall (in person) - provide information on how to add cameras (in person) - terminate Cat5 cables at Dream Wall and install 2 U6 In-Wall devices (termination also required) - local only Ideal Skills/Experience: - Proficiency with Ubiquiti networking equipment, especially the UniFi Dream Machine. - Prior experience with setting up full home networks. - Strong troubleshooting skills fo...

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    20 bids

    We are seeking a skilled freelancer to develop an OIDC (OpenID Connect) server capable of delegating authentication to a CAS (Central Authentication Service) server. The OIDC implementation will be based on IdentityServer4. The primary objective is to establish a secure and efficient authentication mechanism within our system, leveraging the capabilities of both OIDC and CAS protocols. The ideal candidate should possess expertise in IdentityServer4 and have experience in integrating it with external authentication providers such as CAS. Additionally, familiarity with authentication protocols and best practices in web security is highly desirable.

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    27 bids

    I'm looking for an experienced system administrator who can help with setting up an SSL certificate on my Ubuntu Apache web server. This task will require a good understanding of web server security, Apache, and Ubuntu operating systems. Key tasks will involve: - Validating the pre-existing SSL certificate - Configuring Apache to work with SSL - Testing the certificate to ensure it's working perfectly Users should have: - Extensive experience with Linux, specifically Ubuntu - Experience in web server security - Proficiency with Apache server setup - Familiarity with SSL installation and configuration

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    9 bids

    ...understanding of small-scale, on-premise data centers Freelancer job description, data center configuration Given: • 10ft container - 2 racks , Each rack can be height 42U. And app 1100 mm deep • 20ft container – 4 racks, Each rack can be height 42U. And app 1100 mm deep We'd recommend a gigabit connection (can be shared between all servers at one location) with 100 forwarded ports OR a dedicated IP for each server. Each server requires: - 16 GB of RAM per GPU - PCIE 4.0 x8 / 3.0 x16 bandwidth per GPU - At least 8 CPU threads per GPU - ***A graphics device that will not be passed through for customers, e.g. an old GPU, the integrated graphics of a CPU, or of a motherboard that supports it (e.g. the Asrock Rack ROMED8-2T comes with an onb...

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    15 bids

    I'm in urgent need of a Microsoft Azure expert who can assist with designing, deploying, and managing our Azure infrastructure. The tasks involved are crucial and require an experienced professional who can handle them with efficiency and accuracy. Key Responsibilities: - Designing Azure infrastructure: This involves creating a blueprint of the entire setup including virtual machines, storage accounts, virtual networks, and other resources. - Deploying Azure infrastructure: Once the design is finalized, the admin will be responsible for implementing the infrastructure based on the design. - Managing Azure infrastructure: After successful deployment, continuous management is required to ensure everything runs smoothly. The admin should be able to troubleshoot issues, optimize perfo...

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    Want to setup one aws - subdomain for nodejs api to run - 2 public html domain website - install free ssl - provide proper ftp, putty access and ensure proper security to be taken care - Need to ensure no further issue come Only apply if you ok with 600 INR. and also in future ready to work on same price for 1 VPS setup work

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    10 bids