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    My project is looking for a skilled Full Stack Developer with expertise in Python FastAPI. The key aspects of this project include: - **User Authentication**: I need the developer to implement secure user authentication for my web application. - **Database Integration**: This project requires integrating the web application backend with MySQL. - **REST API Endpoints**: The FastAPI should be set up to include all necessary REST API endpoints for smooth operation. Ideal skills for this project include: - Proficiency in Python and FastAPI - Strong understanding of web application backend development - Experience with MySQL and database integration - Knowledge of REST API development - Expertise in implementing secure user authentication in web applications. If you...

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    I have a YOLO v5 detection Python script, and I'm looking to turn it into an API-based web program with FastAPI. The API must support user inputs for 4 Twilio contact numbers and 4 RTSP addresses, and it should display the four video streams in a grid on a single page. Key requirements: - Convert the existing YOLO v5 detection Python script into a FastAPI-based web program. - Implement user input functionality for 4 Twilio contact numbers and 4 RTSP addresses. - Display the video streams in a grid layout on a single webpage. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in Python and experience with YOLO v5 detection. - Strong knowledge of FastAPI for building web APIs. - Previous experience integrating Twilio for messaging. - Familiarity with displaying multiple v...

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    Python and Angular Developers Needed for Small-Scale Project Skills Required: - Proficiency in Python and Angular - Knowledge of Python frameworks such as FastAPI - Experience in front-end development using Angular - Strong understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Project Scope: - The project is a small-scale application development - It involves creating a web application using Python and Angular - The application will have basic functionality and features Timeline: - The project does not have a specific deadline - The developer can work at their own pace and availability Requirements: - Must have prior experience in Python and Angular development - Ability to work independently and deliver high-quality code - Good communication skills and ability to follow instructions Plea...

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    I'm in need of a professional to assist me in understanding/developing an API using FastAPI and Pydantic. The primary target users of the API will be web developers. Code is written by someone else, but require some help in understanding the workflow.

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    I need to hire an expert to develop a poc (proof of concept) for me with flet + python or flutter. A line graph, a bar graph and a canvas must be...develop a poc (proof of concept) for me with flet + python or flutter. A line graph, a bar graph and a canvas must be made with a background image with 5 variables located in different places on the image, showing new data every 10 seconds The deliverable is the sources installed in Visual Code, publishing and running on an Android cell phone and a website It must be developed with async and fastapi methods, depending on the results we can look at 100% development of the app, but a proof of concept needs to be done before starting the large project. thank you so much Demonstrated experience in dashboard development with flet or flutter...

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    Hello, I saw your profile and I am interested in requesting your support, I need a poc (proof of concept) with flet + python that makes a line graph, a bar graph and a donut graph on an android and on a website It is very important that from my computer I can install the project on an Android mobile that works with async and fastapi methodology, depending on the results we can look at 100% development of the app, but I do need to do a proof of concept before starting the big project. thank you so much

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    ...for a skilled DevOps professional who can help me design and implement a robust CI/CD pipeline for my FastAPI application. The host platform should be Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Key responsibilities include: - Setting up a CI/CD pipeline that is focused on automating the testing and deployment processes. - Ensuring the pipeline is well integrated with Github Actions. - Deploy the FastAPI application on both AWS and Azure. Additional tasks: - Implementing detailed logging and performance metrics for the application. The ideal candidate will possess: - Proven experience in DevOps and CI/CD pipeline design. - Extensive knowledge of AWS and Azure. - Familiarity with FastAPI and proficiency in hosting it on cloud platforms. - Strong experience in i...

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    I faced some issues related to send email on gmail smtp. please check attached file. please ping me who has rich experience in sending email on fastapi using gmail smtp.

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    ...proficient Python developer with expertise in the FastAPI framework to create an API for a small scale project with few users and limited data. Here’s what’s needed: - Comprehensive Database integration: Ensure seamless integration with a non-relational database, specifically MongoDB. - Execute CRUD operations: The API should be capable of executing functions like Create, Read, Update, and Delete within the database. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience with Python and FastAPI framework. - Experience working with non-relational databases, particularly MongoDB. - Knowledge of CRUD operations and API development. This would be a fantastic fit for someone looking to utilise their skills to drive a small yet critical project. Your acumen in FastA...

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    ...if your backend starts receiving audio over the open websocket connection) then the output stream has to be stopped. For this you will need to design a queueing system or any system that can do this. You need to manage the sequencing, buffering etc to ensure that the system works irrespective of traffic congestion and other conditions. Skills and experience needed: - Proficiency in Python and FastAPI and websocket - min 3 years experience - Proficiency in speech to text and text to speech libraries - min 1 year experience - Experience with real-time audio processing - should have worked with real-time audio on 3 projects at least - Strong background in asynchronous programming and asyncio queues - highly experienced in this - Understanding of concurrency handling in web applicat...

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    I'm seeking an experienced C# developer to port a python webapp app to a C# web app (most likely ASP .NET with RazorPages). There is no database, all the data comes from an existing API. Key Skills & Experience Required: - understanding the fastapi + jinja templates (python based) - Hands-on experience in developing RESTful APIs using C# - simple and clean code - data serialisation The entire app has 100 lines of code + ca 100 lines of HTML template There are 3 buttons and about 6 endpoints Task: GIVEN: A simple webapp in python (fastapi + jinja) RESULT: - A webapp with the same functionality based on C# - it should be easy to understand / clean code - data serialisation as in the python app / template - short documentation (dependencies/install/deploy) ...

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    I have a project that's built using React, FastAPI, ChatGPT, Eleven Labs, and Firebase and hosted on Digital Ocean. The app works well on the frontend, but experiences issues with the backend. The problem is that the backend stops working whenever the terminal shuts down. I'm not sure if I've configured my backend server on Digital Ocean to run as a service or in the background. Key points: - Need troubleshooting to determine and resolve why the backend stops working when the terminal is shut down. - Check if the backend server is set to run as a service or in the background on Digital Ocean. - Ensure the app is fully functional and accessible after deployment. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in React and FastAPI. - Experienced with deploying applications on D...

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    In this project, I am seeking to find a seasoned Python developer with expertise in the FastAPI framework. Key duties will include: - Developing a web application that can perform CRUD operations. - Implementing a reliable user authentication system. - Integrating the application with external APIs, namely payment gateways like Stripe and Paypal. An ideal candidate has experience working with Python, FastAPI, and payment gateway APIs. They should also have an extensive background in CRUD operations and user authentication systems. If you meet this description, I encourage you to bid. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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    Aplicação feita em FastAPI Erro em questão: CloseCode.ABNORMAL_CLOSURE Estou com problemas na minha aplicação usando FastApi onde que depois de algum tempo de conexão entre o bot e a api e varius usuarios usando a mesma a conexão do bot e simplismente e fechada por motivo nenhum: Log: """ 2023-11-02 03:47:18,593 - [8baf721e-bc97-40ff-9b2e-4bc7e6327c2f]Bot -> An error occurred: CloseCode.ABNORMAL_CLOSURE Traceback (most recent call last): File "/root/api_tecnologiamilionaria/app/", line 171, in bot_endpoint data = await websocket.receive_json() File "/usr/local/lib/python3.10/dist-packages/starlette/", line 133, in receive_json self._raise_on_disconnect(message) File "/us...

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    I'm searching for an experienced React Native developer to assist me in building a mobile app that will operate on both iOS and Android platforms. The app's primary objective is to provide a social networking environment for users. Job Title: React Native Developer Location: Remote About the Role: Join our innovative team as a Frontend Developer Intern, wher...of JavaScript (including ES6+) and TypeScript. * ⁠Experience with React, Node.js and React Native frameworks. * ⁠Good understanding of Tailwind, and Redux. * ⁠Ability to write clean, well-documented code and follow coding standards. * ⁠Eagerness to learn new technologies and frameworks. * ⁠Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail. Preferred Qualifications: * Familiarity with FastAPI is an added ...

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    ...the LLM. Key Criteria for Success: Robust technical execution that meets core requirements Modular, extensible architecture for flexibility over time Quality, well-tested code delivered on time Clear, prompt communication throughout project Key Components: Text/file ingestion and vectorization Semantic similarity search in Milvus/SPTAG Local post-hoc model explanations Production-ready Flask/FastAPI UI Documentation and usage guides Document Ingestion (spaCy, Beautiful Soup, PyMuPDF): Scrape/ingest docs, extract text, handle formats Vectorization (Sentence/Doc2Vec): Convert text to distributed representations Vector Database (Milvus, SPTAG): Store/index vectors at scale for retrieval Semantic Search (FAISS): Leverage ANN for related content finding Knowledge Graph (spaCy, Netwo...

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    I need an expert in Ionos Cloud platform to help me deploy a project which mainly requires web server setup. For the deployment, the project would require specific server configurations or software installations on Ionos, including React, FastAPI: - Expertise in Ionos cloud platform - Setup of web server - Software installations for FastAPI and React Ideal freelancers should have extensive experience in cloud deployments, specifically with Ionos, and should be well-versed with web server setup and software installations for FastAPI and React.

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    I am a php developer building api project on python , I need someone to assist me on project

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    ...a startup in stealth mode located in the Bay Area. Our mission is to revolutionize Event management through innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology. **Role Overview**: We are seeking an experienced Backend Developer with strong expertise in FastAPI to join our dynamic team. This individual will be responsible for building and maintaining the server-side logic, ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from the frontend. **Key Responsibilities**: 1. Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable FastAPI code. 2. Implementation of security and data protection solutions. 3. Integration with frontend components and third-party services. 4. Define and maintain the database models and schemas using MongoEngine with MongoDB. 5. Optimize ap...

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    本项目旨在开发一个基于 和 MDX 的互动学习网站。我们的目标是实现一个翻转卡片选择题组件,以增强户的学习体验。该组件将嵌入到由 Contentlayer 处理的 MDX 文件中,并能够加载自定义 React 组件。 This project aims to develop an interactive learning website based on and MDX. Our goal is to implement a flip card quiz component to enhance the user's learning experience. This component will be embedded into MDX files processed by Contentlayer and will be capable of loading custom React components.

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    I need a Terraform configuration to provision my EC2 resources on AWS. This configuration should allow me to deploy the EC2 instances and also bring-down when needed. Key Requirements: An EC2 instance with Securit...allowed to the instance. A Bastion/jump server for SSH to EC2. EC2 connects to the internet using NAT-gateway. WAF to be integrated with ALB, and ALB only listens on HTTPS. Security groups are restricted with limited access. Allocate and associate an elastic IP to the instance. The EC2 instance will run Ubuntu and serve as application server. I can provide AMI image of the web-app. It is a Python FastAPI/Nginx app. No other service is needed like RDS or S3 etc. Docker or Kubernetes are not needed, and the app is not using any Databases. It is a Single Region Deployment...

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    Game official website 1. Refer to the example, use Word Press to create a web page structure, just like the file content 2. Multi-language switching function 3. The operational flexibility of adding and deleting games on the page needs to be retained 4. No need to make games or design, we will provide the graphics used on the website 1. 參考範例,使Word Press製作網頁架構,如同文件內容 2. 多國語系切換功能 3. 需保留頁面上新增與刪除遊戲的操作彈性 4. 無須製作遊戲、無須設計,網站上使到的圖素我們會提供

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    ...models (LLM) to interact with customers, applying marketing techniques to maximize re-engagement and scheduling. API and Backend: Implementation using FastAPI and SQLAlchemy to ensure rapid and scalable development, with support for containerization via Docker. User Management: A user administration system with hierarchical roles, allowing the master user to manage permissions and access. UI Portal: The portal should show all conversations, rate of interest of individuals. Should have the hability to handle multiple campaings, have a calendar itself. Technologies to be Used: (We can discuss) Frontend and Backend: FastAPI, SQLAlchemy Containerization: Docker AI and Language Models: Development of a LLM model adapted to marketing needs and customer ...

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    I am seeking a full stack developer with FastAPI expertise to create a strategic business management web tool tailored towards small businesses. THIS TOOL IS FOR A PRESENTATION BY ME, THE DEADLINE IS UNTIL SUNDAY (04/08/2024), WE DO NOT NEED VERY COMPLEX LOGICS OR USER AUTHENTICATIONS. Key Functionalities to Develop Vision Submission System: Interface for users to submit detailed descriptions of their business visions. Go-To-Market Plan Analysis: Logic and infrastructure to analyze submitted visions and generate tailored strategic plans. Utilization of Full Stack FastAPI Template () Leverage the existing user authentication (login and registration) provided by the template. Use the template's built-in database and schema designs

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    I'm seeking an experienced Python engineer with strong knowledge in Django and Fastapi to help set up a CI/CD pipeline using AWS for an E-commerce platform. This project involves working with microservice architectures for simplicity and scalability. Due to the nature of this project, strong prior experience in AWS and microservice architecture is highly desirable. Ideal Skills and Experience: *Proficiency in Python, Django and Fastapi * Experience in setting up and maintaining AWS CI/CD pipelines * Extensive knowledge of E-commerce platforms and microservice architectures Please note that the specific functionalities and features for the E-commerce platform are still under consideration, and may be discussed and finalized upon project commencement.

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    ...1000 articles to source). In that case, we can also offer an additional 2-3% commission on the sales price for all items our customer chooses to buy.   我们寻找一个中国采购自由职业者来协助我们公司: 职位描述: - 在等中国采购平台上采购商品 - 寻找能够以可行的价格为欧洲电子商务平台提供 50 种不同商品所需产品的供应商。 - 通过填写提供的 Excel 表格清楚地传达调查结果。 视频将提供清晰的解释。 - 确认所有细节后两周内完成工作。 要求: - 在中国采购平台上采购许多商品时必须高效工作。 速度是关键。 - 必须努力寻找最适合工作价格和交货条件的商品。 - 中文与供应商进行有效沟通并协商工作价格和条件。 - 居住在广州或广东其他城市者优先。 支付: - 项目费为 150 美元/1085 人民币。 下一个项目: 项目交付后,我们将评估结果。 如果结果可行,我们可以提供更多的工作(我们还有 1000 多个商品需要采购)。 在这种情况下,我们还可以为客户选择购买的所有商品提供销售价格 2-3% 的额外佣金。

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    ...1电报机器人骰子快三在群内多人玩法流程与设计: 2群内成员可通过在群组输入下注金额与下注结果,电报机器人读取户的下注并且入库,再开奖后计算出相应的赔率 3电报机器人需可控制的将生成三个骰子的点数,后台想要几点就几点,并展示给玩家们观看; 4玩家们可以选择猜测三个骰子的点数总和为大、小或特定的点数; 5玩家猜测后,电报机器人每三分钟会公布骰子点数总和,并根据玩家猜测的结果判定输赢; 6每局游戏结束后,参与的玩家可以查看自己的得分情况,并进行结算; 7玩家们可以在群内实时查看其他玩家的下注、成绩等信息,增加互动性; 8电报机器人可以设定每局游戏的限额 ,防止玩家刷分等作弊行为; 9系统可以记录玩家的战绩,以排行榜形式展示在群内,激励玩家们更积极参与游戏。 10还需一套完整的群消息备份记录,记录15天的所有群内消息与个账户消息 11游戏使usdt的货币作为衡量标准,赔付与下注都是usdt结算 12户私信机器人可获取到记录每位户近期50下注、提现、充值 13户在群组内输入“近期10”则机器人显示出近期10的开奖结果,此消息并且30秒内自动销毁 14机器人每局记录户的下注金额,下注点数,每三分钟开奖,前30秒停止下注,并且机器人在群内弹出停止下注的消息,呈现所有下注玩家的下注金额与点数 15每三分钟开奖后,记录中奖玩家与未中奖玩家,玩家中奖后赔付相应的赔率 16每局游戏由下注金额最高的玩家20秒内投掷三颗骰子,玩家下注金额相同则由先下注的投掷,20秒内玩家未投掷三颗骰子或未投掷完三颗骰子剩下的则由机器人代为投掷,玩家与机器人同时投掷则已机器人的为准 17最重要的是能够通过代码控制骰子表情包,后台想要骰子结果是几点就...

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    I'm in urgent need of a proficient Python developer versed in FastAPI for API development. The main task involves building APIs with a possible consideration for future functionalities which may include data manipulation, integration with external services and user authentication and authorization. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive Python coding experience - Proficient in FastAPI - Experience in building robust APIs - React.js development. Timing: Part time - Long term project.

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    As a client, I'm searching for an experienced developer who can create me an automate...participants. Recordings: - Recording all participants individually and the entire meeting, this includes both visual and audio content. Deployment & Coding: - The bot should be developed using Python and FastAPI. - It should be deployed as a microservice in a docker, with exposed APIs. - The bot should live store the meeting's files in real-time to Azure blob storage. Security Measures: - At least a basic level of security is required for the unique email generation and bot's ability to join meetings. The ideal candidate for this project should have solid experience in Python, FastAPI, Azure, and MS Teams API. Practical experience in bot developing, specifically fo...

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    I need a skilled developer to start a Chrome extension project. testing and deployment in the future. This project includes several components: 1. **Backend**: Create a basic python backend using FastAPI. The backend should support encrypted communication. 2. **Chrome Extension**: User can send textual page content to the server to be logged in a database. In the database, text is indexed by user-id and url. 3. **User Authentication**: The extension will use Google sign-in for user authentication. 4. **Deployment**: You will choose a deployment setup which is easy to manage. I don't care about scale. 5. **CI/CD** Ideal candidates should have proven experience with Chrome extension development, Python, FastAPI, various databases, Google sign-in authentica...

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    1. The need to connect in Chinese is the first priority 会说中文,会whatsapp及时沟通 2. we have the website design in Figma already, pls use WordPress but no charged plugin 3. Total 5 pages with both Chinese and English versions 4. we only provide the design in Figma for desktop design, should make the responsive website for both iPad and mobile versions when making the website. 5. help to launch websites 6. pls do the google SEO globally after website launched 7. Quotation with website builder and Google SEO

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    I'm seeking a seasoned developer to create a Postgres database and FastAPI project. The postgres database will have pgvector embeddings And fastapi will havw standard get post functuins to retrieve data and embeddings and store data in tables. Will share tabe structures And api endpoints to have

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    ...a startup in stealth mode located in the Bay Area. Our mission is to revolutionize Event management through innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology. **Role Overview**: We are seeking an experienced Backend Developer with strong expertise in FastAPI to join our dynamic team. This individual will be responsible for building and maintaining the server-side logic, ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from the frontend. **Key Responsibilities**: 1. Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable FastAPI code. 2. Implementation of security and data protection solutions. 3. Integration with frontend components and third-party services. 4. Define and maintain the database models and schemas using MongoEngine with MongoDB. 5. Optimize ap...

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    想搵marketing 報價 首月一次性費business set up包含 Web site Wordpress set up Facebook WhatsApp linkin Google SEO setting Google ad 其後每月1000 maintenance

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    I am seeking an experienced developer for the creation of a FastAPI backend. This will connect with the WhatsApp API, including a seamless login and logout functionality. Essential elements also include: - Enabling auto-answers - Facilitating group messaging - Managing private messaging - Permitting the sending of files - And, maintaining instances for an indefinite period. Your expertise should ideally be in backend development with prior exposure to FastAPI and the WhatsApp API. You should understand the mechanisms of chat applications and be savvy with file transfer protocols. Experience with maintaining instance states is a must. If you can bring these skills to my project, I'd love to hear from you.

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    vpn iso 和安卓端开发,需要支持v2 ss trjian 等协议,可以根据现有的免费源码客户端做修改,增加户登录功能,双端开发,需要技术娴熟,软件架构代码明晰。 中国客户优先,比较好沟通 Vpn iso and Android development, need to support v2 ss trjian protocol, can be modified according to the existing free source client, increase user login function, double-end development, need skilled, software architecture code clear. Candidates must have done a vpn project before or have an understanding.

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    Need to develop the Fast API as per the requirement.

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    I am looking for a skilled Backend Developer to work on the development of various modules for my exciting social app. As a Backend Developer, you will primarily focus on designing, implementing, and maintai...Group's, Chat, Notification, Comments, Likes, QR Code, Order/tickets, Payment, Calendar, Promotions, Proposals, Offers, Friend, and Gig's Modules. -Ensure the reliability, security, and performance of backend services. -Develop APIs to support frontend features and integrations. Some Requirements: -Solid experience in backend development with the technologies like , Node.js, MongoDB, FastAPI, PHP, Python, and Django. -Understanding of API development and integration. -Databases. -Social between users -Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail for a ...

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    ...our admin panel. The backend will be developed using FastAPI, a high-performance web framework for building APIs with Python, and MongoDB for data storage. Requirements: Expertise in FastAPI and MongoDB is essential. In-depth understanding of RESTful APIs, CRUD operations, and web security best practices. Ability to implement robust security measures to protect against common vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and cross-site request forgery (CSRF). Experience with user authentication and authorization mechanisms, including token-based authentication and role-based access control (RBAC). Strong communication skills and the ability to collaborate effectively with our team. Deliverables: Develop a FastAPI backend with CRUD endpoints f...

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    當然,我需要一比特經驗豐富的前端開發專家協助我啟動新的企業項目。 我們要開發的是戶管理後臺改版,現有系統是layui編寫,需要改為前後端分離,使ant Design框架 【項目要求】: -需要中文或粤语沟通 -至少有3年的相關工作經驗 -熟悉TypeScript -熟練使Vue和Node.js -熟練使element ui和Ant Design,Jquery框架 -熟練Less,Sass等CSS預處理器 -使webpack處理並優化壓縮項目 -提供原始程式碼 -確保網頁在常瀏覽器和手機端上都能順暢訪問 -確保頁面流暢不卡頓 【我們將提供】: -理想樣式參攷圖 -原項目源碼及效果圖 -對接團隊支援 !!!!可参考这样效果的

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    I'm looking for a Python pro to create an insightful, in-depth, and highly engaging video tutorial. This should focus exclusively on the Python-based Flet and FastApi libraries with Postgresql. A simple noteapp with the right folder structure... Key Requirements: I would like to understand how to use both technologies with a simple Note Api (restful api) where you can create a note, edit it and erase it and create also a simple registration and login.. My goal is : 1. to learn how to set up the right project structure for big applications that can scale up..(MVC pattern) 2. how to properly create endpoints and connect backend with frontend FRONTEND: note_api_project/ │ ├── api/ │ ├── │ ├── # API routes for handling notes │ └── # Views

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    I have a React Typescript application, and FastAPI backend. I have existing flood dns simulation code. I need a developer that can add the simulation code to my existing application. means I will be able to create new simulation and see progress of existing simulations in my React application.

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    I am looking for a competent developer to integrate into an existing chat application that uses React for the frontend and FastAPI and Python for the backend. This project is compiled inside a Docker container. What I need is real-time messaging functionality, to ensure seamless async messaging. Key Responsibilities: - Incorporate into an already created chat application - Implement real-time messaging, enabling async communication to the frontend Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience with Python, FastAPI, and - Familiarity with Docker containers - Proficiency in JavaScript, specifically knowledge in React.js would be highly advantageous Note that I am aiming to have this project completed within the next few days, so your prompt response and

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    项目内容:海外网站前端网页制作 - 多个海外站点产品详情页等单页的富交互页面制作,需要在英文版本交付的基础上做多语种交付 - 包括PC端和手机移动端(设计会稍有差别,无法直接自适应) - 不含页头尾、contact us、cookie使指示等公共可复部分,必须提供的git仓库脚手架 (含基础的代码框架)来实现中间内容 参考网页 招募要求 - 必须熟悉JQuery和CSS3动画 - 熟悉tweenmax库尤佳 - 时间较为自由充裕,可以在工作日的工作时间进行沟通交流 - 远程开发,中文沟通

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    Python scripts to handle automation within Smartsheet. Scripts will be hosted on server running FastAPI managed by uvicorn. Smartsheet API helper script should handle all API uses, including the creation and management of web hooks. There will eventually be multiple webhooks. For the purpose of this exercise, I just need one example of a web hook created on user saving worksheet, to trigger a script that: 1. Gathers all of the values from a column in a separate sheet 2. Sorts values ascending 3. Updates a dropdown list on the primary sheet. The two sample sheet API keys will be provided. Python Requirements Write Python 3 script that is PEP8 compliant code. When doing web requests, ensure asynchronous functionality as well as bundling jobs. All imports should be at the top of t...

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    I am currently seeking a professional with a strong background in Python and Machine Learning to help debug an issue with our API response time. The specific issue is related to REST API response which is currently running in the 2-digit millisecond range. I am running FastAPI + Uvicorn server setup on EC2 instance. I am using 4 Uvicorn workers and 4 celery workers on 8vCPU Ec2 instance. I am performing very simple task. I get data on post API, schedule background task using celery and return response immediately. For this simple task if I send 40 concurrent request at sec, I get p99 as 600 ms which is very high. It should be within two digit. Can you help me debug this issue ? Key Project Details & Requirements: - Debugging: You'll need experience in debugging machine ...

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    ... 请收集具有以下<技术说明>一栏中所述技术的车辆产品信息。 <技術说明>  此技术通过车辆内搭载的平视显示器、方向盘、座椅等警告装置,通过其振动、声音、光学显示等方式向驾驶员发出警告,从而提高车辆驾驶的安全性。 此技术的困难之处在于,当驾驶员注意力下降时,由于驾驶员难以对警告做出反应,可能导致无法提高车辆驾驶的安全性。 为了解决这个课题,将执行以下多种警告。首先,当驾驶员没有看向车辆前方时,发出第一次警告。如果驾驶员没有看向前方并且没有握住方向盘时,在第一次警告后进行第二次警告。第一次警告与第二次警告是不同类型的警告。请在本次悬赏中寻找这项技术。 <<注意事項>> 本次调查对象的车辆品牌限于※美国、欧洲、中国和韩国品牌。截止时间2024年2月29日。 <要求> 请提交明确的证据关于所涉产品的详细信息、销售该产品的公司名称、及计划销售该产品的公司。证据包括网站、YouTube等视频、修理手册、实物照片、车辆户说明书(手册)等。 请明确指出作为证据的网站或YouTube等视频的URL链接。 请明确指出上述技术的公开者。 [例1]★技术细节 YouTube:URL链接 时间:2:30~3:15 产品名:MODEL S 公司名:TESLA [例2]★技术细节 URL: URL链接 记载部分:第二段落 产品名:MODEL S 公司名:TESLA 计划销售一词包括正在开发的产品。 如果证据中明确记载了开发该产品的公司名,则满足支付要求。 请按照您信心顺序列出信息。

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    <委托内容>  请收集具有以下<技术说明>一栏中所述技术的车辆产品信息。 <技術说明>  此技术与车辆相关,特别是关于便携式电子设备充电状态的视觉提示的技术。 当在车内给便携式(手持式)电气设备充电时,车内的照明装置会通过改变光的颜色等特性,来向户显示便携式电气设备的充电状态。例如,充电时灯光为红色。 通过这个系统,户无需直接查看电子设备就能确认充电状态。照明装置作为车辆的一部分安装在车上,照明装置并不内置在电子设备中。请对这项技术进行调查。 <注意事項> 本次调查对象的车辆品牌限于※美国、欧洲、中国和韩国品牌。截止时间2024年2月29日。 <要求> 请提交明确的证据关于所涉产品的详细信息、销售该产品的公司名称、及计划销售该产品的公司。证据包括网站、YouTube等视频、修理手册、实物照片、车辆户说明书(手册)等。 请明确指出作为证据的网站或YouTube等视频的URL链接。 请明确指出上述技术的公开者。 [例1]★技术细节 YouTube:URL链接 时间:2:30~3:15 产品名:MODEL S 公司名:TESLA [例2]★技术细节 URL: URL链接 记载部分:第二段落 产品名:MODEL S 公司名:TESLA 计划销售一词包括正在开发的产品。 如果证据中明确记载了开发该产品的公司名,则满足要求。 请按照您信心顺序列出信息。

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    ... 请收集具有以下<技术说明>一栏中所述技术的车辆产品信息。 <技術说明>  此技术通过车辆内搭载的平视显示器、方向盘、座椅等警告装置,通过其振动、声音、光学显示等方式向驾驶员发出警告,从而提高车辆驾驶的安全性。 此技术的困难之处在于,当驾驶员注意力下降时,由于驾驶员难以对警告做出反应,可能导致无法提高车辆驾驶的安全性。 为了解决这个课题,将执行以下多种警告。首先,当驾驶员没有看向车辆前方时,发出第一次警告。如果驾驶员没有看向前方并且没有握住方向盘时,在第一次警告后进行第二次警告。第一次警告与第二次警告是不同类型的警告。请在本次竞赛中寻找这项技术。 <<注意事項>> 本次调查对象的车辆品牌限于※美国、欧洲、中国和韩国品牌。 <支付要求> 请提交明确的证据关于所涉产品的详细信息、销售该产品的公司名称、及计划销售该产品的公司。证据包括网站、YouTube等视频、修理手册、实物照片、车辆户说明书(手册)等。 请明确指出作为证据的网站或YouTube等视频的URL链接。 请明确指出上述技术的公开者。 [例1]★技术细节 YouTube:"" 时间:2:30~3:15 产品名:"MODEL S" 公司名:"TESLA" [例2]★技术细节 URL: https://OEczSq 记载部分:第二段落 产品名:"MODEL S" 公司名:"TESLA" "计划销售"一词包括正在开发的产品。 如果证据中明确记载了开发该产品的公司名,则满足支付要求。 请按照您信心顺序列出信息。

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