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  • shan1985's Profile Picture
    Specialist Youtube
    18 Reviews

    Highly recommended freelancer for all Youtube and social networking assignments. Other expertise areas include graphic design and banner design. Very recommendable.

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  • niwomb1's Profile Picture
    Youtube Company
    1176 Reviews

    Leading company with professionals skilled in Youtube, Twitter, advertising, Facebook marketing, social networking, Google Plus and Google Adsense. Very recommendable.

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  • ddsaharan's Profile Picture
    Efficient Youtube Expert
    61 Reviews

    Youtube Expert with experience in internet marketing, 100% Real, Organic, Natural & Targeted Likes/Followers, Google Adsense and content writing. Delivers high quality work.

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  • JoshuaBaker's Profile Picture
    Bilingual Youtube Expert
    25 Reviews

    Bilingual Youtube expert with expertise in English. Photoshop designer skilled in photoshop logos designs, websites banners and photo editing . Very recommendable.

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  • lancercu's Profile Picture
    Youtube Specialist
    78 Reviews

    Specialist in social networking, Youtube, Facebook marketing, Google Plus, YouTube, internet marketing, Twitter, Pinterest, bulk marketing and leads. Very recommendable.

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  • seoface's Profile Picture
    Talented Youtube Expert
    260 Reviews

    Efficient virtual administrative assistant with skills in data entry, Youtube, website designing, online research, Twitter marketing and search engine marketing.

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Finding YouTube Experts on Freelancer

YouTube is the world’s premier video-sharing site. Created in 2005, it didn’t take long for Google to snatch up the website at a hefty price of $1.65 billion US. YouTube now operates as a subsidiary of Google, providing hundreds of millions of Internet users access to their favorite streaming video content.

The creation of YouTube has become very profitable. YouTube offers cash payouts to content creators based on the number of views on the videos uploaded. A number of previously unknown video creators have gained celebrity status and become independently wealthy thanks to posting videos on YouTube.

YouTube is also a popular platform for businesses to distribute promotional videos. YouTube allows users of the site to upload their videos for free and interact with other users of the site using the comment section in the space below the video.

Content creators may also have ads placed before the start of their videos to provide an additional source of income.

Have a great idea for a video but lack the technical skills to make it truly exceptional? Consider hiring a freelance videographer. Videographers for hire on Freelancer.com can help you or your organization create a polished, professional-looking video that will capture the attention of YouTube users and help you gain the exposure that you deserve!

Now that you’re ready to hire a freelance video editor, it’s time to post your job on Freelancer.com! But where should you start? Great question! There’s a ton of different ways for you as an employer to find freelance videographers on Freelancer.

One of the easiest ways for you to get your project rolling is to post a public project. Projects on Freelancer are free to post and are a great way to get the word out about your task. Write a great description and watch professional, experienced videographers begin to place competitive bids on your project! Read their proposals and discuss your needs with them further. You’re sure to find a great fit!

Have a specific YouTube icon in mind? There’s no need to post a project! Instead, you can go to the Freelancer directory to see a list of freelancers that have videography skills that you’re looking for. Filter by experience, reputation and geographical location. Once you’ve found your freelancer, you can review his or her profile and request to hire them directly from that page.

Are you still unable to decide which videographer to hire? We understand. There’s a lot of great YouTubers out there! Fortunately, Freelancer.com has identified the most talented and reliable photographers on the site. Freelancer also offers recruiters to help bring these “preferred freelancers” to your project. The recruiters will even offer a recommendation based on your project specifications. Talk about making it easy! The Preferred Freelancer Program gets you connected with the very best videographers and YouTube icons for hire that Freelancer has to offer. They’ll be sure to impress!

Finding an exceptional videographer on Freelancer.com is easier than ever, so what are you still waiting for? Visit Freelancer.com today and get to know these incredible videographers that have so much to offer your business.