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    Yahoo is an American multinational technology company that is well known for its web portal, search engine, mail capabilities, news website and social media platforms, amongst other things.

    Yahoo is known to be the highest read news and media website and in the top five most visited websites globally. Founded in 1994, the company name is an acronym for “yet another hierarchically organized oracle.” Simply speaking, the creators Jerry Yang and David Filo named the company after the belief that people would use the technology as a type of ‘oracle’ meaning the source of truth and wisdom online.

    Yahoo covers a wide range of products and services including communication, content, Internet services, mobile services, commerce, small business, advertising and search platforms. The list of Yahoo’s services continues to evolve based on customer demand.

    Yahoo Commerce is a particularly useful service for business and startups looking for a functional and effective e-commerce platform to connect with customers. Yahoo Store is a valuable tool created by the company that assists individuals to build professional online stores using Yahoo’s dedicated tools.

    Features of Yahoo Stores include:

    • Multi-lingual capabilities including checkout support in multiple languages and store wide multi-lingual capabilities via third-party apps.
    • SEO functionality with top of the line SEO features allowing online stores to be SEO-enhanced online.
    • Customization enabled in all online stores. Users can customize all elements using a drag and drop function and developers can edits via HTML and CSS editing.
    • Ease of use platform, which is one of the simplest available on the market.
    • Blogging functionality enables users to integrated a published blog on their online store and communicate more effectively with clients and followers.

    As one of the larger e-commerce providers in the world, Yahoo Store is a superior product, and one that new businesses and businesses are looking to head online for commerce should consider when setting up their website.

    If you’re looking for a web developer who is experienced in Yahoo Store creation and implementation, log onto to view the extensive range of freelance web developers with Yahoo Store experience who are available to work on your project.

    Freelancers are flexible, affordable and can work remotely to get your project up and running in a time frame that suits you.

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