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    Freelancer in Mexico City, Mexico
    13 Reviews

    20 years of experience. Editorial specialized. I have worked as an art manager for two publications. Photo editor and retouch knowledge. Drawer and illustration maker. Inphography maker. A lot of my add work have been published for brands like Mercedes-Benz, Cummins, Freightliner, Isuzu, Nissan, Volvo Buses and many...

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  • thebuyer's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in KL, Malaysia
    84 Reviews

    We focus on satisfying the clients by understanding the requirement of a project. Our priority has always been provision of quality and that's something we will never compromise on.

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  • EmmaWat's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in London, United Kingdom
    56 Reviews

    Have expertise in Reports, Essays, Dissertations,Business plans, Research papers,SOP's etc. Have a strong grip in all style of referencing including Harvard, APA, MLA,Chicago and Oxford. I offer a high standard,brilliant,error less writing. You can find me here 24 hours a day, message me or click on ''HIRE...

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  • tinxie's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Skopje, Macedonia
    33 Reviews

    With over 8 years of experience as freelancers, my team and I are here to put all of our love and passion for creative writing, animation, video skills and design to work for you and help you achieve what you want. From amusing little ads and witty slogans, to professional full length video production, we are here to...

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  • zamntasawwar's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Lahore, Pakistan
    4 Reviews

    Hey, Whats up guys... My name is Zamn Tasawwar and I am here to fulfill your whiteboard video needs. I create amazing whiteboard videos. Other animation services are also available like 2D animation and explainer videos. So why wait? Contact me anytime to get your video as soon as possible.

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  • kilibayeva's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Naples, Italy
    13 Reviews

    Hi. I'm Alua. I'm 24, I graduated with a Master in Design in Italy. I like to design easy-to-use and beautiful user interfaces and experiences. I make sure that systems, interfaces, language and graphics are human-friendly, emotive, on-brand and usable. I am primarily a Visual Designer with budding information...

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Finding Storyboard Artists on Freelancer

Every film starts with a vision. And to make that vision a reality, you need a plan.

In the production of films, ads, and animated features, taking a story and bringing it to life doesn’t begin at filming or at animating. It begins with laying out that story, and breaking it down piece-by-piece, and deciding the specifics of what you want your audience to see when they look at the screen.

And that’s what a great storyboard artist does best.

Storyboard artists draw out the specific shots that need to be taken throughout the production of a piece. They set up the angles, the timing, and which telltale details are laid out when. They help you by taking your vision, your story, and your characters, and giving them a path to guide them along.

There are many storyboard artists out there, and many of them may be working full-time jobs at production companies. And to find the others, you may have to go through various online portfolios of various artists, call them, and set up meetings with them. You will have to spend time, effort, and money before you can find the right person, and hire them.

Freelancer.com takes away all the stress from the hiring process, so you can focus all that time, money, and effort on your creative process instead. Signing up is quick, free, and easy. It only takes a couple of seconds to fill in your details, and then you can immediately post your first project.

You can state the specifications of your project, what level of skill you need of your storyboard artist, what kind of film you intend to produce, and how much you are willing to pay. Within minutes, storyboard artists from all over the world can see your post, and talk to you directly about the project in real time. It’s that simple!

If you’re out to look for anything specific, you can go through the freelancer directory. You can search for specific skillsets, languages they know to speak, or even where they are located. In each profile, you’ll be able to see how much they are typically paid for similar projects, and how many storyboard projects they have previously completed.

You’ll also be able to find out whether their previous employers were happy with their performance or not, through the reviews and star-ratings that are available on their profile. Only release a payment when you're 100% satisfied with the final product.

With Freelancer.com, it’s easier and faster for you to find the right storyboard artist to help you:

  • Lay out the shots for your company’s new TV advertisement
  • Set the timing for your next animation project
  • Create the storyboard for the pilot episode of your new cartoon
  • Plan the scenes for your new movie

The people need your story to come to life through film. So don’t let the difficulties of the hiring process slow you down. Join Freelancer.com today, and get the right storyboard artist to help take your vision onto the screen.