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    Freelancer in Kharkiv, Ukraine
    18 Reviews

    Time-isMoney - качественные решения по оптимальной цене. Мы команда из 15 человек Мы специализируемся на высоконагруженных, кроссбраузерных и мультиплатформенных проектах. Мы создаем eCommerce платформы, Web-Сервисы (Saas): 1. Аналитика, мы реализовали "Оценка методом 360" для Московского НИИ 2. Международные...

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  • ShantOM's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Delhi, India
    161 Reviews

    We are offshore software development firm offering services for developing business website, e-commerce online store, counter strike global offensive solution, adult oriented lifestyle sites, mobile and desktop applications. Skills & Technologies: For customized, larger and technologically advanced web design &...

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  • cr4y's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Cracow, Poland
    53 Reviews

    I have 6 years of experience in 3D games development and 12 years in 2D ones. My current main tool is Unity (I'm certified developer, passed exam with 96% score). I have 4 years of experience in creating complex multiplayer games including MMO. I am an active Unity community contributor, I was giving presentations...

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  • zhangbaksan's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in TuMen, China
    111 Reviews

    We are a team of excellent programmers, engineers and designers. We have developed many apps and games, and grow up rapidly. Our team include many experts with following skills. - C/C++/C#/Qt/Java, JavaFX Programming - OCR of PC, Android, IPhone - IPhone, Andoid, Mobile Phone native apps and hybrid apps - Mobile...

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  • mandeepdhalor28's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Chandigarh, India
    90 Reviews

    Professional Background Graduated from a prestigious college PEC (top 15th college in India) in Information Technology. I, Mandeep Dhalor being an experienced and proficient Mobile Application developer possesses more than 6 years of rich experience in the field of: - iOS/Android Application Development - Mobile...

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  • alikhaled966's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in IRVINE, United States
    53 Reviews

    We are fast growing web and marketing company with talented team members. We have experience in CMS like Wordpress, Magento, Joomla and many more ..... We have done many projects based on e-commerce and deliver fast and perfect work to our clients with our best service:- Development > Bug fixing for PHP, JS, CSS,...

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Finding Steam API Experts on Freelancer

Steam is a multi-player gaming podium that provides social networking opportunities and community features for users. Steamworks is a freely accessible API (application programming interface) available through the Steam platform, which serves to incorporate Steam’s functionality into all of their products.

Steam has over 125 million active users across the world and is a popular choice for multi-player gaming. The program allows users to download games and other software that they have in their libraries to local computers as game cache files.

Features of the Steam platform include:

  • Networking and player authentication tools for server and peer-to-peer games
  • Integrated voice communications
  • Steam support
  • Anti-cheating devices and digital copy management
  • Statistics and achievements
  • Functional user interface
  • Steam Store - allowing users to purchase games

If you are looking to use Steam as your digital distribution platform or require someone with Steamworks experience to set up Steam Freelancer.com provides the solution.

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When hiring through Freelancer.com, there is no obligation to continue employment once your project is complete. This means that you are not faced with any ongoing recruitment and employment costs and will only pay based on the output of the Steam API professional.

A freelance professional with specific skills in Steam and Steamworks will offer flexibility which you won’t get with a permanent employee. They often have the facility to work remotely which means that they aren’t bound by office regulations including hours worked as an agency employee is. If you need a fast turnaround on your SteamAPI project, a professional found on Freelancer.com will work long into the night to complete it if that’s what’s required.    

Steamworks API professionals often work from home, and Freelancer.com allows you to utilize the services of a Steam API professional anywhere in the world. There is no better way to access some of the world’s most professional and experienced Steam API specialists.

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